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  1. Feather34

    United States United States

    I am a bit odd when it comes to racing. When most people pick a popular car for a race event, I prefer the odd "sleeper" cars. I would like to know your experience with cars that have tons of potential, but little to no popularity.
  2. MonGnoM

    Luxembourg Luxembourg

    550PP Honda HSC concept.

    with the right tune faster than any 550PP racecar!
  3. Furinkazen


    The Lotus Evora says hello then...
  4. byegad

    England North East Engl

    Not exactly a Sleeper but the lone Maserati is a great car stock, part or fully tuned. I can earn lots of credits with it at the 400pp and 500pp Seasonals.
  5. SomePlayaDude

    Singapore On the move

    I lose a lot of races trying out new sleepers. It's not too fun winning with a popular car.

    The answers so far didn't really answer the question full on. HSC is well known 500-550pp rabbit, while the Evora is slightly less potent than the Elise, but popular nonetheless.

    These are some of my non popular cars. I won't list any too popular cars (M3s and NSXs etc.):

    The older Esprit models (non premium) seem to serve me well. The Opel Speedster is an OK touge car with the MR2 GT-S. Any Skyline is good for beginners alongside the Legacy. FF racers should try the Prelude (any), Volvo C30, FTO GP, and any Golf models. The 86 gang are excellent for 500pp with the Alfa 8C.

    Many cars require proper tunes to compete, which cars ahead may need. I can recommend the Pagani Zonda C12 (NSX comparable at 550) and the Countach Anniversary (400hp at 500pp). Most exotics are bad if majorly detuned for 500pp but should be good for 550pp, if you know how to drive or tune. Vintage muscles like Charger and Cuda, and pickups are more for style points, while the premium ones do need tunes for the sleeper effect to kick in. I have a Art Morrison Corvette for 550pp and it's no stranger at winning.

    This is just a bit of what i know.
  6. PapaGnr

    Canada essex/ontario/canada

    Cadillac Cien Concept '02 & Mercedes Benz SL 600 '04 are very good in the 625 PP range, especially at Daytona oval, la Sarthe, Route X & Special Stage 7.:tup:
  7. zotobom

    Netherlands Oosterhout

    Not sure if it's actually a sleeper car,but with all upgrades and the rally tyres (:p),I got 1020 HP and a PP of 650 out of a Dodge Viper SRT10 '03
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  8. Fastcarguy

    United States Natick

    When fully tuned, without a doubt the premium Audi RS6 Avant. nobody will suspect a wagon to go 230 mph. mine is tuned for straight line speed and i still pulled a 7:33.233 on the Nürburgring.
  9. Irish_Brew


    Nissan STAGEA 260RS AUTECHVERSION '98 I think qualifies as a Sleeper.

    Boxy Station Wagon 5 Doors kinda like a Volvo


    Powered by an RB26DETT & ATTESA-E-TS All wheel Drive System

    Front & Rear Multilink suspension with a Brembo Brake kit

    Sure to generate a few "what just happened" moments...
  10. symustafa1996

    Malaysia Europe

    I tried the Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon 2.0GT today. Squeezed close to 540PP out of it and great handling. And the Caldina GT maybe?
  11. Jaywalker


    There's an old thread on this here.
  12. Azure Flare

    Carthage, TN

    I wholeheartedly agree with this.
  13. fbccars924

    United States Alton, Illinois

    I found the Honda Odyssey is a sleeper drift car lol. No one ever expects a mini-van to slide right next to them.
  14. Dan

    United States Heck

    But it's 4WD. :(
    It's unfortunate we can't do a full 100% torque distribution to whichever end we want. 10/90 isn't good enough.
  15. fbccars924

    United States Alton, Illinois

    But, Sideways is sideways. Atleast it isn't the dime a dozen Silvia. I set mine up with 90% power to rear wheel the put the front Diff to all 5's and the front end does next to nothing for it's cornering or sliding. I do different and the Odyssey is very Different.

    Edit: Just for the record I have alot of respect for Silvia's and all of the "drift missle" cars available, I just got tired of going into a room and seeing 15 identical cars. So I started by painting my MK3 Lava Orange pearl instead of the usual Black, Pink, Green and what not. I ended up with a Yellow Odyssey with Green wheels that I affectionately call "not quite ripe"
  16. Dan

    United States Heck

    Or "The Honda Oddity." :sly:
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  17. fbccars924

    United States Alton, Illinois

    ^lol Nice one.


    The Nissan Stagea 260RS Autech is acually a wagon Nissan Skyline BNCR33 or R33 GT-R.
  19. Irish_Brew


    "Skyline Wagon" is actually just a nickname, it's built on a similar platform ( C34 Laurel) and uses the R33 engine and drivetrain. It got Dubbed the "Skyline Wagon" when the R33 engine and such was fitted.

    Since it only hit Japan tho, its relatively unknown in the rest of the world & even in GT5 world most have no clue.
  20. fbccars924

    United States Alton, Illinois

    I forgot which one but one of the two Stagea's it is but one of them in GT5 uses an entire GT-R Drivetrain and it is a monster.


    The 260RS Autech uses the GT-R drive train. The 260 refers to the RB26 engine.

    It was in GT2, and GT4 as well.
  22. Irish_Brew


    Yup thats what we been jappin about lol :p Dubbed the ""Skyline Wagon"" :D

    but fear not, its a Wagon, how quick could it be :sly:
  23. ViscousTraction

    United States New York

    Don't really know if it'd be considered a sleeper anymore since most people expect its power on take off, but the HPA R32 Stage II takes off quickly.
  24. Irish_Brew


    HPA R32 is a Built tuner car, anything but a sleeper. We have to take into account that the cars in GT5 have been around for years in various GT tittles, so, no car really can be a sleeper because cars like the 260RS are exposed. However the majority that are not as obsessed as some of us are with GT5 will have no clue what the 260RS is and its quite possible the best "Sleeper" car in the game.
  25. ViscousTraction

    United States New York

    Well I only considered it one since I haven't seen many people use it and didn't expect that it could possibly compete with GT-Rs.
  26. Irish_Brew


    HPA are some Crazy Canucks known for making fast cars. That R32 has a VR32 with a SICK Bi-Turbo set up on it that is stunning.

    Ill look for some pics online, its truly a masterpiece

    Found one


    HPA tuner packages: a 400-horsepower Stage I, a 550-horsepower Stage II, and a full commando 600-horsepower Stage III.

    Motor Trend
    """How "shocking" can a V-6 Volkswagen really be? How about 0-to-60 mph in 3.2 seconds? The quarter mile in 11.49? A 600-foot slalom in a Mitsu Evo-like 71 mph? During official German TUV government testing, the HPA R32 topped out at 202.6 mph. You read that correctly.

    HPA ups the game with its KW suspension kit, which includes INOX Variant I coil-overs up front with 16-way adjustable Version 3 shocks for the rear. Optional BBS RC 18x8.0-inch wheels wearing Dunlop SP Super Sport 225/40ZR18 tires provide added flash and fantastic grip, but will set you back $3200 above the Stage II package. On the highway, the suspension proved smooth and predictable, yet the combination delivered impressive g-forces that earned it entry into the exclusive 70-mph club during slalom testing."""
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  27. Ills1999

    United States Santa Rosa, CA

    Sleepers must be defined as an unassuming, grocery-getter looking car which only enthusiasts in the know would recognize as a capable road carving or stoplight weapon.

    As such, anything built by lotus is out of the question, for example. Average Joe and Jane will see a lotus and think "exotic" and "superfast", whether accurate or not.

    That being said, when GT1 first came out, the STI's and Lancer Evos would have been considered sleepers, because the general public hadn't caught on yet.

    I would say that GT5 is practically devoid of sleepers, and it's a shame.
  28. Irish_Brew


    Like a Big Station Wagon maybe? lol

    Ask anybody in America NOT into GT what a STAGIA 260RS is....

    Even some people playing GT5 who are aware of the car are not sure of the name of it.
  29. Ills1999

    United States Santa Rosa, CA

    I saw your post and agree that the STAGEA qualifies. That said, there aren't many vehicles in GT5 which do.
  30. Irish_Brew


    I can't think of any other that qualifies, maybe the RS6 Avant to those that dont know any better lol
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