Things You Want To See In GT6 Besides Vehicles and Tracks

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Not sure if anyone has out this up yet but in race pit modifications being allowed. Having to quit, exit, edit, go back in, wait for it to load, play, rinse, repeat really sucks.
What I would most like to see are the Vision GT races to win the car being removed from the Seasonals. I would like to see a race for each car in the Vision GT section (still with a buy option if you want more than one), so that people who have missed out on the VGT cars due to not having the game (or whatever) can still get them without having to pay a ridiculous amount of money for them.
Well, with bspec money doesn't really mean anything anymore
I don't know if anyone else has said this, but the ability to change your oil in car settings (lounge) seems like a no brainer! Really simple thing saves so much time.
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I don't know if anyone else has said this, but the ability to change your oil in car settings (lounge) seems like a no brainer! Really simple thing saves so much time.
Or even visit the dealership, for those times when you need to purchase a particular car quickly. Is there anything more frustrating than leaving a room to go purchase a car that was just decided on, to have a one-make race, and then you come back online only to find that someone took your spot at the room is now full... :mad:
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Might have been said (honestly I didn't read through all 168 pages). Here's a few things I'd like added/changed in game:

1) Expand the search function to filter cars by type (Rally, Super GT, LM, Touring, etc). Or at least have an option to select Race/Street to avoid scrolling through 10 pages of cars that don't meet that search criteria.
2) The ability to change car settings within the "Choose a diffferent car" option in seasonals/races. Other than having to back all the way out and go to the garage to edit the car to meet the race specs and then go back in again.
3) Enable cars from stockyard to show "owned check mark" in dealership.
4) Have an avatar of the car you used when you won gold in each race, and even better - the setup of the car at that snapshot in time. Would be a handy tool for future races/tweaks, or trying other cars in that race.


3 standard bodykits for each car AT LEAST:
One that is roadlegal and makes it look cooler (i.e Mugen parts on a Honda for example)
One that looks racy but does 🤬 all (like the one now)
One that looks like a GT3 bodykit and actually produces downforce, so for example you can make the M3 or Z4 look and BEHAVE like their racing couterparts.
Obvious lowering of a car like Forza has.
Some WRC stages
Oh and the old adelaide circuit cos I live near it...
A GOD DAMN COURSE MAKER!!! (it was promised a year ago)
Premium ALL the cars post-2004 and GT4 Prologue cars at LEAST
20 skylines instead of 49(!!)
Ability to actually tune a Prius/Tesla with more than weight reduction. At least exhausts as hybrids have exhausts
Putting stuff in like racing brake kits to actually affect weight
Cornering G-forces listed
0-100 km/h. 80-120km/h, 0-200km/h, 100-200km/h times listed IN THE TUNING AREA
A design maker (like the one forza/driveclub has, some of the FH2 designs are genuinely incredible)
Classic rear-wings for all classics (like the little ones on the back of old mustangs)
The game economy updated for the modern world, and based on LOCAL costs converted to US dollars
FWD/AWD conversions
Ability to swap engines, along with buying some common stock engines (such as a small hatch engine, a RB26, a Lambo engine for exotics etc)
Being able to put a small engine in a Prius like the i3 uses
Lisenced bodykits from tuning workshops
More than four fonts on the numbers
Numbers on the windows in yellow neon like the V8 Supercars use
Putting your name on the windows of basemodels next to those neon numbers
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1. Better realistic rim choice.
2. Better tyre Manufacturer choice
3. Better detailed mods
4. Updated tracks eg, Cote De D'azur
5. Grid Starts in all AI events
6. Male & Female Avaters with detailed custom option
7. More Hillclimb Tracks
8. Custom Skin editor
9. Option to race with both AI and friends online =)
10. To be able to choose left or right hand drive (In respect to those that us a wheel and there set up)
11. New Photo mode locations like Paris, London and Tokyo
Visual Body rigidity improvements
Foldout/fixed car info screens (real time engine dynamics, suspension info, and G forces)
In car lighting editor (LEDs and stuff)
Fluffy dice (If you ask why, my answer is: Why not?)
More Gauge options and placing
Digital gauges (option)
Shift lights/gauges
In-car adjustable engine mapping

Basically I want it to be possible to get rid of the HUD altogether and simply rely on what is in the car: Like in real life.
I was just thinking earlier it would be cool if you could customise replays with your own camera angles and things like slow motion and effects like in photomode. It could work by pausing the replay, moving the camera to wherever then have it follow the target car. Along with putting your music track of choice.
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I would like to be able to drive with the top down with convertibles, and a custom editor for race helmets and suits, being able to pick the patterns and colors instead of the unbelievably ugly color combo's that don't even match any cars available. Ok I did find one that matched the Pescalaro C60 Judd. But that's about it. I would also like to paint my car any color I choose as well as my rims. I can't have gold rims because I didn't win it or buy a car that color? I thought this game was supposed to be realistic. And the wheel and tire selection is awful, there are at least 2 dozen wheels I bet no one every uses. There should be far more wheels and tires by sizes, I put 235/35/19's on front and 275/30/19's on back of my car, why can't I do that here? (that's in place of 225s and 255/35s) The height is nice but width would be better. Especially more 5 spokes.
And I know this isn't supposed to be about cars but there are a dozen Miatas and even 2 Vipers where the only difference is the number on the car. Delete all the needless redundant cars to make room for the earlier mentioned Jenson, BMW 6 series and I would like my car on there Audi's s5 Cabriolet. Some cars have obviously decals for door handles and tail lights, little attention to detail like in the old GTs.

HKS racer

More classes for Online Racing please.

- GT1 class where we can use McLaren F1 GTR, Nissan R90 GT1, Pagani Zonda R, Ferrari FXX, Ford GT Spec II etc.

- DTM class.

- Touring car class where we can use Touring Cars and Base Models like R32, R33 and R34

- Classic Le Mans class. Let them race where they belong! No need to mix them with modern machines!
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After playing thru GT5 partway, I realized there are quite a few features I like better in 5 than in 6...

-Rally: There is precious little rallying in GT6, despite the large number of rally cars. And in GT5, the rallying is awesome! Randomly generated courses, 5-stage rallies, multiple surfaces...I really forgot how much I missed all of this.

-Top Gear/TGTT: This s a staple track for me, and as a big TG fan, I miss not having it in GT6.

-Course maker: Yeah, yeah, I know we're supposed to get it "soon". But I already have it in the older game...

-Length and breadth of Career Mode: Some people may disagree, but I feel that the Career Mode is much longer and more involved than it is in GT6. The longer the career mode, the longer people will play the game.

-Used Car Dealership/Online Dealership: This was a huge part of GT games in the past, and it sucks to see it go. I love the random chance at buying a rare car, rather than having them all available at once if you have the cash...

Overall, with the exception of the physics and some graphics (and the menu, and the cheesy music), I enjoy GT5 as much or more than GT6. It would be a clear winner in my book if GT5 were still online and fully functional. Aren't the latest versions of games supposed to be improvements??

HKS racer

Better AI and the possibility to choose AI cars

Oh and a championship based on Vision GT Cars. All those new cars and NO one is using them online. Makes no sense.
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gt6...y no Mine's R32? id like to have that and the Nissan Bluebird SSS-R also.

  1. I want to add AI cars in Online games
  2. Online options for disallowing autogears and using Cockpitview only
  3. better customizable HUD (i don´t need a rev counter in the detailed cockpit, but need one in the standards, but i always need information about laptime...)
  4. more stable online gaming
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lol sorry. so now id say they need to have tyre size and air pressure adjust... and i wish for a clutch button when gt7 comes out. and at least have something cosmetic like stickers or vinyl.