Share Your Favorite Gran Turismo 6 Moments

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  1. SilkCutXJR


    24 Minutes of Le Mans and comparing hotlaps on the Nordschleife: Easily winning the excitement and fun test were the Yellowbird and F40. Such magnificently analog machines.
  2. Oyashiro-sama


    I like the new track and car additions in GT6 over GT5. The handling physics is also good (not that I disliked GT5 physics).

    However, GT6 ruined the online experience (ugly lobby list, fewer options, very limited same-make car selection, NO SHUFFLE). It also killed the Endurance races in the campaign. I don't particularly miss the 24h races, but races with 2h / 50 laps are so nice. Calling a 24-minute race an endurance race is like, oh whatever...
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  3. baldgye

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    GT6 for me, was the first time I got really serious about online league racing.

    I did a few races in GT5, but GT6 was where the full season for me really happened. I made some friends and enemies but I enjoyed some of the best racing I've ever had and some really good battles that lasted all season.
    Before GT6 I'd never really sat down to just bash out some 200/300 laps of a track trying to master it in my hard to drive Bentley LMP1 (that I'd foolishly chosen because it looks so beautiful).

    I'm still happy to this day that I was able to not only make all but one of the races of the year long season, but that I was able to get people together for practice sessions mid week and, untimely win both drivers and constructors titles. It wasn't a crazy league and the one time a fast driver did show up, he totally dominated, but it was still great fun.

    I also tried my hand at putting together little race edits, though I had no screen capturing equipment with me, so I was limited to recording off my iPhone and putting it together with Windows Movie Maker. As you can see below, this was my best effort and the only one I could publish, this took HOURS thanks to the limited GT6 options and my inability to hold my phone properly haha

    The league racing I did has helped shaped my opinion on newer racing titles and helped me become a better driver in them. I am now more knowledgeable about my strengths and weaknesses as a driver and person.

    GT6 will always be special to me because of this
  4. MOPARbarrett5

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    United States
    I can't narrow my favorite moments down into one in particular, but I guess to name a few would be:
    I think it was one of the two very first Seasonal Event time trials, 15th Anniversary edition cars at Brands Hatch Indy. I did a lap that put me 80th worldwide in the rankings. I can't remember where I finished, but knowing that I could get that high gave me motivation to try and go even faster, which helped me later on.
    The first ever Quick Match events, stock GT500 cars at Fuji GT I was able to win ten straight races.
    In late 2014, I won my first league championship, the only season of the Xtremely Fun Endurance League (XFEL).
    Getting my first ever top five worldwide ranked drift trial at Circuit de la Sarthe.
    Mid 2015 starting my YouTube channel to show such things as my best drift trial, and soon after helping to advertise the then newly formed Dirty Endurance Rating League (DERL) with videos such as this

    with this video showing what possibly be my favorite ever race in GT6.
    Winning Quick Match races in my 2004 Ram pick up truck against little Suzuki GSXs, basically four wheeled motorcycles.
    Getting my highest ever finish in a Seasonal Event time trial, 29th in the second running of 500 pp racecars at Laguna Seca after doing the rubber band throttle trick for about two weeks straight, getting my best lap with only about two minutes to go before the rankings closed.
    Getting Team Mopar to over one hundred total members via the GT6 community.
    Sharing tunes and replays here on GTPlanet to help others go faster and be entertained.
    Finally, Just having fun messing around in dirty races, car soccer, cat and mouse, etc making the opponents mad, while simultaneously helping my teammates win.

    I've put over a thousand hours and over 100,000 miles into GT6, and while the game itself isn't as good as previous titles, the people I have raced with and against have made for an overall great experience.
  5. Woodski_427


    Classic Mini Racing set up by @FergusMik.

    This was fixed spec 'classic' Minis, so all the cars had same weight power and pp. Running about 130bhp and SS tyres you could concentrate more on racing rather than controlling the car.

    The cars are really top fun to drive and there was lots of close racing and intense battles as you'd expect from a full grid of Minis.

    There was a great set of drivers from various parts of the world - Canada, US, Mexico, Europe and UK (@IfAndOr @JockeP22 @Sutsagrd to name but a few and @MannYhAvitZ put a couple of videos together). It's hard to believe it was three years ago!

    I've still got replays on the PS3 that I'll watch now and again and they always bring a smile.
  6. Pete05

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    Taking part in F.I.T.T challenges, including running two with the help of @Otaliema

    Tuning cars with the help of @shaunm80

    Grinding for credits (without the log-in bonus) by doing the Nurburgring 24 minute (:odd:) endurance race, no driving aids, no driving line & using the in-car view.
    IMO,that overnight lap in the rain was the biggest realistic test available in GT6 :tup:
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  7. IfAndOr

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    Hey there Woodski. Is it 3years ago! Yep some great racing with Mick.

    Some of us are still keeping the GT6 flag flying, and having fun doing so, over HERE

    My favourite GT6 moments? We'll all of them really. Meeting and making some good friends has got to be a highlight though. It's more than just a game. The Real Community Simulator. :)
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  8. JockeP22


    Yeah it was fun in the Mini club. I remember Mik's squeaky door from when he left his room in between races and I remember how he and Pimiki used to have conversations in Hungarian over the mics. Lots of good Mini races at Sierra and Nordschleife, too.

    I also remember how Mik had to buy a new Mini because the oil change didn't work anymore since he had clocked too many miles on it and his PP started to decrease at a rapid pace. So we joked about his yellow Mini going to heaven.


    Other fun photos from that time:
  9. Thematic


    I don't think I had raced a track of my own creation since more than 25 years... so that was decidedly something new.

    GTP's own Weekly Race Series, perhaps unlike the seasonal events, got me interested in timed laps in general. More cars isn't bad, but it does get old quick. YMMV.

    Now I'm hoping for a long "sidesupport" so that the custom tracks can be updated still.
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  10. cjr3559

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    When the Circuit de la Sierra was released and the challenges it provided. Going to miss that track in GTS.

    The short lived semi-endurance holiday Seasonals that offered tire wear, fuel consumption and had variable time/weather.

    Unlocking every single car in the game basically through self perseverance and logging in damn nearly every day for 3 years and without exploiting the time zone loophole. Though I did do the VGT credit glitch just once.

    Driving/comparing some of my favorite cars. This was the first GT where I extensively drove all the Imprezas side by side by side. Probably around 10,000km just on this particular model.

    The Course Creator.

    Winning a team signed SRT VGT poster for placing a top time in the Nurburgring Tomahawk X time trial.

    No joke, the moon events. While it was short and I played them only a couple times, it was a pleasant aside.

    36,000km on the Nordschleife many of which watching the sun rise and set.
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  11. Leo Thorne

    Leo Thorne

    United States
    The best GT6 moments for me, is simply driving the Nurburgring with friends! -Leo Thorne (minimoto2011)
  12. SonicBoone56


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    All the seasonal events and stuff was awesome. And the Vision GT cars. As well as having fun messing around with cars from the PS2 and putting new paint on them.
  13. Woodski_427


    I've actually been lurking that thread for a while :odd:, but I never have the time to even think about joining in. Looks like fun though.

    I have started back on GT6 a bit recently; I think I'll stick with it for a while as Sport doesn't hold much interest at the moment.
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