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Vintage Indian motorcycles look pretty good in my book, especially the Scout. The one in the picture is a 1930.
Brutal honesty time...

I'm getting real tired of single-sided swingarms. Tubular units are...okay, I guess...but the chunky monocoque units look awful. /rant



Bridgestone GTR 350  2.jpg

I wish I still had my 350 GTO (above's a GTR)--I'm in a much better position now to keep it running like a top than when I had it.
I can't help but imagine it wasn't intended to be ridden, but the way the exhaust is contoured to the A65 case is fantastic.

Some more Brit-bike love in the form of an AJS Porcupine,


Vincent HRD Series A Comet (Black Shadows hog the spotlight, but they probably wouldn't have existed without these),


another [nearly] Vincent, the NSU-Vincent Fox,


and because 2-stroke (okay, so the above 98cc Fox is a 4-stroke, but 2-strokes were also available in 123cc), a Scott Flying Squirrel,


That red cylinder block sure sticks out like a sore thumb against the black paint with cream striping and the natural and polished metals.
I'm not an expert on bikes, but surely that exhaust would just melt your leg?
I'm not an expert on bikes, but surely that exhaust would just melt your leg?
That one looks tucked in pretty good, and though I gather the motor in that is built to some degree, my own SR's stock low mount exhaust runs pretty cool. In my youth had a big two-stroke with straight-back, high duals in the scrambler style that put off some heat--with metal guards, even--but that wasn't so bad for short romps. Contact wasn't an issue unless you're just stupid.
I do love a good scrambler, especially is the starting point is a bit unexpected. La Rusa, a scrambler made from an Ural by Lucky Customs in Argentina.

Bonus mildly NSFW pic:
I swear every picture of every MV Agusta belongs in this thread.

Rush 1000 - 208 hp 998cc four

Brutale RR - 140 hp 798cc triple

Dragster RR SCS - 140 hp 798cc triple

Superveloce Ago (named for the legendary Giacomo Agostini) 147 hp 798cc triple
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