Sexy & Mean Bike Pics!

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No. Imakuni is right, that is hideous.

These are sexy.


The Michigan Madman.



From what I heard he could do this all the way down the strip. Well I guess the engine alone would hint to that.


The Red Porsche Killer.

Holgi, based upon another real-life acquintance of the Feldmann brothers, is Werner's and Andi's rival. Holgi is a fanatic Porsche lover, considering his car far superior to any motorbike as those fancied by most other characters in the series. In fact, above-mentioned Red Porsche Killer was designed especially for a race against Holgi that first occurred in the comic book Werner Eiskalt (1985), and in 1988 even became a real-life event between Brösel and Holgi with thousands of Werner fans gathering for the race at Hartenholm.

Its not a completely serious bike. ;)
Gotta say I don't like any of those above. You could tempt me into the middle one maybe but no chance with the rest.
V-Rods anyone??? The blue one that low to the ground with air suspension is not actually a V-rod... I think thats even one of the bikes from Biker Buildoff on Discovery...





Must save a fair bit on not having to replace the front tyre all that often 👍
woah ! this thread hosts some really nice bike pics 👍
congrats on the old MV, Bimota, Ducati an

for my 2c : here is a couple of this century's italian works of art in black aesthetics ( Bimota DB7 Nerocarbonio, MV Augusta F4 1000cc m.y. 2010 )

Bikes which are not affordable, not for everyday rides ant definitly not for everyone :ouch: ... still imho it's stuff dreams are made of :D

third image is the grey CBR600f that shares my everyday rides and WE runs :sly:,

together with an 20 years old Dominator NX650 ( no image sorry ! ) they represent my everyday share of reliable and affordable wheeled freedom 👍

I I find a nice pic I'd be also posting a Bimota SB6 : 90's exotic bike with Suzuki GSX-R 1100cc engine but italian style, frame and cycle parts :dopey:


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Of course, durr!

Good resources. I used to have a Suzuki Bandit 600 (original) and a Honda 250N Superdream so nothing special but still better than nothing, I'm only on 4 wheels at the moment.