Spec GTP: Formula Mazda - Series Complete!

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Stock or Tuned? Which tracks would you prefer?

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I'd definitely be interested in a longer series, no matter what the cars. Just had some great private lobby racing with a bunch of different cars from GT3 machines to the stock VW Bus and there were close respectful battles throughout the field every race, so as long as people race clean you can have great races with any cars really.

As for the 60's GP cars I could have sworn I tried out the Lotus and it was by far the most difficult car I've had to manhandle around a track, I don't know if it's changed or if it was just the upgrades I had on it but it was unusually difficult to keep it under control compared to the others. The Honda drives like a dream though, and is reasonably easy to get that gentle drift through the corners down with but that was DLC.
The Lotus is nuts, yes. Hated driving that thing around Lime Rock...

To be honest, I'm not sure how much I'd be around for the time slot we used for Spec GTP. It was the best one available for everybody, but it's right in the middle of the day for me, and I only get the weekends to really spend with the missus. So I'd like to see another one, but I realize it's hard to accommodate all of us when we're dealing with such a wide spread of time zones!
I hope this is not considered "necroing" a threa. I didn't get to race my livery at Spa with you guys due to work, but I took out for a spin shortly after and made a video which by the way I learned you can do some slow motion goodness while recording it.