The Little Things That Can Be Improved

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  1. ShiftingGears


    I think there are a few things that PD could fix relatively easily and significantly improve the gameplay. This is excluding new cars and tracks which are obviously significant bodies of work. Would like to hear your thoughts or your own suggestions.

    Sport Mode Race schedule:

    Change Race A to a 12 minute rotation and race B to 15 minute rotation. Means that you get 4-5 races per hour instead of 3, and greatly reduces the time waiting around doing nothing. Even if you skip a race to do qualifying laps, you still end up doing the same amount of races you do on a 20 minute rotation.

    Race A
    Change it to allow garage provided cars alongside specially provided cars. The livery editor is a great feature, why the game isn't allowing players to use it at every opportunity is beyond me.

    Sub-categorise existing classes
    Group X is a wasteland for miscellaneous cars doomed not to race each other except in GT league. Modelling these cars from PD is a complete waste of time if they don't put them in a proper category. Likewise for the N classes, where about 2-3 cars in each class are competitive. Fixing this would add a lot of depth to the game.
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  2. sturk0167


    United States
    More open N class races, and some truck races. :)
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  3. talhaONE

    talhaONE (Banned)

    I certainly do not believe Pd is ever going to do something about gr. x class. For example Ford gt40 mk4, Ferrari 330p4 and Jaguar xj13 are can easily be competitive against each other with proper bop adjustment but for some reason they did nothing about it.
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  4. sundaydriving


    Gr whatever...

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  5. JTB10000


    United States
    This isn't that important but an option to change liveries while in lobby? Doesn't seem like too hard of an implementation.
  6. MikeV27

    MikeV27 Premium

    A longer wait time between races in race c. Shorter wait times between races for race a and b.

    They also need to get more creative with their track and car combos.
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  7. breeminator


    Would nice to be able to set fuel and tyre multipliers in a custom race to as high a level as in a lobby.
  8. Granadier

    Granadier Premium

    United States
    100% this. Right now Race C has 5 mins between them while Race B has 8 mins...for a race that lasts 7 mins. You spend more time waiting than racing.
  9. ShiftingGears


    I dont see the wait times between Race C as too short. In most cases its enough for two hotlaps, if you're more committed than that then you're likely going to miss a race to practice anyway.
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  10. GBalao888


    The car selection in Arcade Mode. We only have like eight cars we can use, unlike Forza where you can use any out of all the cars in the game right off the bat, for everyone to enjoy, and that future cars in updates should immediately be added to Arcade Mode as well. They should make it like this:

    Garage Cars
    Gr. N (choose from N100 to N1000)
    Gr. 4
    Gr. 3
    Gr. 2
    Gr. 1
    Gr. B
    Gr. X
    (possibility of more categories as well)

    But the only thing is, compared to cars in our garages, we would have limitations such as the following to every other car:
    • You cannot use custom liveries on these cars
    • You cannot edit their tuning setups
    • You cannot upgrade them with Mileage Points
    • Only default car-specific colors and/or liveries can be used
    Another should be the offline usability of this game, such as:
    • Brand Central, where a majority of which could be used offline such as buying cars with credits, checking out the museum sections of some brands or related scenes (but certain actions such as buying cars through the PS Store, viewing their channels, official websites or making driver contracts aren't available offline).
    • My Library, where everything can be accessed and used offline, including photos and replays downloaded from Discover mode.
    • Liveries, custom decals downloaded from Discover mode available for use offline.
    • Cars purchased from the PS Store no longer showing problems (e.g. taking long to load and showing a message saying "You do not have permission to use this car" before you can use it).
    • And lastly, the ability to save offline.
    I can imagine if these changes are made as soon as Polyphony can, sales of GT Sport would continue to skyrocket, even with the new Spec II versions.
  11. pantherjag


    There are lots of little things I'd change to improve the game and quite frankly most of them would take much effort or time to implement.

    1. Daily race variety!! Iv been playing since march. The daily race B combo is on its third cycle since then and C on its second. Last weeks race C was third since march and next weeks C is gr1 at le mans which will be time number 3 since march all with same lap count tyres and fuel settings as before.

    Frankly this is inexcusable. It literally takes 20 mins to conjour up a fresh daily C combo.

    2. Allow you to switch between qualifying mode and race settings while waiting for daily race C to start so you can get a feel for the car in conditions you will race in.

    3. Divide gr1 in sub classes such as group C, lmp etc. This could be rolled out further with group X where similar performing group X cars could be put in sub groups like group x1, x2 etc. Now we have fresh category for daily races.

    4. Just a personal one but race aero kits for n class cars would be cool. Could be cosmetic only in sport mode I guess but I quite like taking a road car and seeing if I can BOP it to gr3 or 4 and usually the missing element is being able to add aero.

    Il think of some more and update.
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  12. LotusEvoraGTE


    I second this. Even with Gr.1 to 4 I feel those classes should be sub-categorized as well, especially considering the '08 Gr.2 cars and Group C in Gr.1 have been the subject of several woes within the community.
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  13. Lazybike


    Daily....rather than weekly races, and for the love of God introduce a qualifying penalty system where 3 wheels off track invalidates the lap.
  14. MikeV27

    MikeV27 Premium

    Its only a few mins between 20 minute races. Personally I’d like a few more mins for a little more of a breather, if I skip the race then I have to wait for at least another 30 mins.

    Meanwhile its a 7 or 8 minute wait between the short races. Should be opposite imo.
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  15. NevilleNobody


    More variety on the weekly races, the same combos come up time and time again. And if we are not going to race exotics, why are they in the game?

    I would also add the relative pace of certain cars in bread and butter gr3 and 4. McLaren may as well not exist in the game, why are they so nerfed??? Viper's are not really much chop either. Like how hard is it to even things up a bit?
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  16. o000o


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  17. darth_tails


    Yes these are all things I would agree would be nice improvements to the game especially being able to change a livery during a
    race lobby or changing driver race suits/helmets too.

    A bit more variety or one make garage car races wouldn't go amiss either to at least give some desire to possibly want to actually race
    online as doing the same over and over is becoming less interesting.

    An example I did myself was a one make race with Fiat 500's around Spa, okay it took me a little time to get round the track but that car
    is so fun over the curbs and round the corners it was an enjoyable race, another one I did was kart's around Route X with friends, whilst
    it would lead to lots of carnage and DR/SR risks the more bonkers a race the more likely I'll partake in it.
  18. RacingFan1


    Improve the lobbies and fill them with more options... just like GT6. And... implement the 30 seconds race start countdown FFS!!!!
    That would be a good start.

    Next, improve braking physics.

    Then, ged rid of Group X and create more specific groups... Like... a group for classic race cars, a group for VGT, a group for electric cars... and so on.
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  19. Ashthebash


    Agree with the wait times on A and B. Would also add a race D and E. D being a random race every 20 minutes, race would last around 8-9 and have a 5 minute warm up but the car categories, tracks and grid order would be completely random. E would be endurance, hourly races that have a target race time of around 45 minutes
  20. breeminator


    A few other things that have sprung to mind:

    - In mileage exchange, show whether you already own the cars, like it already does for wheels etc.
    - In mileage exchange, have a "Buy All" button that just buys everything available that you don't already have.
    - Add an All Cars screen that works exactly like the Garage screen does, but which shows all the cars in the game, with an indicator of whether you own each one or not, and from which you can directly buy any you don't already own. This would be filterable and sortable exactly like the Garage screen already is, I'd expect it to be a pretty small amount of work to derive this from the code for the Garage screen.
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  21. ClevinStorm


    I know of 3 really simple improvements that I can't believe nobody mentioned yet:
    1. Make the pedals linear
    2. Disable fuel usage in FIA quali or give us the ability to set the amount of fuel in the car before leaving the pits. Fuel burning in quali should have never been a thing
    3. Make the FIA races single-entry again. They were a lot more exciting back when this was the case. There is no reason not to do this now since lobbies no longer lose points due to disconnects

    I also agree that they need to improve the variety of weekly races. And give us at least one DAILY race.
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  22. RussRobit

    RussRobit Premium

    Interior view: fix the mirrors so the view is usable in races. Fix the mirrors that go all blocky when you adjust the seat. Aim and focus them correctly, then use the look buttons to focus in on them. Alternatively or additionally an optional arcade style mirror.
    Add a sort by model name to the garage.
    Add the peak tq and hp rpm to the car settings screen.
    That look to Apex feature would be nice in interior view.
    Illuminate the instruments when you turn on lights. Instruments are useless in some lighting
    Add a little force effect when driving through standing water.
  23. greenlightning


    United States
    Lots and lots of little things would add up to make a huge difference.

    #1 for me would be to let us sell the daily give away cars even if at 25 percent of the value. That entire system was not very well thought out. I think GT5 or at least GT6 had log in day race credit payout increases based on # of days logged in up to maybe 1.5 times the normal win credits. I would like it if say on holiday weekends there was a 48 hour or maybe 72 hour where all dealership cars were 25 percent to maybe even 50 percent reduced price. I agree with some that all cars should be available in arcade mode or ability to rent the cars for certain specified time for 10% of value with restrictions (no livery changes, limited modes etc.).

    2) Photo mode is really nice, but come on please give us a slide show option and allow all photos to be place in slide show regardless of scene photo or race track.

    3) Make everything as easy as possible from menu perspective. Should be 2 or 3 clicks max to get to home garage. While doing personal time trials, should be able to essentially change cars on the fly without leaving the track.

    4) more daily races and more variety. Should be 6 or more to choose from. I know GT sport is 75 percent about the GT3 and GT4 cars, but I think a lot of people myself included are tired of those.

    Myself - I think will just start working towards completing as much as possible in the game and give up on chasing the 20 million credit cars. For the most part there are only a few tracks that even enjoy.
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  24. greenlightning


    United States
    Agree with you. With project cars you really realize what good interior views and adjustability looks like. With GT there is basically only one view that I use and it is not interior. Really a shame to have such amazing graphics and not be able to get the full benefits.

    Sound is another....yes better....but not by much, especially compared to others. You know they should be able to do it since the start and idol sounds decent pre-race.
  25. KepleroGT


    I think that this was removed due to a "trick" where you would pick the Nurburgring 24H, any N100 car, choose Gr1 AI and set the fuel consumption so high the cars would run out of fuel the end of the lap.
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  26. Pedinhuh


    Throttle input, since the official release the throttle input in this game, for pedals and controls, has always been exponential instead of linear, which makes it harder to properly modulate the gas out of corners.

    It's possible to adapt to this, but its still a problem.
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  27. Sander 001

    Sander 001

    Improvement to the FFB.
  28. eSZee


    United States
    I almost want to say this is unlikely due to memory issues/limitations. On its own, the livery menu is fine but with a lobby full of cars, it would work at a snail's pace if at all.
  29. GTV0819

    GTV0819 (Banned)

    The game needs improvement in the implementation of turbo lag in turbocharged cars.
  30. sundaydriving


    In no particular order:

    FOV adjustment
    Remove the FIA fuel burning global warming simulation in quali
    Remove the DR cap and DR resets
    Rolling start gap reduction
    Fix the pit lane lobby bug
    Shuffle races
    One make lobbys
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