The Circuit Experiences are way easier now

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Try the Spa endurance with the Nissan R92CP, I dominate it every time with that car. Tokyo 600 with the Enzo.
Thanks, I will! It'll be good to change things up. I usually run it with the Red Bull Competition on IM tires.
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Take RH tires, tune it to 800pp, and depending on the rain, switch to IM or W.
The Nissan? Can do. I was running RH on the Red Bull to start the race, but IM's grip well with even minimum downforce and they add fewer PP. I don't pit until I run out of fuel. I use the extra PP for additional horsepower.
I often lap the field twice with it. I just wish the Porsche offered on the CE drove like that.
Still, I'm try the Nissan just to change it up. I've run an engine swapped RX-7, the Pennzoil Skyline, an engine swapped Cappucino, and a heavily modded Trans Am. I think I even ran the Raptor once just to kinda see how my own vehicle would fare. I've run most of those on the other grinds, too.
I have completed a solid 7 or 8 more after having read this thread. They do seem much easier now. Also was able to gold the whole S licence too!