The Funny Screenshot Thread

I haven't watched Doctor Who since Capaldi, and Tennant is still my GOAT, so what do I know. Still laughed.

Just went through a bad patch with Chris Chibnall in charge of writing, making Jodie Whittaker's Doctor irritable and not likeable with dire storylines.

The return of Russell T Davies as writer and the new Doctor played by Ncuti Gatwa was supposed to be a brand new reboot of the show and new era. However, Disney have been involved with some funding, and this series has so far been splattered with their bad attempts to combat modern political disagreements, placing the Doctor on the correct side of the argument, but Hot Damn have they gone about it so badly that the show is now impossible to watch.

When the series opener was some utterly awful thing called "Space Babies" attempting to combat the Abortion topic in a hamfisted way, there was literally no reason to watch any of the rest of the series.

Watch the 2004-onwards series's with joy, but stop as soon as Capaldi regenerates.
I stopped mid-Eccleston; I think I may have even made it to the penultimate episode, but it hadn't been enjoyable and I think we binned off the TV Licence before the last one. I may have accidentally caught one episode each from Tennant, Smith, and Capaldi while in hotel rooms and too lazy to change the channel, but none gripped me at all.

Of them all, Capaldi seemed the most in-keeping with the previous generations, from before they decided to make him into a hero with A Tragic Backstory and rather than an aloof, morally ambiguous (the point of the companion being to remind him) if not morally disinterested, quasi-immortal who goes where he pleases (usually Earth, sometime), finds what amuses him, occasionally engages with and stymies absolute evil, and then buggers off to the next one. Sort of like House in a scarf.

Canon was bad pre-McGann, but now it seems to be completely forgotten in favour of whatever's going through the writer's head this minute.