The 2020 George Floyd/BLM/Police Brutality Protests Discussion Thread

That from the killer cops' lawyers is idiotic. Coming to the door armed isn't a crime. (Note that I'm not criticizing the poster above.)
If it is, there is no second amendment.

The right wing needs to wake the hell up on this. Your guns aren't going to be taken by gun control, they're going to be ruled as being a crime to possess in the presence of a cop - a crime punishable by extrajudicial killing. This is actual real tangible violation of the 2nd amendment, but the 2nd amendment crowd is too busy "backing the blue" with their stupid blue stripe flags and sense of superiority. As one of the earlier images said... who do you think is going to come an take it? This is what it looks like.

This is not an issue many on the left care about. Much of that group is perfectly happy to say "see, don't own a gun".
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Predictably, those who perpetrate these rights violations are unaffected and the penalty instead gets passed to the taxpayers.
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DiSpLaYiNg TrAiTs Of An ArMeD pErSoN
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Days after an 11-year-old boy was shot in the chest by an Indianola police officer, family and community members are calling for answers and for the officer’s termination.

Community members identified the boy as Aderrien Murry. He was shot early Saturday morning when officers responded to a domestic call at his home, according to a statement from the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, which is investigating the shooting.

As of Tuesday, Murry is in the intensive care unit at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, the family’s attorney Carlos Moore said. He was placed on a ventilator because he has a collapsed lung, and he has other injuries including fractured ribs and a lacerated liver.

Information about why the unarmed Murry was shot has not been released, said Moore, who is representing the boy’s family and joined them and community members at a Monday press conference outside of Indianola City Hall.

“This cannot keep happening. This is not OK,” said Nakala Murry, the boy’s mother, during the press conference. “If a non-police officer was to shoot someone, you know it’s not okay. When the police do it, they have protocol. He was trained. He knows what to do.”

Nakala Murry said her son is strong, but Aderrien does not understand what happened to him.

“His words were: ‘Why did he shoot me? What did I do?’ and he started crying,” she said.

She remembers holding her son, applying pressure to his wound and seeing blood run from his mouth — an image she sees every time she closes her eyes.

Nakala Murry said police were called to the house because the father of her other child came over and was acting irate. When he acted this way, she knew something could potentially happen and wanted “to stop it right there.” She snuck her phone to her son and asked him to call her mother and the police.

Investigators did not name the Indianola police officer, but Moore said his investigation uncovered that the officer is Greg Capers, who was named the department’s “best officer.”

“If he’s your best, Indianola, you need a clean house from top to bottom,” Moore said.

After the conference, the group attended the Board of Aldermen meeting. On Monday evening, the board voted to place Capers on paid administrative leave pending further investigation, Moore said.

He said there is always a possibility for the board to call a special meeting to take further action with Capers.

Murry’s family and supporters are calling for Capers and Police Chief Ronald Sampson to be fired and body camera footage to be released within 48 hours. Moore is also asking the Sunflower County district attorney to prosecute the officer for attempted murder.

If the city does not act, Moore said Murry’s family and supporters plan to hold a sit-in at Indianola City Hall starting Thursday morning.

Moore directly addressed Mayor Ken Featherstone, telling him to take the shooting seriously, and Sampson, telling him to give the family and community answers and questioning why he didn’t take past misconduct from Capers seriously.

Moore said the officer has not been disciplined for tasing another client of his, Kelvin Franklin, while the man was in handcuffs in December 2022.

On Tuesday, Sampson declined to comment, but he said he and the mayor are likely to make a statement once MBI completes its investigation. Featherstone did not respond to a request for comment.

“What are you waiting on? Someone to actually die?” Moore said during the press conference. “An 11-year-old almost died. By the grace of God, he is alive. The people of Indianola are not going to wait until somebody dies.”

Misdemeanor? Looks like felonious assault to me. I don't know if that video has audio but in Ohio verbal engagement can't be provocation to violence, and all we see here is physical action without physical provocation. Now that I know how the process works I'm pretty confident it would take a jury about 30 minutes to make that decision which is enough time to read their instruction packet, make sense of it, and sign the damn paper. Yes, I am now an expert in the field lol.
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Someone who drives and delivers goods to other people, judging by the AP report.
What's wrong with them?
A 17 yo teenager, without a driving license (obviously since you currently need to be 18 yo to have one in France) who, based on the justice department report, was driving a rented car very dangerously (he almost hit two people), and had just escaped a first attempt arrest prior to the deadly event.
How did it turn to a "17-year-old delivery driver who was shot and killed during a police check"?

(and yes, the policeman did act wrongly)
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From the Observer:

The Observer
There have been 21 fatal police traffic-stop shootings since 2020. Most of the victims were of black or Arab origin.

“For hours last night, there were young people everywhere, in groups on lots of different roads,” Kendra, 40, told Guardian correspondent Angelique Chrisafis. “I really think young people here consider themselves at war. They see it as war against the system. It is not just against the police, it goes further than that, otherwise we wouldn’t be seeing it all across France. It’s not just the police under attack but town halls and buildings being targeted… There’s a political dimension, a sense of the system not working. Young people feel discriminated against and ignored.”
What's wrong with them?
A 17 yo teenager, without a driving license (obviously since you currently need to be 18 yo to have one in France) who, based on the justice department report, was driving a rented car very dangerously (he almost hit two people), and had just escaped a first attempt arrest prior to the deadly event.
How did it turn to a "17-year-old delivery driver who was shot and killed during a police check"?

(and yes, the policeman did act wrongly)
Can you provide a link to this report as I can't find it online? In French is okay.

Here in England a lot of pizza delivery vehicles I see are driven by learners who don't have a full driving licence.
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Can you provide a link to this report as I can't find it online? In French is okay.

Here in England a lot of pizza delivery vehicles I see are driven by learners who don't have a full driving licence.
Informations were given during a press conference (English verbatim below the video):

I asked GPT4 to write a verbatim of the video. It's in English, i colored related text in red:

The video is a press conference by Pascal Prache, the Public Prosecutor of Nanterre, regarding the death of a young man named Nahel. The video is titled "Mort de Nahel à Nanterre : conférence de presse du procureur de la République • FRANCE 24" and was published on June 29, 2023.

Here is the verbatim transcript of the video:

"There is a point right away on the investigation in progress which is supposed to go quickly. We immediately take the direction of Nanterre to follow or bring to life the conference of the public prosecutor of the death of young Maël and the investigations that have been carried out in the light of the judicial investigation in progress, which I am going to tell you about again, what we are urged to give us the opportunity to bring to your attention a certain number of elements or to confirm a certain number of elements that you already have but will not give rise to an exchange with regard to the judicial investigation which has just begun following the death of young Naël which occurred on the morning of June 27, 2023.

The Nanterre prosecutor's office has opened two flagrancy investigations, one for refusal to comply and yet voluntary domicile on person depositary public authority what we had already communicated as you knew in search entrusted to the police station of Nanterre and the territorial security of Hauts-de-Seine in addition another investigation was opened simultaneously for intentional homicide the sheets were committed by a depositary of public authority and this investigation was entrusted to the IGPN.

The objective of these two separate investigations and to objectify all the circumstances which led to the death of the young driver of the vehicle. These qualifications were also initially retained by the public prosecutor's office based on the first information immediately collected on the spot. The elements collected within the framework of these two procedures consist in particular of witness hearings including that of the passenger who was found to have exploited CCTV images and amateur videos broadcast on social networks requiring various checks, some of which are still in progress and of course the statements of the police officers involved who were heard on several occasions, including in the case of a confrontation.

In the state, it is possible to reconstruct in view of the elements available to us at 7 a.m. the course of the events of this early morning in the following way. After having taken their service two motorcyclists of the territorial company of circulation and road safety of Hauts-de-Seine which is a service which depends on the direction of their public and the traffic of the Paris police headquarters we noticed around 7:55 am boulevard Jacques Germain Soufflot in Nanterre a Mercedes Class A model AMG vehicle which was registered with a Polish plate and which was traveling on a bus lane at high speed towards the Nanterre University station district in order to control it to keep its driving but also the apparent young age of the occupants of the vehicle the two officials attempted a first time to carry out a check by activating their sound and light warning devices, going to the height of the vehicle at the level of a red light and indicating to him to park.

The vehicle then restart by grilling the red light noting the presence of three people on board this vehicle a passenger in the front and a passenger in the right rear the two police officers therefore followed this car on several axes of Nanterre, thus making a loop at the level of the human rights roundabout on vehicle continued on its way opposite rue Pablo Neruda then rude des trois fontanots and boulevard de Pesaro still followed by the two bikers who indicated that they had again activated their two-tone radio to radio their progress on the airwaves of the police at 8:16 a.m. during this journey several elements including the statements of the police and the video surveillance images show several violations of the highway code, in particular crossings of pedestrian crossings endangering a pedestrian and a cyclist.

Take the boulevard de La Défense this vehicle was forced to stop due to a traffic jam caused by a marker dismounting on the side and behind the Mercedes vehicle the police claim to have shouted to the driver to stop by positioning themselves on the left side of the vehicle there at the level from the driver's door, the other near the left front fender, he specified in the context of their hearings that they had both drawn their weapons and pointed them at the driver to dissuade him from restarting, asking him to switch off the ignition.

At the moment where the vehicle restarted the policeman located near the wing of the vehicle lured once on the driver the vehicle continued on its way passing Arago before embedding itself in an element of street furniture place Nelson Mandela at 8:19 a.m. At this time the passenger rear left the vehicle was arrested and the right front passenger fled.

The official who fired the shot provided first aid to the drivers and reinforcements went to the scene as well as the fire brigade contacted at 8:21 a.m. who is carrying out emergency maneuvers. The animation despite his efforts the death was recorded at 9:15 a.m.

As soon as the investigations decided by the Nanterre public prosecutor's office opened the shooting policeman handed over his service weapon was transported to the hospital then taken to the premises of the IGPN to be heard on the facts after the first statement the elements collected at the leads to the police custody of the police officer on the count of intentional homicide.

The deceased minor was born in 2006 he was known to the justice services for acts of refusal to comply with the last that gave rise to a presentation of the minor before the Nanterre public prosecutor's office on Sunday June 25 with a view to a summons to appear before the juvenile court in September 2023.

The police custody of the second passenger identified was lifted at the beginning of the day after - noon of June 27 after his hearing, he specified in particular that he had gotten into the vehicle about half an hour before the effect when he was already touring the neighborhood. The third person present in the vehicle is still wanted.

An accompaniment by the emergency service of the Hauts-de-Seine victims' aid association was required by the prosecution to accompany the relatives of the deceased who are going through dramatic moments.

The report of the autopsy carried out on June 28 in the morning this report of a death due to a single shot having crossed the left arm and the thorax from left to right additional examinations in particular in terms of toxicology were ordered.

The search of the vehicle did not make it possible to find dangerous objects or narcotics inside. The exploitation of the various videos of the scene was carried out confirming the declarations of the two police officers on the course of the vehicle during the refusal to comply but also that of the second minor passenger concerning the circulation of the vehicle in the district.

As I indicated the police officer who is recognized to have fired was therefore placed in police custody for intentional homicide. The blood alcohol level and narcotics consumption screening operations proved to be negative during these hearings the policeman explained his action by the desire to avoid another leak of the vehicle by the dangerousness of the road behavior of the driver inducing in the policeman the fear that someone would be knocked down the fear of being hit by the vehicle during its more advanced restart and or have to his more advanced colleague in the passenger compartment of the vehicle injured by the movement of this car.

The second policeman present during the check one naturally and also heard both specified during their hearings this felt threatened by seeing the restarted driver being near a wall behindthem. A confrontation was ordered in particular on the comments made during the check and with regard to one of the amateur videos broadcast on social networks. Only part of the comments were recognized by one of the officials. The technical investigations on these recordings were entrusted to read CGN in order to specify their content and their author.

In the state of the investigations and the elements collected, the prosecution considers that the legal conditions for the use of the weapon are not met. Consequently, at the end of his police custody, the police officer implicated for having used his weapon was torn today before two Kosasis investigating magistrates as part of an opening of judicial information by the head of the voluntary residence.

With regard to the facts of the need to preserve the investigations, the prosecution has requested the placement of the police officer responsible for the shooting in pre-trial detention. The presentation before the investigating magistrates is in progress. The judicial training should make it possible to specify the aforementioned elements and updating elements will be sent to you naturally communicated subsequently.

Also concerning urban violence has known the department for two nights. The current toll in Hauts-de-Seine and the following: 27 police custody for the night of June 27 to 28 and 39 police custody for the last night and this for facts of participation in treatment degradation of violence. It is done are of a particular gravity for the only day of today and relatively enough done it is proceeded to 11 deforming including three immediate appearances in particular for people having broadcast videos of police officers on social networks or the contact details of the police officer in question.

It is necessary to note more concerning the events of last night, several damages to property of public utility were committed. I particularly note the fire this night of local court Daniel who gives an investigation entrusted to the judicial police. I remind you that it is a local court whose vocation is to deal with the situations of our fellow citizens most in difficulty which has thus been targeted.

The public prosecutor's office has been fully mobilized on this crisis since its origin and is very attentive to the judicial treatment of these offences, some offences of which incur penalties of up to 10 years' imprisonment. Here too, updates will be communicated to you later. Thank you. The moment that I did not answer the questions may we have an opening of judicial information in progress and that it is too early to communicate on these points. Thank you."

Please note that the video is in French and the above transcript is a translation. The original video can be found here.
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Six law enforcement officers who called themselves the “Goon Squad” pleaded guilty Thursday to federal charges they tortured two Black men, hurled racial slurs and used a sex toy on them before shooting one of them in the mouth.

The charges against five Rankin County Sheriff’s Department deputies and a Richland police officer followed a months-long Justice Department investigation, which found credible evidence of the attack on Michael Jenkins, 32, and Eddie Terrell Parker, 35.

On Jan. 24, during an early-morning raid, the officers broke down the door of Parker’s home in Braxton, Mississippi, without a warrant. They restrained the two men before beating, tasing and threatening them with rape. The officers shot multiple rounds into the air, threatening to kill the men, before a deputy placed his gun in Jenkins’ mouth and fired. The bullet lacerated Jenkins’ tongue, shattered his jaw and shredded his neck, nearly killing him and causing permanent injuries, according to Jenkins’ lawyers.

“To them, he wasn’t even human,” said Jenkins’ mother, Mary.

The men’s attorney, Trent Walker, said his clients “feel they’re getting justice. They feel vindicated.” At the time the allegations emerged, “there were a lot of naysayers,” he said. “This proves there is justice in Mississippi, even in Rankin County with its long history of police violence.”

At Thursday’s hearing, handcuffed officers stood with their lawyers in a semicircle before U.S. District Judge Tom S. Lee, who read from a 13-count criminal information. Five deputies pleaded guilty to federal charges: Brett Morris McAlpin, 52, who served as chief investigator; Jeffrey Arwood Middleton, 45, who worked as a lieutenant; Christian Lee Dedmon, 28, who worked as a narcotics investigator; and Hunter Thomas Elward, 31, and Daniel Ready Opdyke, 27, who worked as patrol deputies. Joshua Allen Hartfield, 31, who worked as a narcotics investigator with the Richland Police Department, also pleaded guilty.

According to the criminal information filed Thursday, the white deputies handcuffed Jenkins and Parker before beating them and calling them “[n-word],” “monkey” and “boy,” telling them to stay out of Rankin County and “go back to Jackson or to ‘their side’ of the Pearl River.” While deputies taunted the two men, Dedmon “repeatedly drive-stunned Jenkins with his taser,” according to the information.

When deputies discovered a dildo in the home, Opdyke forced it into the mouth of Parker and attempted to force it into the mouth of Jenkins, according to the information. Dedmon then threatened to anally rape the two men, but when he moved toward Jenkins’ backside, the deputy stopped when he noticed that Jenkins had defecated on himself, according to the information.

While Elward held the two men down, Dedmon poured milk, alcohol and chocolate syrup on their faces and into their mouths, and Dedmon poured cooking grease on Parker’s head, according to the information. Elward threw eggs at the men.
Officers then ordered the two men “to strip naked and shower off to wash away evidence of abuse,” according to the information. Hartfield guarded the door to make sure they didn’t escape.

Opdyke struck Parker with a wooden kitchen implement, Middleton assaulted Parker with a metal sword, and Dedmon and McAlpin smacked Parker with pieces of wood, according to the criminal information. Dedmon, Middleton, Hartfield and Elward all tased Jenkins and Parker repeatedly.

McAlpin and Middleton stole rubber bar mats, and McAlpin was “about to steal a Class A military uniform” when he heard two gunshots, according to the document.

The first gunshot was discharged by Dedmon, who fired into the yard. After removing a bullet from the chamber of his gun, Elward stuck a gun into Jenkins’ mouth and pulled the trigger. The gun clicked. Then he racked the slide, only this time, the gun fired a bullet, which lacerated his tongue, broke his jaw and exited through his neck.

The officers pleaded guilty to depriving the two men of their rights by neglecting Jenkins’ need for medical care, according to the information. “[They] attempted to cover up their misconduct rather than provide [Jenkins] with medical care.”

The officers also pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice. They attempted to cover up the shooting by planting a gun in the home and accused Jenkins of attempting to shoot at officer Elward, according to court records. They also planted methamphetamine on Jenkins and charged him with drug possession, disorderly conduct and assaulting an officer. Parker was falsely charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and disorderly conduct. The charges against the two have been dismissed. The officers then stole the hard drive from a surveillance camera system in Parker’s home and threw it in a river.

Dedmon and Elward pleaded guilty to discharging a gun in the commission of a violent crime. That carries a 10-year minimum and up to a life sentence, consecutive to any other prison time.

The other charges against the officers range between 10 and 20 years for each count.

“Based on the facts in their guilty pleas, all former deputies lied to me the night of the incident,” Sheriff Brian Bailey said in a statement. “This incident and the crimes of these individuals has been devastating not only to the victims but also to the sheriff’s office and the hundreds of men and women that work here.”

“They became the criminals they swore to protect us from,” said U.S. Attorney Darren LaMarca at a news conference Thursday afternoon.

“The defendants in this case wanted to send a message to their victims that they didn’t belong,” said Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke. “They sought to dehumanize these victims.”

Deputy Attorney General Mary Helen Wall of the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office said these brutal attacks “caused more than harm to the victims — it severed the trust of the people.”

Six months after the raid, the Rankin County Sheriff’s department fired five deputies they said were involved.

Jenkins and Parker alleged in their lawsuit that their torture was racially motivated because, throughout the incident, the deputies used racial slurs and accused the men of sleeping with White women.

Jenkins has moved out of the state, fearing he may face retaliation, according to his lawyers.

“The code in Rankin County is that you do not speak up,” said Jenkins’ attorney, Malik Zulu Shabazz. “We believe that there are credible threats or risks to their safety.”

The Rankin County Sheriff’s Department has faced previous lawsuits related to police misconduct, some involving the officers named in today’s indictment.

In 2021, Damien Cameron, a 29-year-old Black man, died after a confrontation with Rankin County deputies Elward and Luke Stickman. Cameron’s mother, who filed a civil lawsuit against the department, said she witnessed the officers kneel on Cameron’s neck and back, while Cameron told them he could not breathe for over 10 minutes.

A grand jury chose not to indict the officers for Cameron’s death a year before Elward shot Jenkins. “If they would have did something then, this wouldn’t have happened,” said his father, Mel Jenkins.

That same year, a man named Cory Jackson died while incarcerated at the Rankin County Jail. Jackson’s family was driving him to a hospital because he was suffering from a psychotic episode, when Jackson fled from their car. He was arrested by a Rankin County deputy and suffered injuries while in custody. He was never hospitalized and died in jail that same night.

Also Thursday, Dedmon pleaded guilty to assaulting a man identified as “A.S.” by “punching, kicking and tasing him.” Elward and Opdyke also pleaded guilty to failing to intervene.

After the guilty pleas Thursday, Walker said he had spoken “with Mr. Parker and Mr. Jenkins, and they are very grateful and appreciative of the work of the Justice Department and the U.S. attorney’s office.”
That just brings back tears from what police did to Abner Louima. At that time, other than that 52yo and 45yo, those other overseers above, were about 6 or 7 years old. Just insane, man.