Sideswiping penalty or rather lack of penalty

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So.. been racing GT7 sport mode for 3 mo. now. I’m C DR and S SR so mostly I race against C-B DR and S-A SR. As of the last 2 updates 1.15 &1.16 I’ve noticed that sideswiping and bumping the rear/ side of someone’s car results in no penalty whatsoever. (Not that I am doing this).. so I’ve watched quite a few of my replays and when I watch the steering wheel of certain drivers (Lucas in particular) they are clearly sideswiping and bumping the rear quadrant of other cars while they are in a turn essentially wiping them out completely and getting no penalty. Has anyone else noticed this and is there a way to show Polyphony these errors to there penalty system?
Preferred it the other week at dragon trail where people were frequently sowing down due to penalties. Gone way to far this week, and it appears many are willing to do whatevers necessary to gain a place or two as there's seemingly little to no penalty for taking other cars out.

It's really spoilt my enjoyment of sport node tbh. Go and play wreckfest if that's how you like to race.

I'm adverse to try longer races, if this is what happens in them too. Less margin for error in racing games compared to someone acting up in COD, where one incident is likely to cause you to not win, or or lose a few places with little chance of properly recovering.
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The history is either its overly sensitive or nothing. I was purposely punted off at Brands a few days ago. Dude didn't even touch the brakes. No penalty.

Guessing it's a really hard math equation.
It's really not ideal at the moment... At first the penalties were too draconian, now at least some of them are no longer available. I have eg. just got a totally ridiculous 3 second penalty for overtaking on yellow which is totally insane. I was already overtaking, had the inside line of a corner.. then yellow came on and I overtook in the corner...I could have overtaken even a 2nd on the exit but braked...penalty anyway.. and the accident was still hundreds of meters away.
So in principle there was no damage.. My overtaking was also totally clean... Anyway.. in such a tight race in the 1st or 2nd lap, 3 seconds are incredibly brutal.