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Last race for the Crown RS.

In 2022, he won the first round Suzuka, the second round Fuji 24 hours, and the fourth round of Autopolis, and it will be the final game with 134 points and the top of the ranking, but the seventh round Suzuka is Saitama Toyopet Green Brave It was announced by the team that it will be the last race at Crown RS. Since new models have already appeared in commercial vehicles, there will be some unavoidable parts as a dealer team.

I'm also worried about the participation system after next season, but for Saitama Toyopet Green Brave, we will first face the beauty of the end of the final game. Along with the drivers of Naoki Hattori, Hiroki Yoshida and Kota Kawai, and the store staff who join the team, Crown RS will challenge the last race.
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Aww, man. The Green Brave Crown is parked on the circuit. :confused:
Edit: The Crown is back in the garage.
Bit crash by one of the Fit entries. Edit that. Replay Shows it rolled. Crazy.
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... just days away from the car's planned race debut at Suzuka, Toyota revealed the car had been damaged by a fire in the engine bay during a subsequent private test and could not be repaired in time for the season opener.
As such, the #32 machine will be replaced by a GR Yaris running on conventional gasoline.
Toyota's statement explained that the fire occurred due to a leaking pipe, stressing that the switch from gaseous hydrogen to liquid hydrogen did not directly cause the incident.

It stated that a pipe connection had worked loose due to a vibration, and that the leaking hydrogen was ignited by the heat of the engine. The leak was detected by failsafe sensor, causing the supply of hydrogen to be cut and preventing the fire from spreading beyond the engine bay.

The pipe design will be reviewed with the presumed aim of taking part in the second round of the season, the Fuji 24 Hours, in late May.
Massive crash has red flagged the race.

#72 Ohlins Roadster and the #17 Dixcel Demio contacted. The #72 crashing heavily into the corner of an Armco, destroying the car.

30 minutes left. English commentary on twitch

The driver has been airlifted to hospital.

Edit: Race appears to be ended.
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Tetsuya Yamano’s Roadster


On May 23, Nissan Motor and Nissan Motorsports & Customization (NMC) will be held at Fuji Speedway in Shizuoka Prefecture from May 26 to 28 at the ENEOS Super Endurance Series 2023 Round 2 "NAPAC Fuji SU It was announced that he will participate in the PER TEC 24 Hour Race with the Nissan Z Racing Concept, a racing car based on the Nissan Z GT4.

Nissan/NMC is challenging the motor sports category with RZ34 Nissan Z (Japanese name: Fairlady Z). In the Super Endurance Series, we launched two Nissan Z Racing Concepts, No. 230 that uses carbon neutral fuel (CNF) in Fuji 24 hours in 2022 and No. 244 that uses gasoline. . Car No. 244 continued to participate in the series after that, and became the base of the Nissan Z GT4, which made its debut this season.
Such Nissan/NMC announced that it will participate in the Fuji 24-hour ST-Q class, which will be held as the only 24-hour race in Japan in 2023. This year, based on the Nissan Z GT4, which has officially started delivery, we will participate in the Nissan Z Racing concept with improvements mainly on aerodynamic and cooling parts
The vehicle has already been running in the official test conducted on April 28, but the details of the car were not disclosed at that time. However, with this announcement, "Through participation in the ST-Q class where development vehicles are allowed to participate, we will collect various data necessary for the development of race vehicles and after-parts, and use CNF (carbon neutral fuel) for fuel. By doing so, we aim to further deepen the knowledge of CNF," it was officially declared to use CNF.

And the system was also announced, and the team is NISMO, the car number is 230, and the driver is the member who held the steering wheel in the test called Kohei Hirate / Daiki Sasaki / Akisei Takaboshi / Tsuguo Matsuda. The director will be Mr. Motohiro Matsumura, the executive vice president of NMC and the general manager of the Nissan team at Super GT.

Regarding this announcement, Takao Katagiri, the head of Nissan's motor sports business unit office and the president of NMC, said, "In order to expand the possibilities of motor sports activities, a new chi that incorporates a sustainable perspective I'm doing a range," he said.

"This time, because it is a very strict condition of a 24-hour race, I expect to get a lot of useful actual battle data. And we will make use of the knowledge gained for future development and connect it to creating a car that customers can enjoy more."
Good stuff. Rookie Racing AMG GT3 Wins the race over all. Jann finishes 4th.

My favourite team Green Brave, finish P1 in the Supra GT4. Pole to win.