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Is the car worth the $ in your opinion. How does is compare to its road going version? Also, can you change the rims...never been a fan
I'll share my impressions on the FXX. And to start, no you cannot change the rims nor change anything on the body. The car is pure madness; and it has to be driven with such an elegance it's amazing. I have not drove the Enzo on GT6, but on GT5 it was so understeer prone. On Racing Hard tires it is very capable of doing under 6:30 around Nürburgring bone stock. Going around that track that fast and having to pay so much attention is just pure amazing. If you drive it, the brakes seem to be low on pressure; so I assume it's really like that as it seems to let you brake early to roll into the corners. It's been a pleasure driving it so far for me after I've gotten used to it. It corners very well, nothing like the understeering Enzo on GT5. Also, with all tuning parts it could be nearing 1100hp, I'm not too sure though. I will eventually try it at that much HP, as it goes 255 MPH stock and the downforce is tuned pretty low and you cannot adjust it. I like it stock though, it's great.