The Ultimate Driving Music Playlist (According to Us)


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There is so much to listen to while driving... I mostly listen to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. But I have to admit....listening to Lady Gaga in the car makes me drive faster.^^

Oh and for the cruise you never go wrong with The Alan Parsons Project. LOUD!
Can't wait to see what you all share!

Wanted to add a few extra tidbits to my section. Although the Kid A modified bear tattoo on my shoulder may say otherwise, Swervedriver might as well be my favorite band ever. Hearing songs like "Mustang Ford," "Deep Seat," "Duel," and "The Hitcher" for the first time was a revelatory musical experience. That band epitomizes everything I look for in rock music, so it was a dream come true to see them perform their first two albums back-to-back (on back-to-back nights!) in New York and Philly last fall. Below is a clip of their performance of "Mustang Ford" from the Philly show; I think I'm the guy allllllll the way up front, just to the right of center banging his head like an idiot.

I also wanted to pay tribute to Sleater-Kinney (check the avatar). "Dig Me Out" blew me away the very first time I heard it; it's required listening for anyone who enjoys punk or anything relatively fast or loud. And I had to throw some game music in there, so there's a cover of "Sprinter" from Super Hang-On, one of my favorite game songs. Super Hang-On's soundtrack is surprisingly dramatic and suspenseful for such an old game, but this more modern cover takes "Sprinter" into new territory with crisp, twinkling synths and an absolutely electric riff that is just unforgettable.
There would be way too much for me to cram into a forum post, so I'll hit some highlights. Everything really depends on the mood I'm in. If I'm really engrossed in a particular game series, I tend to listen to the music from that. I've definitely had classic Need For Speed tunes blaring, jazzy tunes from Gran Turismo, and I've even had the orchestral amazingness that is Ace Combat's soundtrack (specifically 2, 4, and 5.)

As for other tunes that aren't compositions made specifically for games:

This one particular song stood out to me the most from GT5's soundtrack because it really felt like the quintessential cruising at night song. I can practically imagine driving a sports car in the darkest hours of the night through the city. Barely any traffic, and just pretty much down to a crawl, just taking in the scenery. On Wednesday nights, I come back into town from the north end from the volunteer thing I have a handful of miles down the interstate because there's a gas station that's pretty well-priced. I fuel my car, and start heading home via main street downtown. I've had that song play as I've driven down main street, and it brings a smile to my face because it recreates what I picture in my mind listening to that song. Sure I'm in a econobox hatchback and not a sports car, but it feels good regardless. Especially when I drive five miles per hour less than the speed limit (don't worry, it's three lanes and there's practically nobody on the road when I do this) and can easily coast through every intersection without coming up on a red light.

Sometimes I'm in the mood for chill hip-hop, other times I like rock and metal, jazz is certainly a favorite.

Then there's a handful of "speed ticket bait" songs. You know, the ones that you can get easily lost in, and when you look at your speedometer, you're going 80mph in a 65 zone. Thankfully I've never gotten a speeding ticket, but lord knows, these songs have made me go "whoa, slow it down" a couple of times:

"Body Burn" - Cubanate
"Ultra" - KMFDM
"N.W.O." - Ministry
"Megalith" - T-Square (I would've posted the original, if it wasn't blocked on YouTube)

Yeah, that's a small cross-section of my driving music. I could go on for pages about it, there's just so much stuff out there that I like.
> the ultimate driving music playlist

If to be serious, that depends on how you prefer your joyrides. Energetic rides with flooring the gas go better with something fast-paced and preferably involving a guitar; relaxing rides go better with the likes of slower-paced jazz songs.
I'd also generally recommend Masahiro Andoh's works and soundtracks of NFS games from PS1 era.

  • Reason Is Treason (Jack Knife Lee Remix)
  • Killradio - Scavenger
  • Dr. Fresch - Walk That Talk ft. Thewz
  • Supermode - Tell Me Why
  • The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die
Different songs for different situations and moods :D
There's only one CD I own for my car and it's pretty much the only one I need.

I usually listen to talk radio or podcasts for large journeys.
I've a few for different driving

Lost In France by Bonnie Tyler

Night Owl by Gerry Rafferty

Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty

Golden Brown by The Stranglers

The Joker

Orrinocco Flow by Enya

Carribean Blue by Enya


Kids In America by Kim Wilde

Hollywood Nights by Bob Seger

Rosalie by Thin Lizzy

Bound for Glory by Black Star Riders

Galaxy Joy Ride by Wolf and Raven

Gigawatt by Zombie Hyper Drive

Shake the Street from Outrun 1989 OST
Hey guys we should make a big racing playlist!

Here's a link to a playlist I made collaborative! Add away! (I think you just need to click the Spotify icon)

I'd say the one rule is to keep it clean eh?
And maybe 5 songs per person to start.

Consider these songs my contribution.
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There simply will never be a better driving song than Panama by Van Halen.

Radar Love, Don't Stop Me Now and La Grange would like a word with you. :P

There's only one CD I own for my car and it's pretty much the only one I need.

I usually listen to talk radio or podcasts for large journeys.

Now there's an album I haven't heard in a while!
When GT5 came out I was suffering from a back injury the game and my playlist keep me going. I even built a custom rig that I modified as I got healthier. I loved custom playlists. I put all my Tool albums on PS3 and would do the endurance races all the time. I'd have to boot it up but I believe I did about 20k miles. Now it's odd when I hear Tool doesn't sound the same!! Deftones was another one I would switch to. But Tool felt perfect for endurance races, long songs and up and down tempo.

Let's see James Corden do karaoke on a track. Can they keep singing while pulling multiple Gs through corners. That'd be a good show!!
So...who is this Michael? I love me some Soul Coughing.

Anyway, some of my own choice cuts:

-Translator - Necessary Spinning
-Cocteau Twins - Lorelei
-Paul Westerberg - MamaDaddyDid
-Wire Train - I'll Do You
-Gavin Friday - Another Blow On The Bruise
-Guadalcanal Diary - Ghosts On The Road
-R.E.M. - Monty Got A Raw Deal
-Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Tupelo
-Teenage Fanclub - What You Do To Me
-The Bats - North By North
-XTC - Generals And Majors
-Lloyd Cole & The Commotions - Rattlesnakes
-The Beat - Too Nice To Talk To
-Modern English - Life In The Gladhouse
-Gene Loves Jezebel - Cow

I've left out countless selections, but 15 should be good for now.
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There's only one CD I own for my car and it's pretty much the only one I need.

I usually listen to talk radio or podcasts for large journeys.

Big Bang, No Control, and You. Awesome record. :D
People definitely have varied tastes. Lot of the stuff I never heard of in the article and had to go look up. Not really my stuff. :lol: But yea, GT2 (best GT) and 90's NFS soundtracks. 👍

I can't pick favorites, so I'll just throw up some random song and immediately think of something else and be conflicted. It should also be noted that I don't really listen to music while driving in game (or much in real life). Sound of the engine is music enough for me.

This is probably the one and only place I've heard this song. Maybe it's obscure so it's getting the embed treatment.

Rock-ish Things

2 Cellos - The Trooper (Gets better and better as it goes. Of course the original is good as well.)

Black Sabbath - Secret Loser (As seen/heard in the awesome 80's film "The Wraith")

Techno/Dance-y Stuff

Camo & Krooked (feat. Metrik) - Aurora (GT6 Soundtrack I think)

John O'Callaghan (feat. Jaren) - Surreal (Found and got hooked on this song because of this video)

Junkie XL - Def Beat

Top Gear Title Remix (Set playback speed to 1.25)

Mitch Murder - Power Move
(Ahhh Kung Fury)

The Glitch Mob - Carry the Sun

Having a hard time coming up with stuff.