The Next Gran Turismo Probably Won't Be GT Sport 2

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    I don't think the next Gran Turismo will be a launch title for the Play Station 5 Sony will have to look for something new to be a launch title and Gran Turismo has no chance of keeping up with console cycles.

    Things I Want Gone
    1. Esport (Replace with customised online championships and have 2 car teams)
    2. VGT (Replace with concept cars from past)

    I have a idea for Gran Turismo put real ads on race track and charge companies to have ads on signs or to sponsor the track.
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    Next gran turismo have to bring back parts shop and gt auto. The upgrade system in gt sport is not what i really wanted. Many cars suffer from slider upgrade in gt sport. As it can't change an na car into sc or t. And is pretty boring upgrade system, campared to have parts. The career mode needs yo be better in next game as well.

    If they keep those sounds until we get a proper gt it will be awesome
  3. AlanH49


    GT6 could have been a PS4 launch title. It was Sony’s mismanagement, in the belief PS3 market would remain strong, that pushed PD to develop the title for PS3.

    Clearly, outside a handful of smaller titles and remakes, PS4 1st Party development has now ceased. We’re well into PS5 planning, this becomes ever clearer with Sony’s plans, skipping E3 etc.

    It’s also clear Esports is integral to Sony’s future plans. Not just Gran Turismo.
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    What could be the racing game title for the PS5 launch?
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    I highly doubt they'll do away with the E-Sport component. There's no way that Polyphony Digital walks away from an opportunity for enhanced exposure, especially at a stage like that.
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