The damage system in GT5 (update : Mechanical Damage arrived only for online races)

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  1. Hi GT fans !

    Eventhough the game is already in the hands of thousands of gamers around the world, with hundreds of leaked photos and videos, we still don’t know exactly how the damage system works in GT5. So the objective of this thread is to gather as much information and media on how damage works in the game. I will update this thread as soon as new info and media on damage are revealed on our beloved internet, please feel free to share with us any new info or media on damage.

    I am sure with the opening of the online portion of GT5 on 24th november 2010 we will get a more precise idea on how damage works.

    But until then, this is what we know so far about damage in GT5 :

    - The damage exists, at least visual damage, but we don’t know if we can activate it/disactivate it or not (especially in online races) or if we could adjust its level or not, or how this visual damage works exactly.

    - No confirmation yet of how mechanical damage works in the game.

    - The damage differs between cars, premium rally and nascar cars have the most advanced damage, we don’t know yet how damage works for standard cars.

    Those are some photos of damage in GT5 :







    This is a video of damage in GT5 :

    Our Gtplanet member (paulpg87) said he found this interesting photo in an italian forum and a guy said that you have to be level 20+ to get this kind of damage, but it is not confirmed :


    Update : 22 november 2010 :

    Our french Gtplanet member (Wanda) posted those intresting new photos from GT5 (Level 14 in A-SPEC mode), they show some limited roll overs, lifted cars and the bottom of some cars :

    Our Gtlanet member (SirBoris) posted this interesting video showing more damage and especially more crashes in GT5, taken from the french blog

    The video shows some impressive crashes, but not total rollovers (a la TGS 2010 video) and very little visual damage.

    Update : 23 november 2010

    Our Gtplanet member (Gamer28) posted a new video of a more advanced damage in GT5 (rally circuit, rally premium car, some rumors sates that the driver is at level 40 in the game but not confirmed)

    Could this be the final damage system in GT5 ? did polyphony digital implement a progressive damage system depending on the level of the driver ? we dont know yet. But we must be cautious, the translation of what the author of the video said states that "You don't need to be level 40 to unlock the dirt and car damage, just patience and a destructive streak"

    In a related subject, our Gtplanet member (Darkpitiless) downloaded a system update 1.01 and posted details and pictures of it here :

    in this update of 133 MB the online portion of the game is finally open, so we will see soon how polyphony is managing the damage system in online races (hopefully damage could be activated/disactivated in online races + choice of level of damage)



    Update : second update for 23 november 2010

    In the thread of : yamauchi tweets

    we can find the latest yamauchi tweet as follows :

    "It will appear later. RT @tanzen: @Kaz_Yamauchi Konbawa Yamauchi San! I'm lv 17 on GT 5 (review copy) and still no mechanical damage, you..."

    What does this mean ? We were right about the progressive damage system in the game based on the level achieved in the game ?

    Update : 05 december 2010

    Well after all the reviews and gamers feedback, we now know this for sure :

    - There is no mechanical damage in GT5, yamauchi said it will appear in a patch this december, so wait and see.

    - Concerning visual damage, unlike the rumors (that were taken as a fact in a lot of official reviews and I am sure a lot was taken from this thread which is ironic and unprofessional from those reviewers) There is no progressive level system damage in GT5, the damage in the beginning of the game is the same in the latest levels of the game. The visual damage is very light and limited and needs a lot of collisions to show its effects on premium cars. Rally premiums cars are the ones that show the biggest visual damage, but again after a lot of crashes and collisions. For standard cars, the damage is even more limited.

    Update : 06 december 2010

    Mechanical damage arrived via a patch 1.03, but unfortunately it could be activated only for online races.

    "UPDATE: The servers are back online and an in-game news notice has been posted, but it mentions nothing of exactly what changes v1.03 contains. However, as can be seen in the online “My Lounge” options for an online race, a new “Mechanical Damage” setting is available for the event with three settings, as described by the scrolling information bar on the bottom of the screen:

    “None” – No mechanical damage.
    “Light” – Mechanical parts can be damaged, but will “automatically be repaired after a short time has passed.”
    “Heavy” – Mechanical damage will be more severe, and can only be repaired by making a pit stop. Damaged parts will be indicated with on-screen icons."
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  2. CoolColJ

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    At 2:45 onwards lead car has a tyre rub on the bodywork causing tyre smoke
    The first indication of damage leading to mechanical issues.
    I read that you can get punctures?

    Anyway it seems all the good stuff is tucked away somewhere. It's like a switch will happen and cars can become more damaged, get airbourne and roll over etc - lets hope so...
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  3. Nice post. Im curius as well. Im good forward to knowing what the deal is with damage as its something i dont believe we have seen the full story on just yet. I think the whole level up system could be a good explaination. Shame some of the people who own the game arnt really looking into it as one of their main priorities. With the reviews being delayed due to the online mode not being ready it may be a while before we get a true answer here:grumpy:
  4. paulpg87

    Italy Milan, Italy

    Now i can confirm that 20+ level was just a speculation, nothing official. However the pic it's from the final game.
  5. Nauraushaun


    Even that Evo damage doesn't look very good. It just looks completely wrong, in the same way the 458 Italia shots released a few months ago look wrong. Grid got damage right, GT5 hasn't... =[
  6. hardvibes

    Italy Rome, Italy

    Where is mechanical damage?

    Reviewers will be pissed, and GT5 won't get the 9.5/10 we all hope.
  7. Rdp616

    United States SW, PA


    I agree, if there isn't gonna be mechanical damage in the game why have any at all.
  8. The thing im most interested in is how it punishes wreckless drving with damage on in A spec races. Does it deduct credits? Do you get less level up points? etc
  9. Raitziger

    Finland Espoo

    I say you have to be very drunk to get that kind of havoc :)
  10. Anes


    Soooo ...... why doesn't the paint scratch if you ram a wall at 200km/h?
  11. MarvelousMac


    I'd be very interested in some solid and confirmed damage information finally...

    Decent mechanical damage is a must in my opinion.
  12. IMO GT5 is more realistic cause it deforms like a real car. Grid damage is just ''scripted''
  13. chrisr1984


    you want realistic deformation like LFS..

    that at least had a correct amount of deformation for the speed.
  14. Well yeah LFS damage has it good and bad sides...I would be super happy if GT5 car wheels also got some damage. I mean suspension etc like in lfs.
  15. Did anyone really passed LV20 so that we can confirm does damage changes or not at that level ?
    And maybe this is not connected to levels, but rather racing classes. I think that have more sense... Did anyone tried Extreme events yet ?
  16. Good thread, can't wait for someone to update us on some real damage and mechanical damage
  17. Topsu

    Finland Finland

    OH. MY. GOD. :tdown:
  18. P3nT4gR4m


    +1 I reckon I could pull that off with Lv10+ drunk. Certainly wouldn't require Lv20 - then there'd just be a small fragment of smouldering wheelnut in that pic :sly:
  19. juhaniman

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    The damage in GT will NOT be realistic due to strict limitations set by the car manufacturers.

    If GT5 didn't have real licensed cars, Polyphony Digital could well have done damage similar to that of Burnout Paradise, or better. :)

    I don't know how the mechanical damage will turn out but the visual kind just isn't going to be realistic. Period.
  20. chrisr1984


    juhaniman - if thats the case, why does NFS destroy the cars? or Forza?

    is it because the manufacturers of these cars know that forza and nfs are purley arcade games so therfore dont represent real life so it doesnt matter about totalling their cars?.... (see what i did there :p)

    here is a quick vid i did of LFS' low speed damage model.

  21. DOUQA


    Unless the damage is as realistic as the other game features it should have been left out.

    When the damage rumour first surfaced I imagined it to be like real life i.e. even relatively slow speed impacts could immobilize your car.
    (Remember that faked pic of a Clio in a tyre wall)
    That would leave no room for error. Lose control, hit a wall and its the back of a truck back to the pits. This would promote clean driving and add to the realism. Some of the videos I've seen in which cars have driven full throttle into a wall at 60+mph and carried on with just a loose front bumper are dissapointing.

    I hope I'm wrong. The level system would be good if it were true. It would allow more room for error at first but by the time you've leveled up high it could be true to life.
  22. OMG, that LFS video is awesome.. GT5 is way behind that damage system =(
  23. Yea but theres bad things in lfs damage too. For example head comes trough the roof, wheels go trough the steel and some other bugs and stuff.
  24. Rodpunisher


    Have you guys seen the hidden trophy list (highlight to read):

    Watch Out for Falling Objects
    Make a part of your car fall off while driving.

    Parts fall off now?

    Total a car by flipping it over.

    Terminal Damage confirmed?

    Picture Exclusive
    Take a picture of a special someone as he stands in Kyoto's Gion district.
  25. DG_Silva

    England Birmingham, UK

    Technically speaking, if the angle of collision was going to damage the front bumper, it should have bent the suspension wishbone.
  26. chrisr1984


    this is true, your head does go through the roof if you flip over your car, the roof crumples and the helmet can be seen poking through.

    but you have to remember LFS had this damage 2 years ago (probably more)
  27. Track_Veteran


    It would suck for someone picking up the game for the first time.
    Gamers like to be rewarded and have a sense of periodic accomplishment.
    It wouldn't make sense to have that kind of penalization from the start.

    Introducing this system incrementally follows suit with the licenses and a-spec level rewarding you with more challenging content.
  28. Wuestenmaus


    Very nice vid :tup:

    I love LFS and played it many years. But the lack of real cars and tracks hurts me too much:)

    On Wednesday I will surely try a comparison of LFS and GT5. I hope that GT's physics are on par.
  29. chrisr1984


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