Things You Want To See In GT6 Besides Vehicles and Tracks

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I remember there being a very similar thread by the same name before GT5 came out that became very popular. For some reason I can't find it. Hopefully this is OK with mods, if not, just close it.

Here you can list things you want to see in GT6 besides cars and tracks. Ask for anything besides cars and tracks, from working turn signals to NOS upgrades to specific A-Spec events. Really anything.

I will do my best to organize everyone's requests into categories for easy reference.

Oh yeah, don't mention things that are already in GT5, as we'd hopefully think everything will be carried over. Items highlighted in GREEN will have been confirmed to be in GT6. Items highlighted in

will be confirmed not to be in GT6


CARS - Customization
  • Ability to carbon fiber more panels (trunk, roof, doors) or the entire car
  • Ability to change center-cabs (Audi cabs on some VW-Wheels ex)
  • Ability to change interior color
  • Ability to convert the transmission from H-Gauge to a sequential or paddle shift
  • Ability to mount extra full beam lights on the car, and place them where you want, or at least have a few reasonable options. Like grill, roof or down below the licence plate.
  • Ability to position mufflers (straight, right or left, upwards)
  • Ability to rename your car model to reflect your modification. (For example: Nissian Skyline GTR34, after your specific tunning on the stock car, you can rename the car to JG R34...etc)
  • Detailed RM. Car should be able to be modified into different classes of cars. E.g An Evo could be made into a rally car, a time trial car, a race car (GT500, LM, BTTC, WTTC)ect. You should be able to choose different types of engines for each RM. E.g For say the rally cars you should be able to change the engines to fit into different classes, WRC, Pikes Peak, Group B? Unlimited class. The drivetrain should also be able to be changed. E.g 4WD for the rally cars, RWD for the time trail cars, and whatever drivetrains are allowed in the category the car is.
  • License Plate Editor
  • Mount Spacers on every car/wheels
  • Racing Mod Option for every car
  • Rim / Tire size options, including mismatched rims in color and size
  • Tinted glass (various shades)

CARS - Customization Parts
  • Larger selection of Rims (available to all cars)
  • Larger selection of Spoilers/Wings. All wings in the game should be available for any car (except race cars)
  • Licensed Seat Belts and Harnesses (TRS, Cobra, Driftworks etc)
  • OEM/Aftermarket Body Kits (not just splitters and spoilers)
  • OEM/Aftermarket Bumpers
  • OEM/Aftermarket Exhaust Tips
  • OEM/Aftermarket Grills
  • OEM/Aftermarket Headlights / Taillights (yellow, blue, LED etc)
  • OEM/Aftermarket Instruments / Gauges (Bar, Oil, Temp. ex)
  • OEM/Aftermarket Pedals / Foot-rest
  • OEM/Aftermarket Rims in diffrent sizes - not just one size like GT5.
  • OEM/Aftermarket Seats (Sparco, Momo, RaceTech)
  • OEM/Aftermarket Steering Wheels
  • Steering Wheel covers
  • Strobe Lights

CARS - Damage
  • Dirt and sand can get into engine or clog filters
  • Engine Failures
  • Gear Box Failures (or individual gears)
  • Glass breaks
  • High Speed crashes can lead to instant DNF
  • Hubcaps can fall off if possible on real wheel
  • Occasional Fires after crashes
  • Oil leaks
  • Random Failures (possibility increased with rough driving/wrecking/poor maintenance)
  • Realistic Damage can be turned on or off
  • Rust
  • Time-Scaled damage. Occurs when the car does not have chassis reinforcement and in endurance events. This can mostly happen when entering a corner, weather/climate, or constantly bumping into walls or other cars. For example: Bob enters the Karussell corner at the Nurburgring and when leaving the corner he noticed that his front-right brake is not working. Time-Scaled damages can also effect brakes, transmission box, gearbox, chassis, wheels, engine/turbo, lights (front and rear), aerodynamics, weight, oil, fuel, exhaust, etc...

CARS - Functions
  • Ability to adjust seats
  • Ability to change radio stations in car (stations depend on country)
  • Ability to change readout on dash/LCD
  • Ability to control convertible tops or remove T-Top prerace
  • Ability to control windows and sunroofs
  • Ability to toggle boost
  • Ability to turn headlights/foglights on or off at anytime
  • Ability to turn on/off rear windshield wiper
  • Ability to turn on/off windshield wiper fluid
  • Ability to use turn signals
  • Cruise control
  • Rear wipers should work too when its raining

CARS - Gameplay
  • Ability to run out of fuel where you completely stop and a tow truck has to come get you
  • Ability to stall the engine
  • Ability to turn engine on and off
  • Brakefade
  • Clutch Slipping
  • More realistic gear changes (In GT5 it's almost instantaneous, whereas in real life, it would be at least a 2 second gap between gear changes due to having to depress the clutch, place the stick/shifter in the correct gear, and then releasing the clutch and gradually increasing the throttle. Now if the car has DSG or paddle shift, or CVT, etc. I can understand quick gear changes. [or none at all if it's CVT] All I'm saying is, make the gear changes and sounds more realistic.)
  • Over revving Damages engine
  • Real gearbox for each car (example mclaren SLR, in real life its an automatic but in GT its like driving manual with a delay from 1st to 2nd)
  • Simulated automatic gearbox (if you gently push the throttle it will shift earlier and if you pin the throttle down it will kickdown to lower gear)
  • Tire Blowouts
  • Tire Flatspots
  • Tyre blistering. (Caused by overheating road tyres. Big chunks of rubber start falling off the tyre and it's like driving on clay'ish tyres.)
  • Visible Suspension with functions
  • Water Temperature (not enough intercoolers etc can raise temp)
  • Working Fuel Guage

CARS - Maintenance
  • Brake pad & rotor changes
  • Clutch changes
  • Dirt, oil, bugs, insects, and Grime Accumulate on Windshield and headlights
  • The car actually gets dirty and when you go clean it in GT Auto it actually looks dirty and then gets washed.
  • Windshield Wiper Fluid

CARS - Physics - Aerodynamic
  • Blowovers
  • Draft/slipstream efficiency updated to take into account speed, car shape/drag, and horsepower.
  • Revamped aerodynamic physics (drag doesn't exist when you increase downforce)
  • Turbulent air from the car in front of you affects handling, disruption severity depends on speed, drag, and aero dependency
  • Wind

CARS - Physics - Crashes
  • Better collision physics
  • Better off course on grass physics
  • Soft-body physics

CARS - Physics - Mechanical
  • ABS 1 - 10 doesnt have a huge difference where as ABS 0 is truly off, it would be good if 0 was off and 10 was fully on and the rest were spaced correctly inbetween, i.e. so it would be possible to lock your brakes on abs 2 if u stamped on them
  • Better low-speed physics (burnouts and donuts!)
  • Better suspensions and tyre model /contact with surface is wrong
  • Gyroscopic effects of the engine on cars
  • Harder Tire compounds last much longer then softer compounds, at least twice as long
  • Have the latteral g-forces to be calculated more accurately. Not just a simple grip multiplyer as is now.
  • More focus on a simulation feel than look, especially when using wheels
  • More realistic tire model in all weather conditions
  • Offline and online physics absolutely identical
  • Rim and tire width should also be reflected in the game mechanically
  • Suspension setups and car weight effect tire wear. i.e. A car with a lot of camber and/or weight (or both) will go through tires at a faster rate than a lighter one w/ less camber.
  • The way the car behaves under braking through the entry of the corner needs to be more realistic
  • The way the car responds when you get sideways to corrections needs to be more realistic
  • Tires last longer overall
  • Track Temperature readouts, and has a performance/tyre wear effect
  • Wheelies possible

CARS - Sound
  • Blow-off valve sound
  • Brake squeal
  • KERS recovery sound during braking
  • More Realistic Engine Sound
  • More Realistic Exhaust Sound
  • More realistic Gear Change Sounds (like some cars make a burble or pop sound on up-shifts etc.)
  • More realistic sound so you can hear whats going on with the engine and tires
  • More Realistic Turbo Sound
  • Real Engine sounds for every car. (proper gearbox and rev sounds and mix overall)
  • Transmission Whine
  • Sonic-Boom after 768mph
  • Wider Range of Sound

CARS - Testing
  • A scale where you can see exactly how much the car weights with no fluids, all the way up to all fluids in car + driver.
  • Better analysis software. Such as MoTeC i2!
  • Crash tests
  • Dyno
  • Expand upon the data logging system (log more sensors)
  • Tuning Adjustments are easier to notice
  • Wind Tunnel - Allows you to view airflow over the body and underbody of the car. Also generates drag coefficient numbers. Able to change tuning settings on car while in wind tunnel such as downforce, ride height, etc. Also able to remove parts like wings and mirrors to test the affects of such modifications.

CARS - Tuning Adjustments
  • 4 Point Tuning instead of Front/Back
  • Ability to lower car to realistic stance
  • Build to exact horsepower
  • Bump Stops
  • Caster
  • Engine performance improvement system to be streamlined and made less needlessly complex. There's no point in having many different parts which all they do is shifting the entire torque curve to the right by 100 rpm and/or increasing values along the entire engine powerband by 4% or so. There's no strategy involved, no drawback, all parts essentially affect the engine in the same unrealistic way. So my idea is: since PD aren't going to simulate the fluid-dynamics behavior of each component to the engine (it would be way too much work) they could simply add a slider or two to shift the powerband in believable manner, which would be alone a great improvement over the current system, where engines don't change in character at all, even after tuning them to the maximum. It's something so simple to achieve that I just made an example in Excel. This example simply interpolates in different steps between a "stock", low rpm engine configuration, and a high tuned, high rpm tuned version. One, instead of buying engine "parts", would buy the "right" to set the sliders to higher values, which would have progressively increasing costs.
  • Fuel Load levels
  • Grill Tape
  • Hybrid Boost Levels
  • KERS Boost Levels
  • Limited customization for every car just to avoid unrealistic behaviours. (less parameters)
  • More exact ballast position editor. Like if your car is not entirely balanced with the driver in it, the ability to adjust for that with ballast. Like not only the option to move the weight forward or backwards, but to the sides as well.
  • NOS Boost Levels
  • Removal of Mirrors, Wings etc to gain weight/aero advantage
  • Restrictor Plates
  • Rev Limiter
  • Scroll tips as to what you are doing and how it may effect the car. Tips are geared toward the type of car you are driving. When tuning at certain tracks the tips should change to help you tune better for that track. ex: "this is a fast track with a lot of elevation changes, you may want to tune for ...." or "this is a bumpy track with tight turns, you may want to tune for ....".
  • Steering Lock
  • Tire Pressure
  • Turbo Boost Levels
  • Wheel offset

CARS - Tuning Parts
  • A much better tyre modelling. I'd like to see the ability to fit the car with other tyre dimesntions than OEM. I.e adding 265's to the front of a M3 CSL from the stock 235's.
  • Adding a race suspension to a Street car will Change tire width and will widen tire possition to the max the car's body allow
  • Additional aftermarket ECU and data logger upgrades (i.e. the option to upgrade your data logging system. Reflect the price with the options unlocked).
  • Aerodynamic parts for less drag/downforce and more speed
  • Auxiliary fuel tank
  • Colord burnout tires for drifting
  • Convert to FF, FR, MR, or AWD
  • Diffusers
  • Drag Racing Parts
  • Drive Train Swaps
  • Engine Swap(hybrids)
  • Fan Car Technology
  • High performance sparkplugs and HT ignition lead upgrades and installation
  • KERS
  • Licensed Performance Software (REVO Stage2 in a Seat Leon Cupra)
  • Licensed Tires (Pirelli, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Firestone, Michelin etc)
  • More realistic modifications (1000+HP possible on Supra)
  • More Tuning options for each brand like we had in GT4. Mercedes Benz with AMG and so on. Each with its proper manufacturer to customize and tune the car
  • NOS
  • OEM/Aftermarket Brake discs, pads and calipers (Audi R8 brakes on a Audi A3 ex)
  • OEM/Aftermarket Exhaust-systems (Milltek, HKS, APR ex)
  • OEM/Aftermarket Intakes
  • OEM/Aftermarket Intercoolers (Audi S3 intercooler on a Audi A3 1.8T or HKS intercooler on a Skyline ex)
  • OEM/Aftermarket Oil / Water-Cap (Audi R8 on a Audi TT ex)
  • OEM/Aftermarket suspensions with functions like in GT5 (camber, height, toe...)
  • Performance parts need to be upgraded every 365 days or so to count for technological progress
  • Racing Modifications on more cars and possibly more Racing Mods per car (depends on application: drag, drift, rally, precision and so on)
  • Restrictor Plates
  • Stage 4 Turbos
  • Supercharge any car
  • Turbocharge any car
  • Twin/Quad Turbo option
  • Variety of Licensed Tuning parts (example: multiple manufacturers of turbos offer different levels of power/lag)
  • Weight changes depending on tuning parts added
  • Wheels/Tires of different width and diameter

CARS - Unique Features
  • Adjustable front wing on F10
  • Adjustable front wing on X2010/11
  • Assists such as Traction control available for some cars and not others
  • Attachable windshield wiper for NASCAR
  • Better rev matching (considering you have an h-pattern shifter and clutch setup)
  • Braking performance depends on quality of stock rotors/pads/calipers/master cylinders
  • Diesels emit black smoke
  • Different fuel consumption for each of the cars
  • Different fuel tank sizes for each car
  • Different modes for each car (RACE, ECO, RIDE QUALITY, etc)
  • DRS for F1 cars
  • Electronic speed limiters on road cars fitted with them in real life
  • Lock to lock steering ratio different for each car
  • Every car to come with it's unique number,like a chassis number if you like,which will be issued from the PD servers after you buy a car from the dealerships.This number will stay with the car for it's history in the game
  • OEM driving modes for cars that come with comfort, sports, race, etc. modes. For example, put an Audi R8 in sports mode after being in comfort and there is a slight difference in performance; dampers stiffen, throttle response tweaked, etc. No mods or tuning needed because the car comes with these abilities from the factory. Think Lamborghini and switching to Corsa mode (Corsa right???)
  • Restrictor Plates for NASCAR
  • Semi-Automatic Shift Mode - Cars will upshift and downshift automatically, but the normal shift buttons can be pressed to upshift or downshift sooner... especially downshifting.
  • Songs or radio to only play in car with speakers inside them. In other words: race cars: no music.
  • Wedge Adjustments for NASCAR

  • A set bunch of AI's to race against. Not just random, meaningless names. So that if Joe Bloggs is on the grid you know you have a race on your hands but that John Doe is a pushover.
  • Ability to "model" their pace with your own would be nice, or at least have a few difficulties available that actually increase their cornering proficiency.
  • AI crashes
  • AI does not brake early
  • AI should be a little bit more than brain dead (at least should be faster or more aggressive and varied)
  • Better, faster, more realistic and competitive AI
  • Get rid of that freaking slowdown thing they do when you're behind them, and only have them do that if you get next to them on the inside of a corner entry
  • Great AI customizable in % from 20 to 120%
  • Individualized AI (Some AI drive dirty, clean, aggressive, noobish)

GAMEPLAY - Avatars
  • Ability to dress in street clothes
  • Avatar Driver functions at Avatar roaming places such as waving, high-5's, and clapping ect.
  • Custom helmet visors
  • Face, hair, weight, & skin color customization
  • Female Avatars
  • Height and weight customization
  • Licensed Apparel
  • Livery Editor for helmet and suit

  • Ability to create your own B-Spec drivers' names (with the Sony censorship thing incorporated obviously)
  • Ability to fast forward B-Spec
  • Ability to program B-Spec to run multiple races on it's own
  • B-Spec drivers Age
  • B-Spec drivers can be injured
  • Drivers all come from a set pool of drivers, rather than have randomly generated names, and have biographys, which influence their driving style, choice of car, whether they're Jackie Stewart or not etc
  • Female B-spec drivers
  • GT4-style B-Spec
  • Make B-Spec Optional
  • Racing Team instead of Bob's that cannot interact with you. Enter 2 cars in races. you and Bob.
  • Remove B-Spec

GAMEPLAY - Car Creation
  • Ability to build a car from the ground up
  • Ability to build kit cars from scratch using the parts of others
  • Ability to design a car
  • Ability to design an engine
  • Ability to design wheels

GAMEPLAY - Drifting
  • Better points system to drift seasonals
  • Physics same online and offline

GAMEPLAY - Endurance Races
  • Daytona 24 hours
  • Daytona 500
  • Driver change animations
  • Endurance races unlocked gradually instead of all at once
  • Le Mans 24 Hours (no chicanes)
  • More Endurance Races
  • Multi-class Racing
  • No LeMans cars at Nurburgring 24 hours
  • Race with up to 3 B-Spec teammates
  • Realistic lineup with proper cars
  • Spa 24 hours

GAMEPLAY - Event Creator
  • Ability to adjust each individual AI driver from skill to driving behavior
  • Ability do design an event with several races/tracks to be mastered. The winner would be alternatively determined either by a point system like in the current A-spec champignonship events or ralley-style by the overall time from all races. This would open the possibility to design a whole evening of fun for a fixed set of participants.
  • Ability to share races with friends
  • Ability to choose grid or rolling start
  • Ability to custom pick AI cars including those in your own garage
  • Ability to set length of race by either laps (1-500) or time (1min - 24 hours)
  • Ability to set up a race with track, weather, surface and specify which cars can participate, car restrictions, standing or running start and so on
  • Ability to give AI cars tuning parts and tune their car settings
  • Ability to script weather changes
  • Earn credits from Event Generator based on difficulty and length of race

GAMEPLAY - Flags & Safety Car
  • Black flag penalty adjustable (drive through - 60 second stop/go)
  • Black flag penalty for rough driving or punting
  • Black flag penalty for too much damage or leaking fluids
  • Blue flag to warn lapped cars of leaders
  • Debris on track, ie someone coming out of gravel trap. You get specific flags for that sector and perhaps a message from race engineer.
  • Green flag waved at starts
  • Full safety car for ovals and roadcourses, can be turned on or off
  • If enough water gets on the track or if weather conditions become too hazardous, flags are waved around the track and the race stops like in real life.
  • Penalties if you come off the track (if you cut the corner), or if you hit someone
  • Realistic flag regulations
  • Red flag
  • Trackside marshals wave yellow or green flags

GAMEPLAY - Free Roam
  • 100 square miles
  • A long windy country road/highway that you can just cruise on
  • A full city to explore like London or New York or just a made up city, you can have this single player, multiplayer and just for photomode.
  • A realistic city or town with AI traffic and working lights. (Street lights, stop lights, etc.)
  • Ability to park my car, turn off the engine, get out, and sit on my hood.
  • Adjustable AI traffic
  • Can get out of car
  • Car washes
  • Famous routes such as the Autoban, Route 66, Highway 1, and a whole lot more
  • Gas Stations
  • Time Change
  • Weather Change

GAMEPLAY - Graphics
  • Better Visual Damage
  • Better weather rendering
  • Exhaust fumes on highly tuned cars
  • Fewer "pop-ups."
  • Fixed shadows
  • Instead of black silhouette for standard cars, use generic interior where it changes based on make (just emblem on steering wheel) and type of car
  • More realistic trees in background
  • Motion Blur
  • Moving Driveshafts
  • Pit boards
  • Rally races should have some mud and water splashing where you have to use your wipers
  • Rim and tire width should also be reflected in the game visually
  • Skid Marks
  • Stable 60fps
  • Tire marks stay on road
  • Various degrees of rain; the higher the number, the harder it will rain. i.e. 1 = Light Drizzle, 10 = Torrential Downpour
  • Vibrating/moving engine (when visible) on load, realistically
  • Vibrating exhaust pipes
  • Visible roll cage
  • Visible weight reduction (chairs etc removed)
  • Water droplets on car that stream across when driving
  • Water splashes

GAMEPLAY - GT Life Career Features
  • A callendar similar to Tiger Woods golf game where you have Racing tournaments on the weekend ranging from 5 to 10 weeks. These can begin in the first year with amateur or even beginner races moving up to say year 4 or 5 (if you're good enough) where you are LMP or F1 Championships over say 15 consecutive weekends. In the weekdays you can have other smaller championships that are one off races or 3 or 4 race meetings again ranging in difficulty from year one upwards. You can even say have a Rally Tuesday kind of thing where every Tuesday its a rally event.
  • A career mode which starts, lets say from the year 1954 for example, giving cars for use which were available at that time, and then continue all the way towards the 2010++ while "releasing" cars when these were announced for public for the first time.
  • A real, honest career mode with a cast of AI players that have distinct personalities. Advancing through the amateur divisions. Meaningful choices like getting offers from different teams and having to decide who to drive for. Struggling to get sponsorship. Basically being a racing career simulator, and not just a driving simulator.
  • Ability to buy insurance with multiple coverage plans to cover damage costs. Car Insurance covers a car from damages for any amount of races. For example: Bob pays 250,000Cr. for his car. Bob get a big scratch on the right side of the vehicle from a race. The Repair cost 1,000Cr. Now Bob has 249,000Cr. for his car. Bob's car got totaled from a race (Bob is a bad driver). The Repair Cost 300,000Cr. Bob uses the rest of the insurance money from the car. Bob owes 51,000Cr. due to repairs. Now Bob can use the winnings to pay off the repair or spend credits.
  • Ability to get sponsored by car or product companies
  • Ability to hire your own race team & pitcrew with custom suits and helmets
  • Ability to transfer cars already bought in GT5 into GT6
  • Bonus Exp/Credit for the least amount of aids used
  • Companies like BMW could sponsor you for your the next season, & recieving special types of team cars that are not available any where else
  • Earn sponsors whose logo you can add onto your racing suit and they pay you a salary
  • Possibly the ability to do a career with multiple seasons and get job offers (not choose a series, the game offers you a job) after or during each season in different series.
  • Separate mileage counter for A-Spec and B-Spec
  • Several career paths where the player decides which types of races he is more interested in (muscle cars -> drag races -> Nascar) (Precision racing -> Touring car races) (Racing karts -> Super lightweight cars) (japanese cars -> drift -> touge) and so on

GAMEPLAY - GT Life - Dealership Features
  • Ability to choose colour of interior, change seat design & rims when buying a car that have different styles
  • Ability to negotiate used car prices
  • Ability to test drive cars before buying as long as you have enough credits to buy them. Some cars are not test-drivable.
  • Ability to view cars in detail before purchasing, ex opening doors, hoods, etc
  • All cars available from the start
  • Each manufacturer has a theme song when visiting their dealership
  • Exclusive prize cars (LMP prototypes etc)
  • Full service when buying used cars option
  • If an auto maker offers a body kit for a specific car, then it should be in the game as an areo package. For example, the Mazda RX-8 comes plain. There is also an R3 package. And for the 2004-2008 RX-8 there is also a specific areo package along with the Mazdaspeed kit. These bits and pieces of areo should be selectable.
  • Sometimes 2 or 3 of the same car model may appear in the used car lot with different colors and varying levels of mileae and condition
  • Used cars of the same model vary greatly in color and condition

GAMEPLAY - GT Life - Economy
  • Car prices based on CURRENT value not original sale price. Example: A McLaren F1 cost $1,000,000 when it first went on sale but now is worth $4,000,000. Auction prices and used car sells should be used as an indicator for pricing older cars
  • Credit payouts that don't make you feel short changed. Rewarded appropriately for coming 2nd or 3rd or 4th etc
  • Make it harder to be rich
  • No credit Limit
  • Races should not give out a large wad of cash untill the very end of the career mode. You shouldn't be able to buy every single car in the game without ever starting an endurance race. You should never be able to repeat a race over and over for money.

    This is one of the key crippled features of any GT game, and even most other racing games. Any sense of accomplishment is demolished by making it possible to grind an easy race over and over again, making earning new cars in the career mode simply mean nothing, nothing at all, making the entire upgrade system and it's various tiers of items completely meaningless.
  • Real Currency (dollar, pound, euro, yen etc)
  • Selling a car with tuning parts or modifications decreases or increases its value accordingly
  • Used car prices change depending on mileage and condition

GAMEPLAY - GT Life - Features
  • 1,000 XP between each level
  • A system in GT6 where you need to have a minimum number of A-spec points to unlock the next set of events. The B-class licence would be available from the start of the game, and all the A-spec points you acquired would go towards unlocking the A-class licence. Once you unlocked the A-class licence, B-class events would stop paying points, so you would have to compete in A-class events to earn more points and unlock the next licence in the sequence. Rinse, lather and repeat. Of course, the points required for the next licence would have to be set at a reasonable level. You wouldn't have to win everything with 200-point races just to get the next licence, but you would have to compete in a fair number of 60-point (the number assigned to evenly-matched races) events to unlock the next licence. This would make the game accessible to new players, whilst allowing experienced players the challenge of rapidly progressing through the game. It would also clamp down on GT4's easy-progression problem, where all you had to do was earn the A-class licence and spam the entry-level events at Costa di Amalfi to earn a rally raid car that could be sold for about 160,000 credits.
  • Ability to buy a shell of a car and be able to build or convert to a specific race series, Rally/Race/Drift etc, from the ground up
  • Ability to buy a duplicate of any car in my garage including all mods and settings with the purchase price including any upgrades.
  • Ability to park my car, turn off the engine, get out, and sit on my hood. Maybe even be able to walk around. Imagine being able to decorate/customize your car inside and out, and then also be able to go to car meets/shows, and show off your car. You know, park your car, get out, pop the hood open, etc. Then you could chill with friends, chat, rate cars, etc. IMO, that would be absolutely stunning.
  • Allow me to customize a different button other than the 'start' button to re-start races. On steering wheels, it can be difficult to hit the start button in a timely manner... it would be much better to hit circle or square etc. And I would like it to be a shortcut to 're-start' races if possible, with just a confirmation prompt.. 90% of the time when I hit START I just want to re-start the race. How about a shortcut fellas?
  • Allow me to customize a different button other than the 'start' button to re-start races. On steering wheels, it can be difficult to hit the start button in a timely manner... it would be much better to hit circle or square etc. And I would like it to be a shortcut to 're-start' races if possible, with just a confirmation prompt.. 90% of the time when I hit START I just want to re-start the race. How about a shortcut fellas?
  • Better loading times
  • Celebrity Narrator (Chuck Norris, Samuel L Jackson, etc)
  • Cool music like previous GT games not loads of Jazz
  • Detailed Career stats, top speed, credits earned/spent, highest G-Force, most barrel rolls, etc
  • Easter eggs such as J.Bond driving the Esprit
  • For those races that require specific PP or cars, instead of making me click on first Entry Requirements and then Garage, just let me go to the garage from the main area that shows the different races and filter for that race's requirements.
  • GT TV improvement (Live Stream of 24h and other endurance races with Nissan involment. Including exclusive interviews and so on.)
  • Higher level limit
  • If I go to start a race where I am not in and don't own an eligible car (and it's not a tire or turning thing, but the car itself), give me an option to go straight to the used/new car dealer and filter for only the cars that would work for that race option.
  • License to level relations. Eg. To pass level 10 you need a certain license.
  • License tests Mandatory
  • load a car in the garage and then see all of the possible races that I would be eligible for and pick one. Even cooler would be to also list if I would be grossly over/under qualified for the race.
  • More Gran Turismo-made and Daiki Kasho Songs
  • More legendary drivers in game such as Keichi Tsuchiya etc
  • Museum—Instead of cards, I had originally hoped it would be a way to view every car in the game, neatly presented with it’s information, in different groups and combinations; like all of the Skyline GT-Rs in a row with a historical perspective of them, all of the Super GT cars included for 2012 with a summary of that year’s races, etc.
  • Multiple unique soundtracks for Parts Shop, Auction & Car Dealership
  • Overall consistency. UI, track design and graphics, car design and graphics and the game design itself (racing/progression structure) should feel consistent. It should feel like it's all the same game. It should feel like it belongs.
  • Parts store
  • Proper ways of blocking the possibily to clone cars through backup savefiles etc so theres really a kind of economy around rare cars & great livery
  • Return to the structure of the GT World Championship in GT2. You had to win all the national events before moving onto the regional rounds, which you had to win in order to unlock the World Championship. However, I'd also put a bit of a twist on it: once you won a set of national events, a regional event would open up. That event would be decided by the nation that you won a round in. So if I raced in the German leagues with a Volkswagen, I would only be able to compete in the European regional events. Likewise, if I won the Japanese series in a Honda, only the Asia-Pacific regional event would be unlocked. Furthermore, the regional event I competed in would dictate the kind of car I could use in the World Championship - so if I won the European events, I could only use a European car. The other regional and national events would only unlock once I won the World Championship, at which point I could begin the process again. In order to get 100% completion, I would have to win the World Championship in a car from every region.
  • Save Files Locked
  • Skippable car puchase animations
  • Smaller updates
  • Store to buy suits, helmets, horns, helmets etc
  • Take a page out of Amazon on demand (using the Playstation 3 App) and give me a visual menu to continue a race series where I have already started. For example, suppose I'm halfway done getting my IA license, have finished 2 of 3 PP500 races, and 1 of 3 of the Turbo Challenge. It should give me a visual option to choose the next IA license, the next PP500 race or the next Turbo Challenge race without making me remember where I left off and what I have to do next. I'm old, my memory aint' what it used to be LOL.

GAMEPLAY - GT Life Garage Features
  • A customizable virtual garage that our avatar can walk around in which we see in first-person perspective. Where we can view our cars and have a look around the interior.
  • Ability to create mutiple custom folders/tabs to sort out your garage. (You can categorize your cars to Street Tunning/Drift tunning/GT500/F1/displacement/wheelbase/decade, etc....etc)

  • Ability to remove spoilers or other modifications
  • Car wash removed
  • Chassis restoration removed
  • If you damage your car you need to repair it and unlike Forza the cost is representative. (Once had to pay 250,000 repair bill on a 35,000 car in Forza). If repair costs are too high, the option to write the car off.
  • Engine restoration removed
  • Individual components can be repaired
  • Oil change for multiple cars at once
  • Oil change removed
  • Option to write a car off once the damage cost is too high
  • Realistic repair costs
  • Refurbish an alloy from wear, tear, dirt or damage
  • Remove GT Auto
  • Repairs to cars cost credits depending on damage
  • Visibily see repairs and upgrades to your car and engine

GAMEPLAY - GT Life License Tests
  • "gold or bust" mode. Essentially, it's fine to record when I get bronze or silver or beat my old time, but until I get gold, as soon as the race finishes, it should restart the race to try again. Then when I get gold, instead of the crazy cheering thing at the end and then loading the XP and Levels progress, just take me to the next race and it's starting line. Cut out all of the fluff. The one request is that the game saves my bronze, silver, and gold progress as soon as I earn those trophies in case of a power/system/data issue that causes me to abruptly shut down.
  • Make License tests like real ones, maybe in some huge parking lot, alot of stuff to do on in (learn braking, hard turns, overtaking, sliding, learn to avoid real crash situations, reaction tests, driving/sliding in wet and recover car, real race driver instructions "how to" etc.)

GAMEPLAY - GT Life Menu Features
  • Ability to choose which menu you want to see at startup
  • Ability to combine personal BGM with the game's default one
  • Better menus
  • Classic GT menus
  • GT5 White Concept City Menu
  • Shortcuts to allow faster access of areas

GAMEPLAY - GT Life Racing - Arcade Mode
  • 2 player loading time improved
  • 2 player sound improved
  • Ability to create custom events and championships - select the number of races, number of heats per race event, the tracks, car (one-make, a car category, or multi-class), grid type, practice, qualifying and warmup sessions, points system (you could choose from various presets like FIA-based points system or create your own system). And the ability to save progress of a given event, so you organize longer events that can take several days to finish. Of course you'd have to be able to do something else when you come back to the game and resume your event / championship when you like (unlike the current GT5 saved endurance races, in which you have to resume the race and do nothing else until you quit or finish).
  • Ability to adjust each individual AI driver from skill to driving behavior
  • Ability to choose AI cars
  • Ability to choose grid or rolling start
  • Ability to custom pick AI cars
  • Ability to give AI cars tuning parts and tune their car settings
  • Ability to set length of race by either laps (1-500) or time (1min - 24 hours)
  • Ability to set up a race with track, weather, surface and specify which cars can participate, car restrictions, standing or running start and so on
  • Ability to start the race in Grid (Standing start instead of rolling start)
  • Arcade mode like before, where every car you buy in GT Mode becomes indefinitely available in Arcade mode with all colors, etc
  • LAN mode
  • No AI driver has the same car as you
  • Time attack, free run and races. All tracks would be splitted to different stages, if a stage is beaten then player unlocks another tracks in Arcade Mode. In Arcade Mode player would also define her/his own race and would set up: how much laps, changeable weather, qualify section, car setup.

GAMEPLAY - GT Life Racing Features
  • "your fans" they get more in spectators stands over your career progression (wearing your team colours), and if you are more successful (just like in Drift flag system) people start to shout, scream and make noises while you drive by them, even better if you are lets say from Canada, they would shout "GOOO CANADA GOOO" and raise Canadian flags upon spectators stands, that would make tracks so much more alive.
  • Ability to apply all GT Auto maintenance (or at least oil change) at track
  • Ability to change car in prerace screen
  • Ability to delete lap times individually
  • Ability to be disqualified
  • Ability to DNF
  • Ability to make replay ghost solid. Also the ability to control how fast it is
  • Ability to make your own themetune for a podium finish
  • Ability to stream music from websites
  • Ability to watch the race from any spectating grandstand or area
  • Adjustable difficulty levels so you can decide if you want easy and casual, or hardcore.
  • AI's cars being scaled upper or lower classes depending on a player car in Career mode
  • Balanced Level system with 100 levels
  • Crew Chief/Engineer/spotter for NASCAR and other racing series who have one
  • Detailed Post Race report of all sessions (can be saved and exported)
  • Difficulty levels Easy
  • Each championship in A-spec should have more than 5 races
  • Leaderboards for A-Spec Events (offline)
  • Mandatory pit stops
  • Much better penalty system. You should only be penalised for going off the track if you gain an advantage. For example, a personal best sector time or gained position off the circuit. If you do gain a position, give us the opportunity to give the place back, if the person doesn't give up position then give a penalty.
  • No AI driver has the same car as you
  • Post-race podium and champagne celebration with beautiful girls
  • Prize car lottery that was in GT3
  • Practice, qualifying, and Warmup (raceday conditions) sessions for every race
  • Qualifying like in the older games. And one that works online too.
  • Race Commentator
  • Racing line shows correct line and braking markers (ex Forza 4)
  • Random Championships after you beat them
  • Reducing the PP of the car used should give you a better prize car
  • Restrict alowed cars in races (similar to online, but even more): Legal road cars (seperate FR, FF, RR, MR, 4WD) engine types 2.0 and lover, 2.0 and higher, with turbos, without turbos etc..., GT500, GT300, DTM, F1, WRC (group A, group B etc.), Classic car races etc.
  • Safety rating (like iracing)
  • Single DLC cars &/or past unavailable DLC cars, should be able to be won in a 24 hour endurance race seasonal event, with in a 36 or 48hr aloud time session; with the possible option for friends to join, but only on the REAL TIME FORMAT...also with option for B-SPEC Team mate to maintain your position up to a 6 hr window.
  • Teams (2 Peugeot 908s etc)
  • Three tiers of A-Spec, each broken down further in a similar way the current A-spec is. Each tier would be simple:

    Tier 1: Road cars. Events allow only marginal modifications such as air filters, exhaust, non-racing suspension, no racing tires, only Stage 1 Engine builds and Turbo kits. Stage 1 weight removal etc. This helps keep cars from not only making the racing boring very quickly, but also helps players structure their prizes in more productive ways rather than over-modifying cars early on. The first level would essentially be limited to Kei-cars, old compacts (EG Civic SiR, S13-S14 Silvia) and new compacts (Peugeot 207 GTi). Level two would introduce sport compacts (Older Civic Type-Rs, Delta HF Integrale, S15 Silvias) and older performance cars (3000GT, 300ZX, 4th gen Camaro, C4 Corvette). Level three would introduce newer performance cars and high-level Japanese performance machines (like the NSX, R32-R34 GT-R's, 5th Gen Camaro) as well as older Muscle Cars (Challenger R/T, Mustang Mach 1). Level Four brings in high-performance GT's, low-end Supercars and high-end Supercars. (Corvette Z06/ZR1, R35 GT-R, Audi R8, Ferrari Enzo, Lamborghini Aventador). cLevel Five recycles some events to a degree but puts them in championship format. Might also include 1-3 endurance events or more.

    Tier 2 would unlock after completing Level 2 of Tier 1. Tier 2 would include events for tuned cars and concept cars. Tuned cars would allow aero modifications in terms of spoilers. Stage 2 parts are now allowed in events. Short-geared Transmissions and adjustable sports suspension is allowed. Racing Hard tires are allowed. Level 1-4 would follow a similar structure as above. With an escalating mix of tuned street cars, real life tuned machines as well as concept cars coming in later, most of which being won in the proceeding events. Level 5 would again include a number of events that are similar to before, but in a championship format, followed by a group of short endurance races.

    Finally Tier 3 would include any and all race cars. All parts are available to be applied, but each event is strict about their application (some might not allow any at all, forcing you to drive stock or only lightly-tuned DTM's, SGT's etc). Level 1 would start you off in lower-powered Touring cars like Group N, S2000 and some unique RM's like the Prius and CR-Z. Level 2 would up the ante, with Group A, Super Touring and GT300 cars coming among others. Level 3 would bring up faster touring cars and FIA GT3/GT4 cars. DTM, and similar cars would be here. Finally Level 4 would bring up Indy/F1 style Formula cars (if there are lower powered open-wheel cars included in the game, they would be in the lower levels), Super GT500/JGTC 500 cars, NASCAR, Le Mans GT and Prototype cars and Hill climb racers. Level 5 would again follow the similar theory of including championship-style races (these would have a few more races, though) and would include the larger endurance races like Daytona 24, Spa 24, Bathurst 1000km/24, Le Mans 24, Nurburgring 5/24 etc. (Preferably though, I really think that B-spec needs to be incorporated into the endurance events to make them a bit more applicable and realistic. If this happens to be the case, I would prefer to see the Endurance races in their own special menu to reflect this, as they wouldn't be purely A-spec Races). In addition to the above levels, Manufacturers would again see a return of their events. These would include multiple one-make events (R35 GT-R) as well as mixed/mingle events (Silvia/SX challenge). Each event would have different requirements on the maximum/minimum allowed for tuning the cars entered.
  • Track record leaderboards
  • Up to 60 AI cars on track
  • Univeral option for assists (All off or All on)
  • Warmup Lap
  • WRC3 repair style mechanic between rally stages (you have X amount of time until the next stage, repair A takes Y amount of time, repair B takes Z amount of time, when the time is depleted you can no longer make repairs)

GAMEPLAY - GT Life Racing - Modes
  • Ability to practice/work on specific sectors of a track. I've always wanted to be able to pick a track, set point A, then set point B, then practice a specific sector for a while.
  • Carrozzeria Mode from Sega GT
  • Cat n Mouse (ie Project Gotham Online)
  • Drag race modes would like they had on Sega GT
  • Multi-class racing
  • Stunt Racing
  • Top Gear - A lot more challenges that would test your driving ability (mostly timed challenges with cones) and with interesting cars not a VW bus. This can be combined with the licenses tests.
    - Cast of the show as narrators for these challenges (Jeremy, James and Hammond) just to make it more authentic
    - Head to Head races between same-class cars in terms of top speed, cornering ability, drifting, drag races, etc.
    - Beat the Stig mode where you try to match or beat the stig's time of different cars on the list they have on the show (yes that means PD have to make all those vehicles that appear on that list)
    - Mini games, car soccer, hockey, jumps, tricks, etc.
    - Online aspect of Top Gear could be giving the players a limited budget to buy, upgrade and mod a car and then racing each other to see what each one could do with it
    - Top Gear cast comment about cars and talk about their history
    - Tours in certain countries or regions, where you race on all tracks in those regions with relevant cars (italy tour would be Lambo vs Ferrari, and so on)
    - Incorporate top gear in photo mode, the stage, and the track with stig
  • Touge, also (Best Motoring/Initial D style with real world track)
  • "Ultimate Series". It would involve standard racing events, rallying, stock cars, open-wheelers, karts and so on and so forth with one or two rounds of the series breing drawn on from each motorsport discipline. In order to enter, you would have to have one car from each discipline in your garage, and have won events in each discipline.

GAMEPLAY - GT Life Racing - Options
  • Optional "mandatory pit stop" during the race for re-fuelling (ie you can start the race with low amount of fuel so you make a pit stop early, or start with a lot of fuel at the beginning so that you do a pit stop late in the race)
  • Optional "tire grade change", for example if option is turned on, once during the race you need to switch between hard, medium or soft. So by the end of the race you have raced with at least 2 different tire types.
  • Options to customize whole career experience, Mechanical Damages On/Off etc
  • Two modes....production cars and racing cars. Production cars follows a similar pattern to GT5, low performance to hyper car in all sorts of disciplines, allowed to tune. Racing cars goes from karts, up to touring cars (Clio cup, world touring cars, dtm, V8s), through GTs, onto prototypes, through single seaters (formula ford/renault, F3/F2, GP3/GP2, Indy car, F1), NASCAR, Rally, Drag, Drift. Ie following how a racing driver becomes a racing driver.

GAMEPLAY - GT Life Racing Events
  • A-spec races for specific tracks. Like each track has a menu that displays all the different races there, everything from Japanese k-car races to endurance races. And as an addition, divide the field into two series races like in real life. We have no Idea how many cars will be able to be on track at the same time in GT6, so 8 cars in lmp class and 8 in GT. When in the track event selection menu, lets say you find Daytona International Speedway. Then you see the Endurance section which includes Daytona 500, and Daytona 24hrs. You select the 24hrs. race, and then the game gives you a two event selection, each with a gold to be scored. GT class, with a specific PP requirement, and LMP class, (or Daytona Prototypes, one could hope!!) with a specific PP requirement. It adds to the play time of the game, and this GT/LMP selection can be added to all of the other sports car racing based endurances, (Spa, Le Mans, Nurburgring, etc.)
  • Amateur - Races for 2 or 3 laps with low power cars, like up to 350 - 400 bhp regarding the weight of a car (Including race modified cars). As for rewards there would only be credits.
    Professional - Races for 5 to 7 laps with high power cars. As for rewards there would be cars like other opponents have and also credits.
    Expert - Races for 15 to 25 laps with high power cars. Tires' change mandatory during race also most of races would require better suspension or drivetrain to beat the rivals. As for rewards there would were rare sport or racing cars, little better then those from competition and also credits.
    Legendary - This league would be unlocked when player would reach a certain game completion precentage. Races for 30 - 90 laps, including endurance, time determined races, that would require not also good upgraded car, but also appropriate car setting, good qualification position and most of all - player's concentration on the track. As for rewards there would be cars that are collection or are signed by some known racing person (e.g. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V Tommy Makinen Edition) or even dream cars (like Red Bull X1).

    -All races from simulation mode include tire wear and fuel consumption.
    -All races from simulation mode also include QUALIFY SESSION that GT5 did not have.
    -Races from professional league also include mixed class competition like Super GT and GT300 at the same time, or LMP and GT1 cars.
    -Higher leagues also include various Nascar, WRC or F1 championships.

    All modes consist also of Seasonal Online Events and Lobby like in GT5.
  • Event for RR cars
  • Event for very low-powered cars (50hp and below)
  • Events more akin to those in the real world
  • Full blown rally championship, how about six 6-stage rallies in Sweden (snow), Argentina (gravel), France (tarmac), Finland (gravel), Australia (gravel), and the UK (mixed)?
  • Goodwill Hill Climb
  • Greater integration of Rally Racing
  • GT Academy based Carrer, including GTA Real events and locations.
  • Gymkanna drift events/series
  • Legitimate race series and the ability to do full seasons in them, like in F1 2010 or the EA Sports NASCAR games
  • Manufacturer Rival Events (Ford vs Chevy etc)
  • Manufacturer specific events
  • More classic events
  • More night racing
  • Much More events then GT5, perhaps comparable to GT4
  • Optimize NASCAR, WRC, LMP/GT, GT300/500, karts, lower formula classes, and hopefully F1
  • Pike's Peak Rally
  • Proper Time Trial
  • Re-enact real racing moments (example: 2008 - Chasing down a 908 in a R10 while its raining at 3 AM at Le Mans)
  • Real road racing (eg stelvio pass, isle of man tt)
  • Relay Race - you choose X amount of cars (possible to have different PP's and manufacturers) and you race to a set point on a track and then your second car comes in play. Example, 4 550PP cars (1 each from Japan, US, Germany, Italy) and each one does a specific portion of the nurburgring.
  • Senna Challege: How close can you get to Ayrton Senna's Pole times
  • Single player drift mode were you can battle the computer!
  • Sprints (..Gumball style?)
  • TOUGE. Even the Gumna cycle sports centre from best motoring would suffice
  • Track Days
  • Veteran Mode. After spending 1,000 "days" in GT Life Veteran Mode is unlocked. This mode randomly generates 10 racing events every 50 "days". The events range from 5 lap sprints to 4 hour endurance races. Rules, tracks, and cars used/allowed are completely random. This mode is designed to replace "seasonals" and to provide an endless variety of races.

GAMEPLAY - GT Life Racing Series
  • ALMS
  • Blancpain Endurance Series
  • BTCC
  • Caterham
  • D1GP
  • DTM
  • ELMS
  • FIA GT championships (European GT3, etc...)
  • Grand Am
  • Group C
  • Formula 1
  • Indycar
  • IRC - Intercontinental Rally Challange ( Fabia's, 207's, Puntos and Groupe N4)
  • NASCAR Camping World Truck Series
  • NASCAR Nationwide Series
  • Superstars V8
  • V8 Supercars
  • World Endurance Championship
  • WTCC

  • 4 point Inside/Middle/Outside Tire temperature
  • A much better display of gaps (splits) to other cars. Something like each time you cross the finishline, you can turn on/off the option of having the entire field displayed with gaps, and if they gain/loose time on you since the last split/and or lap.
  • Ability to rearrange the elements of the HUD to your liking
  • Ability to turn off the on-screen steering wheel
  • Ability to turn on or off individual elements of the HUD
  • Ambient and track temperature in HUD
  • Cars ahead and behind you gaps shown in real time
  • Cars in the pits have a "P" next to their name on the HUD
  • Color coded locator arrows matching color coded driver names on the driver list, while using the full information HUD. For long GP length races its nice to know if you are chasing/being chased by a backmarker or for position.
  • Digital Readout for fuel (74.8 / 90.0L)
  • Gaps between every car in the race shown in real time
  • HUD displays specific instrument clusters for the specific cars that you drive in GT6. For example, if you were to be driving a Honda S2000, the HUD will display the F1-like S2000 clusters found in the actual car itself(those who have played Battle Gear 4 will know what I am talking about), for every view, not just the in-car view. Players can then also swap out the stock clusters for aftermarket ones to suit their preferences.
  • Real Time telemetry

GAMEPLAY - Livery Editor
  • 5,000+ layers
  • A template car system for race cars. You buy the template which is a version of the car with an all white paint scheme. You then take it to GT auto where you can choose colors, livery schemes, numbers, and sponsors.
  • Ability to apply stickers or similar over lights and windows
  • Ability to conceal your car under a "mask"
  • Ability to download a template for your specific car (w/body kits and the like) to the xmb (in native .psd format; maybe multiple formats could be supported) and then edit it in a painting program. This would only be available for race-modded cars, or cars purpose built for racing, like the Honda HSV-010.
  • Ability to import images (.png .bmp .jpg) .tga) from Playstation HDD
  • Ability to import PS Eye images
  • Ability to paint all rims
  • Ability to paint bolts/screws on rims - BBS 3-Split rims
  • Ability to paint certain interior parts inside the car (If allowed on certain cars) e.g Dashboard & Roll-Cage
  • Ability to paint roll cage
  • Ability to paint tire logos
  • Ability to type text on car in large array of fonts
  • Ability to use the move controller like a brush
  • Complete Color wheel, 0-255 Red/Blue/Green
  • Home team livery. When I design my livery I want to apply it to all my cars.
  • Licensed Stickers
  • Mirror option
  • Special colors and color tones such as matte and chrome
  • Vinyl Editor

  • Original Gran Turismo Made Music in Menu. All of the GT4, GT3, GT2 Original Soundtrack

GAMEPLAY - Online Events
  • Ability to participate as a virtual competitor in an actual live real world race. GPS data from instrumented cars would be streamed and appear as ghost cars in GT6
  • Best of the best endurance race event invites for established teams & drivers (Endurance Championships) by reagions & states to world wide events..Probably would need real entry fees, but would fund league costs
  • Official races & events

GAMEPLAY - Online Features
  • $20 yearly fee: A additional New GT5 online server, just for weekly- monthly-yearly- online championship endurance league racing..
  • Ability to be a passenger of another online driver only in free-run or rally driving(or even if there are too many used spaces for drivers in a lobby, you can sit in the passenger seat with them.) Ability to turn on/off for qualifying and the race or restrict to free-ride only.
  • Ability to DNF
  • Ability to join a race already in progress
  • Ability to pay for official server
  • Ability to swap turns behind the wheel with other drivers on different consoles in different areas around the world
  • Ability to watch the race from any spectating grandstand or area
  • Impromptu points system to encourage competitors to stay in a lobby. Points are earned via finishing position (no points for DNF's) and can unlock special paints, gear and maybe even car tickets. Items are given out per the amount of points upon exiting, and upon reaching certain total values in lifetime goals. (Ex: Paints can be given away each time you earn 25 points in a single lobby, and gear can be earned whenever your overall total hits 50, 100, 250, etc.)

    To support the casual nature this is intended to foster, different GT points systems can be selected while custom points models can also be used after being created in the pre-set content area. Introduce a possible modulating point structure where certain lower positions can earn the same amount of points as the people in front of them if they finish within a certain amount of time of each other. This encourages close-fought friendly battles and doesn't punish users who may get shafted by a dirty driver on the last turn of Laguna Seca or other courses. Again, this is a point system intended for casual competitive racing, not for league or club play.


    The Standard points system, assuming the entire field finishes quite spaced apart, would look something like a normal points ladder:


    Firstly, the total points won is dependent on how many people are in the lobby. Above is an example of what might the points per position in a grid of 16, assuming everyone crossed the finish line before the clock expired (Points could be halved if you do not finish before the clock expires, if the Host allows it).

    However, should the field be smaller, points-paying positions are lopped off at each end with higher-paying points being the first to go. (Ex: If there are only 15 entrants, then the highest paying position is 17. If there are only 14 entrants, then 17 is still the highest, but there's only one position that pays 2 points at the tail of the field.) This would be to discourage small groups of friends getting together to abuse the system by racing in groups of 5-6 to gets better chances at higher-paying points.

    Back on the topic of the modulation, though! Let's say positions 2nd-5th all finish within a second of each other, battling for position all the way down the front stretch, and there's a similar situation with the next group behind them, the points would instead look like this:


    Note: The winner will always score at least one point above whoever comes second, regardless of how close they finish. In this scenario, though, there were four people who scored 17 points, because three were all within a second (or whatever the split-time would be to qualify for the bonus) they got the points as if they finished second, since they were racing very closely and were having lots of fun. Sixth place still scores the normal 13 points as he wasn't close enough to get the bonus. He was also far enough ahead to make sure his fellow competitors behind him didn't copy his points by finishing closely. However, the group behind him was close enough to get 7th place points or 12 each. Only three more finished within the time limit to get the normal 6 and 4 points, but the last three finished outside of the limit and thus got half points.
  • Introduction of an optional handicap system like e.g. different pp-limits for each driver to nivelate different driving skills.
  • Leaderboards for A-Spec Events (online)
  • Leader board results lists for seasonal TTs that are differentiated or sorted by whether or not wheel/controller/aids/abs used
  • Live streaming for yourself or others to watch, to keep an eye on future or current competition
  • Multi-Class Racing support
  • Official servers
  • Possibility to fill up free starting slots in a lobby with AI-cars with the option to adjust their strenght/behavior and the cars they use.
  • Practice, qualifying, and Warmup (raceday conditions) sessions for every race
  • Recorded stats & career throughout the years; basically professional sim-racing leagues, with developed pro teams, with the possibility of live championships that will take the place of GT Academy when that program is over with.
  • Safety rating (like iracing)
  • Tailgating section' for online races? Instead of just watching, you get to have your car somewhere out of the way off-track. Only certain tracks of course, as the Nordschleife doesn't have any room. Maybe include a player controllable TV/ big screen for each "watcher"
  • Timed races (by the min, hr, etc).
  • Tune Sheet Sharing

GAMEPLAY - Online League Support
  • Ability to create custom events and championships - select the number of races, number of heats per race event, the tracks, car (one-make, a car category, or multi-class), grid type, practice, qualifying and warmup sessions, points system (you could choose from various presets like FIA-based points system or create your own system). And the ability to save progress of a given event, so you organize longer events that can take several days to finish. Of course you'd have to be able to do something else when you come back to the game and resume your event / championship when you like (unlike the current GT5 saved endurance races, in which you have to resume the race and do nothing else until you quit or finish)
  • Championship / League support - Points, stats, etc stored online after each race

GAMEPLAY - Online Lobbies
  • 2 lobby types (or more): fun and real racing. In real racing there's safety rating and ladders/points. Crash lots = suspension, probably not a permanent ban but up to 3 months is fine. In fun racing only ladders (has to be one otherwise 10 year old kids would join real racing to gain points). Could be one in between with safety rating but no ladders involved, aimed mostly at shuffle races, free roam and so on, which is probably what lots of users want the most. Fun GT without kids, trolls and NFS players.
  • Ability to have either a longer lobby title or at least be able to change the lobby title. (Should happen automatically if host leaves). As stated above in number 2, more information on the general specs and type of racing occurring in the lobby should be provided on the label as a result of the setup of the lobby. Thus leaving the title to provide more colorful information
  • Filter for finding lobbies
  • Filter for finding race options
  • Real-time lobby labels that let users know more information on the restrictions of the lobby while giving a tangible score as to the quality of the racing going on inside. To avoid the complexity and, ultimately, (in my opinion) the problems that could arise with abuse or bad luck in using a personal "safety" score, I think the lobby as a whole should be judged on the quality of the racing going on inside (abuse of shortcuts, even when the penalty is deactivated, amount of penalizing contact even if the penalties themselves are de-activated, history of the hobby host for creating or joining rooms that have low or high scores, all taken into account). iRacing's safety score works because it's a much more professional en

GAMEPLAY - Online Marketplace
  • Ability to sell/buy cars, helmets, racing suits and other stuff (tuned, livery etc) Online between players.
  • Get rid of daily limits, create a proper trading system.
  • Online Car Auction. Driver Avatars sit in rows of chairs at Online Car Auction
  • Online scrapyard, where the cars written off by other players go, and you can browse the scrapyard to salvage another player's scrapped car. You can also scrap your own cars here, obviously. If you accidently scrap a car, you can go to the scrapyard and look at the list of cars you have scrapped, to see if they're still available or not. If they are, you have the option to salvage the car back, however you still have to pay the price that any other player would if they salvaged it. The cars would be set into categorys too, like in real life, where a car that isn't so badly damaged but was scrapped by a player who didn't have a lot of money, is a Category D car, easily repairable if you have the money. Then it goes all the way up to Category A, which is where you'll need a lot of money to save the Category A cars from the crusher. Also - if the game considers your car as a Category A write off, you are given the option to send it straight to the crusher.

    So basically, I'm implying an ability to restore cars as well, but rather restore actual scrapped cars that have been written off by other players. Once you have restored the car, you can either keep it, or sell it on - although once you have bought a scrapped car, you can't sell it until you fully restore it - or, you could always send it back to the scrapyard.

    Different cars would have different values in the scrapyard, for example, a more popular car wouldn't cost as much as a rarer classic car. Race cars would also be of higher value, depending on the damage.

    Oh, and depending on the category of the car, it's available for only a certain amount of days.

    Category D: 28 days
    Category C: 21 days
    Category B: 14 days
    Category A: 7 days

    Once the availability time of the car has expired, it's sent to the crusher. When you look at your list of cars, their status will either be 'Available', 'Salvaged' or 'Crushed'.
  • User Dealership for selling personal cars & parts

GAMEPLAY - Online Modes
  • B-Spec Endurance racing. This would allow a group of people to run a very long endurance race without needing an army of drivers. Simply put a cap on how many hours you can drive to keep it fair. If its a 12 hour endurance race limit A-Spec driving time to 4 hours maximum so you are forced to use B-Spec for the other 8 hours. If its a 4 hour endurance race you can only drive 2 hours with A-Spec
  • B-Spec only racing
  • C-Spec - One player assumes the role of crew chief, watching his driver (the second player) in the lounge on the camera. The crew chief and driver can text chat or talk with a mic, both of which will only be heard by your crew chief-driver combo only. To avoid noobs, a crew chief can ask for a kick, which is then voted on by all of the other crew chiefs. If the majority votes to kick the driver, 20% of his current amount of credits will be given to his crew chief as well as a banning from the room. To add a real race feel, the drivers HUD will be automatically turned off, meaning he has to rely on his crew chief for all information.
  • Drag Racing
  • Drifting - Tandem and Solo
  • Endurance section for a race that starts every 4 hrs. or so, for a 2-4hr endurance race that is categorized like a seasonal event, for anyone to join, with a host option or vote for rules & penalties settings.. or a live competition championship server
  • Jokamiesluokka (where the winner has to sell the car for the person who wants it
  • Knockout Mode Racing. 10 drivers start a race, only the top 9 advance to the next race. Then only the top 8 advance to the next race, then top 7, top 6 and so on until the final race is 1vs1 for the Title.
  • Pink slip racing. Winner gets everyone's cars or choice of 1 car
  • Official Polyphony Digital Championships
  • Rally Racing. Point to point time trials, each car goes after x amount of seconds
  • Rivals mode in FM4, where the leaderboards & Seasonal events could be used for a whole new segment of the game. You get to race the ghost laps of others for prize money
  • Time Trial (Real Time)

GAMEPLAY - Online Rules, Restrictions, and Control
  • Ability to ban certain cars from lobby
  • Ability to ban someone from a lobby temporarily or permenantly
  • Ability to police cars in an online lobby (settings and tuning parts)
  • Ability to set level restrictions for online races
  • Ability to set up different classes with different specs in an online lobby. (ex: Class 1 would be limited to 550PP while Class 2 would be limited to 500PP). Classes can use any mix of methods to limit the cars. (ex: Class 1 could be limited to 620PP values with Race Hard tires while Class 2 could be limited to FR/400hp/2000kg's with Race Softs and Class 3 Could be limited to the HPA Audi TT on stock tires). Amount of classes could be anywhere from 1 to 16 (though someone must have an active imagination to make up 16 different classes)
  • Ability to turn off the ability to start races in a free run lobby
  • Choices in practice rooms to race 1 make, or random but equal car types for all practice races
  • Host can give or remove penalties
  • Marketplace of sorts be added to GT6's online function, these pre-set warnings and rules could be offered up (for free), with popular regulations appearing on a monthly-popularity leader board. They can also be shared by the user with friends to allow fellow competitors to prepare cars that meet each regulation.
  • More in-depth limitations and regulations in the form of restricting both maximum PP as well as maximum/minimum aero points, weight, ballast and horsepower. Possibly certain engine modifications. (To help, GT can suggest cars to users that will fit regulations, so that a user doesn't have to search through every car in his garage to find a car that fits a particularly strict set of rules. In an out-of-lobby viewing of regulations, it could also offer cars that fit the rules that the user may not have.) Via Pre-set rules, this can be narrowed down to apply to certain cars or broadened to include certain drive-train types (FR/MR/FF etc) or even cylinder count. Can be set to "locked" where members are not allowed to surpass the limitations set in place or "Trust" where a user is allowed to move stats above or below the defined values, however he can be penalized via a "Scrutineering" button, which fellow competitors can select to apply towards a competitor who might be cheating. If the settings of the car do not meet the defined regulations, then the competitor is penalized.
  • More individual race options to force on everyone in the race. HUD on/off, cockpit view on/off, TC, wheel or DFP, etc
  • Online User-created pre-set lobby rules and information content generator and library. User's may spend time creating elaborate classes for both casual online use or for specific leagues that require in-depth rules and adjustment setting and limiting. These could also include going into setting up specific limitations and/or allowing/disallowing certain cars from each class. Things that would be timely to have to re-do each time the user opens his lobby are instead saved here to be immediately accessed from the online lobby whenever the user needs them. This also includes text warning and loose rules that can by typed up in paragraphs and saved, to be added to the lobby should the user wish and showing up as reading material for anyone who joins the lobby. Ex: No Ramming, No Diving, No Corner Cutting, Respect competitors to your inside and outside during a turn, etc. Instead of having to copy-paste these into chat each time another user enters the lobby, they're automatically shown to him if the Host decides to add the rules to the lobby.
  • Optional S, A, B, and C car classes to go along with PP to prevent mis matched cars.
  • Penalties should be payed during pitting, EXAMPLE: when a driver pits, any chicane cutting, ramming, or wrong way infractions are put into the form of being held for an extra 5-20 seconds, Paying Per/penalty accumulations, with the possibility of to many infractions resulting in a permanent pit holding or parked race penalty..
  • Practice room races should match your hp, &/or skill level for competitive race ability.. advanced skill settings should be an option, example::elite on top of pro, for drivers who want a challenge..
  • User created pre-set loose rules, warnings and information tags on the lobby

GAMEPLAY - Online Social
  • A place to meet other Online Driver Avatars (Maybye at Goodwood Festival Of Speed
  • Ability to report glitches or bugs to Polyphony Digital
  • Ability to walk around in your garage and other friend's garage's
  • Avatar Driver functions at Online Avatar roaming places such as waving, high-5's, and clapping ect
  • Communication with Polyphony Digital
  • Club Feature for recruitment sessions with many members allowed, based in the club's garage where they store their cars. Here you can keep track of club events you signed up for or you can organize new ones.
  • Online garage share where you can leave your entire garage to be borrowed by club or team members.
  • Race club support. Would help bring some drivers together under a common banner, and could spawn interesting community events.
  • Recruiting team members
  • Team-Racing both online and off. GRID Style, can't be hard to have a random team generator as well as the random Driver generator

GAMEPLAY - Photomode
  • 3D female models to pose near or on car
  • Ability to open doors, hoods etc
  • Ability to add tags to photos
  • Ability to pause during a race and take pictures
  • Avatar Driver functions such as waving, high-5's, and clapping ect
  • Better camera focus effect
  • Concours d'elegance themed Photomode area
  • Every track as a photomode location
  • General car-show themed Photomode area(s).
  • Highest quality car models when in Photo Mode
  • Quick snapshot feature using R3 button to take pictures mid race
  • Le Mans Scrutineering Team-photo Photomode area
  • More Photomode Locations
  • Multiple Cars allowed in Photmode locations
  • Multiple Driver avatars placeable in photomode locations
  • Optional QTE sequence
  • Photo placement/creation option: Pick a car and a track/location, place the car (as you can currently in photo travel), set options for car speed and line if using a track (like using the pen tool in Photoshop: set start, set end, curve the line within a reasonable limit). In a travel location the same sort of thing could be used for a video camera where you could set the travel of the camera to get a slow pan or walkaround as you see in the opening menu. Freedom of movement with a selection of path curves or something similar to the pen tool. Combine this video option into a replay for a "bullet time" effect on jumps or a view change in a tight braking duel.
  • Pit-road themed Photomode area(s) that allow simulated Pit-crew and driver posing next to car
  • SEMA/Tokyo Auto Salon Photomode themed areas
  • Sign deal with instagram for photo mode
  • Staged multi-car posed/parked Photomode. Uses highest quality models possible while also being able to use as many cars as possible (even standards if they still exist) to create static group-shots similar to those seen advertising auctions and such. Up to 16 (or more) cars can be used.
  • Staged natural racing Photomode. You may choose vehicles from your garage (or from the Arcade/Recommended Library) to place onto any track with up to 16 cars on track at once. These vehicles then move around and aggressively simulate a race
  • Staged posed racing Photomode. Tracks feature photomode environments that allow you to place multiple cars in the foreground and a few in the background to create exciting images that would otherwise require numerous people with specific garages. Cars are "moving" to simulate the shot of a race. Allows users to re-create famous images, too
  • Weather and time changes

GAMEPLAY - Pitstops
  • Ability to train pit crew and level them up.
  • Adjustments to car like tire pressure and downforce possible during pitstop
  • Amount of damage that can be fixed in the pits should vary. A pit crew can replace most parts on a Le mans prototype, but on a road car they'll just tear away parts that are hanging off or theyll beat them around with a hammer but the car wont look new. Damage that a pit crew cannot fix must be fixed in GT Auto.
  • Damage takes time to fix in pits depending on severity
  • Free control in pit lane
  • Front/Rear wing replacement in pits
  • Fuel only pit stops
  • More moving people behind pit wall during race
  • More options during Pit Stops. Ride hights, Spring rates, Camber etc. (When racing in a weather race, it's just not good enough to not be able to set up your car during a pit. Something like a menu where you choose if you want to make "advanced adjustments" added to the fuel/tyre options when entering the pits. If that requres extra time, so be it, but the option needs to be there.)
  • Pit crew for hire
  • Pit Speed depends on car/racing series
  • Slow to pit speed instead of racing into pits or receive a penalty
  • Visible Damage fixed in pits

GAMEPLAY - Rally Racing
  • Better Physics
  • Dirt and Snow tires work better
  • Service Parks

  • 24, 30, or 60 fps option
  • A passenger camera
  • Ability to Export replays to HDD in HD
  • Ability to Have 360 degree control over cockpit and roof camera
  • Ability to save practice and qualifying replays
  • Ability to set chapters in a replay
  • Ability to stay at a certain replay camera while the race continues and have zoom and 360 degree control over it
  • Ability to trim replay into smaller clips
  • Better rewind and fast forward
  • Camera controls could be similar to Photomode options, like f/stop for depth of field, focal length, shutter speed and panning modes, with additional camera controls like frame rates (for slow motion, for example)
  • Cinema Mode, with camera placements and shot duration controls in custom replays, and a video exporter.
  • Cockpit view of every car available in replay
  • More freedom in photo mode during replays, like in GT4
  • Music Video replays like GT3
  • Narrator (optional)
  • No magical flying-next-to-car camera
  • Online Replay Sharing (upload your replays online in GT5 for others to download)
  • Realistic camera angles and focus
  • Replays of famous real life race moments
  • Simpler replay controls, including slo-mo
  • TV broadcast-like replays where the camera focuses on different cars and battles throughout the race. Also displays on screen graphics like gaps between the cars, fastest lap updates etc
  • Youtube upload
  • Videomode: direct your own replay with options for camera angles, chase cams, filming from various cars in the replay/race, effects and filters
  • Windows Movie Maker style replay editor

  • All Gran Turismo 3 Menu sounds e.g Pointer Sounds, Select & Back sounds

GAMEPLAY - Start Grid
  • Ability to customize grid girl clothing
  • Grid atmosphere changes depending on location. People on Japanese track grids wear yukatas etc, whereas people on Middle Eastern track grids wear turbans and bishts. You might see the pope in Rome.
  • Grid girls
  • No grid girls
  • Promo girls in bikinis, mini skirts, and micro skirts

GAMEPLAY - Splitscreen
  • Ability for two players to race online using one console and split screen
  • Split screen multiplayer that allows for more than two players at a time, so you could have three or four player races with just one console

GAMEPLAY - Track Editor
  • 20+ mile length
  • Ability to add tunnels, bridges, grandstands etc wherever you wish
  • Ability to create track layout using cones
  • Ability to choose where rumble strips are placed
  • Ability to choose barrier type (catch fencing, guard rails etc)
  • Ability to create tracks using Google Earth
  • Ability to make custom tracks from google maps images
  • Auto cross tracks
  • Exact Shape of track
  • Fine details
  • Mod Nation Racers Editor quality, ease, and flexibility vidual corners
  • More themes (desert, forest, mountains, tropical, tundra, plains etc)
  • Much More precise adjustments in individual corners
  • Point to Point Races
  • PS Vita support with GPS to help create custom tracks made of roads near you
  • Rally tracks
  • Realistic city or town with AI traffic and working lights. (Street lights, stop lights, etc.)

  • Ability to synchronize the weather and/or lighting conditions to that of the track in real life. i.e. you drive Le Mans, its raining at Le Mans in real life, so it rains in the game also.
  • Access garage from the track you're at - really a pain to go all the way to the main menu to switch cars for practice or a race.
  • Better and live environment
  • Better weather forecasts for race weekend
  • Certain parts of tracks can be wetter then other parts after rain
  • Day/night cycle and weather for every track
  • Debri left on track
  • Environment sounds (sound of rain, lightning, cheers from crowds, commentators, city sounds, birds, waterfalls whatever just better sound)
  • Fog (Adjustable)
  • If the weather forecast calls for it, thunder and lightning. Rain is NOT mandatory
  • More ambient sound such as birds and insects
  • Move the barriers further away from the rally tracks
  • Ocassional trash on tracks
  • Puddles of water form on certain tracks at certain areas after rainfall
  • Racing line rubbers in during race, or over race weekend.
  • Rain washes away the line and you can get a drying line after rain stops
  • Remove invisible barriers
  • Season change in some tracks
  • Snow on all tracks during winter
  • Sunset and Sunrise depends on real world location and time of year
  • Various degrees of rain; the higher the number, the harder it will rain. i.e. 1 = Light Drizzle, 10 = Torrential Downpour.
  • Weather depends on real world weather patterns. Example: Theres a much higher chance for rain at Spa then Laguna Seca.
  • Wildlife such as deer and birds behind track barrier on closed courses and sometimes on the track in rally courses or open roads.
  • Working Tree on Dragstrip

  • Ability to look up and down in cockpit view
  • Adjustable Camera Height in Cockpit View
  • Cockpit view for all of the cars
  • Headtracking with PS eye throughout the whole game (incl. online)
  • Helmet Cam View
  • Helmet Cam View shakes a lot and after a crash you would be dizzy
  • Proper bonet/dashboard camera veiw
  • Rotate camera around the car in external view and more near camera view in third person view
  • When in first person view gauges coincide with the actual car
  • Wider viewing range in cockpit view

  • 1:1 steering animation for wheel users
  • Better clutch operation for G25/G27, T500RS (able to powershift: shifting without letting off the gas)
  • Caster changes felt in Force Feedback
  • Fanatec CSW support
  • Force feedback adjustment for individual effects
  • Improve forcefeedback to give the wheels a more real feel
  • More customization for wheels. (G25/27, T500RS, etc...death zones, degrees, etc)
  • New Driving Force Wheel for GT6
  • Save force feedback settings for individual cars
  • Stronger Force Feedback
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Dyno testing and tuning. Realistic exhaust and turbo sounds. Being able to turbocharge or supercharge any vehicle. Being able to swap engines and adjust boost levels to exact amounts. More rim selection. A dargstrip with a working tree. Drag slicks. The ability to build cars to their real life potential horsepower.
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I think in the F1 racing on GT6, if they have it, should include the real life things like the speed boost whenever they are 1.0 second from each other on straights. Little things like that could change the whole dynamic of the race and make it much more intense. The game should also include more realistic tunings. Like if you tune a car a little different, the car has more noticible drastic handling and power differences.


RM for every car would be nice.
Loved the Mazda Demio RM from GT1 :D

Appart from that, the old tracks That would be it for me.
Don't really care for customization at all.

And I don't really mis the damage in GT5 at this moment.
Try to drive as clean as I can anyway, I would hate to end a endurachrace at 98% for a small mistake.
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- Weather and a Day and Night cycle on every track
- much better tyre model
- Helmet cam
- realistic 24h races. No Le Mans cars @ nurnburgring. different classes. Ability to use B Spec driver for up to 3 team mates.
- More 24h races. SPA
- much more events
- more cars on track
- better menu
- much better AI
- better sound
- better tuning options. engine swap and so on.
- livery editor
- better mechanical and visual damage model

To be continued
-Force feedback adjustments to individual effects.

-Individual FFB setting profiles for cars(you can save FFB setting on car basis)

-1:1 steering animation which was in GT4, GTHD and was removed from GT5: P because it looked funny with PAD. So enable this for wheel users.

-Full Fanatec CSW support

-Custom event generator with sharing ability with friends. Finally we could do our own Best motoring battles :)

-Improved track editor including possibility to do autocross tracks and point to point


Wrenching Wench
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Hmm, let's see...

  • A wider range of customization would be nice, both exterior and interior.
  • Better rally physics, or rather, get the dirt/snow tyres to actually work...
  • Realistic engine sounds, and a wider range of them.
  • Realistic damage that can be turned on or off, also realistic mechanical damage such as oil leaks, engine overheating, tyre blowouts etc.
  • Realistic pit stops, pit crew, and crew cheif for NASCAR etc. depending on the type of race, and service parks for rallying.
  • Vinyl editor - a pretty decent one, too.
  • More photomode locations.
  • Cardboard bodykits! :D ...I kid, I kid.

I'll post more as I think of them.
-Force feedback adjustments to individual effects.

-Individual FFB setting profiles for cars(you can save FFB setting on car basis)

-1:1 steering animation which was in GT4, GTHD and was removed from GT5: P because it looked funny with PAD. So enable this for wheel users.

-Full Fanatec CSW support

-Custom event generator with sharing ability with friends. Finally we could do our own Best motoring battles :)

-Improved track editor including possibility to do autocross tracks and point to point

^This 👍


Change oil/service on all cars/selected cars from garage.
Fully service when buying used cars option.
tune sheet sharing
RM on all cars
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All cars RM - I fear issues with companies not allowing...

But the things I want is Better AI, Event creator and more endurance races (Maybe even classes such as LMP and GT)


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Three things:
1: Some sort of liver editor: any way of customizing your cars' exterior personally, even if it is just a LP editor.
2: No S/P car split: If they only had 800 cars, but they were all premium I would be happy.
3: Greater integration of rally in A-Spec: I have all this Pajero but nothing to do with it. Even something like 8 Hours of Eiger K Trail would be great.
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United Kingdom
Why are people asking for more RM options? Why would you want to be tied down to their per-determined selection of parts and liveries, giving you one racing version of the car? What we need is a livery editor and better vehicle mod parts so we can make our own racing car out of any car and to the spec we want.


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Why are people asking for more RM options? Why would you want to be tied down to their per-determined selection of parts and liveries, giving you one racing version of the car? What we need is a livery editor and better vehicle mod parts so we can make our own racing car out of any car and to the spec we want.

Why are people asking for more RM options? Why would you want to be tied down to their per-determined selection of parts and liveries, giving you one racing version of the car? What we need is a livery editor and better vehicle mod parts so we can make our own racing car out of any car and to the spec we want.

So basicly u want stickers to put on your car?
much, much better menus.

much, much lesser loading times and overall less wasting time in things that aren't gameplay or fun (related to having unnecessary menus)

game customization and more options (did I mention menus?).
For example more filters in online racing, both for finding lobbies and in-game race options (well implemented one-make would be nice), and being able to choose a default start-up menu (lets say "my home" instead of main screen. That alone saves 20 seconds every single time).

and finally, I want the game to feel more "alive" like prior GTs were. Again menus play a part.
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As a side note, I also want car wash, engine and chassis restoration removed (including its wear to begin with). Those 3 add absolutely nothing to the game or experience itself.
All the rest (painting and so on) goes to one comprehensive tuning submenu that has everything tuning related, hopefully available in-game.

Not only engine and chassis restoration are classic examples of "anti-fun" game design, but also those are a burden that ends up in players not enjoying cars to their fullest (leaves a bad taste in your mouth), being unable to have races under the very same conditions and so on, but most importantly those 3 a major waste of time.
GT auto is the slowest menu ever, and have to go to it every single time you want to try a standard (used) car or when tuning one.

A great example is online racing. Lets say there's a fgt oval race in a couple of minutes, but that car needs an engine restoration to compete under the same conditions, which is something that happens almost always. That means first selecting the car (which is badly implemented itself), then leave the game (lobby), wait 2 hours of loading times, GT auto, wait 5 more, restore, go back to the main menu, online racing and somehow find the same lobby again just to realize race started.
- Weather and a Day and Night cycle on every track
- much better tyre model
- Helmet cam
- realistic 24h races. No Le Mans cars @ nurnburgring. different classes. Ability to use B Spec driver for up to 3 team mates.
- More 24h races. SPA
- much more events
- more cars on track
- better menu
- much better AI
- better sound
- better tuning options. engine swap and so on.
- livery editor
- better mechanical and visual damage model

To be continued

This, especially better sound
So basicly u want stickers to put on your car?

No. Livery editor is much more than stickers. You can create whatever you want in the game.

Look at Forza paint videos.

I think he means with stickers a system from NFS underground or the Logo on the GT Academy Cars. Correct me if i'm wrong.
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United Kingdom
PS3 =/= Xbox 360
Original Post
  • Grid girls

Hell yes :) . As long as Kaz model hot ones though ;) .

Original Post
  • Race with up to 3 B-Spec team mates
This feature was in Gran Turismo 4 where in long endurance races, you could swap between A-Spec and B-Spec if required, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem for Gran Turismo 6.
More aftermarket parts to customize one's cars, like street parts, rally parts, off road parts, and race parts. For front, side, rear, hood, roof, headlights and tail lights, licence plates, and spoilers.

Ability to customize one's car interiors.

Better Track Creator like in Modnation Racers.

Either have the classic GT Life menu like in the old GTs, or have the GT Life be based on GT5's white concept city.

Livery Editor for both car and avatar.

More A-Spec ONLY events.

Edit: Ability to position one's car mufflers like in Tokyo Xtreme Racer Drift 2. Where you can either keep the muffler straight, facing right or left, or sticking upwards for all cars. For side mufflers by different styles of mufflers to add.
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gymkanna tracks and drift events/series
more compettitive and individualized AI; some AI drive dirty/agro/clean/noobish.
realistic modifications. eg supra in gt5 full mod is 750+- hp irl 1000+ is possible
parts from real manufacturers and the tuning companies.