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    I don't know how quick my internet will go at uploading videos and I don't have a proprietary capture card but I can use my Nikon DSLR if necessary. I might try some test recordings today or tomorrow and see how she goes but obviously it won't be up to the same sort of quality as a capture card.
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    While episodes 7 and 8 were supposed to have been up by now, it would appear the guests have been in a horrible plane crash.

    Don't worry because Stig was on the scene, and much to our surprise, he's also a rather good doctor. They'll be good as new and the interviews will be up next week; alongside 9.
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    It's now time to put another star in our reasonably-priced car; tonight's guest is a bit of a graphic designer, and took advantage of GM during their downhill spike and is probably the last person on the planet to own a Pontiac - ladies and gentlemen, RetroGiant!

    - You've been here on Forza Planet for a while, I take it you like it here?

    - I do, being a member of GTPlanet for so many years, I am very pleased with this site. I think the forum layout and community itself is one of the best around.

    - How did you come up with the pseudonym "RetroGiant"?

    - I love all things 70’s and 80’s, basically everything “retro”. Basically a “giant” fan, so to speak lol. Also, I’m 6’5” so maybe that plays into it as well.

    - Have you been enjoying Forza 4 at all, is there anything you'd change or tweak?

    - I think this is by far the best Forza yet. I don’t get to play as much as I’d like to but when I do, I have an absolute blast playing it. There are a few things I’d tweak but they would be minor, such as: matte paint, true white rims, as well as several photomode tweaks, mainly being the use of true to life settings instead of sliders.

    - Are you enjoying Forza 4 with a pad or a wheel?

    - I am using the standard controller but I’d love to one day try it with a proper wheel setup.

    - How has the photomode been to you, and how does it compare to other games with the option?

    - Photomode is a definite improvement from last year, mainly for the compression issues, but its still not perfect. Neither is the “other” game though. They both have their plusses and minuses but if you know what you are doing you are easily capable of taking great shots in both games.

    - Have you enjoyed the new Autovista mode?

    - I honestly haven’t dove into it too much. The quality is pretty amazing though.

    - When did you first realize you were a petrol head?

    - Probably as soon as I got my first hotwheels die-cast car. Then that hotwheels turned into a few hundred lol. My dad was always into cars. I would always listen to him talk to his buddies and tell stories about cars. So really my dad’s love for cars definitely impacted myself.

    - What's your favorite car at the moment, both in Forza 4 and real life?

    - The Lamborghini Countach and the 57 Chevy Bel Air are my two all-time favorite cars ever. I think they both personify their era’s and are true icons in auto-mobile history. Thankfully both are now on Forza so I can enjoy them!

    - Are you a fan of motorsports?

    - I think I’m more a fan of the cars themselves, than actually the actual sport of racing. I like to see more real world cars racing against each other than I do seeing full on race cars going at it. I enjoy seeing and learning more about the history and future of cars, how they run, how they compare to the past. I’m kinda of weird in that sense I guess.

    - Do you have any other hobbies?

    - I love photography and graphic design. I’m a graphic designer for my regular job and as a hobby I do photography. Nothing amazing, still learning but I do love it and they kind of go hand in hand with one another. Also videogames, but that was a given lol.

    - What are you driving at the moment?

    - I drive a 2010 Pontiac G6 GT. Not my first choice but when the economic crisis hit and General Motors was going under they stopped making Pontiacs and I was able to get it very cheap. It’s a decent car but nothing to write home about. My wife drives a 2012 Chevy Cruze LTZ RS. It’s a fun little car for sure. Low quality phone pics incoming!!!

    - How long have you been with the Forza Motorsport franchise?

    - I started playing on Forza 2 and with help of the photomode of course it got me hooked. It gets better every year.

    - Do you get the sense that the series in general is driven by a passion for cars?

    - I do. I think it shows just in the sense of the pure variety of cars available. And with autovista mode, you can tell they have a passion for cars and are trying very hard to pass that along to the gamer.

    - Right. Onto the real reason you've come all the way here - your lap; how was it out there?

    - Although I forgot to save it, I will be straight up with my time. Bad. I never drive using manual, just cause it feels weird to me with a controller. I had been practicing in general with most assists off so that wasn’t too bad. But the manual took me for a loop for sure.

    - Stig says you were pretty straightforward but a bit hesitant at times - what happened with that?

    - I blame it on the controller lol. That last turn always get’s me.

    - So, where do you think you've come on our leaderboard?

    - I would be very surprised if I didn’t come in last place.

    - Anything else you'd like to say?

    - This was fun and I hope everyone keeps enjoying the game and the site. It’s a great community we have here and I hope to see it continue to blossom.
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    What about the Suzuki Liana, it was their old RPC, or the SX4, Top Gear USA RPC?
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    That's still coming in to play, don't worry. ;)
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    cool, three lap boards.
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    It's time for another star to take to our track; today's guest is a bit of a TVR and Ferrari fanatic, so much so his handle actually states such - ladies and gentlemen, TVR&Ferrari_Fan!

    - So, with a name like "TVR&Ferrari_Fan" I have no other choice but to presume just that - you are a TVR and Ferrari Fan, is that correct?

    While I like other car brands, I prefer TVR and Ferrari the most.

    - It's great that TVR is once again back on it's feet, do you think things will change at all and by that I mean do you think TVR will lose the charm that makes it TVR?

    I would of liked TVR to stick to making their own engines, and finding ways to improve them through a third party. However I think TVR using a different brand of engines may set them up to creating their own engines at a later date.

    - There's always been a special place in my heart for the Speed 12; can you see this behemoth of a hyper car ever seeing the road as a production model with the "new" TVR?

    A long time ago there were rumours that TVR was looking to create a new V12. But if TVR does start to make engines again, then I think they should make a brand new V12 for their next hypercar.

    - And what about Ferrari? What is it that you admire about a company started by a man whose ego was much taller than himself?

    The thing I like most about Ferrari's are the body styles.

    - Right. Moving forward - Forza Motorsport 4, now a little over two months is asserting itself rather quickly as being the overall best release to date, but of course it isn't without it's problems. What do you think of the entire experience so far?

    So far I am enjoying it, even if the game could of been improved in a few areas. However if you had to ask me about one area to improve, then it would have to be balancing out the car list. While allowing some other brands to be more respected with one being TVR.

    Along with that, I would like an option to place markers in an online race. And the reason, I bring this up is so people can do photo shoots more easily.

    - I know you've been in Autovista looking at (and probably starting up multiple times) the Sagaris, haven't you?

    I have only turned on the Sagaris twice, but in my view starting up a car in Autovista will never beat the real thing.

    - How are you enjoying the photomode in the game so far? Is there anything you'd change, or improve?

    So far I think the photomode is better then FM3, however, if FM4 had filters like GT5 then they would need to make sure the filters do not suffer from any artifacts.

    Other then that, here is a list of things that could improve the photomode:

    *More zoom
    *Allow you to move further away from the car, while allowing the camera to go even heigher.
    *Turn off the driver.
    *Extra options in Autovista.

    - At current, what's your favorite non-TVR or Ferrari vehicle in the game?

    So far it would have to be the 037 Stradale, seeing how I had a lot of fun in one race against someone else in a Delta HF Integrale EVO.

    - Do you have any hobbies?

    So far these are the hobbies I have been doing the most, over the last 12 months:

    *Supporting my team in Football. "US Term: Soccer"
    *Video Games - My most favourite games on the Xbox 360, from the last 3 months has to be Forza 4 and BF3.

    "The BF3 group I am part of needs their helicopter pilot for troop support and transport air drops. As well as their jet pilot, so tanks have less of a chance.

    And for one very good reason, I use rockets and a 30mm gatling cannon on one tank in a single run. However if the tank is still standing, then I will come back with more pain."

    - Are you into motorsports at all, if so, what's your favorite discipline?

    I do not take part in any motorsports, but if I won the lottery then I would take part in a gentlemen GT series.

    However my favourite discipline has to be the BTCC, seeing how it provides some of the best action in the world.

    - Are you driving anything special at the moment?

    At the moment I do not drive, but if the costs came down. Then, well, that would change.

    But I feel this will not happen for a very long time, unless we had some kind of free energy engine or cold fussion engine.

    - Like most of us all being petrol heads, when was the first time you looked at a car in a way that differed from the usual "it's just a mode of transportation"?

    I would have to say, when I was 4 or 5 years of age.

    - Back to Forza for a quick moment: are you enjoying the game with a pad or steering wheel?

    I play on a joypad, seeing how I do not have the space for a steering wheel.

    - How are you enjoying it here at Forza Planet?

    While I haven't been that active on many forums of late, I am still enjoying the community. Then again, I wouldn't expect anything else from what I call GTPlanet's own moon.

    - Now, onto the reason you're here - your lap; how was it out there?

    In my view, I feel more speed was in me. However since it got frusting on some of the straights and some corners, that stopped me going faster.

    Then again, I am much better in faster cars.

    - Where do you think you've come in?

    I want to beat SlipZtrEm, but it doesn't look like that will happen. And for one reason, it looks like he blended with the car so well. :scared:

    Then again, at least I have more of a chance against him in other cars. Even if I like a bit of friendly rivalry. :dopey: Other then that, I hope I will not be bottom.

    - Anything else you'd like to say?

    Thanks for inviting me to the interview chair, and I wish anyone else invited to the chair and track the best of luck.
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    I always visualize TVR&F_F since I know him in GTP as this quite, assertive and serious guy. I don't know why but the way he answers the question kinda shows this :lol:
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    Now that I have my wheel, I'll try to put in some practice and get a good time. I was doing this the other night with a friend but both of us were driving under the influence not putting the best times down :p
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    Why TVR&FF is not saying anything about what I think of him?? :(
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    ^Maybe he is hasn't been back to this thread?
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    With a new season brings about more stars to take our car around the track, and tonight's guest is no different, well, actually he is... you see, he claims to be a robot. A robot with a fascination for Datsun's - ladies and gentlemen, ImaRobot!

    - ImaRobot? Are you, really? Don't tell me you're here to take Stig back to his home planet...

    Yup, you got it. He seems to be having to much fun here.

    - How'd you arrive at such an alias?

    Its actually the band that goes along with my gamertag. LoadedLove being one of the songs. I really don't know why I chose ImaRobot over LoadedLove though. Its funny, when I play online with someone and then talk to them on here, they don't seem to know who I am because of the different names.

    - You've been here at ForzaPlanet for a while now, how are you enjoying it? Is there anything you'd change or want to see improved?

    I'm actually really enjoying it. Met a few cool people to race with, and even joined FPM. I'm not quite as active as I'd like to be with the club though, but its mostly because of the times I'm on.

    - How are you enjoying Forza 4 after all this time?

    I'm loving it. I barely got into tuning on this iteration and I must say it helps out a bunch. I also have Brycivicsi help test out some tunes if I get stuck. I've kicked out some pretty good tunes with him.

    - How long have you been an active Forza player?

    Well I had Forza when I got my original Xbox, I played that game everyday. I picked up #2 when I got my first X360 but didn't play it too often as it was around the same time I started getting into Call of Duty. The one I really wish I played though, was 3. Never picked it up, but I wish I did so I can have some unicorns .

    - How was the trip out here to our fantastic studio?

    Getting there from Cali is a long way, and ill just say that airplanes scare me haha.

    - Being here, and having an interest in Forza, you're obviously a bit of a petrolhead - what can you tell us about that?

    Well it kinda fell onto the guys in the family. It started with my uncle, he would always take apart his cars and whatnot. I don't remember what he would be doing but i was always there. When i got a little older i would always hang out with my brother in our garage while he worked on his car day in and day out. I gotta say though, the thing that caught me when i was younger is when i would go to the race tracks with him. He was building up a car rather nice at a slow rate for a couple years before it got stolen. If he pushed himself toward it, he can become a mechanic rather easily.

    - If you had to chose just one, what would you consider your favorite car?

    I'm really biased toward the Japanese market, that being said my favorite would have to be an 1970 Nissan Fairlady Z432. Its just a beautiful car.

    - Are you into motorsports at all? If so, what's your favorite discipline?

    I am, but not as much as id like to be. The only thing ive followed(use that term very very loosely) was drifting. I don't know if you can say followed really, but I've been to a handful of pro and amateur events. Mostly FD Long beach. I'd like to follow other forms of racing but im not even sure where to start.

    - What's your daily driver?

    Haven't had one in well over a year but my last one was a 1980 Datsun 280zx. Before that was a 1985 Toyota Corolla, and before that was an 2006 Honda Civic Si.

    - We've got that out into the open, and now the real reason you've come - your lap - how was it out there?

    Oh it was slower then I'd like it be, i just couldn't get a handle on the car. It was fun nonetheless though, knocked out a few cones along the way, but still fun haha.

    - Stig says he's beginning to notice a trend with the lot of you; you're all very well focused, some more than others, but none of you really appear to be strangers around not only the prospect of racing, but our track as well - you think the same holds true to you?

    I think it does. I'm no slouch, but I'm not the fastest either. The Top Gear track was rather tricky when i first gave it a shot. It's so open and flat, that if you don't pay attention you can very well shoot off in the wrong direction. I'm content with my racing ability though.

    - Where do you think you've come on the board?

    I don't know if its because i barely woke up and haven't had my coffee, but i don't know how to answer haha. With most(maybe all?) of my activity in the Photomode forum, i don't think I've come very far, maybe i should start upping my activity in other sections haha.

    - Anything else you'd like to get out into the open?

    I suck at these. Thanks for everyone who supported me and helped me out along the way.
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    Suck? Nonsense! A solid interview, and a solid time, sir Robot.

    I'm just happy my first-of-the-non-aliens position has stayed secure :lol:
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    I think its just a habit. I think that about any interview i have, in person or not. How you got that time is beyond me, i couldn't stand the car haha
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    Certainly you can stand the "price" though?
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    Oh, its rather reasonable ;)
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    Today's guest is a special one, in fact, he's so special we couldn't even afford to put a star in our reasonably-priced car last week - ladies and gentleman, Jordan!

    So, Jordan, you're quite the busy chap - but what inspired you to do all of this and what kept you motivated to continue onward?

    My “inspiration” was pretty straightforward: I had long wanted to make a website about something, and one of my favorite games of all time - Gran Turismo 2 - seemed to be an obvious choice. Thus, GTPlanet was born.

    This was back in 2001; I was young and really didn’t know much about what I was getting myself into, but I liked it. When people started posting things in the forum and a community began to form, it offered a unique sense of satisfaction. I love providing a “service”, and knowing that other people enjoy using and being part my community is more than enough motivation to keep pushing forward.

    When the original Forza Motorsport released it clearly borrowed rather heavily from the established DNA of Gran Turismo and succeeded in places that GT could not; do you think that trend is still as true now as it was then?

    I think Turn 10 has made some innovative design choices that are finally beginning to differentiate Forza from GT. It’s great to see Forza where it is today, introducing a lot of modern, connected, and “social” features that change the way we think about and play a driving simulator.

    With ForzaPlanet being your brainchild how do you think things have developed thus far? Anything you would have done differently, or not at all?

    I’m very happy with how the site has grown and where it is today. Even as “mainstream” interest in Forza 4 is slowly beginning to wane, the site’s traffic is holding steady.

    If I could launch ForzaPlanet over again, I probably would have worked out a way to integrate the forums with GTPlanet’s message boards. Not for social reasons - the community here has picked up enough steam on its own - but for technical simplicity. I hesitated to launch ForzaPlanet for years because I was concerned about the additional workload it would place on myself, and unfortunately my concerns have proven correct! :crazy: Because GTPlanet and ForzaPlanet are so technically similar, every software or template tweak made to one site must usually also be made on the other. It’s become pretty daunting!

    Being as busy as you seem to be, I assume you have a slew of boffins you trust to overlook things?

    I’m the only “boffin”, in the strict definition of the word, overlooking the technical side of things here. I do all of the design, software, and server maintenance.

    However, the site couldn’t truly “run” without the moderators here! You, Terronium-12, have been particularly pro-active about the health and growth of this community, and a lot of its success is owed to you here. I think I speak for everyone here in thanking you for your great efforts keeping the blog up-to-date!

    It says here that you've met Dan Greenawalt - what can you tell us about that?

    I did have the opportunity to meet him at the Petit Le Mans race at Road Atlant last year. I was surprised that he knew exactly who I was, and fortunately harbored no hard feelings for some of the less-than-kind things that have been said about him in GTPlanet’s forums over the years!

    We had a great chat about cars, driving games, licensing, and online communities; I could easily have talked with him for hours on any of these subjects! He’s passionate, intelligent, and very excited about what his team will be doing with the Forza franchise over the next few years. I believe Turn 10 has a bright future ahead under his direction.

    How are you enjoying Forza 4 thus far?

    I am very impressed with the game and I’ve really enjoyed it, though I’ve really only scratched the surface in regards to the community features. The graphics and sound are exceptional, and I really like the car and track selection.

    My only real complaint is how some of the tracks have been re-created. There are certain minor discrepancies between Forza 4 and the real world that drive me crazy, like the severity of the “esses” at Road Atlanta, or the suspiciously wide, flat Nordschleife. I’ve walked and driven both, and certain nuances in elevation change, curb height, road width, and scale, seem annoyingly “off” in the game.

    How long have you been an active Forza player?

    Let’s many days has Forza 4 been available for sale? :D

    Frankly, I’ve only been playing the game a little bit until now, because I’ve been limited to using a controller with my Xbox 360 (and I’m pretty useless with a controller!). Fortunately, I just received an rSeat EVO V3 earlier this month, so I can finally, fully enjoy the game with a properly-mounted Fanatec GT2 wheel and ClubSport pedals.

    Are you into motorsports at all?

    Yes, I don’t think I’ve missed an F1 race in the last 10 years or so! The series remains my favorite because it was one of the first I began to watch, and I feel like I have come to know many of the personalities involved.

    Of course, I’m happiest behind the wheel. Although I have not raced competitively, I have put in quite a few laps at track days and Skip Barber schools and lapping sessions at various circuits around the country, including Road Atlanta and Laguna Seca.

    It says here that you represent yourself by something called an "avatar" of a Citroen C4 Sport - any reason for that?

    I’m surprised how often I am asked this question. :lol: For some reason I can’t quite explain, I’ve always had a certain fascination with French rally cars.

    I believe it may come from far back in my past, when I was probably 11 or so, when I first began to really understand the differences between international manufacturers. I think I had long just assumed European cars were either German or Italian, so the idea of a French car seemed especially novel and interesting to me.

    The TOTAL Peugeot 206 WRC is one of my favorite race cars, and the C4 Sport is a close second.

    How long have you been a petrolhead, and more importantly, what was it that changed your outlook on cars being the conventional means of getting from Point A to Point B?

    Since birth! A lot of little boys are into things like sports, dragons, aliens, monsters, etc., but I never had much interest in those types of toys. Instead, I preferred toys, cars, trucks, boats, planes, trains, and anything else that related to construction or transportation.

    As such, I don’t think I have ever looked at cars as simply the thing that gets you from A to B; instead, I see them as the reason to go from A to B at all!

    Outside of the obvious do you have any hobbies?

    Golf is the sport I play the most, and the one I seem to be the best at (aside from motorsport, of course!). I also enjoy cycling when the weather’s nice. Travel is another passion of mine; my goal is to visit each continent, including Antarctica. I want to see and do as much as I can before my time is up!

    Right. Now, the single-most important thing you'll do, and the reason you've come all this way: the lap - how was it out there?

    I was surprised my lap turned out as well as it did, really. Hammerhead wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked, and I lost a lot of speed in the last two corners. I could not find the best turn-in point at Bacharach, and ploughing through Gambon just didn’t feel too good in this little Cee’d.

    Where do you think you've come on the board?

    I’d be happy with anything in the top 5, but I am probably going to be on the bubble of that with my time.

    I understand Stig has taken quite a liking toward you, so, anything else you'd like to say before he comes and attempts to propose to you with a burning tire?

    Thanks for the heads-up on the Stig’s pending proposal. :scared: Hopefully he’ll be too embarrassed by my lap time and will move on to Famine...

    Really, though, I would just like to say “thanks” to all of you who have helped ForzaPlanet get off the ground, including Turn 10, who continue to support and supply us with DLC codes to promote our community competitions! :cheers:
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    Curses! Pipped by the boss!


    Nice time, Jordan, and a great interview to read :tup:
  19. Thatman


    That was indeed good fun to read, although how come we still don't have video footage?

    Maybe I should find the video, record it with my phone and do a laughingly horrible imitation of Jeremy.

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    We still don't have video because every volunteer we've had (there have been two at this point) have apparently fallen off the very edge of the planet.

    At this point I'm actually afraid to ask (or encourage) anyone else. :p
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    I must say, that this SIRPC is really great, and there is so much interesting things to read.
    Terronium-12 keep up the great work :tup::tup::tup:
  22. Thatman


    I see....
    Maybe I should get the video, record it with my phone and do a laughingly horrible imitation of Jeremy.:lol:

    Naw just kidding, it would be so bad I believe Clarkson could catch wind of it and kill me for trying.

    That and although I could get 1080p recording off a screen doesn't look so hot.

    I volunteer somebody!
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    Thanks, Slip! :lol: I must admit I'm not that familiar with Forza 4's replay features, so I actually wasn't sure what my time would be. I'm really quite surprised at where I finished.

    The replay is available on my Storefront, "JordanGTP", if you want to check it out.
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    excellent thread read every interview :D
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    With a several week hiatus behind us, we are back to put more stars in our reasonably-priced Kia Cee'd; which brings us to today's guest - a man with Kimi Raikkonen as his avatar of choice, which can only mean one thing: he's the life of every party. Ladies and gentleman, Player!

    - So, jumping right into it, Kimi Raikkonen, the Iceman himself, is your avatar of choice, now, is it safe for me to assume that like Kimi you also think that anger, happiness, jealousy, and for arguments sake... depression can all be captured in a singular facial expression?

    All of those can certainly be captured in one facial expression. I think Kimi and the Stig are the only people in the world capable of doing so.

    - Keeping on the topic of Kimi, the previous Grand Prix saw he finish in a comfortable second and this is actually a two-part question: 1. Do you think he could have obtained first? He caught up to Vettel once which saw that fantastic defensive manuever, and then after that things just kind fell back. 2. Kimi smiled. Do you believe in 2012?

    I don't think he could've got Seb. Seb had a top three car all wekend long. As much as I hate saying this, I don't think 2012 is his year. Next year, though. Look out. : mischievous:

    - Moving away from the man of 1,0001 facial expressions, you've been here at ForzaPlanet since the beginning so do you like where the site is heading toward? Anything you'd suggest or want to see improved?

    I love where the site is going. There's always a few new members popping up everyday, which isa good thing. I'm just waiting for the Forza Planet app. Maybe someday we'll overtake GTPlanet in member count. :tup:

    - Word around Gambon is you're still enjoying Forza 4, what keeps you coming back for more?

    Racing with me friends pretty much every night, FP Motorsports club races every Saturday are always great fun, clean, and hard racing. I'll be playing it even more when someone accepts my FRS application. *cough* Jerome *cough* ;)

    - Is there anything already in the game that you wish had a greater emphasis, or even lesser emphasis?

    One thing that I'd like to see more of is more ALMS tracks since this is the official game of the ALMS.

    - With the Porsche Expansion Pack due the 22nd of next month, and the Top Gear pack due on the 1st, it's going to be a pretty exciting month - what are you looking forward to the most?

    I'm looking forward to the 911 Cup cars and the LMP cars. The R-Class cars are my favorite. :D

    - Forza Horizon is due this fall, what are you expecting of it?

    I have no clue. :lol: The announcement of Horizon was pretty surprising for everyone. I think it'll be a great game, especially if it has Forza 4 physics.

    - Moving away from that now, what's your daily driver?

    Well, once I take my permit test (i'm lazy and haven't taken it yet) one of these might be mine... After I get my license I want so get my motorcycle license. In the garage my dad has three motorcycles.


    - What was it that sparked your interest for cars?

    My dad. I remember playing GT 3 with him. He stayed up all night trying to pass all the license tests. :lol: He also told me how he's still mad at himself for not buying a Ferrari 356 GTB/4 back in the day. If only he did...

    - How was your trip out here?

    The plane ride was fine, but Richard thought I'd like to ride on the back of his bike with him. Needless to say I walked.

    - Do you have any hobbies?

    I have quite a few. I love listening to music, playing baseball, karting, and watching all types of racing and sports.

    - Right. Time to get down to business, the real reason you're here: how was it out there?

    Not too bad. It was a quite wet, thus the slow lap time.

    - And where do you think you've come?

    Like I said it was wet so somewhere near the bottom.

    - Anything else you'd like to say?

    As Kimi would say I just took a ****.
  26. Brian 7h3 King

    Brian 7h3 King Staff Emeritus

    Glad to see this thread still going, another good read.