Skoda is Coming to Gran Turismo 7, Vision GT Car to be Revealed Next Week

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Hilariously the car it pays homage to, the 1100 OHC is on my wishlist for the game and I was actively thinking about it yesterday. I'm looking forward to this, I mean the Fabia Monte Carlo would also be a great addition.

Edit: for those of who don't know that car, here it is.


Edit 2: also, a lot of VAG love these past couple of releases, two Audis, a Lambo and now the Skoda.
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But I don't want a vision
Only VGT's.
What if this is the foot in the door, opening up the dialogue with Skoda that allows for more cars from the brand - which is in very few racing games as it is - to come to GT both in the same update and down the line?

Just saying...

No more Championships, Missions, or Cafés...
This isn't exactly something that's within Skoda's powers to announce. The announcement is from Skoda, about a Skoda, not from GT about an update.

I mean, not only do we not know what else is planned for the update, we don't even know if there's an update this month, but your criticism of the Skoda VGT teaser is that it doesn't include this information? Bizarre.
If at this stage people don’t realise the VGT program is one of the major commercial reasons why Sony/PD can deliver free content years after release. I don’t know what to say.

PD can deliver a dozen new cars to someone’s exacting taste - but the moment a VGT is revealed we get the same tedious comments. How about opening your eyes and seeing the turmoil the videogame industry is in - be grateful Gran Turismo is a franchise that can benefit from these partnerships - bringing in much needed revenue to continue support.

Guess what? When GT8 is released you’ll continue to get VGT’s - it’s also highly likely Sony will start charging for DLC and other features we now take for granted.
I'm not sure why the news of an entire new brand (from an entire new country) coming to GT is being treated as poo-worthy, but it sure does make a lot of people look stupid, entitled gatekeepers. I'd expect that of Facebook/Twitter/YouTube comments, but GTPlanet users?

I get not liking VGT cars. Most of them suck to drive - not that you're required to, as the only VGT events are Bonus Menus and not part of game progress - and a lot are not great to look at. The fact they're running to a formula of all-wheel drive, electric. 700hp+ is almost irrelevant as that's what brands are making in the real world now too.

But this whole "VGT sucks" attitude is mad. Skoda hasn't been in GT before (except its logo, on the GT6 Goodwood Hillclimb). Clearly someone at Skoda (maybe a young designer, brought up on games; this happens a lot) has got through to marketing about the VGT project - which a lot of car designers take really rather seriously - and that's opened up channels between Skoda PR and GT Explore that didn't previously exist.

That increases the possibility of Skoda as a brand coming to GT in a much wider form (like sibling Volkswagen AG brands) and bringing us more "real" cars. No VGT project, no Skoda.

And all it takes is a VGT you're judging before you've even seen most of it, much less driven in the game, and probably won't even think about beyond April 24th. If, down the line, you're having fun in an Octavia vRS or Fabia WRC-based Gr.B, you'll literally have the VGT program to thank for it.
Its nice to se Škoda (Škodovka) in Gran Turismo, but if its only a useless VGT (please stop with them PD or make a sidestep with a Hot Wheels GT), its nothing important.

Here are some examples of Škodovka cars which are truly needed in Gran Turismo game:
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