The Funny Screenshot Thread

I guess it's like going to space, just being the first, unless he dies, he failed at that too.
We've already been there though. There's plenty more deep sea to explore, and shipwreaks for that matter. They should do something original instead. The Titanic is clearly cursed and shoud probably just be left alone now.
Poor Joe.
The unspoken timeline of this is perhaps the best part of the whole thing. Joe films the Task, does perhaps the greatest completion of a task of all time and completely shocks everyone as it doesn't really fit with his act. So he knows he's nailed this task so beautifully and then has to sit on it quietly for the 4 months between that filming and the theatre filming sessions. 4 months of being ready for the greatest moment of his year comes crashing down in such a brutal way.

The following exchanges are of course hilarious because he also then doesn't find out about the true nature of his competitor's backstab in the following discussion for another 4 months before the episode is finally broadcast on TV.