The Sierra Time Rally Thread

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by Haitauer, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. SmileyOr


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    I just went back to these last weekend and golded them all. Previously I only had bronze or silver.

    I also learned that some of the levels had Nitrous available. I never used it before in this event.
  2. chuyler1

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    Finally got around to doing these rally stages. It took me several hours to gold and get "perfect" on the final trial in the GTR. I think I just drive too fast and don't leave extra grip to change my line when the A.I. drivers go erratic. What pisses me off the most is when they brake check me or refuse to turn in. Over the course of 3 nights playing these levels I have had to essentially memorize their moves and tendencies....which are nothing like real racers.

    How late can I brake without them cutting in on me?
    Answer: very late, usually.

    How early will they turn in if I'm coming from behind?
    Answer: pretty much never, until they do and they smash into you.

    How soon will they accelerate out of a turn, if at all when you are on their bumper?
    Answer: never. They will slow to 20 mph out of a hairpin and never hit the gas. Don't try to pass them though, because the car behind you will take that line as soon as you attempt. You just have to wait, and wait, and wait.

    It's even harder in the rain because they will slow down to pass each other and you're trying to avoid one cloud of mist when all of a sudden there's a car stopped on the track. I miss the A.I. drivers in the earlier games that just ran the racing line. At least then you knew when they would turn in and whether you had enough time to complete the pass without making contact. I just can't seem to make sense of these drivers. It's like they aren't out there to race and they are afraid of you.
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  3. eran0004


    Well, what do you expect? 15 years of heavy abuse by GT players left them traumatized.
  4. Barracuda413


    The first three only took a couple tries to get perfect
    But the fourth one is impossable so far and l have been trying for several days
    I can't get a full lap without one of the AI's hitting me, l did get one perfect lap early on, but an AI blocked me at the finish line and would not let me pass till the clock ran out, still the track is way cool!!! And you can use it off line,
    The first three were fun arcade style games, but the fourth one is like driving in a drunken traffic jam, NO fun at all!!!!
  5. Farnell42


    In a rare sense of irony, I got a Perfect Run and got Bronze! It is only possible in Mission 3(not sure in Mission 4), and you can only do so if you failed to overtake the Countach and have less than 1 second left on the clock. I tailgated the Mercedes C63 for too long and this happened.