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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5: Prologue' started by PSTC555, Apr 4, 2008.

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  1. GTP_JASE72


    Don't get me wrong I think it's a good idea and the work and effort that has PSCT555 put into this particular incarnation of the blacklist is much appreciated.

    As for the "naming and shaming "of people who probably don't care one bit about their actions/antics online. My assumption was that was kinda the point of a blacklist in the first place.Drivers to avoid.

    The biggest problem I have with all this is,that when all said and done unless we all invest in some kind of video capture device,or can save online race replays. Not something I want to be doing personally. People are going to spend more time arguing the toss over a little bump than actually racing. So yeah roll on private rooms.

    With all that said, I haven't a blacklist yet, and Fingers crossed I never will.(the floodgates are now open )
  2. homeforsummer

    homeforsummer Premium

    I'd like to add a few names to the 'grey' list and just warn people to watch out for them should they come up against them in a race.

    All names apply to PP600, Suzuka, and the EU version of the game, and incidents mentioned apply to around 12 straight races I did this evening, though obviously there were races where I may not have faced the driver in question.

    WAGONWHEELS (GB), drives a red Clio V6: Raced him twice, made agressive blocking moves both races. One of the races I passed him on the inside before 130R and covered my line into the chicane I could see him behind. I braked late but he didn't appear to brake at all, BANG. I was punted into the barriers, had to reverse and rejoin and lost about ten seconds.

    Skipry (GB), black Clio V6: Very erratic driver and clearly not down to a bad connection, as there were drivers with bad connections and I did my best to avoid them. This 'racer' made some very late blocks which resulted in contact, clearly did not take into account braking distances which resulted in him hitting both me and other drivers on the way into corners, and seemed to find it amusing to dive on the inside of other racers into corners and knock them wide. This happened to me at least 4 times and I could see him doing the same to others.
  3. hornet_burnout


    Well, I will unsubscribe this thread now, so a few last words...

    a) I got tired of "I'm so fair I do all the races till the end even if I'm last and will always do so, even if I'm not the host" as much as I am of "anyone who rams me I'll ram them back, and twice as hard". Please, find balance... Somewhere between turning the other cheek and an eye for an eye. Both are utterly stupid while applied to racing. We are not in church, but also not in the jungle. Don't be a sanctimonious hypocrite, or a vengeful beast (not directed at anyone in particular).

    It's a game, but a serious one. So drive clean as much as you can, as long as you can, and if you find the need to let off some steam, try not to take any innocent people with you...

    b) I'm dropping the GTP_ prefix for now. I don't want any idiot badmouthing my driving and having it associated with the forum again. Also I don't want special attention while racing (good or bad...). I am who I am, regardless of my affiliation with this forum. When private rooms appear, I will use it for that purpose only.

    This thread served it's purposes well, but I think we all know now we need to have our own black list. So be aware of those drivers, share those bad experiences, but forget about having an online black list. I agree it is impossible to have an accurate and complete one, since a player may be unfair now, but fair 5 mins latter, or simply have a grudge against you, your car, your nationality, or have mistaken you for someone on his black list. Or you simply saw it all wrong...

    Let's use our bad experiences online to do positive things. Like suggesting ways to improve online gaming. This thread is dead, continue criticizing online mode (in a constructive manner), and not the players, here:
  4. GTP_Zubski


    Monsterduc1000 (CA)

    He was using the other cars as Walls to bounce off to gain positions. Took me off the track twice using me as a wall. GTP_Earth and GTP_Jumpace you remember this right? You were in the race with me.
  5. Earth


    There are professional wall surfers and then are professional car surfers

    Monsterduc1000 (CA) is a professional car surfer, he will outbrake himself in certain corners and hit you at certain angle where he keeps his speed and goes through the corner but you get a penalty or slide off into the grass. As far as I know he did this to 4 GTP members, GTP_CWR, GTP_Earth, GTP_Jump_Ace and GTP_Zubski

    BackBrakeSeb (NTSC) - Aggressive driving towards me and other GTP members, which usually results in us crashing

    Professional wall surfers at HSR reverse tonight:

    slowhead (NTSC)
    timmetea (NTSC)

    They gained 1-2 seconds a turn by "surfing" the walls
  6. jgda9rs


    i saw you guys a few minutes ago at daytona road. i saw you guys get taken out too, not sure if it was the same guy you mentioned though. i was so far back from you all, then when i finally caught up, all you guys were in the dirt, and the cars were going bonkers. i got taken out myself, one with the guy named 'chimerra' or something. even gtp_fastrnfastr punted me off the road, but it wasn't like a hard hit. i was going too slow, but i dont think it was necessary. it's okay though, i forgive him. you guys were bloody fast i must say.
  7. Jump_Ace

    Jump_Ace Staff Emeritus

    United States
    factoryfelt008(CA) intentionally slowed down on the straight so I can pass only to ram me at the hairpin in London, plus the usual. And if I see another :censored: in a tuned Evo 9 at London I'm gonna come in shooting. Why is it they are ALWAYS dirty drivers!?!? Thank god I only have 4 cars left to get in the game then I can quit this nonsense.....but zubski I remember the guy unfortunately, lol.

  8. jgda9rs


    talk about that guy in the evo x at daytona road when i was racing you guys. i was trying to catch up and next thing you know he was swerving all over the place like a drunk driver.
  9. Joe43302


    I believe I witnessed the aftermath of him getting you on Suzuka, correct me if I'm wrong? Last S turns coming to the start/finish? I tried to slow down beside you so you could at least keep one position, but you left, which actually cost me quite a few additional spots... But yes, I got into it with him, as well as Timmetea personally.
  10. Sphinx

    Sphinx Staff Emeritus

    United Kingdom
    Thanks to PSTC555 for spending many hours updating and discussing in the thread. It was good while it lasted, but all good things must come to an end.

    We are no longer interested in the idiots that plague our lives on the track, we now need to put all our effort into making the GTP_tag a positive talking point on every GT forum on the Internet. We can only do this by wearing the GTP_tag with pride and conducting ourselves well in public races. It’s so simple really, just treat other drivers in the same way as you would expect them to treat you on the track. :tup:

    I have now added a complaints procedure to the GTP Registry. Having such a large membership (166 and rising fast), we will always get the odd problem in regard to alleged bad driving, it's something we have to deal with as it happens. What we don't want to happen is fellow GTP members calling out other GTP members in public over an incident that happened on the track. So before anyone jumps in head first and submits a complaint to me about bad driving, just consider the option of sending a sensible PM to the other driver involved and try to deal with it yourselves. If that doesn't work, send us the complaint and we will deal with it. :tup:

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