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    The smell of a new sub forum is so good. Let's get down to business. This thread will serve as sort of a realistic wish list. Before you type away your hopes and dreams, few things you should consider:

    - PD absolutely read this forum, so keep your points concise, and explain your reasoning.
    - No cars/tracks. We already have this in another part of the forum
    - The PS5 specs and DualSense features are already known, so keep them bound to the machine's capabilities. Here is a refresher
    - Feel free to discuss points, but be civil. Everyone's wishes aren't the same.

    Some points I can start with:

    New physics engine: With the new processing power and the partnership with Michelin -- it would make sense that a new physics engine, new aero and tire models are a top priority.

    Dynamic TOD/Weather: This surely needs to happen with the PS5's big bump in CPU.

    Proper damage model: Not likely at all, but a man can dream.

    Better sounds: GTSport took a massive leap in the audio department. Having the tempest audio system and 3D Audio should give the audio gurus all the headroom they need.
  2. Lukanyon


    A proper career mode, like GT4's, with championships, prize cars, longer endurance races, and more variety of events in general. :D
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  3. CL1Honda


    If any have separate drifting and drag rooms with a part of the track for them.
    Have open tournaments for non-professional players during the day with prize credits and cars periodically.
  4. Nico_Ble99


    Addition (maybe through a collaboration, I already stated it in the content prediction thread) of a major racing series. NASCAR, Indy Car, a man can dream. With that, maybe a dedicated career mode / championship featuring official drivers and teams.
  5. TS050

    TS050 Premium

    Massively improved AI. It’s 2020. Chase the rabbit shouldn’t be a thing anymore
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  6. FloridaFanGT


    United States
    Advanced field of view options so we can drive using cockpit view. The interior views are modeled so well and it's rarely used because of bad default FOV.
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  7. rikiflsh_99


    Mechanical tuning (exhaust, turbo/supercharger, camshaft, ecu, suspensions, and most importantly brakes) I am not expecting visual customization but at least some spoilers would be great.

    A proper career mode, manufacturer races in every dealership like gt4, really difficult license tests and more emphasis on rally

    used car dealerships

    Another thing i really would like to see is GT AUTO. A trademark for GT is oil change and car wash. I mean, it is not a fundamental thing by any means, but it represents in the most intimate way the love we have for our cars and the Japanese-ness nature of the game. Speaking of GT AUTO, i hope racing modification will come back: transforming our cars in GR.4 race cars would be fantastic!
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  8. dlshearon


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    Proper online penalty system and use it in the career/offline mode so people don’t revert back to punting/slamming the AI cause its the AI.
  9. R1600Turbo

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    United States
    I'll make it short and sweet:
    1. Special color decals in the livery editor
    2. Ability to put decals on windows in the livery editor
    3. Bring back racing modifications (put the racecars here)
    4. Bring back the used car dealers (put older cars in here)
    5. Bring back course maker (some of the fictional tracks in GT Sport feel like they were made with this)
    6. More new cars
    7. More racecars (current GT3/GT4 & TCR would be a good start)
    8. Dynamic weather
    9. Large grids
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  10. CinnamonOD


    Higher capacity in online lobbies. Self explanatory, 16 people was great in 2008, hoping for any other way to host lobbies than P2P to make it possible

    Dynamic weather and Day/Night cycles along with the ability to manipulate track conditions as one does in PC2. Tracks in GTS are an eye candy and do show different grip levels at different times of day but surely they can do dynamic conditions again.

    Vastly improved AI. They can add all the events they want for a career mode but they'll be the bland mess they've been since the GT5 days if the AI is the same.

    PD Built Race Cars. This is a hard one, but more fictional race cars built from everyday cars to improve the diversity of racing classes is something I'd appreciate.

    Telemetry tools. This more complaining from my own shortcomings but anyways. So far I've been a mess at building tunes in GTS because I can't rely on wheel feedback only, they sort of did this in GT6 so they can totally do it again, this time I'd hope it's more advanced
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  11. Racerx_34


    I'd like to be able to do a qualifier and a race for the offline races.
    Let me set the difficulty level to help me improve.
    Like the arcade mode, but applied to proper events so that I can improve myself.

    The jump from offline to Dailies is huge, I found.
    I was winning races comfortably offline, with car bonuses and clean race bonuses,
    only to be annihilated when I set out into the Dailies.
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  12. GleepGlop


    - Be able to look around inside cockpit properly to enjoy the detail work that has been done without VR
    - 3rd parties pumping out real stock spec cars, no more VGT and fake Gr. 3 fantasy cars
    - No more unattainable cars except by extreme no-life grinding. Why put so much dev time into cars that most players will never afford.
    - More extra long tracks like the Ring, Pikes Peak, or at least a random track generator or course maker that can make long courses
    - Clutch trigger support with the haptic feedback?
    - Non-stiff chase cam and better cockpit view customization
    - Real tuning options again
    - Hire a reality check officer to smack Kaz every time he wants to divert resources to stuff that has nothing to do with the core game such as a moon level or other wasteful nonsense. Make Gran Turismo Great Again!
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  13. mastergracie


    I would like to see more modern every day cars, like:

    Skoda Octavia
    Toyota Corolla US
    Toyota Camry US
    VW Tiguan
    Seat Leon
    Ford Fusion
    Honda Civic US
    Honda Accord US
    Nissan Sentra US
  14. TS050

    TS050 Premium

  15. MIE1992


    United States
    I had some ideas for new classes:

    -Gr.1V for historic prototypes (e.g. Ferrari 330 P4)
    -Gr.3V for historic grand tourers (e.g. Shelby Daytona Coupe)
    -NS[xxx] for track-only cars (e.g. McLaren P1 GTR, Aston Martin Vulcan)
    -NE[xxx] for all-electric vehicles.
    -Gr.C for pre-Group B rally cars (e.g. Lancia Stratos, Mitsubishi Lancer 1600)
    -Gr.A for more modern WRC cars (e.g. Ford Focus WRC, Citroen C4 WRC)

    Also, I think there should be more races - online and in the campaign - that use specific cars within a class that follow a motif, rather than always permitting every car in a class to be eligible. For example, a Gr.1 race that uses Group C cars.

    I also wonder how the class structure for the N-Series will work when people are given much more freedom to modify their cars like in previous installments. Maybe the cars in those ranked races will always be provided? I think that could be nice. That, or the cars could be limited to being stock-only - even prohibiting changes to power to avoid "inter-class" N-Series cars like we see now in GTS - and the only changes to power/weight would be via BoP.
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  16. GranTurNismo

    GranTurNismo Premium

    United States
    • Return of the Used Car Dealership. I miss the feeling of entering the dealership never knowing what would show up, hopefully something rare. The rarer/more expensive the car is in real life, the less commonly it would appear in the UCD.
    • Shuffle Racing.
    • "Today's Special" wheel option in GT Auto as seen in GT4, in which you could by OEM wheels from cars already in the game.
    • An extensive, proper license system as seen in GT4.
    • Races that feature more than 20 cars.
    • All cars are the same quality, unlike the mess we see in GT5 and GT6.
    • Ability to perform engine swaps/drivetrain swaps. There's so many cars I'd love to fit a big fat LS into, or a 2JZ-GTE.
    • Convertible/roadster versions of cars.
    • "Free Run" mode, in which cars could drive around a citylike area rather than a closed circuit, and just cruise.
    • Sale prices of cars. On certain days, cars of certain makes, certain car types, cars of a certain ages, etc, are slightly discounted
    • No duplicate cars/cars that are very similar to each other.
    • Rally Modifications for certain cars, the rally equivalent of the "Racing Modification" option in GT5.
    • AI difficulty/competitiveness increases the far you go into career mode.
    • Return of the 1000 ticket from GT5, in which you receive a random car after driving 1000km or winning 100 races.
    • All tracks are race-able in reverse.
    • Exclusive cars, cars that can only be won after winning a certain career mode event, license, or special event.
    • C-Spec mode, in which you are a racing team manager and aim to have your team win a certain series through skill.
    • Ability to fit a rollcage in your car.
    • Return of "Economy" and "Racing: SuperSoft Tires"
    • Active Yaw Control option for certain cars.
    • Drivetrain swaps for certain cars (ex: the ability to convert an FF car to 4WD).
    • Body-colored wings/spoilers.
    • Ability to change the interior color of the car.
    • "Car Show" mode for online lobbies. The host would start first, and make the rules of what cars are allowed to be part of the show (ex: stanced cars only, classic cars only, Ferraris only, etc). The host would pick the winner, the winner receives credits (and so does 2nd and 3rd place, but not as much), and the winner picks a new category, and so forth.
    • Ford Dealership split in two; both a UK Ford and US Ford dealership.
    • Each dealership would have it's own unique music, like in GT1.
    • Menu music would be most lounge/jazz, like in GT5.
    • Complete overhaul of the PP system.
    • Junkyard Dealership: Ability to buy a classic car that does not run, and you would have to restore it by buying parts with credits. Like the Used Car Showroom, it would rotate.
    • Return of A-spec points from GT4, and for certain milestones (ex: 1000 points, 2,500 points, 10,000 points, etc) you would receive a prize, such as an exclusive prize car, tuning parts, cash, etc.
    • Ability to negotiate the price of a car at a dealership. Sometimes, the negotiation wouldn't work, but rarely, you'd be able to negotiate a steep discount of the car's price.
    • Brand-specific tuning parts for certain cars. For example, Mugen exterior parts/wheels for Hondas, NISMO for Nissans, TRD/Toms for Toyotas, Brabus for Mercedes, etc.
    • Visual and mechanic damage in career mode.
    • Museum cards for every manufacturer, as well as tuner.
    • Drag Racing mode in online lobbies; rooms could choose between 1/4, 1/2, 1 mile drags, or top speed drags, such as 200mph or 250mph. The winner of the race would receive credits.
    • Ability to change who the host is in an online lobby.
    • Ability to for a car to completely break down (a used car with high mileage would do this faster than a brand new car) and require a restoration in order to fix it.
  17. juanffy18


    I don´t know but the only thing many people want is...A propper SINGLE PLAYER MODE like the older games for example GT4 or GT5.
  18. Zona

    Zona Premium

    United Kingdom
    • Option to change the length of career race distances (2x, 4x, 8x, 10x).
  19. Nico_Ble99


    USD and shuffle races... imagine how this forum would blow up if shuffle races would be announced. Definitely a feature that's worth making a comeback.
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  20. Suzumiya


    United States
    Damage model and the ability to DNF.
  21. MIE1992


    United States
    I'd say you can already do that in GTS, with the mechanical damage set to "heavy." I mean, you may as well DNF when you have to hobble to the pits, and then spend the extra time on repairs.

    Another idea was using an interface that combines the dealerships with the tracks and the photomode/scapes.

    Also, I think Red Bull should be its own brand under the "brand central" successor, and this could be where you get all the Red Bull cars. If they bring back manufacturer-exclusive events like in GT4, they could even have a race where you drive the X2014 Jr. at the Red Bull Ring.
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  22. danimac


    There are a number of things we fans would like for the next game. I’m just gonna throw in 2 for now that I think would be cool that are not among the most obvious choices. ‬

    ‪1: Dirt on the windscreen and visors‬

    ‪2: Brakes makes a squeal noise.‬

    ‬I know that in the GTS opening movie (latest one) there is dirt being thrown up on the windscreen particularly when we see the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 scene it’s very noticeable perhaps that can make it to the new game.‬ I’ll add more if I think of any over time.
  23. TheEvstar93


    I'd like to see the return of Unicorn Cars. Like, cars that can only be won by certain means like winning certain races. I mean, GT6 allowing you to buy any car you'd like was nice and all but I prefer cars that make you feel like a god for winning them.
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  24. Nico_Ble99


    This feature actually reminds me of another thing that would be pretty cool if it would return in GT7:

  25. Team THRT Drift

    Team THRT Drift

    Draw distance:
    • Better looking car models on track
    • Complete and realistic mirror reflections
    • Realistic trees and other environmental objects
    Search engine:
    • Allow users to view search results based on tag searches NOT date of submission.
    • Allow more tags to be added.
    • Allow for more search criteria and for creation of sub headings.
    • Keep the user on the page they were viewing after backing out of a livery, decal, photo, etc. DO NOT RESET TO SEARCH MENU.
    • Choose to clear your previous searches. This eliminates the need to re-enter search criteria in the search menu.
    • Allow for creation of template liveries that can be edited by a group of the creator's choice:
      • Public
      • Private
      • Friends only
    • Allow for windshield and other glass to be edited
    • Allow for wheel and brake caliper paint and livery possibilities
    • Allow for wheels to be separated into Front and Back.
    • Allow for wheel and tire sizes to be changed independent of front and back.
    • Add textures such as rust/oxidation, vinyl, satin, etc.
    • Allow for individual/separate decal textures.
    Photo mode (in-race):
    • Extend free orbital camera's boundaries.
    • Add camera angles from drones or helicopters
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  26. zzz_pt


    Unless they have unique body parts / materials, we can make it in the livery editor.

    But I remember those. Never got them cuz I never had the money to buy them when they would pop up in the UCD.
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  27. Team THRT Drift

    Team THRT Drift

    This is a licensing issue with manufacturers. It is the reason this was banned in GT5/6 apart from the unfair advantages that it allowed, and breach of TOS.

    If you look at Forza, it never states what the engine is. It gives you the overall specs and sizes and power, etc. which leads you to make the conclusion that you are indeed fitting Car A with engine from Car X. They don't blatantly say it though.

    I'm sure BMW wouldn't be happy I was fitting an E36 with a 2JZ in the game. But they'll turn a blind eye if the game allowed for fictional engines to be placed. It's still a mess of an issue though, and I don't think PD would want to get into that.

    Drivetrain swaps and proper damage models are not going to be in the game due to licensing restrictions.
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  28. queleuleu


    I'm sure Poly knows what we want at this point.
    For me, GT should be fun again. GTSport is a great game for eSport but not a fun game for casual player like me.
    And bring back car logo :bowdown:

  29. panjandrum


    Ultimately I probably won't be back to the Playstation ecosystem, but if anything could get me there, it would be a truly excellent GT7. I was one of many who was deeply disappointed with GT5 & GT6; what I really want is something very similar to GT4 in terms of overall gameplay, but modernized for the latest generation console. To me, GT4 remains one of the pinnacles of racing SIMs; because it did nearly everything it could, as well as it possibly could, considering the limitations of hardware of the era. The extremely wide selection of tracks, the number of cars, the different modes, the depth of the single-player career mode, the way it made you feel like you were really traveling the world and racing in those locations. All those things were special, and they just don't exist in that same quality in other titles. So since we aren't allowed to include specific cars or tracks in this GT7 wish list, this would be my wish list, where I've included only my general car and track wishes:

    • Include a fantastic, deep, immersive single-player career mode similar to GT4
    • Include all the tracks from GT4 as a starting point. Every one of them. Build on that.
    • A bit less focus on Japanese cars, and bother less with tiny variations on similar models and instead focus on bringing a wider array of machines from around the world and from different eras.
    • Go further back in time. I would love, love, love to be able to go through the entire history of Grand Prix racing, for example!
    • Bring some more truly rare and historic machines. For example the Delahaye that beat Hitler. BTW, read Faster. Effing amazing book!
    • Proper weather and time of day and all of that.
    • Focus on clarity of graphics, not eye-candy - Remember how soft and out-of-focus GT6 looked compared to GT5, due to pushing too much eye-candy to be able to support clarity. Clarity, sharpness, and detail, is more important than a lot of the other stuff.
    • License physics and FFB from Kunos and have Kunos modify it as necessary for rally conditions. This leaves PD free to model tracks and cars and do all the other stuff that PD are truly great at. Have a mode that does not "nerf" the physics or difficulty at all, for people who enjoy real SIMs. Do not pander to casual players at the expense of people who like proper sims. This doesn't mean they can't still make something that also works for casual players, but they can't break it for people who like sims - the way they did with that major update to GT5; instantly turning it from a heart-pounding experience into a game where, I kid you not, I would fall asleep at the wheel during online races. I sure didn't bother with it long after that! But really, it would just about impossible to find anyone better at track and car modeling than PD, and it would be just about impossible to find anyone better at physics and ffb than Kunos. So rather than reinvent everything, why not combine the best of the two by licensing Kunos physics and ffb engine. Maybe PD could model cars and tracks for Kunos PC products too? Best of both worlds all around, and and all-around win for racing sims fans!
    • VR for every aspect of the game (of course)
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  30. Manasseh257NSX


    Congo Kinshasa
    Man y'all hitting on these suggestions! Think y'all covered everything I wanted to say. Didn't get to read all of them, so forgive me if it was already said, but I would LOVE for PD to give us the ability to add subtle body kits to our cars. I'm not asking for Rocket Bunny or Pandem WideBody kits or nothing. But I would love to turn my humble street car into a track day killer. Body kits, roll cages, racing seats, and any other modifications. Most games utilize AT LEAST the basics of body customization which is all some of us are truly asking for. We got a killer livery editor this past title, adding body customization will make it THAT much sweeter.
    In addition to customization, I hope to see engine swaps appear in this game as well.

    I would LOVE to see Dynamic weather and time return.

    In addition, I would also love to see the track editor return as well. (Wishful thinking)

    I hope you all bring back proper tournaments like in the older games. It's not fun really going through the campaign mode in GTSport and doing 8 individual races.

    Everyone has said it, and I'm right on board with it, PLEASE bring back Used Car dealerships. Those things always possesed some gems/steals. I also have an idea for it as well. IF POSSIBLE, the UCD could be compiled of not just used cars that the game generates, BUT cars that ACTUAL players sell. There could be some type of database that saves the information of the car mileage, livery, etc. Etc. Then, the car will appear in everyone's used car dealership for a limited time. (Maybe 2 days or so. Just so there's no overload of cars getting added to the dealership.)

    Lastly, I would love to see some kind of system where we can pay for decals/liveries. Some may disagree with this, but I feel the time and effort that people put into making these decals and ridiculously nice liveries, we can at least offer some in game compensation for their efforts. Just my opinion.

    If I think of any more I'll post em.

    Y'all are coming up with some great ideas though!
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