The GT7 Livery Editor Competition #10 (Games) - OPEN

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It's time for some blink-blinks. Last winner @996rick chose this theme which was originally proposed by @daan for GTS LEC #29. Let's recap what daan said about this theme:

"Everyone likes a game. Computer game or board game, the choice is yours. Fan of Pong? Mario or Sonic? Lara Croft or Nathan Whatsisface? Monopoly, Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit? Lets see a livery based on a game."

Please read the rules below to make sure you don't miss anything when you post your entry, as ignoring them can get you disqualified.

  • Group Racing Cars
  • VGTs with a wing
  • Open Wheelers
  • Vintage Racing Cars
  • Touring Cars

  • Allowed

  • Original video or board game designs

  • The featured game can not be a racing game

  • None

  • Allowed



  • The only way you can take part is to be a member of the GTPlanet forums. If you haven't created your account yet, click here.
  • Mark your FINAL ENTRY clearly, with red text.
  • Unsure how to? Copy and paste the following: [COLOR=red][B]FINAL ENTRY[/B][/COLOR]
  • One entry per user. It must be your own work, and never previously used in a competition.
  • You may change your entry once. Do it clearly; edit out your previous entry, and either post the new one in a new reply, or in place of the original.
  • Do not post "Honourable Mentions" or outtakes - just your Final Entry, that's all.
  • Absolutely no entries which utilise edited/hacked file saves.
  • Winner gets to choose the following month’s theme.
  • Winners cannot enter their own theme!
  • The organisers may ask for the original image/livery and it must be submitted if so.
  • It's recommended to share the original livery online (in-game) to prove it’s your work.

  • All images shall have preview images which may not exceed 640 pixels in either direction (main and bonus pictures).
  • You have to post two main pictures of your entry using the mandatory location and settings as shown in the quote below.
  • You are allowed to post two bonus pictures in a spoiler ([SPOILER]...[/SPOILER]) with free location and settings (unless the unique restrictions of the week’s theme specify something else).
  • You have to make one post with ONLY the set allowed number of pictures and the FINAL ENTRY (see above) mark. If you want to add precisions/background story/links, you are allowed to double-post under your entry, but please put all additional images in a spoiler. The best way to do it will be to "reply" to your own post.
  • It is recommended you host your image either here on GTPlanet (via the Media section), or on Flickr
  • Not sure how to submit your image? Here's a guide for both methods mentioned above.
  • Do not attach your phots directly to your entry post.
  • A preview image must be representative of the full-size image. Do not add effects to it.
  • Please use a clickable-preview to full-size, not a separate text link for it; it makes poll creation much easier!
  • No post-game editing of any entry image is allowed.
  • Mark your entry with which platform you're on and which mode you're using, whether it’s taken on PS4 Base, PS4 Pro, PS5 Raytracing or PS5 Framerate.

  • You have to post a front and a rear quarter view of your car:
    • Mandatory Scape: S&Company East, Saitama, Japan (scape number 5)
    • Focal Length: ~80mm ±5mm
    • Aperture: f5.6 or f8.0
    • Shutter Speed: 1/1 Second
    • Exposure Correction: +0.5 to +1.0
  • Do not use any Filters or Effects at all and only the camera setting above within the allowed limits; the pictures are supposed to be as equal as possible for all entries and not give anyone who is a bit more savvy with the Scapes Camera an advantage! Try to stay as close as possible to how the video shows the shot to be taken!

NOTE: if you have previously entered, just go to Scapes > My Library > click your previous entry > Open Scapes > change car to the new entry, refocus and snap a new photo. No need to reposition the camera/car unless its proportions are wildly different.

Please, ensure you read and understand all requirements for this competition. Failure to follow the rules may result in disqualification. If you have questions, start a convo with me, Matski or any other participant you feel comfortable reaching out to.

PLEASE NOTE: Repeat offenders will be disqualified. If your entry doesn’t match the rules you will be made aware of it at least once, so please keep an eye out for any notifications reaching your profile.


October 14th 2022 - 23:59 UTC
This is an interesting one.
Do you go for a race car livery with them as main sponsor or do you go full blown art car?
Looking forward to seeing the entries and giving it a go
United Kingdom
Cheshire, UK

PS4 Base
This was an easy choice for me as I had to do a livery for one of my favourite game franchises, Fallout!

Every year the different factions of the wasteland come together to race their cars that have been put together using scrap they can salvage, which means the cars can be on the heavy side. Given that the factions rarely get along it isn’t uncommon to see these race cars bearing scars of gun fights during the races as the raiders will try anything to take the win. The current champion is Vault-Boy who races the vault 76 RX-Vision GT3 Concept.

Livery Link
United Kingdom
Cheshire, UK
Astounding level of detail and craftsmanship. This one will be tough to top! 👍
Thanks mate, for a change I had a clear vision of what I wanted to do, but I was actually surprised how quickly it came together.
My final design came down to my favourite game as a child - a USA 94 box of Subbuteo.

Ive used the 93 Alfa 155 DTM car as a base and taken it as a one off livery promoting the upcoming World Cup - using some of the classic Alfa sponsor and those of the world cup such as Snickers.

Hopefully it'll bring a few childhood memories for you guys
Really happy with this one, hopefully some people around here have played the game to know the vibe.

Fire Watch is an amazing indie game if you haven’t played it, not very long story driven game that gets you in the feels.

Scenery made up of shapes and user uploaded decals.

Not happy with how it looks in the comp specified location as it’s too light to hit the spot. So please check out the bonus pics.
United States
Sorry If I'm confused but the "VGT with a wing". Can I use the Lamborghini V12 VGT? It has a wing but I'm not sure what that means exactly, lol. It would be perfect for my Metal Gear concept!
"This lightweight model of the BMW 3.0 CS was developed to compete in touring car racing."
Can I get some clarification on what qualifies as a vintage race car then? The only vintage car that is specified "Race Car" in the name is the Ford MKIV. Surely the Alfa TZ2 and Shelby Daytona would qualify correct? What about the Jags? I can absolutely see how the base '71 CSL would be considered a road car, but the '73 w/wide body, roll cage, and batmobile tail looks nearly identical to a GR.2 CSL.