The Unofficial GT6 VS Project Cars Debate Thread (Read the Rules!)

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How do you feel to both games?

  1. PCars sucks. GT is the best!

  2. PCars is cool but GT is better.

  3. Both are cool.

  4. GT is cool but PCars is better

  5. GT sucks. PCars is the best!

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  1. pasigiri


    Thanks for the advice.

    I was thinking about trying to upload some of my GT6 and PCars runs. Never done that before but I'll see what I can do (PS4 is supposedly easy, it's the PS3 I'm worried about = Google). As for wheel calibration, I've been doing that every time I play searching for some sort of balance. I'll take your advice. I'll probably hit up Silverstone (that's pretty flat) and stick with the BAC Mono (a car I've worked with quite a bit in PCars). I'll try a GT4 like you said also. Hopefully, I can get SOME level of understanding of the physics.

    BTW, checked out some of your PCars vids. Can I be like you :p??? Nice driving.
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  2. Johnnypenso

    Johnnypenso Premium

    Not sure what the wheel calibration has to do with balance. Maybe we aren't talking about the same thing? There should be a place in the game on PS4 to go to to calibrate the wheels and pedals by pressing the right buttons and rotating the wheel twice and fully depressing each pedal until it reads 100. Is that what you're talking about? The Mono is a bit of a wild beast but so much fun. If you're looking for a street car that's relatively easy to drive the BMW 1M fits the bill.
  3. pasigiri


    On the wheel, I've been fooling with the SEN, FF, ANG, etc. As for in the game, I've been messing with setting the steering sensitivity, throttle sensitivity, etc. I did the main wheel configuration stuff when I updated the drivers.

    Yeah, the Mono is funny. On free runs on Silverstone, once it's out of pit lane, it's like it tries to snap it's tail out on me, just like a wild beast as you say. Funny thing is, I'm so much better in it (once I'm up to speed) than the 1M (funny you suggested that car because I sho nuf tried it before running the Mono). It's like the Mono was meant for me ... even though it still seems like it wants to throw me off the track in horrible ways. I was very consistent with it. Slooooow but consistent and smooth (2:23 was one of my better times after about 30 mins, no tuning :rolleyes:). Also, Silverstone is not a regularly visited track for me. I did this on purpose so that bad habits from GT couldn't be used. In all, I'll get faster as I learn the track and the physics.

    I'll give it some more practice when I get the chance uninterrupted. Got a 2 year old son who likes to jump in my lap while I'm running :).
  4. super_gt


    The GT6 Nordschleife is much more accurate than Project CARS Nordschleife.
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  5. Diabolique


    Way late to this party. So, i have a ps3 and a ps4, i use a t300 with pro pedals and a shifter. Now which is best?

    I want to love pcars, i really do, but here are issues. Big ones. Mostly to do with the t300 not feeling right. Since the day the game was released on ps4 i have never been happy with the wheel settings. It doesnt help that the options for setting up the wheel are so complicated. Worse, the settings are at the time of writing, generic and make no differentiation between t500, t300, t100 or fanatec. Issues with the wheels selfcentre are huge, the t300 snapping back to center from full lock despite the car only moving an inch or two from a stand. So after fiddling over and over with settings i have finally taken a break from pcars in the hope that the upcoming patch (2.0) will make things better.

    Graphically, pcars is stunning and gt6 loses out a lot. Frame rates on pcars are awesome and tearing is at a minimum for most part. But in terms of gameplay? I am only playing single player and have to say that i am loving gt6. The ai on gt6 appears less impressive/convincing than pcars but as long as you dont put yourself in a position where the ai can screw you over then gt6 does ok.

    Gameplay wise, i get a lot more fun from gt6. I only just bought gt6, cost me thirteen quid. I dont know how long pcars has been out, lets say two months? But i bought gt6 and dusted off the ps3 in the middle of last week. I dont know what i expected when i plugged the wheel in first time but i was pleasantly surprised. I got more feel for the car in the first few minutes than i have ever achieved with pcars.

    I havent given up on pcars, but i am a bit disappointed in it right at this moment. I wanted a simulator type game and pcars for the most part tries to be that, but going wide on a track can involve getting a penalty that sees your car slowed down to a crawl for x amount of seconds, from 5 and up to a minute (got to do something really bad to get a minutes crawl time though). My issue there though is that its supposed to be more realistic in pcars? So where does this limited hrottle crawl around the track in the middle of a race come into the sim approach?

    From a wheel isers point of view though, at this moment in time, gt6 plays a hell of a lot better than pcars. I cant say for a pad as i hated pcars with a pad and havent tried gt6 with one.

    The rearview mirror on gt6 is stunning compared to the monstrously short draw distance version pcars has been hobbled with. Interior views on pcars are stunning, while gt6 is more old school.

    Whoever mentioned shift 2 unleashed though, they were right that the handling on that game was crap, beyond crap in fact, near unplayable with a wheel, and the menu system was equally convoluted for no real reason, that menu complexity, having lots of r2, side menus, menus leading to menus, things not saving til you force them to and some strange default selections, they are all present in pcars.

    All this sounds like i have a downer on pcars, but i actually dont, i am merely saying that in terms of fun and being able to spot when a cars breaking loose and get it back under control, gt6 is ticking all the right boxes. Pcars just isnt at the moment. Factor in the issue with some cars having ridiculously bad handling (ford mark four gt40) and the insistance on classic cars having classic period rubber so handling even worse, and its a recipe for disappointment at times.

    I am glad i bought gt6 after pcars, solely as had it been the other way around i would likely have retired pcars altogether by now. The way the wheel works on gt6 is not perfect, but it is miles better than pcars to me even with a slightly odd deadzone.

    Graphics arent everything, and gt6 graphics arent awful by any stretch (though some of the tearing can make you feel a bit bleurgh at times). In gameplay terms i am preferring the gt6 experience.

    The menus too, along with being able to tweak colours of cars in gt6, while options are clear and make a lot of sense, whereas pcars often doesnt make any sense without a particle physicist and a couple of university professors to help you through them.

    I have no doubt that if sms keep on top of t issues and fix them, then pcars will be amazing, but at the moment it has a lot of rough edges in need of polishing.

    Gt6 shows its aaa status on its sleeve. Its creators spent a long time over the years perfecting their user interface, giving players more than just a driving game. Pcars on the other hand has gone all in on the driving side and hasnt got the interface anywhere near the polyphony standard. Worse still, i unfortunately recognise some of the menu as having more in common with shift 2 unleashed.

    Gt6 does well on last gen hardware, and is still a fantastic game (albeit very new to me), pcars on ps4 is carving a niche that will likely force others to up their game, but its far from perfect.

    So which is best? Neither really, one is old gen one new. But old gen is every bit as playable as new gen and with menus that make for a far better experience. If they fix the wheel problems though, that could change as i can live with complicated menus if i don't need to keep changing stuff.

    There are enough problems in pcars to have made me buy a few new racers on ps3 and obviously drag the ps3 out of retirement. Of the games i bought (and afterplaying gt5 which i already had) gt6 is the one getting my time, i wasnt overly happy with gt5 when it came out, too many 'you dont have a car for this' moments. But gt6 is good, i am enjoying it more than any other game at the moment, and being back on the gran turismo bandwagon i am now joining everyone else in the wish for gt7.
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  6. Stephanos82


    Some graphic aspects are better in Gt6 than Pcars! Exhaust fires for example are epic in Gt6 whilst they are a joke in pcars!
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  7. vettefreak95


    I like the race day feel of PCARS compared to the track day feel of GT6. I don't mind PC having fewer road cars, as it has a great selection of race cars. However, the interface can be confusing. Engine sounds are MUCH better than GT6. I haven't had any glitches, but the AI and tuning can be very frustrating. I may or may not play it again, but I will pick GT6 back up at some point.
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  8. TheAnimeDude


    GT needs to have world circuits that have bumpy roads for once! It's fine fantasy tracks don't have'em because..they're made up,but world tracks and city tracks need bumpy roads like the real life ones..because Project CARS does it.
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  9. Darragh


    GT6 needs to first have an AI in order to compete with PCARS if we're talking about which is the better racing game.
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  10. VBR

    VBR Premium

    I really can't get into Project CARS at all. Even now that most of the bugs have been fixed regarding my wheel, I feel no desire to drive in it. For me the biggest let downs have been the threadbare & utterly useless multiplayer, the mindbendingly complex & mysterious FFB options, & the badly designed & confusing menus. I have the utmost respect for SMS in what they have set out to achieve with this game & the way that they've gone about it, interacting with them on the official forum has been a great experience for me, but the game itself just isn't my cup of tea.

    Compared to GT6 which I had lots of fun racing online & just driving for pleasure, the only things Project CARS does better imo is sounds & the ability to have more weight to the FFB.
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  11. PletdeKoe


    For me it reminds me of the time when Gt4 and dtm race driver 3 were out. I liked them both for different reasons. Now Gt6 and Project Cars it's the same thing.

    I adore Gt6. It's such a cohesive and nice game to play. The driving is spot on and the graphics are very good, but have their ugly sides. Project Cars is all about racing cars for me. And I love the tracks it offers. The handling is something you'll have to get used to. But once you found your "feel" it is very satisfying.

    The graphics of Project Cars are fantastic and I really feel immersed when I drive the various touring cars.

    So I like them both and can't wait to find out what Gt7 will have in store for us. It will be great, but not perfect. And I accept that, because there will never be one game that does everything right. That's just subjective.
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