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    From the point of view of my vision of Gran Turismo 7 those few VGTs that I like will then be renamed and put in dealerships as design or concept cars. There have been several collaborations that have been forgotten (Pikes Peak ... where are you ...) within Gran Turismo so I think they would not be a novelty that would happen with the Vision GT. If they should all remain there then they should be in their own group divided by classes in order of power.

    As far as Endurance races are concerned, the duration of one hour is from my point of view perfect and would not ruin the experience for anyone. I have a lot of friends who don't have much time to devote to the game because they work or have other things to do, and many of them are happy that in Gran Turismo Sport the Endurance doesn't last more than an hour. But even from the point of view of fun, not everyone is a fan of total realism for the duration, as I wrote above I find it incredibly boring to race for hours on a track alone against an army of AI-driven drivers. The possibility of using the feauture of pausing the race as @o000o mentioned does not change for me that it is all time wasted. When I want to start the game I do it because I want to do something else, I don't wake up saying .. "WOW I can't wait to do another 6 hours on SPA without dynamic weather, without dynamic weather and against computer controlled racing drivers". .. where then at the end of the race ... you win ONLY 1 million (Since we certainly didn't drive cleanly so goodbye 50% more) and a prize car that surely if they use the Gran Turismo Sport method will be a Pace Car or a random GR.3 car. No, honestly it doesn't fit me. Instead, I could agree, if anything, the B-Spec mode would also be inserted where we can speed up the race time to immediately conclude the event, but here it depends whether the B-Spec will be able to drive or not. (In Gran Turismo 5 v1.0 he was famous for crashing into walls ...).

    As for my 4 * point where I said to remove the cars that I consider stupid and useless, I would like to answer @o000o. Why consume useless slots for cars that few or almost no one would like to drive if they can be used for more interesting cars. What is better to have a Dodge Neon or a Ferrari SF90? What is more interesting a Lotus Elise GT1 or a Ford Ka? What is more legendary than a Ford GT40 LM '66 or a Red Bull X2010?

    They've been adding uninteresting cars like the Pontiac Voltz lately, but wasn't it better to put a Daihatsu Sirion X4 that has a lot more fans and is a lot more fun? Where are the Nissan Laurel Medalist Club-S C33? NEVER INSERTED yet it is so popular in Japan and in Japanese video games. Where are the tuned cars and their tuners Mine's, Mugen, Nismo, TRD, Tom's, Gazoo, Mazdaspeed, Tommi Kaira?

    I totally agree that Gran Turismo is a little encyclopedia about cars, but if the interesting cars stay at the image stage for museum mode it's not my fault.

    For me you can be against every point of mine on the list but it will never change my idea about which features I don't want in Gran Turismo 7. I keep reiterating that if anything there will be all the things I don't like, I'm not going to take it badly or get angry like someone wrote above. I've played pretty much all the titles in the series and I'm aware of the evolution, but I'm not happy that I have to agree with everything that fits 90% of the community.
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    @Overload_35 yes you bring up valid points but at the same time no one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to play those features.

    You don't want to do an endurance race? Don't. Hell I've only done the 30min GT3 endurance races because I get bored chasing the rabbit. To alleviate that boredom every 10 laps or so I pull over and start from the back of the pack and overtake as cleanly and realistically as possible.

    But that's it. I don't sit there thinking oh no I have to do an endurance race, because there is no incentive to do so. You don't win a rare car, you don't get a huge payout, and you just end up wasting your time, as you've said.

    -Do they need to fix the economy and wealth distribution? Yes.

    -Do they need to add dynamic weather and dynamic AI? Yes.

    -Do they have to remove existing features because they didn't have those "fixes" before? No.

    Also to rebut your point on useless cars directed at @o000o :

    I would like all of them. I couldn't give two heaps for the Ferrari SF90, and would rather have the Dodge Neon, especially if it's an SRT4 because I could then make a drag racing build or a pikes peak build out of it.

    Does that mean they should not include either of them? No.

    Just because you don't find something interesting doesn't mean there isn't a market (of interest) for them.

    One such market that died off in GTS because of the smaller roster is the Roleplay community. Might sound silly to roleplay traffic, cops and robbers, etc.but it was something fun the community came up with. It was big in GT5 and GT6. The addition of these uninteresting cars is fine by me because we get to have more traffic simulated in lobbies.

    Another argument is, why not? The PS5 has a faster and larger capacity SSD out of the gate. This allows developers to tweak their games to the speeds that the SSD allows.

    So why not make use of that speed and extra storage and push the boundaries of the next GT game by adding more cars? The hardware supports it without bottlenecking, so why not?

    Those are just some arguments for useless cars that aren't subjective.

    We're going back and forth here on opinions instead of discussing features or game mechanics that shouldn't return.

    We've just about covered everything there is in the first 3 pages. Everything past that is either a rehash or a personal opinion that doesn't add anything of value and ends up turning into a circle jerk.

    Not to say that your opinions aren't valued.

    Now you're just being cheeky :lol:
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    I hope GT7 doesn't have the same issue from GT4, where certain cars were very difficult and tedious to get. Those cars are:

    1. Nissan GRAN TURISMO SKYLINE GT-R '01: (Not to be confused with the pace car variant) Attain all gold in National A Licenses.
    2. DOME ZERO '78: Attain all gold in International A Licenses. (it can be extremely tedious in the notorious License IA-15)
    3. Ford Model T Tourer '15: Attain all gold in Super Licenses (the most hardest car to obtain).
    4. Mercedes-Benz Sauber Mercedes C9 Race Car '89: Win the Formula GT World Championship (the event is too long and requires extreme luck to obtain. Only in the PAL and NTSC versions since in the NTSC-J versions the player receives the black version of the Formula Gran Turismo '04 and this car can be obtainable in the Grand Valley 300km instead).
    5. Jay Leno Tank Car '03: Completing the Driving Missions from 11-20 (Known completing all 3 Lap Battle missions. There are missions that are even more tougher than other missions such as the Driving Mission #12 3 Lap Battle Laguna Seca in where you drive a Ford GT LM Race Car Spec II '04 against supercars and american LM racing cars and the Driving Mission #14 3 Lap Battle Seattle Circuit in where you drive a Plymouth Superbird '70 against other muscle cars. The car suffers of a very wonky handling in which you will constantly crash onto the obstacles and receiving a penalty)
    6. Pagani Zonda LM Race Car '01: Completing the Driving Missions from 21-24 (Known completing all Slipstream missions. The notorious Driving Mission 23 the leader goes 13 second behind making the driving mission very difficult aside that the opponents catch to you).
    7. Toyota 7 Race Car '70: Completing the Driving Missions from 25-29 (Known completing the first part of 1-Lap Magic Missions. The easiest mission is the aforementioned Driving Mission #28 Celica Showdown while the hardest Driving Mission is the Driving Mission #26 Honda Showdown)
    8. Nissan R89C Race Car '89: Completing the Driving Missions from 30-34 (Known completing the second part of 1-Lap Magic Missions. This counts the infamous Driving Mission #34 Mercedes-Benz Showdown in where you overtake a 212HP Mercedes-Benz 300SL '54 using a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren '03 that has gimped handling in the longest track of the game. Nürburgring Nordschleife).
    9. Opel/Vauxhall Calibra Touring Car '94: Winning the Speedster Trophy in the Opel one-make races. (Since the A-Spec points is always 200 no matter if you tune the car or not, this means considered one of the hardest one make races of the game due to the opponents has upgraded beyond to the humanity).
    Text from: Gran Turismo 4 - Awesome Games Wiki (
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    Mentioned this in another topic but having finally played the single player GTS stuff this week the main thing I don't want in GT7 is a game treating everyone as a beginner. Having to do stupidly easy tests telling you how to drive a car before you can do "intermediate" tests is stupid, not everyone is a beginner, don't treat us all as one. Don't make all the early events with beginner AI and no way to change it, let us race against the best AI from the start if we want, like all other games do.

    It's not just veterans either, what about the actual intermediate people who know the basics but perhaps don't know advanced techniques like trail braking? Why force them to drive in a straight line first before they can actually learn something?
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    The missions (for the most part) weren't that tedious.
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    - No car roullete when we win a championship or a racing series. Make it like GT4-GT5-GT6 where we win a car according to what we have raced for, and also a car worthy of what we did, and not get a Catterham Fireblade after winning the Formula GT Championship or a McLaren 12C Road Car after winning the 24hr of Nurburgring.

    - No tedious grinding. Grinding to level 50 in GT Sport was a nightmare, but even more so was grinding to level 40 in both A-Spec and B-Spec of Gran Turismo 5. Make it doable please.
    And at this point, don't make us get levels just to do events. Make the Licenses be that way like the older Gran Turismo games. If you get all Licenses, you can do all events, or at least make it so that if you complete certain racing events, you unlock others. The levels can be just for the online aspect of it. For single player, IMO it's just pointless and they will never have the "grinding recipe" right for such a flawed design.

    - Don't make the game easy just because begginers. Either they put the time and effort to get Gold in the challenges or they can just stay content with Bronze or Silver. I'm not asking for GT5 Red Bull X Challenges or GTS Hamilton Platinum times level of challenges, although having one such event would be really good for us more hardcore racing gamers, but at least the same difficulty as the licenses and driving missions we had in Gran Turismo 4, which were not easy, but not so impossibly difficult either.

    - No credit cap. Imagine doing a championship when you have 19.990.000 credits and then you forgot to spend them and you have to cancel your championship or endurance midway just to spend the money so you don't lose out on the rewards because the cap is at 20.000.000 and instead of you winning 1.000.000 from the race/championship you win 10.000 because of the stupid cap.
    GT4 and previous games didn't have caps, why make it from GT5 on? Not to mention that it's even harder to grind credits from GT5 on.

    - Please... DON'T mix VGT cars in races unless it's all about VGT cars and nothing else, ergo, a VGT car event or championship.
    Don't make those VGT cars race alongside Group C or LMP1 cars. It just feels stupid. They don't belong there. I'm fine with having them in the game but not replace actual existing cars on actual races.
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