Things You Want To See In GT6 Besides Vehicles and Tracks

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by Earth, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Fat Tyre

    Fat Tyre

    Sounds like you want to play Forza.
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  2. ALB123


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    I wish the cars didn't shift gears so quickly. Any car, that doesn't come with a dual-clutch transmission in real life, that's in GT6 should have realistic shift times, not 0.1s shift times like the game currently provides. I almost never add a dual-plate or triple-plate clutch to my tunes because it makes the shifting even quicker and I think it's ridiculous.
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  3. TheAnimeDude


    A thing I want in GT that isn't cars or tracks is to have communication to PDI feature so we can discuss things to the PDI and have forums for the GT community while having a specific forum specifically for PDI to inform them and comunicate with them and to also inform us what they have planned for the future of GT.

    Just an idea.
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  4. CeltMage


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    I'm sure it's been said many times before but just add my vote to the count, it is utterly RIDICULOUS to be limited to paint you car the same color as cars you already have. What sense does this make? Most of the cars I win are white or silver, most of the cars I buy have either ugly shades of blue and red added to the dozens of whites, grays and blacks I already have. This is supposed to be a sim, what they are doing is a totally arcade thing. You should have a spectrum to get exactly the shade you want. And while I can understand (sort of) why there are no vinyls or pattern you should at LEAST be able to add some simple stripes.

    Why are all the wheels so ugly? And the 5 or 6 decent wheels look like pizza pans when you choose 2" over stock.
    And the helmets and racing suits have the dumbest patterns and the most ridiculous color combinations possible. I race in the 3rd person view anyway (seeing the whole car) but I still like my driver to match my car, you can blame my gf for this but still, Almost NO simple Dark blue and white combinations Most of the colors with blue are neon yellow or green, or ugly red stripes. You should be able to choose a pattern then a color 1 and a color 2. How hard is that?
    Again, you can blame my gf for getting me started on this but now it's in my head that matching my car makes me drive better or something. lmao I don't know but all of these things are so simple to add to a game, since they bothered to add these choices to the game anyway why not make them good?

    Edit: Also when using the car search there needs to be an option to separate normal cars from racing.
  5. JR98

    JR98 Premium

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    I'd like the option to pick AI cars in Arcade Mode. That way I could have a full DTM grid with 2 155's, 2 CLK's, 2 Astra's, 2 Calibra's, 2 TT's and 1 A4 (plus me in an A4).
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  6. Prince.M5


    I actually would love to see tyre pressure adjustment available in the car settings. The lack of it is a bugger since it's already nice to have all the dampers and various other mechanical settings available.
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  7. clarkparish


    I want an option to take up to 3 cars to a race that way if one doesn't work we don't have to back all the way out just to change cars. If not 3 at least two. Two makes more sence because a driver can transport two cars easily to any race.
  8. MyogiWarrior34


    It's been a long rant now but... I want the Evo IX Premium to have aero parts installed. Screw the Evo IX TC; its physics were simply imported from GT5; it feels totally slow and inferior to its street counterpart.
  9. greenlightning


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    What is great about GT series is the large and varied select of cars. Sure most are standard and there are a lot of duplicates or nearly the same. For me though am glad they did that instead of leaving a lot of cars out. The fantasy car am not crazy about, but it is great that they work with manufactures on that level.

    The amount of tracks is also good and of course the graphics are still really good.

    GT6 is a good package. However poorly implimented. They have a large tool pallet and do not take advantage of it. The entire structure of GT world or Sim mode needs started from scratch with input by us the players....especially die hard GT fans.

    I am not a fan of the price structure of the cars either. Sure if you play every day or so credits come fairly easy. However if only ocassionally once a week or so...then not so much. I think that I have only purchase one 20 million dollar car.

    Even though the used car lot was frustrating at times. Finding and collecting the cars was part of the fun of the series.

    Really though the actual racing if you wanted to call it that is the biggest thing that needs fixed. Again they already have the tools to make this signifacntly better.
    Meaning have same restrictions like a license event. Go off track, take short cuts and get time penalty. Have contact with another car and or wall above 35 mph or something like that...race over. Do some license events where could not contact someone else was challenging and fun. The point to point race they added where you get points is cool. It would be fairly easy to make the game 4 times better just using what they got...whitout months or year spent on more programing.

    When they make these Sema cars etc. Surely they need to start by modeling the base model of the car or at least could easily do it. We should have a lot more stock variations of cars (camaro) etc. Then if they added different engine choices or dealership packages...wowza.
  10. BadgerVadge


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    ewwwww, i played forza 2 through 5 i got tired of it... I get where you're coming from even though I could care less about customization. It's just a little too much to ask for in the GT franchise.
    But i dont like the weird forza physics even with everything off... ABS off and manual clutch option. the online lobbies are weird... plus there's no browser like in GT6.
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  11. greenlightning


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    Something I have been thinking about lately is perhaps a gt (sim) world mode that is shared by more than one player. I think in general for most casual gt players who maybe play the game a few hours a week or in some cases a month. The overall game especially a large chunk of the vehicle prices is just to large to get the full game experience even in 2 or 3 years. With core of this ideal being that your entire garage and credits is share amongst all that are on your team etc. However each team member could still set certain restriction on car modifications by another team member etc. Really enjoy the huge selection of cars but not enough to play the game 24/7.

    Another idea which we are probably close to for a lot of players is sim (gt) mode that is entirely online. Eliminate the A.I as much as possible, but would need the A.I. or bspec bob to fill in positions.

    Allow players to creat race evennts (across multiple tracks, days,weeks etc) and share with others.

    Stil setting up offline races with cars that you pick including from your garage would be huge.
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  12. Grandea GTR

    Grandea GTR

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  13. MarchingSaint


    Wrong on so many levels, not everyone can afford a monthly sbscription fee for PS4's online services. Nor that wold help the general gameplay.
    Something i'd really like to see in GT future is an online auto show competition ( a la SEMA) where you can submit your modded car in certain categories and compete with others and just walk around the lobby (modeled as a showroom) taking photos until a winner is elected.
  14. Grippy

    Grippy (Banned)

    I am sure most has been said already, but still I'd like to highlight a few things I hope make into future GT7
    • Tyre Pressure adjustment, for all the tyres!
    • The infamous Las Vegas Drag Strip from GT4 fully reworked!
    • A new, interesting secondary Drag strip with working tree and proper grip levels
    • 1, 1.5, 2 and welded Diffs in addition to the LSD
    • Engine swap option unlocked after you wear an engine out (to the point wear an engine rebuild is necessary)
    • Stage 4 Turbo on some cars that can have much higher HP IRL
    • More than just A B C Tuning sheets (A-G is better, considering this is in the virtual world)
    • More rims and the ability to paint stock rims
    • A colour wheel in addition to paint chips.
    • Higher Polygons in The Coursemaker road surface (many unwanted bumps & lumps can be felt as a result of even mild camber
    • More items for Coursemaker, including underpasses, tunnels and bridges
    • At least 500 premium cars
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  15. Aggserp4


    It's happened, and it was a fail. Kaz didn't show up once.
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  16. chengman


    2 years later and still no Kaz in the thread
  17. Numb2pencil


    1.) Not sure if anyone stated this already... but I would have loved to see more vehicles with interior layout. Upon getting hooked on driving in cockpit mode, driving other cars without interior design just doesnt cut it for me no longer (I actually sold off several vehicles that had no interior layout to replace them with those with interior layouts).

    2.) For those who create a public room while not wanting players from other countries to join... a option to opt their rooms from showing up during international online room search would be nice (especially when such room owner describe such information in their native language). This wpull limit the lag spikes and the chore of having to manually boot out such players from other regions each time such players join (it will also limit the confusion etc.).
  18. Otaliema


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    How about a ping limit. Say you need 250ms ping or better to join this room. Some international players have better pings than players a hundred miles away. It's more based on internet than location.
  19. Nihilus4000


    Okay my 5 cent coins worth. Well, 50 cents coins worth.

    1) Tyre and fuel depletion mode and Pit Stops in GT6 Time Trial and Arcade Racing Modes. Very Useful.
    2) Ability to swap cars, from Favourites or so, in Free Run mode, at least.
    3)A special kind of time trial mode when the slowest car per each lap gets removed. It was a racing event type from Test Drive Unlimited 2.
    4) Re-introduce Enduros, e.g., 5 hours of Sazuka, etc.
    5) Lastly, better model for standard cars. At least have better lights and working Windscreen wipers, aa la Mazda LM55 Model.

    Those are my ones.
  20. GTV0819

    GTV0819 (Banned)

    Eager to see an option where you could change a car's color and wheels, regardless of its identity, such as being a race car or rally car. An engine change as well so that it can have more horses than when it's fully tuned. So...when can us, fans of Gran Turismo, expect these features?