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Ter ere van de Vlaams Brabanders (To the honor of the people of Flemish Brabant)

I´ll get active here since this thread was started by a fellow country man, the thread is not super active and I ´ve ben active in car spotting so why not extend to my other passion motocycles:

This weekend came across this chopper in Brussels, quite uncommon to see there:


It was coming around while I was taking pictures of this Triumph Tuxon:

a bit further stood this old BMW Boxer (same bags as my old Kawa):


Risking to post a lot of Harley Davidson I tried to limit myself:

A Blue Road King:

A Sportster Midnight Black:

Also this very American Suzuki Intruder:

A real classic, Honda 50cc

Also trying action pictures, an old Honda Fireblade in action:

Did not wait to see him use the reverse gear on this Goldwing with a trailer:

This Honda VTR seemed unjustly placed with the garbage:
Sad it was in the dark, Harley Davidson Heritage Softail in great position:


taken with my phone on top of that

common 2-wheeler, Red Vespa (I call 2 parked together common bikes):
I went to the Liverpool Pageant Of Power in the city centre on Tuesday evening and got to see some very interesting bikes and legendary riders! It was a great show, especially considering it was free, with an aerial display, lots of cars, jetski’s and power boats.

Click images for larger sizes.

Ryuichi Kiyonari & John McGuinness

John McGuinness

Moto Guzzi (any ideas?)

Very Old Bike! (any ideas?)

Aprillia RSV4
Moto Guzzi (any ideas?)

Not certain I would like to drive it, but man this is epic.

Very close to mine, but a Yamaha Dragstar 1100 Custom that I see a lot on the way to work:

Not certain I would like to drive it, but man this is epic.

You should have heard the sound it made!

Here's another one of it and some newer but still classic race bikes, the number 3 Honda made an unholy sound :D

Again click for big images

Damn!! I live only an hour away. They kept this a secret :grumpy:
I would've loved to have been there.

I agree, I only knew about it because the road closures were notified in advance although it was busy so hopefully it’ll come back next year. Although it’s a bit further away the main show is on 17th & 18th July at Cholmondeley Castle but then that’s not free.

It was a really good event and highly amusing listening to all the scallies talking bolx about what the cars and bikes were, apparently Superbikes are now 1600cc :lol:

Here’s the Motorsport review and check out the cars I shot here
I went to the Cholmondeley event last year. Well worth a visit 👍
Unfortunately I'll miss this year's event due to a prior engagement. Doh!!!
New spot, a BMW C1 stuck since a truck came to close and not happy with it:

I'm off work today with my son and just been for a bike ride up the river to the Pier Head and got to see a load of bikes waiting to get on the ferry to the Isle Of Man. Liverpool is invaded by bikes when the TT is on so I've been trying to teach the boy about motor bikes.

Only had my rubbish phone so not great pics but you get the idea, click for big.

@ EvilNeal: I did not take a picture of the line up at Francorchamps this weekend, found that the detail of the beautiful bikes was missing in the overview.

Keep seeing these more and more, here at a dealer, since difficult to capture in action:


Vince - they look very odd, like a Seadoo with wheels! Also the BMW C1 is a pretty rare spot, I used to see one round here a few years ago but haven't for a while. They're not as popular here as you still have to wear a crash helmet but I quite like them actually.

What was on at Spa this weekend? It is difficult getting decent photos when there's a big group of bikes that you can't get up close to.
What was on at Spa this weekend? It is difficult getting decent photos when there's a big group of bikes that you can't get up close to.

I actually saw more C1s here then I expected, we do not have to wear a helmet with them.

It was the BTCS 12 hours, but also included the European GT4 Cup ( see link in my signature), British GT Championship, British Aston Martin Championship, Fun Cup, ....

I was actually running for a party and trying to escape the sun, when I passed the motorcycles, I had to break a bit through a fence, but it would have been quite possible to get close.
Have a picture to transfer from town yesterday, on waiting list.
Ah, the GT4 race at Spa. I saw it come up in the local meets section but hadn't looked at it since it had taken place. Good work getting interviews with Lucas and Jordan and good write up 👍
Thought is was more a report of the event, so added it there in stead of opening a new thread.

The three wheelers are Can-AM saw some adverts on other sites recently.

BMW C1 is more commen in Luxembourg as I expected, seen quite some in the last days.

This combo I liked, the fast one and the comfort for long trips:


Edit some more things seen:





Ducati 1198S, a real spot??
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Hello everyone, I'm new to this thread so please be kind. I'm not knowledgeable about bikes at all, so to teach me a few things and be sympathetic to the not so interesting ones I post from time to time. :)

Anyway, here's a bunch I took in Milan, Italy.



a Kawasaki ER-6N, one of the bikes I really loved

Ducati 1000S


Kawasaki Z750

An old BMW, donno the model, but the flat engine alignment caught my interest

BMW R1200, an old colleague owns one of these, very cool

my uncles neighbor has about 10 bikes all pretty awesome the best/ most rare one is a MV Augusta b4 bought new and NEVER driven. Others are about 5 ducattis 3 bmw's including a s 100 rr 2 aprillias and a harley and a custom chopper. Hopefully I will get some pictures later.
@ EvilNeal: I did not take a picture of the line up at Francorchamps this weekend, found that the detail of the beautiful bikes was missing in the overview.

Keep seeing these more and more, here at a dealer, since difficult to capture in action:

can-am pics

When my cousin and uncle were in a atv club a year ago, 1 member had one of the first can-ams here in Belgium.
They look cool,but aren't allowed on highways I believe, like most of the other 4 wheeled ATVs.
And I have seen one of those BMW C1s aswell. Really ugly, and I would still wear a helmet if I were the rider.

Saw 2 Ducati Monsters ride by today, accompanied by another Ducati. I couldn't make it out that fast, since I was training in the gym at the time :)
I saw about 8 Ducati 999's, 3 1098's and a load of Monsters and the odd MV Augusta F4 aswell, but I was at the Moto GP so I saw loads of cool bikes.
The things you see in Los Angeles.

Desmosedici RR with what looks like Eddie Jordan riding it too.

That's my line from yesterday but I'll let you off for finding and sharing the pretty :D (the bike not the rider!)

^ arguably the greatest road legal bike ever put into production! Is Eddie Jordan riding it?!?!
Came across a bunch of Harley Davidson riders from the UK this weekend, only took 1 shot:



Honda Blackbird (on walk)


Need some people to comment sometimes!

In Luxembourg town an old Moto Guzzy


A Kawasaki ZZR 1100

A Yamaha Thunderace 1000


Buell 1124R

Bee sidecar
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A BMW special:

A K1200S

Probably owned by a Police man:


A K1150GS looking for car spots near the station on the way home:

Shopping in Germany:



Suzuki Freewind 650 near my appartment:

Triumph Streettriple R shopping in Germany


Kawasaki Versys



Kawasaki Zephyr Type R, LOL


KTM Duke
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