The Slashers - Coffee Break!

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  1. RCKakashi14


    So GT6 is upon us, but the sequel will be out probably by next month, as I have to get familiar with the game first.

    I have some confirmations to make:

    THE BOOM will return, and it will start at the very beginning once again. While it has a similar beginning (with Michiharu Kanonji running away from his abusive parents), things will get different after that, and Hiroyuki will be the deuteragonist.

    And expect a duel between Hiroyuki and Michiharu, just like their children that succeeded them.

    Crossovers are also expected, but I'll make them small.

    And expect a showdown of which shall be the next Mochi Delivery Car. Takanori disproves of Takuma's MINI as the delivery car, and he has to take action. :lol:
  2. Ruby Kyrie

    Ruby Kyrie

    I was hoping for a little bit more originality other than using another Delivery mobile of a certain food shop, but this is your FANFIC so I guess I'll just let it slide.

    I still wonder..why use Robots? Wouldn't it be better to just set the car into an automated-driving mode with time set on the simulations? XD

    If your story has that big a technology feat, it would be better if you made it a bit more...self-explanatory XD