Skoda is Coming to Gran Turismo 7, Vision GT Car to be Revealed Next Week

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What next, Lada?
The Lada VFTS is interesting, well, to be correct, I like it. Better than Lada I would love to see the return of another VAG brand like SEAT with a 124 1800 Especial. Pretty hard that the would happen because VAG love to ignore that part of SEAT history when they built models under FIAT licence
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As long as there is at least 3 new cars in update plus the VGT , I don't really care as long as it has a cockpit view.
I'm sorry but I'm going to repeat what many people said here earlier: it's great to have Skoda in Gran Turismo... but it's not great to have it in form of VGT. Especially an "all-electric" VGT. There are some cool VGT models, for sure, but they usually feel too much like spaceships and are not fun to drive IMO.

And as for "no VGT, no Skoda in Gran Turismo" theory... I'll just say I'm happy that there exists something like Forza where if PG/T10 wants a brand to be added, they simply add it with some real models (or at least "real" concept models, like it was with Cupra for starters - also a VAG brand btw) ;)
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What next, Lada?
I hope it means other Skodas might come to the game as well, even though usually the inclusion of a VGT doesn't mean other cars from the manufacturer are coming.
Is it too much to ask for a 1.9 TDi Octavia so I can engage in Felt-shpec shenanigans?
People keep comparing VGTs to "spaceships" but most aren't anymore outlandish looks nor performance wise than some stuff being put into production and raced right now. How consistently bad they've been making the brakes for these cars is weird though.

It's wild isn't it? With the exception of large wheels, VGTs could easily pass as super/hyper car offerings in real life and vice versa.
I was never expecting Škoda to debut this year with a VGT, that's nuts!
I sincerely hope the VGT isn't the only Škoda we get for a year or two, just sitting there, existing and reminding people the brand exists like the Infiniti VGT. I'd be delighted to have a Yeti or Roomster, but if they must focus on their current lineup, a Škoda Superb would be tops, especially if it's the wagon.

Edit: Deep cut pick! The Škoda 1203: the only Czech van ever made

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What if this is the foot in the door, opening up the dialogue with Skoda that allows for more cars from the brand - which is in very few racing games as it is - to come to GT both in the same update and down the line?

Just saying...
You know something we don't, do you? :D :D

Also, they have chosen my birthday to reveal, so it will obviously be a great car

"If, down the line, you're having fun in an Octavia vRS or Fabia WRC-based Gr.B, you'll literally have the VGT program to thank for it."

The VGT idea was great for the first few years. I was genuinely excited to see what car manufacturers would dream up in the game (I’m a big fan of concept cars in general). But once they’ve gone through all the major manufactures, I’ve kind of lost interest. Now it’s used more as a marketing tool for manufacturers and PD than anything else (expanded to include non automotive brand for example).

PD can do what they want, but as a GT fan since the very first game, I just gloss over these announcements and move on (except this time I felt compelled to comment for the first time in ages haha).

So many other brands are under represented in the game, so many newer cars missing (including race cars), so many tracks are missing. That should be the focus, maybe it is for GT8, but still just makes you wonder why so much priority and resources are being given to this project. But it’s a good marketing tool so it’s here to stay, I’ll continue to play the game of course!
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I never complained about any cars update, but this time i can't..
I don't understand why they bring us skoda a wv clone (group vag) and they don't give us Opel??
This is really stupid..
Makes sense when the rest of group brands have a presence in the game so the legal stuff and contacts were already in place it was just more about what Skoda product could fit in a racing game.

Sure some of the vRS stuff could have come, but a VGT makes more sense as it will get much more attention/eye balls than say a Superb or Octavia would.....
I never complained about any cars update, but this time i can't..
I don't understand why they bring us skoda a wv clone (group vag) and they don't give us Opel??
This is really stupid..
You don't get Opel but you do get Stellantis' Abarth, Alfa, Citroen/DS, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Lancia, Maserati and Peugeot. So i don't understand why you'd want Opel?

You could argue that Opels are 'Stellantis group clones' as they are now mostly based on Peugeot/Citroen platforms.
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It's good to see Skoda coming to the game. I don't mind the fact that it is a VGT at this point there's no need to bash them as this seems to be something that will be in GT games. Hopefully it looks and drives nice. I guess we will have to wait and see. Hopefully they will bring more Skodas to the game