Test Drive Unlimited 3

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  1. Making Test Drive Unlimited 3 would keep the best open-world racing franchise alive for everyone to enjoy. This series has been defined by amazing open-world driving, multiplayer, epic soundtracks, and collecting cars/houses. We need to know Atari that people *are* interested in this game and want to see it happen. If you're with me, sign the petition.

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  2. MXH

    Sweden Gangsterstaden

    I'd rather see Atari, the sinking ship, selling the franchise to another developer.
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  3. Nessy

    United Kingdom UK

    I'd like to see a new TDU, but it would have to be better than TDU2... loved TDU1 but (although bigger) TDU2 left me feeling like it was lacking something.
  4. Avetorian

    Canada Ontario

    After Atari and Eden Games had horrible ratings with TDU2 I doubt we'll see a third. Somewhere somebody down the road will make a open world racing game properly, Forza Horizon seems to be the closest thing you can get to a TDU3. I wish it wasn't exclusive to Xbox though.
  5. SuperShouden


    I don't know, with Forza Horizon out...I some how don't think TDU can compete that well. Although....if they sold it to Ubisoft like they did Driver...I'd love to see the Driver San Fran engine applied to a TDU game. It's pretty similar already, but the physics in DSF are really awesome. And the damage model is great, and I love that simply driving by a car dealership repairs car. I think blending Driver San Fran with TDU would make a REALLY awesome game.
  6. It'd be cool if Playground could do it, but are they MS only?
  7. AuToNoMy

    United Kingdom Manchester

    I don't think they shouldn't bother with tdu3 they should just fix the broken tdu2 first and stop dragging their heels and release more DLC insted of one every blue moon and sort out the licensing issues with Lamborghini :)
  8. TilDawn

    Philippines East Coast

    A little too soon in my opinion.
  9. dhandeh

    England England

    And a deep breath.

    TDU2 is finished, it had plenty of potential but was let down with no post release support. As for a third instalment in that franchise, I cant see that happening either, Atari seem to have done a bolt on the developers.
  10. Prototyp3

    United States Oregon

    Just got this game a few days ago and wish I would have gotten it sooner. I love TD now. Consider me a fan!

    I really hope they make a 3rd one. I feel like this is how open world racing should be done. I also loved all the content. Personally, I really loved the customization of the avatars in game, this is something that other open world racing games have missed out on.

    Like, going into a car dealership and seeing other people browsing cars is pretty cool. Would love to see this expanded on in a sequel.
  11. G219

    United States California

    If they ever fixed the driving physics and FFB, I'd preorder TDU3 LCE edition right now. The scope of the game is unbelievable, and the amount of things on offer hasn't been bested by any other freeroam game ever.

    As it is now though, I can't even touch the game. I don't know how it is for controller users, but using a wheel, the only words that come to mind are, "what a waste."
  12. SuperShouden


    I'm telling you...Driver SF had great physics. I don't know about FFB, but, Reflections is owned by Ubisoft, now, who makes the Dirt series, so, I think they could add some great FFB. Atari should sell Test Drive to Ubisoft so they can combine TDU with the Driver physics.
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  13. TilDawn

    Philippines East Coast

    The physics for TDU2 took some time getting used to. I first played with a controller, switched to a wheel, then things became more tolerable.

    Cockpit views were useless for racing as I couldn't see out of them. I also hated how the trees in the distance 'materialized' into view, causing me to crash; it was very distracting during a race.

    If they address these issues I'd be more in favor of a TDU3.
  14. Test Drive Unlimited 3 should be released but If it ever dose it wouldn't be from Atari. I read on a news page that Atari have sold off the test drive franchise and played of a good number of there staff after I think it was a 44% loss on TDU2. Which to be honest I know why. People these days are looking for a deep, meaningfully story-line, top of line graphics and attention to detail. TDU2 had top range graphics, great attention to detail but not a good story line. You know what I don't care
    I think most people wanted a racing game, unlike me a wanted a driving game and TDU2 fitted righting into a extinct gaming category. Far enough the online servers where a bit rubbish but that is conman with a game that was popular online.

    Someone make a Test-drive Unlimited 3! I promise you Ill be the first inline at the store to buy the game
  15. TJ13

    United States Minnesota

    I believe all the TDU 3 stories can be shot down since Atarti is doing a business change (due to bankruptcy) and no one really want's to pick up the title. I am also kinda guessing if that is true TDU 2 is probably done for too.
  16. AuToNoMy

    United Kingdom Manchester

    Tdu2 isnt finish half the car showrooms have empty spaces plus there been a signpost outside an unfinished building saying sportbikes coming soon for the past year nd a half ??
  17. SuperShouden


    It would be very interesting if TDU3 randomly appeared on next gen consoles. With rumors that both MS's and Sony's new systems will have Blu-ray and plenty of power, the next gen consoles would be perfect for a massive MMOR....like Aussie big...with Forza/GT graphics(which ever you prefer to think of.)
  18. I felt that Unlimited series had so much potential, but it was spectacularly let down. I'm disappointed that the series is unlikely to be revamped, and whilst Forza Horizon is the closest iteration of the franchise, it is no way near in terms of map size, and is hardly an MMOR. I just hope the TDU devs take their experiences and apply it to a new racing game.
  19. H4RRY

    United Kingdom London

    I think TDU3 would be a great idea! :) People are talking about Forza Horizon, I enjoy playing Horizon BUT it was the little detais from TDU2 that I missed such as removing the roof on the convertibles and the being able to put the Indicators on... Now there are parts of TDU2 that I dont personally like for example Forza put more 'everyday' cars on, where as TDU is based on high performance super cars... I also miss the auction house thing from the first TDU. :indiff: :)
  20. Dean

    Denmark Jutland, DNK

    If TDU3 could be a mixture of TDU1 (the open world and the possibility of using indicators :D) and GT5 (cars, their details and wheel compatibility), I would get it.
  21. Danny

    United Kingdom Scarfolk

    The problems I have with the TDU franchise are thusly:

    • I've felt since the first instalment that it's a case of too many cooks in terms of location. Yes it's great having the entire island of Oahu to mess around in, but to me it soon got repetitive. Drive down one windy road into a town, you've driven down them all.
    • The damage model. Yep. Just to me, does not cut it. I can make allowances for the game being so huge, but it seems like wasted opportunity to me.
    • The sheer amount of loading times. TDU2 was killer for this. Although to be fair, it may well have been partly down to my Bronze Age PS3.
    • The physics. I know it was meant to be more arcadey, but even changing the settings didn't have a great deal of effect. Not a deal-breaker because all in all it was a fun game, but it would have been nice.

    Sort this, and we'll talk. :)
  22. TilDawn

    Philippines East Coast

    Didn't really care for the rich and famous lifestyle. I would have been happy with just storing my rides in a jet hanger.

    The exploration aspect however is the strongest point in my opinion and one of the reasons why I've decided to start a new game, which I rarely do anymore.

    Horizon I immensely enjoyed because it addressed most of the issues that I had with TDU2, a major one being the driving physics. However one thing Horizon cannot hold a candle to is TDU2's world; the road designs, off-roading, everything is brilliant. Couple that with Horizon's physics and I might have my perfect driving game.
  23. G219

    United States California

  24. DDastardly00

    United States Seattle, WA

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  25. LL13JCS

    Scotland Aberdeen

    if making tdu3 they need to put oahu (the hawaii island) back to being fully tarmac like it was in the first one..they removed some of my favourite roads just to put in completely different dirt tracks :( although I loved both tdu1 and 2..would love to see 3 have 3 islands...not sure what they could add to it though... and they need more Japanese cars...only real choice of an "A" series car for exploring properly was the impreza..and this sucked because of the 171mph after tuning top speed :(
  26. ron24

    United States Maine/usa

    i want a test drive eve of destuction 2

    a test drive wide open 2

    they were great games.

    United States Michigan

    The launch of TDU2 was way beyond a disaster. Its a lot better now and I still play it almost every weekend but I dont see another TDU coming for a long time. In fact Atari and Eden had many problems with each other shortly after TDU2 was released. I believe Eden even went on strike. Both TDU1 and TDU2 always have server issues but TDU2 was loaded with problems. The game save corruption caused me to lose my first 60 hours of gameplay a week after the game launched. Casino didnt work properly until about a year later when Roulette finally worked. I still have issues hooking up with friends in TDU2. We try to do the cop challenges and half the time it doesnt work. I could go on and on but this gen console will not see another TDU. Maybe on the next systems. Still they would need a miracle. BTW I think TDU2 destroys Horizon but thats just my opinion that I wont get into again. Post about it plenty in the other threads.
  28. Daniel

    New Zealand Auckland, NZ

    Guess we won't be getting TDU3 after all :(

  29. Dean

    Denmark Jutland, DNK

    A shame, I guess... But, let's hope we'll get surprised, later on :D!
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