Sexy & Mean Bike Pics!

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I don't know much about engines,I just know that it's based on the Honda CB550 transverse four.
Okay, that's wild. I don't think I've ever seen a Japanese inline-4 turned inline with the frame before. Looks like they used a BMW transmission to turn the power 90°. Very clever.

This is the Harley-Davidson Bronx. It was announced in 2018, but delayed and delayed and delayed and now it's not even on the Harley website any more. It's a shame. I like it.
Okay, so this is just a render, not a real bike, but Oberdan Bezzi is my favorite motorcycle designer. This is his concept of a flat tracker based on the recently introduced BSA Gold Star that will be built in India by Classic Legends, a division of Mahindra.

flat track concept

production bike
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I know this isn't "Motorcycle Association" but one sexy Japanese bike from the classic chrome tank era deserves another.
The Suzuki X-6 Hustler:
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