The credits cost of all 454 cars in Gran Turismo 7 [489 Million total]

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These are logical prices.... not the Hagerty price frenzy!!!!!

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I think that all that Hagerty's frenzy, serve some " cause " for the game .
Definitely isn't in our side with all that endless Griding that someone have to do in order to collect the LCD cars .
I don't know the " cause " or " causes" exactly but definitely is there for a reason.
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I think that all that Hagerty's frenzy, serve some " cause " for the game .
Definitely isn't in our side with all that endless Griding that someone have to do in order to collect the LCD cars .
I don't know the " cause " or " causes" exactly but definitely is there for a reason.
I agree with you, but it would be nice to get an explanation for it… Knowing the why can make it easier to understand and accept the how. 🤷‍♂️
I agree with you, but it would be nice to get an explanation for it… Knowing the why can make it easier to understand and accept the how. 🤷‍♂️
I also agree on this.
Perhaps we will never find out the reason, we can only " guess " but you'll never know if you are right or wrong.

Also that " persistent" to have only 4 ,( which is 3 in fact ) races that can give you a significant amount of credits , is also unexplained.

Times changes, lot of " weight " are now at e sports and with all that sponsors involved at it , all the events, the money flow continuously .
Its a new chapter that didn't exist in the past ,its profitable and keep growing .
This is INSANE.
No kidding! A 105% increase in price!? I'm glad for two things:
#1, it's capped at 20 million (for now) and #2 I already have at least one of every car in every "official" livery in the game.

Just for that, the next time this car comes around at 20 million, I'm going to buy it and make it a livery covered in Pokemon, then post it for download.
Fun story from reality, apparently the Microtransaction ********* was so successful that a guy i know didn't buy the game. He thought he would have to buy credits to get cars to race in Sport mode, the only thing that interests him.
Is there an updated list? Since the one by the original poster is outdated I was wondering if there is a a comprehensive list either here on GTPlanet or somewhere else..
This is my list, but I'm afraid I don't update the price after I've bought it

Game Location
Abarth5002009£‎ 29,500.00Brand Central
Abarth5951970£‎ 48,900.00Used Cars
Abarth1500 Biposto Bertone B.A.T 11952£‎ 1,000,000.00Legendary Cars
Alfa Romeo155 2.5 V6 TI1993£‎ 800,000.00Legendary Cars
Alfa Romeo4C2014£‎ 89,100.00Brand Central
Alfa Romeo4C Gr.32017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
Alfa Romeo4C Gr.3 Road Car2017£‎ 300,000.00Brand Central
Alfa Romeo4C Gr.42017£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
Alfa Romeo8C 2900B Lungo Berlinetta1937£‎ 20,000,000.00Legendary Cars
Alfa Romeo8C Competizione2008£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
Alfa RomeoGiulia GTAm2020£‎ 220,000.00Brand Central
Alfa RomeoGiulia Sprint GT Veloce1967£‎ 180,000.00Used Cars
Alfa RomeoGiulia TZ2 Carrozzata da Zagato CN.AR7501061965£‎ 3,450,000.00Legendary Cars
Alfa RomeoMiTo2009£‎ 28,500.00Brand Central
AlpineA1101972£‎ 140,000.00Used Cars
AlpineA1102017£‎ 80,000.00Brand Central
AlpineA2201968£‎ 330,000.00Legendary Cars
AlpineVGT2015£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
AlpineVGT2017£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
AlpineVGT Race2017£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
AmuseNISMO 380RS SuperLeggera2008£‎ 100,000.00Brand Central
AmuseS2000 GT1 Turbo2005£‎ 250,000.00Brand Central
Aston MartinDB112016£‎ 238,000.00Brand Central
Aston MartinDB3S CN.11953£‎ 6,000,000.00Legendary Cars
Aston MartinDB51964£‎ 978,000.00Legendary Cars
Aston MartinDBR9 GT12010£‎ 800,000.00Brand Central
Aston MartinDP-100 VGT2017£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
Aston MartinOne-772011£‎ 1,320,000.00Brand Central
Aston MartinV12 Vantage Gr.32017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
Aston MartinV8 Vantage Gr.42017£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
Aston MartinV8 Vantage S2015£‎ 180,000.00Brand Central
Aston MartinValkyrie2021£‎ 3,000,000.00Brand Central
Aston MartinVulcan2016£‎ 3,300,000.00Brand Central
Audie-tron VGT2017£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
AudiR182016£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
AudiR18 TDI2011£‎ 3,000,000.00Brand Central
AudiR8 4.22007£‎ 166,700.00Brand Central
AudiR8 LMS2015£‎ 800,000.00Brand Central
AudiR8 LMS Evo2019£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
AudiRS 5 Turbo DTM ‘192019£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
AudiSport quattro S11987£‎ 2,150,000.00Legendary Cars
AudiTT Coupe 3.2 quattro2003£‎ 57,800.00Brand Central
AudiTT Cup2016£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
AudiTTS Coupe2014£‎ 76,800.00Brand Central
AudiVGT2017£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
AutobianchiA1121985£‎ 31,100.00Used Cars
BACMono2016£‎ 240,000.00Brand Central
BMW3.0 CSL1973£‎ 206,500.00Used Cars
BMW3.0 CSL1971£‎ 146,700.00Used Cars
BMWi32015£‎ 49,900.00Brand Central
BMWM2 Competition2018£‎ 91,000.00Brand Central
BMWM32007£‎ 93,000.00Brand Central
BMWM31989£‎ 89,000.00Used Cars
BMWM32003£‎ 84,000.00Brand Central
BMWM3 GT2011£‎ 600,000.00Brand Central
BMWM3 Sport Evolution1989£‎ 178,950.00Used Cars
BMWM42014£‎ 120,000.00Brand Central
BMWM4 Gr.42017£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
BMWM4 Safety Car2017£‎ 150,000.00Brand Central
BMWM6 GT3 Endurance Model2016£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
BMWM6 GT3 Sprint Model2016£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
BMWMcLaren F1 GTR Race Car1997£‎ 10,000,000.00Legendary Cars
BMWVGT2014£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
BMWZ4 GT32011£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
BMWZ82001£‎ 300,000.00Brand Central
BugattiChiron2016£‎ 3,000,000.00Brand Central
BugattiVeyron 16.42013£‎ 2,000,000.00Brand Central
BugattiVeyron Gr.42017£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
BugattiVGT2017£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
BugattiVGT (Gr.1)2017£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
Chaparral2X VGT2014£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
ChaparralChaparral 2J1970£‎ 2,500,000.00Legendary Cars
ChevroletCamaro SS2016£‎ 35,000.00Brand Central
ChevroletCamaro Z281969£‎ 105,000.00Legendary Cars
ChevroletCamaro ZL1 1LE Package2018£‎ 79,500.00Brand Central
ChevroletCorvette (C2) Sting Ray Sport Coupe1963£‎ 237,000.00Legendary Cars
ChevroletCorvette (C3) Stingray1969£‎ 53,300.00Used Cars
ChevroletCorvette (C3) Stingray Convertible1969£‎ 47,300.00Used Cars
ChevroletCorvette (C4) ZR-11989£‎ 89,600.00Used Cars
ChevroletCorvette (C8) Stringray2020£‎ 85,000.00Brand Central
ChevroletCorvette C11958£‎ 126,000.00Legendary Cars
ChevroletCorvette C72014£‎ 51,000.00Brand Central
ChevroletCorvette C7 Gr.32017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
ChevroletCorvette C7 Gr.3 Road Car2017£‎ 300,000.00Brand Central
ChevroletCorvette C7 Gr.42017£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
ChevroletCorvette C7 ZR12019£‎ 134,000.00Brand Central
ChevroletCorvette Stingray Concept1959£‎ 4,000,000.00Legendary Cars
ChevroletCorvette ZR1 (C6)2009£‎ 120,000.00Brand Central
Chris HolstromCHC 1967 Chevy Nova1967£‎ 300,000.00Brand Central
CitroenDS 21 Pallas1970£‎ 49,600.00Legendary Cars
CitroenGT by Citroen Gr.42017£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
CitroenGT by Citroen Race Car (Gr.3)2017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
CitroenGT by Citroen Road Car2008£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
DaihatsuCopen2002£‎ 18,000.00Brand Central
DaihatsuCopen RJ VGT2017£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
De TomasoMangusta (+ Christian Dior version)1969£‎ 245,000.00Legendary Cars
De TomasoPantera1971£‎ 165,000.00Used Cars
DMCDeLorean S22004£‎ 525,000.00Brand Central
DodgeChallenger R/T1970£‎ 306,000.00Legendary Cars
DodgeChallenger SRT Demon2018£‎ 200,000.00Brand Central
DodgeCharger R/T 426 Hemi1968£‎ 158,000.00Legendary Cars
DodgeCharger SRT Hellcat2015£‎ 76,800.00Brand Central
DodgeCharger SRT Hellcat Safety Car2015£‎ 100,000.00Brand Central
DodgeSRT Tomahawk GTS-R VGT2017£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
DodgeSRT Tomahawk S VGT2017£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
DodgeSRT Tomahawk VGT (Gr.1)2017£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
DodgeSRT Tomahawk X VGT2017£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
DodgeSuper Bee1970£‎ 71,200.00Used Cars
DodgeViper Gr.42013£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
DodgeViper GTS2013£‎ 140,000.00Brand Central
DodgeViper GTS2002£‎ 120,000.00Brand Central
DodgeViper SRT GT3-R2015£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
DodgeViper SRT-10 Coupe2006£‎ 130,000.00Brand Central
DS AutomobileDS 3 Racing2011£‎ 31,000.00Brand Central
Eckert’sMach Forty2012£‎ 300,000.00Brand Central
Ferrari250 GT Berlinetta passo corto CN.25211961£‎ 8,300,000.00Legendary Cars
Ferrari250 GTO CN.3729GT1962£‎ 20,000,000.00Legendary Cars
Ferrari308 GTB1975£‎ 174,500.00Used Cars
Ferrari330 P4 🏆1967£‎ 9,500,000.00Legendary Cars
Ferrari365 GTB41971£‎ 690,000.00Legendary Cars
Ferrari458 Italia2009£‎ 283,000.00Brand Central
Ferrari458 Italia Gr.42017£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
Ferrari458 Italia GT32013£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
Ferrari500 Mondial Pinin Farina Coupe1954£‎ 2,700,000.00Legendary Cars
Ferrari512BB1976£‎ 280,600.00Used Cars
FerrariDino 246GT1971£‎ 352,300.00Used Cars
FerrariEnzo Ferrari2002£‎ 2,500,000.00Brand Central
FerrariF12berlinetta2012£‎ 373,000.00Brand Central
FerrariF401992£‎ 3,000,000.00Legendary Cars
FerrariF4302006£‎ 243,200.00Brand Central
FerrariF501995£‎ 4,300,000.00Legendary Cars
FerrariF8 Tributo2019£‎ 330,500.00Brand Central
FerrariFXX K2014£‎ 3,600,000.00Brand Central
FerrariGTO1984£‎ 3,550,000.00Legendary Cars
FerrariLa Ferrari2013£‎ 1,600,000.00Brand Central
FerrariTestarossa1991£‎ 369,300.00Used Cars
FerrariVGT2022£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
Fiat500 1.2 8V Lounge SS2008£‎ 17,000.00Brand Central
Fiat500F1968£‎ 16,700.00Used Cars
FordF-150 SVT Raptor2011£‎ 55,000.00Brand Central
FordFocus Gr.B Race Car2017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
FordFocus RS2018£‎ 41,000.00Brand Central
FordFocus ST2015£‎ 29,250.00Brand Central
FordFord Roadster1963£‎ 400,000.00Legendary Cars
FordGT2017£‎ 550,000.00Brand Central
FordGT2006£‎ 460,000.00Brand Central
FordGT LM Race Car Spec II2005£‎ 1,600,000.00Brand Central
FordGT LM Spec II Test Car2017£‎ 1,200,000.00Brand Central
FordGT Race Car2018£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
FordGT40 Mk11966£‎ 6,700,000.00Legendary Cars
FordMark IV Race Car 🏆1967£‎ 6,750,000.00Legendary Cars
FordMustang Boss 4291969£‎ 323,000.00Legendary Cars
FordMustang Gr.32017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
FordMustang Gr.3 Road Car2017£‎ 300,000.00Brand Central
FordMustang Gr.42017£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
FordMustang Gr.B Rally Car2017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
FordMustang GT2015£‎ 44,310.00Brand Central
FordMustang Mach 11971£‎ 44,200.00Used Cars
FordMustang Shelby GT350R2016£‎ 75,000.00Brand Central
FordSierra Cosworth RS5001987£‎ 200,000.00Used Cars
Garage RCRCivic£‎ 300,000.00Brand Central
GenesisG70 3.3T AWD P. Package2022£‎ 56,500.00Brand Central
GenesisG70 GR42022£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
GenesisGenesis X GR32022£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
Gran TurismoF1500T-A2017£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
Gran TurismoRacing Kart 125 Shifter2017£‎ 10,000.00Brand Central
Gran TurismoRed Bull X2014 Junior2014£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
Gran TurismoRed Bull X2014 Standard2014£‎ 3,000,000.00Brand Central
Gran TurismoRed Bull X2019 Competition2019£‎ 3,000,000.00Brand Central
GreddyFugu Z2015£‎ 300,000.00Brand Central
Greening Auto Co.1971 Maverick2018£‎ 300,000.00Brand Central
Honda2&4 powered by RC213V2015£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
HondaBeat1991£‎ 15,000.00Used Cars
HondaCivic Type R (EK)1998£‎ 53,500.00Used Cars
HondaCivic Type R (EK)1997£‎ 51,200.00Used Cars
HondaCivic Type R (EK9) Touring Car1997£‎ 116,000.00Used Cars
HondaCivic Type R (FK2)2015£‎ 42,800.00Brand Central
HondaCivic Type R (FL5)2022£‎ 50,000.00Brand Central
HondaCivic Type R Limited Edition (FK8)2020£‎ 55,000.00Brand Central
HondaFit Hybrid2014£‎ 16,800.00Brand Central
HondaIntegra Type R (DC2)1995£‎ 67,300.00Used Cars
HondaIntegra Type R (DC2)1998£‎ 62,500.00Used Cars
HondaNSX2017£‎ 230,000.00Brand Central
HondaNSX Concept-GT2016£‎ 800,000.00Brand Central
HondaNSX Gr.32017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
HondaNSX Gr.42017£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
HondaNSX Gr.B Rally Car2017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
HondaNSX GT5002008£‎ 800,000.00Brand Central
HondaNSX Type R2002£‎ 500,000.00Brand Central
HondaNSX Type R1992£‎ 398,000.00Used Cars
HondaRA2721965£‎ 2,500,000.00Legendary Cars
HondaS20001999£‎ 100,100.00Used Cars
HondaS6602015£‎ 19,800.00Brand Central
HondaS8001966£‎ 44,800.00Used Cars
HondaSports VGT2017£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
HyundaiGenesis Coupe 3.82013£‎ 33,000.00Brand Central
HyundaiGenesis Gr.32017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
HyundaiGenesis Gr.42017£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
HyundaiGenesis Gr.B Rally Car2017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
HyundaiN2025 VGT2017£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
HyundaiN2025 VGT (Gr.1)2017£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
InfinitiConcept VGT2014£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
ItaldesignVGT Offroad Mode2023£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
ItaldesignVGT Street Mode2023£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
JaguarD-Type1954£‎ 6,000,000.00Legendary Cars
JaguarE-Type Coupe1961£‎ 247,000.00Legendary Cars
JaguarF-type Gr.32017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
JaguarF-type Gr.42017£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
JaguarF-type R2014£‎ 128,600.00Brand Central
JaguarVGT Coupe2019£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
JaguarVGT Roadster2021£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
JaguarVGT SV2021£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
JaguarXJ13 🏆1966£‎ 12,000,000.00Legendary Cars
JaguarXJ2201992£‎ 615,000.00Legendary Cars
JaguarXJR-91988£‎ 2,200,000.00Legendary Cars
JeepWillys MB1945£‎ 30,100.00Legendary Cars
KTMX-Bow R2012£‎ 100,000.00Brand Central
LamborghiniAventador LP700-42011£‎ 400,000.00Brand Central
LamborghiniAventador LP750-4 SV2015£‎ 500,000.00Brand Central
LamborghiniCountach 25th Anniversary1988£‎ 713,300.00Used Cars
LamborghiniCountach LP4001974£‎ 1,250,000.00Legendary Cars
LamborghiniDiablo GT2000£‎ 847,500.00Used Cars
LamborghiniHuracan Gr.42017£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
LamborghiniHuracan GT32015£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
LamborghiniHuracan LP610-42015£‎ 297,000.00Brand Central
LamborghiniLambo V12 VGT2019£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
LamborghiniMiura P400 Bertone Prototype CN.07061967£‎ 3,500,000.00Legendary Cars
LamborghiniMurcielago LP6402009£‎ 385,600.00Brand Central
LamborghiniVeneno2014£‎ 3,640,000.00Brand Central
LanciaDelta HF Integrale Evoluzione1991£‎ 107,900.00Used Cars
LanciaStratos1973£‎ 532,100.00Used Cars
LexusLC5002017£‎ 150,000.00Brand Central
LexusLF-LC GT VGT2015£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
LexusLFA2010£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
LexusRC F2014£‎ 95,300.00Brand Central
LexusRC F Gr.42017£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
LexusRC F GT32017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
LexusRC F GT3 Prototype2016£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
LexusRC F GT5002016£‎ 800,000.00Brand Central
LexusSC430 GT5002008£‎ 800,000.00Brand Central
MaseratiA6GCS/53 Spyder1954£‎ 2,900,000.00Legendary Cars
MaseratiGranTurismo S2008£‎ 167,000.00Brand Central
MaseratiMC202020£‎ 300,000.00Brand Central
MaseratiMerak SS1980£‎ 75,000.00Legendary Cars
Mazda787B1991£‎ 2,200,000.00Legendary Cars
MazdaAtenza Gr.32017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
MazdaAtenza Gr.3 Road Car2017£‎ 300,000.00Brand Central
MazdaAtenza Gr.42017£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
MazdaAtenza Sedan XD L Package2015£‎ 39,690.00Brand Central
MazdaDemio XD Touring2015£‎ 19,500.00Brand Central
MazdaEunos Roadster NA1989£‎ 28,400.00Used Cars
MazdaLM55 VGT2017£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
MazdaLM55 VGT (Gr.1)2017£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
MazdaMazda32019£‎ 37,000.00Brand Central
MazdaMAZDA3 Gr.4£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
MazdaRoadster (ND) NR-A2022£‎ 31,000.00Brand Central
MazdaRoadster S (ND)2015£‎ 24,950.00Brand Central
MazdaRoadster Touring Car1991£‎ 90,000.00Brand Central
MazdaRX 5001970£‎ 600,000.00Legendary Cars
MazdaRX-7 GT-X (FC)1990£‎ 56,500.00Used Cars
MazdaRX-7 Spirit R Type A (FD)2002£‎ 250,000.00Brand Central
MazdaRX-8 Spirit R2012£‎ 32,500.00Brand Central
MazdaRX-Vision2015£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
MazdaRX-Vision GT3 Concept2020£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
McLaren650S2014£‎ 340,000.00Brand Central
McLaren650S Gr.42017£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
McLaren650S GT32015£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
McLarenF11994£‎ 20,000,000.00Legendary Cars
McLarenF1 GTR Kokusai Kaihatsu1995£‎ 11,400,000.00Legendary Cars
McLarenMP4-12C2010£‎ 225,000.00Brand Central
McLarenMP4/41988£‎ 8,000,000.00Legendary Cars
McLarenP1 GTR2016£‎ 3,600,000.00Brand Central
McLarenVGT2017£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
McLarenVGT (Gr.1)2017£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
Mercedes AMGA 45 AMG2013£‎ 64,000.00Brand Central
Mercedes AMGCLK-LM1998£‎ 6,500,000.00Legendary Cars
Mercedes AMGMercedes-AMG C 63 S2015£‎ 135,800.00Brand Central
Mercedes AMGMercedes-AMG GT Black Series2020£‎ 420,000.00Brand Central
Mercedes AMGMercedes-AMG GT R2017£‎ 184,000.00Brand Central
Mercedes AMGMercedes-AMG GT S2015£‎ 120,000.00Brand Central
Mercedes AMGMercedes-AMG GT Safety Car2015£‎ 200,000.00Brand Central
Mercedes AMGMercedes-AMG GT32020£‎ 480,000.00Brand Central
Mercedes AMGMercedes-AMG GT32016£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
Mercedes AMGMercedes-Benz AMG VGT2013£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
Mercedes AMGMercedes-Benz AMG VGT Racing Series2014£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
Mercedes AMGS Barker Tourer1929£‎ 13,000,000.00Legendary Cars
Mercedes AMGSauber C91989£‎ 3,000,000.00Legendary Cars
Mercedes AMGSLS AMG2011£‎ 360,000.00Brand Central
Mercedes AMGSLS AMG Gr.42017£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
Mercedes AMGSLS AMG GT32011£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
Mercedes-Benz190 E 2.5-16 Evolution II1991£‎ 300,000.00Legendary Cars
Mercedes-Benz300 SEL 6.8 AMG1971£‎ 700,000.00Legendary Cars
Mercedes-Benz300 SL Coupe1954£‎ 1,700,000.00Legendary Cars
Mercedes-Benz300SL W1941952£‎ 20,000,000.00Legendary Cars
Mercedes-BenzSLR McLaren2009£‎ 600,000.00Brand Central
MINIClubman VGT2015£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
MINICooper S1965£‎ 39,900.00Used Cars
MINICooper S2005£‎ 28,500.00Brand Central
MitsubishiConcept XR-PHEV Evolution VGT2017£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
MitsubishiGTO Twin Turbo1991£‎ 48,900.00Used Cars
MitsubishiLancer Evolution Final2015£‎ 60,000.00Brand Central
MitsubishiLancer Evolution Final Gr.32017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
MitsubishiLancer Evolution Final Gr.42017£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
MitsubishiLancer Evolution Final Gr.B Rally Car2017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
MitsubishiLancer Evolution Final Gr.B Road Car2017£‎ 300,000.00Brand Central
MitsubishiLancer Evolution III1995£‎ 100,000.00Used Cars
MitsubishiLancer Evolution IV1996£‎ 45,300.00Used Cars
MitsubishiLancer Evolution V GSR1998£‎ 67,100.00Used Cars
MitsubishiLancer Evolution VI Tommi Makkinen Edition1999£‎ 162,400.00Used Cars
Nissan180SX Type X1996£‎ 53,500.00Used Cars
Nissan370Z aka Fairlady Z (Z34)2008£‎ 43,750.00Brand Central
NissanConcept 2020 VGT2020£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
NissanFairlady Z (S30) Z4321969£‎ 190,000.00Legendary Cars
NissanFairlady Z (Z32) 300ZX TwinTurbo 2seater1989£‎ 52,900.00Used Cars
NissanFairlady Z 240ZG (S30)1971£‎ 99,100.00Used Cars
NissanFairlady Z Version S (Z33)2007£‎ 36,300.00Brand Central
NissanGT-R (R35)2017£‎ 94,770.00Brand Central
NissanGT-R (R35) Gr.42017£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
NissanGT-R (R35) Gr.B Rally Car2017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
NissanGT-R (R35) Nismo2017£‎ 187,000.00Brand Central
NissanGT-R (R35) NISMO Super GT5002016£‎ 800,000.00Brand Central
NissanGT-R (R35) Safety Car2017£‎ 130,000.00Brand Central
NissanGT-R LM NISMO2015£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
NissanGT-R Nismo GT32018£‎ 600,000.00Brand Central
NissanGT-R Nismo GT3 N24 Schulze Motorsports2013£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
NissanGT-R Xanavi Nismo GT-R2008£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
NissanNismo 400R1995£‎ 1,800,000.00Legendary Cars
NissanR92CP1992£‎ 3,000,000.00Legendary Cars
NissanSilEighty1998£‎ 78,600.00Used Cars
NissanSilvia Ks Type S (S14)1994£‎ 60,000.00Used Cars
NissanSilvia S13 Ks Dia Selection1990£‎ 47,000.00Used Cars
NissanSilvia S13 Qs1988£‎ 32,700.00Used Cars
NissanSilvia S14 Ks Aero1996£‎ 60,000.00Used Cars
NissanSilvia Spec-R Aero (S15)2002£‎ 68,000.00Brand Central
NissanSilvia spec-R Aero (S15) Touring Car Gr.42002£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
NissanSkyline (KPGC110) 2000GT-R1973£‎ 542,000.00Legendary Cars
NissanSkyline Hard Top 2000 GT-R (KPGC10)1970£‎ 170,000.00Legendary Cars
NissanSkyline R30 Super Silhouette Group 51984£‎ 1,150,000.00Legendary Cars
NissanSkyline R32 GT-R NISMO1990£‎ 400,000.00Used Cars
NissanSkyline R32 GT-R V-Spec II1994£‎ 176,000.00Used Cars
NissanSkyline R33 GT-R V-Spec1997£‎ 158,700.00Used Cars
NissanSkyline R34 GT-R GT5001999£‎ 2,700,000.00Legendary Cars
NissanSkyline R34 GT-R V-Spec II Nur2002£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
NissanZ Performance2023£‎ 69,660.00Brand Central
PaganiHuayra2013£‎ 1,350,000.00Brand Central
PaganiZonda R2009£‎ 1,800,000.00Brand Central
Peugeot205 T16 Evolution II Rally Car1986£‎ 1,100,000.00Legendary Cars
Peugeot208 Gti by Peugeot Sport2014£‎ 30,000.00Brand Central
Peugeot908 HDI FAP2010£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
PeugeotL500R HYbrid VGT2017£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
PeugeotL750R HYbrid VGT2017£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
PeugeotRCZ Gr.32017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
PeugeotRCZ Gr.3 Road Car2017£‎ 300,000.00Brand Central
PeugeotRCZ Gr.42017£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
PeugeotRCZ Gr.B Rally Car2017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
PeugeotRCZ GT Line2015£‎ 46,600.00Brand Central
PeugeotVGT2015£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
PeugeotVGT (Gr.3)2017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
PlymouthSuperbird1970£‎ 510,000.00Legendary Cars
PlymouthXNR Ghia Roadster1960£‎ 1,600,000.00Legendary Cars
PontiacFirebird Trans Am1978£‎ 96,200.00Used Cars
PontiacGTO ‘The Judge’1969£‎ 210,000.00Legendary Cars
Porsche9591987£‎ 1,750,000.00Legendary Cars
Porsche356 A/1500 GS Carrera1956£‎ 615,000.00Legendary Cars
Porsche356 A/1500 GS GT Carrera Speedster1956£‎ 1,500,000.00Legendary Cars
Porsche911 996 GT1 Strassenversion1997£‎ 9,000,000.00Legendary Cars
Porsche911 Carrera RS (964)1992£‎ 221,000.00Used Cars
Porsche911 Carrera RS (993)1995£‎ 226,000.00Used Cars
Porsche911 Carrera RS CS (993)1995£‎ 421,000.00Used Cars
Porsche911 GT3 (996)2001£‎ 180,000.00Brand Central
Porsche911 GT3 (997)2009£‎ 160,000.00Brand Central
Porsche911 GT3 RS (991)2016£‎ 253,000.00Brand Central
Porsche911 GT3 RS (992)2022£‎ 100,000.00Brand Central
Porsche911 RSR (991)2017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
Porsche911 Turbo (930)1981£‎ 215,500.00Used Cars
Porsche917 Living Legend2013£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
Porsche917K1970£‎ 18,000,000.00Legendary Cars
Porsche918 Spyder2013£‎ 1,600,000.00Brand Central
Porsche919 Hybrid2016£‎ 3,000,000.00Brand Central
Porsche962 C1988£‎ 1,500,000.00Legendary Cars
PorscheCarrera 901 RS1973£‎ 745,000.00Legendary Cars
PorscheCarrera GT2004£‎ 2,300,000.00Brand Central
PorscheCarrera GTS (904)1964£‎ 2,500,000.00Legendary Cars
PorscheCayman GT42016£‎ 130,000.00Brand Central
PorscheCayman GT4 Clubsport2016£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
PorscheSpyder Type 550/1500 RS1955£‎ 4,500,000.00Legendary Cars
PorscheTaycan Turbo S2019£‎ 230,000.00Brand Central
PorscheVGT2022£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
PorscheVGT Spyder2022£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
RadicalSR3 SL2013£‎ 126,500.00Brand Central
RE AmemiyaRE Amemiya FD3S RX-72001£‎ 100,000.00Brand Central
RenaultClio R.S. 220 Trophy2015£‎ 32,000.00Brand Central
RenaultClio R.S. 220 Trophy2016£‎ 32,000.00Brand Central
RenaultClio V6 24v2000£‎ 89,600.00Used Cars
RenaultMegane Gr .42017£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
RenaultMegane RS Trophy2011£‎ 38,500.00Brand Central
RenaultMegane RS Trophy Safety Car2011£‎ 50,000.00Brand Central
RenaultMegane Trophy2011£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
RenaultR.S.012016£‎ 500,000.00Brand Central
RenaultR.S.01 GT32016£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
RenaultR5 Turbo1980£‎ 154,200.00Used Cars
RenaultR8 Gordini1966£‎ 32,500.00Legendary Cars
Roadster ShopRampage2014£‎ 300,000.00Brand Central
RUFCTR32007£‎ 900,000.00Brand Central
ShelbyCobra 4271966£‎ 2,500,000.00Legendary Cars
ShelbyCobra Daytona Coupe1964£‎ 20,000,000.00Legendary Cars
ShelbyGT3501965£‎ 501,000.00Legendary Cars
SubaruBRZ Drift Car2017£‎ 400,000.00Brand Central
SubaruBRZ GT3002021£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
SubaruBRZ S2021£‎ 32,670.00Brand Central
SubaruBRZ S2015£‎ 30,000.00Brand Central
SubaruBRZ STI Sport2018£‎ 36,000.00Brand Central
SubaruImpreza 22B-Sti1998£‎ 179,700.00Used Cars
SubaruImpreza Coupe WRX Type R Sti Ver.VI1999£‎ 61,500.00Used Cars
SubaruImpreza Sedan WRX STi2004£‎ 50,000.00Brand Central
SubaruVIZIV GT VGT2014£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
SubaruWRX Gr.32017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
SubaruWRX Gr.42017£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
SubaruWRX Gr.B Rally Car2017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
SubaruWRX Gr.B Road Car2017£‎ 300,000.00Brand Central
SubaruWRX STI Isle of Man2016£‎ 370,000.00Brand Central
SubaruWRX STI Type S2014£‎ 41,148.00Brand Central
Super FormulaSF19 Super Formula / Honda2019£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
Super FormulaSF19 Super Formula / Toyota2019£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
Super FormulaSF23 Super Formula / Honda2023£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
Super FormulaSF23 Super Formula / Toyota2023£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
SuzukiCappuccino (EA11R)1991£‎ 20,000.00Used Cars
SuzukiSwift Sport2017£‎ 18,360.00Brand Central
SuzukiSwift Sport2007£‎ 16,275.00Brand Central
SuzukiSwift Sport Gr.42022£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
SuzukiV6 Escudo Pikes Peak Special1998£‎ 1,700,000.00Legendary Cars
SuzukiVGT2022£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
SuzukiVGT (Gr.3)2022£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
TeslaModel 3 Performance2023£‎ 55,000.00Brand Central
TeslaModel S Signature Performance2012£‎ 92,000.00Brand Central
Toyota2000GT1967£‎ 936,000.00Legendary Cars
Toyota86 Gr.42016£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
Toyota86 Gr.B Rally Car2017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
Toyota86 GRMN2016£‎ 64,800.00Brand Central
Toyota86 GT2015£‎ 29,052.00Brand Central
Toyota86 GT "Limited"2016£‎ 31,840.00Brand Central
ToyotaAlphard Executive Lounge2018£‎ 75,000.00Brand Central
ToyotaAqua S2011£‎ 17,900.00Brand Central
ToyotaCelica (ST205) GT-FOUR Rally Car1985£‎ 250,000.00Legendary Cars
ToyotaCelica GT-Four (ST205)1995£‎ 78,600.00Used Cars
ToyotaCorolla Levin 1600GT APEX (AE86)1983£‎ 47,400.00Used Cars
ToyotaCrown Athlete G2013£‎ 57,500.00Brand Central
ToyotaCrown Athlete G Safety Car2013£‎ 65,000.00Brand Central
ToyotaFT-12018£‎ 500,000.00Brand Central
ToyotaFT-1 VGT2014£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
ToyotaFT-1 VGT (Gr.3)2017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
ToyotaGR Corolla MORIZO Edition2022£‎ 71,500.00Brand Central
ToyotaGR Supra Race Car2019£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
ToyotaGR Supra Racing Concept2018£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
ToyotaGR Supra RZ2020£‎ 73,000.00Brand Central
ToyotaGR Supra RZ2019£‎ 70,000.00Brand Central
ToyotaGR Yaris RZ “High Performance”2020£‎ 45,600.00Brand Central
ToyotaGR010 Hybrid2021£‎ 3,000,000.00Brand Central
ToyotaGR86 RZ2021£‎ 33,500.00Brand Central
ToyotaHimedic2021£‎ 0.00Brand Central
ToyotaMR2 GT-S1997£‎ 57,400.00Used Cars
ToyotaPrius G2009£‎ 24,500.00Brand Central
ToyotaSF-R2015£‎ 19,500.00Brand Central
ToyotaSF-R Racing Concept2016£‎ 200,000.00Brand Central
ToyotaSports 8001965£‎ 51,000.00Used Cars
ToyotaSprinter Trueno 1600GT APEX (AE86)1983£‎ 48,200.00Used Cars
ToyotaSprinter Trueno 1600GT APEX (S. Shigeno Version)2000£‎ 120,000.00Used Cars
ToyotaSupra 3.0 GT Turbo A1988£‎ 111,800.00Used Cars
ToyotaSupra GT5001997£‎ 1,800,000.00Legendary Cars
ToyotaSupra RZ (A80)1997£‎ 191,900.00Used Cars
ToyotaTS030 Hybrid2012£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
ToyotaTS050 Hybrid2016£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
ToyotaTundra TRD Pro2019£‎ 62,000.00Brand Central
TVRTuscan Speed Six2000£‎ 72,000.00Used Cars
VolkswagenBeetle 12001966£‎ 32,700.00Used Cars
VolkswagenBeetle Gr.32017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
VolkswagenGolf I GTI1983£‎ 48,300.00Used Cars
VolkswagenGolf VII GTI2014£‎ 38,330.00Brand Central
VolkswagenGTI Roadster VGT2014£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
VolkswagenGTI Supersport VGT2015£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
VolkswagenGTI VGT (Gr.3)2017£‎ 450,000.00Brand Central
VolkswagenID.R2019£‎ 2,000,000.00Brand Central
VolkswagenPolo GTI2014£‎ 28,000.00Brand Central
VolkswagenSambabus Typ 21962£‎ 61,200.00Used Cars
VolkswagenScirocco Gr.42017£‎ 350,000.00Brand Central
VolkswagenScirocco R2010£‎ 51,500.00Brand Central
Wicked FabricationGT 512016£‎ 300,000.00Brand Central
ZagatoIsoRivolta Zagato VGT2017£‎ 1,000,000.00Brand Central
@jonoholland29 - It's close enough for government work. The used-car prices look to be those set quite a while ago, though that's more on PD, and the latest round of Hagerty's price changes don't look to be in there.

We will see the first hagerty car going over 20 million on the next update??👀👀👀
That car's not in the game - despite dozens of outlets listing it as a 250 GTO (because it hits the search engines better), it's a 330 LM.

Similar chassis and in some cases body (the first two were just 250 GTOs with the 330cc/cylinder engine), but not a 250 GTO.
I’m gutted the 1997 BMW McLaren F1 GTR Race Car is now 14,000,000 Cr. Wasn’t it under 10,000,000 Cr at launch?

I’ve got the money but not sure if want to pull the trigger and blow all my money on one car
I’m gutted the 1997 BMW McLaren F1 GTR Race Car is now 14,000,000 Cr. Wasn’t it under 10,000,000 Cr at launch?

I’ve got the money but not sure if want to pull the trigger and blow all my money on one car
Currently 15,000,000 and last day available
I’m gutted the 1997 BMW McLaren F1 GTR Race Car is now 14,000,000 Cr. Wasn’t it under 10,000,000 Cr at launch?

I’ve got the money but not sure if want to pull the trigger and blow all my money on one car
It was 9,500,000 Cr. at launch, going up to 10,000,000 Cr. in May 2022, 10,300,000 Cr. in November 2022, 11,400,000 Cr. in March 2023, and 14,000,000 Cr. in August. I guess we should be "thankful" the price didn't go up in August 2022.
Ah yes. I have that due around Christmas time
Probably not until after the new year, but likely/hopefully before the price goes up again, for the 5th time in 6 opportunities.
It was 9,500,000 Cr. at launch, going up to 10,000,000 Cr. in May 2022, 10,300,000 Cr. in November 2022, 11,400,000 Cr. in March 2023, and 14,000,000 Cr. in August. I guess we should be "thankful" the price didn't go up in August 2022.
Damn, i’ve missed a lot of opportunities to get this car.
I've done around 50 million in just a few days thanks to the Abarth-Daytona thing, and continuing... thank god because otherwise who knows if I'd ever get all the cars...
10 cars and i am done 😳😳
The two VGT that they are going to give us after this weekend and 8 cars from the legendary dealership. A few cars but lots of credit 😭

With the way I'm going, blowing money on upgrades left and right, it's gonna cost me like 900 million to get all the cars, realistically
Don't know what level you are and how many cars you missing but definitely isn't necessary to upgrade all the cars you get or swap them .
Those 20 million cars and everything above 10 million i can say, are a huge problem in order to put them at your garage.
Aiming to " clear " the LCD ones could help to make savings.