Things you would like to see in GT5 other than cars?

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  1. Inkil


    This thread was thought about when the other two wish lists were all about cars, performance issues, and other sundry items...

    Here is a brief list of what I would like to see and why, and please feel free to post your thoughts...

    Crash Dynamics... the creators do not need to add polygon counts to the cars, but if you hit the wall at 125mph, you should have to spend money repairing things. Stiffening the chassis doesnt really count. I have worked in the sprint car world for a couple few years now, and I know that if a car is salvagable, it costs $$$ to get it straightened out, to have the damage cut off and new stuff put in, and have the new aluminum panels remade. Crashing the GT-One for example in turn 1 of the Tokyo R race while doing 150+ should do more to the performance of the car instead of bouncing off. alignment should be affected, downforce tweaked, something to lessen the desire to use cars infront of you as brakes, and to help turn tighter, and teach you how to be a better driver. Speaking of using other cars to help brake and turn... perhaps add some AI where if you slam into a car or what not in order to pass, that car makes it tough to pass the next time. kind of like a revenge thing.. and lets talk about how hard it is to even nudge the other cars out of thier line, yet its pretty easy for them to get you sideways in a turn.

    Day to Night to Day transitions....
    Nurburgring is a sweet track, but persistant daylight for 24hours is unreal...

    Anyway. those are my two non-car pieces of this wish list... I would like to see what other non-car wishes you have.

    Here is a consolidation of things everyone had some input on. I wish to thank everyone who responded to this thread. Everyone had some really good ideas.

    Time of Day changes: Day to Night to Day. this with temperature changes will make racing a little more realistic. If a race is a morning race, the track will be cold, as the day progresses the track will warm up can change how the car responds.

    Weather Transitions: Clear skys, partly cloudy, cloudy, rain, fog, snow. Things that would help with the world dynamics and how track performance affects a cars handling.

    Track Condition changes: Track Temperature changes during the day or night racing.

    Tuning: Better descriptions for what settings do and how they affect other settings. Computer controlled tuning, many cars have a computer chip upgrade, I know racers that use thier street cars to race and they adjust the performance of the car thru the chip itself. Good for racers on a budget. Dyno testing of drivetrains, this would allow you to get ideas on what works and what doesnt work as far as performance. maybe help you learn how to squeeze a few more miles/kilometers per hour out of the car. On track testing, while there is an analyzer ingame, there could be more options to what it shows. I have seen a crew chief use a computer to tell exactly when the driver turned, how many degrees the driver had to turn the wheel, how much load was on the suspension at the time of the turn, and it gave the crew chief an idea how to adjust the suspension of the car in order to make it perform at this peak potential.

    Cars: I dont think there is enough that can be said about the cars. Paint schemes, customizable sponsor decals, crash dynamics, open-wheel cars (Formula series), more than 1 or two cars from manufacturers outside of Japan.. I am sorry, Pontiac had more than 2 cars that were popular. the 65 GTO was a popular muscle car, the 1970's Firebirds were popular too, dont forget the 1979 Trans Am that was popularized in "Smokey and the Bandit" movies. Car specific tuning, while the developers did good not to allow a player to build a 1000hp car from a stock Honda Civic, I know that there are tuners out there that will pull whole drivetrains from one car and put them into another just for the increase in performance. This may not be the 'scene' thing, but it does happen. Opponent cars should not be 'tanks' when driving down the road. It is bad when you cant nudge an opponent car out of its line, but it can surely bump you into the sandtraps. This needs to be enabled if damage is enabled. Cockpit view. Dials, guages, lights, windshields that get dirty with bugs and grime, and things of that nature. Car History, bring it back like in gt2 and 3.

    Races: More cars on the track. A full field should consist of more than 6 cars. And on certain other tracks like Nurburgring, or sarthe have different classes of cars on the road as well. The LeMans race would take weeks if they raced only one class of car on the track at a time. More tracks that allow you to qualify, restrictions on horsepower, pitstops should be planned before you enter the pits, allowing for minor changes in suspension to compensate for track conditions, etc. Rally race champion ships, on tracks other than circular tracks (bring Pikes Peak back) "Race the Clock" instead of another car on the track.

    Tracks: More tracks, more tracks that are for specific classes only. Rally races, get licenses for tracks like Nascar tracks. Daytona hosts several types of racing, not just Nascar. Indianapolis does as well.

    AI: More dynamic AI, AI drivers should be able to 'sense' what is in front and behind them when driving and be able to adjust the line they are driving to manuever(sp) around these obstacles, or at least get out of the way to prevent themselves from becoming obstacles.

    UI: Short cuts at main menu for important locations. like what was in GT2. Tuning progress needs to be faster. Photomode should allow you to adjust items on the car, hood, doors, lights, etc. Replay theater should have more than play and fast forward. Pause, frame advance, frame back, rewind slow and fast, and more options for camera angles and locations during the replay.

    If I have missed anything please feel free to post more of your thoughts. As I get more ideas, I'll consolidate them into this list. Again Thanks to all who have added to this thread.

    More on Damage, and why it should be in the game. As a race fan, I have watched everything from my friends kid running micro-sprint cars to traveling to Texas Motor Speedway to watch a weekend of Craftsman Truck, Busch, and Nascar, to watching Sprint cars reach speeds in excess of 190mph on a 1/2 mile dirt oval. And in almost all cases there have been some instances where a car got loose and hit the wall, was bumping other cars down the straights, or had some sort of mechanical failure that caused the car to become damaged in some way. Now the most logical reason I have heard to why damage has not been a part of the GT series has been mostly due to Car count, and having to individually model each car with a super-high polygon count framework to remotely resemble showing damage, you'd only get a game with at most 100 to 200 cars. Also part of that same reason is many car manufacturers do not want you to see what thier car would look like if it were trashed after hitting a wall at a buck and a quarter.
    It would probably look something like the viper in the photo. Trashed Viper (Caution, link might take you away from this site, please use your BACK button to return)
    Now a simple solution would be forego the modeling, and keep the polygon count as it is, and add a mathmatical equasions that keeps track of things like how hard you hit the wall to careen off and get around a corner, or if you rear-ended that R92CP to bump him into the sandtrap just to take first away from him, and calculated it, and charged the player repair services at the end of the race, that would teach drivers to be more respectful of their car, and of other cars during the race. I talked to a friend of mine that has owned each and every one of the GT games cept 4 and its pre-release varients, and he didnt like the idea of damage or having damage cost money, then I found out why, on his GT2 game, he had completed the max you could complete, had more money than he knew what to do with, and had the cars he wanted, and his racing style was 100% throttle, adjust steering after bouncing off the wall and other cars. That my friends isnt racing. I am sure that he would have gotten discouraged if he was spending tons of money fixing his mercedes after each race, but it might have taught him not to run into stuff.
    Right now I am trying to think which of the nfs games had the damage engine in it, might have been hot pursuit 1, but it taught me not to run into stuff. then again it taught me how to look for and use money exploits. But that is another thing. Well I have taken up more than enough space today. Enjoy racing everyone.


    gt1... never played
    gt2... 98%
    gt3... got bored with it.
    gt4... 45% and growing.

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  2. XCNuse


    vertex damage? on-the-go damage.. owell

    maybe some rain.. would add a nice affect on some races (enduro) or even normal at that, rather than just a wet track.

    snow!(ing) maybe.. some blizzards :p

    ..ya especially fix that whole "knocking off line" thing, in GT4 its unreal as anything!
  3. tarek69

    tarek69 (Banned)

    some bikes would be kool
  4. jessekatianda


    Your ideas are pretty nice. Now, what if we can race with 4 AIs in 2-player battles. So, in a total of 6 cars on track, just like we always do in 1 player races.

    Or maybe just another 2 AI cars if it's too demanding, making a total of 4 cars in track. And we get to choose the cars too.

    My 2nd idea, is to be able to repaint our cars. but only with the pallete available from the manufacturer for that particular model. for example, we can't paint the Indianapolis Red E60 M5 with Nissan's Brilliant Blue, but we can repaint it with BMW's Interlagos Blue or even Le Mans blue from older BMWs pallete. I dunno, or maybe we should be able to paint it with other manufacturer's paint pallete. I'm just afraid if things can get too outrageous.

    Anyways, just my 2 cents.. :)
  5. DumpValve


    It wouldn't be Gran Turismo then...

    And for me:

    - Skid Marks
    - Day/Night & Weather Transition (it'd be nice to get some rain).
    - Reverse & Turn Signals (Not needed in racing, but it'd be nice).
    - Ability to create own races, where you pick the opponent grid yourself (Arcade Mode only).
    - More than 6 cars in a race, 12 would be nice but the more the better.
  6. generalstuff412


    Going 200 mph. Crash into a wall head on. Get out and get a coke from the fridge... Yeah we need damage
  7. jalopy


    Vastly improved AI. Something with absolutely simple collision avoidance at least. AI that can drive on more than a pre programmed line and doesnt go down a straightaway turning its wheels into you because you are in the line. AI that can see or sense braking ahead of it.
    Absolutely AI improvements. Such a let down without even online capability that we are stuck racing some of the worst AI ever created.
  8. hitman146


    i would like to see motorbikes like in midnight club 3
  9. the hodge man

    the hodge man

    i would like to have more cars on track at one time , at least 16 cars on track and i think that its time polyphony put more cars in a race at one time and also better a.i would do as well
  10. Sureboss

    Sureboss Premium

    United Kingdom
    16 cars on a track but not on small ones or really short races like 2 laps.

    Brands Hatch full would be nice.

    and a Drag Racing section.
  11. DJF70



    There's lots of other little things that could be improved or added, no game is perfect, but the rediculously incompetant AI is inexcusable after 4 versions.

    Add to that the fact that you can enter most races with a car that is far superior to the competition's and what's left? I hate the fact that I have to find the right car for each race that won't blow away the AI cars.

    I want to be able to transfer all of my licenses from GT4 to 5. I've done my homework, just let me race. "But the license tests teach valueable racing skills and tecniques" you say. For what? Look what you're up against!

    Improve the interface. I shouldn't need to guess what effect certain settings will have, illustrate them for me. I've read numerous threads here about setting toe angles and I'm still lost. And get rid of the stupid task bar delay thingy when modding your car.

    I hate a lot of things about GT4, and yet I'm still hooked. It is a great game. Maybe that's what is so frustrating, they almost got it right.
  12. the hodge man

    the hodge man

    imaigine a 16 car race on the nurburgring or circuit de la sarthe with dtm and gt cars and lmp cars? that would make for some brilliant racing :)
  13. larrymags


    1. My biggest gripe is that they got rid of qualifying for races unless it is a championship.

    I mean, seriously, are there any races in the world where you show up and they just tell you to start at the back of the field every time?

    2 .Also, what about races within a championship that aren't on consecutive days. Meaning that you do race one of a championship but then the next race wouldn't happen for a week later giving you freedom to race in other races or fine tune your car?

    3. Also, how about a radio in your car that your "pit manager" uses to tell you stuff like time gaps or that you should go and pit? Haha!
  14. Kolyana


    I'd like to walk around a 3d garage with my cars in it (ala PGR2) and perhaps even take photos right then and there.

    I'd like to see all of the stats for a car in an easier manner than it being required that I click on it and make a purchase (up until the final cancel button).

    An easier way to balance yourself against the opposition or visa-versa ... I'm sick of entering a race and either being woefully underpowered or stupidly overpowered; just tell me what the opposition is and what sort of class to aim for.

    Let me switch cars as I'm looking at the race screen, rather than retreating all the way to my garage.

    If a race has requirements, show me the cars that meet them so I don't have to spend an hour looking for a car les than 2400mm in length (or whatever).

    Have A-Spec points mean something?

    GIve out A-spec points (a lesser amount) for positions other than 1st.

    Damage is a no-brainer ... there has to be some form of penalty for using the AI as moving walls or braking aids.

    Do we have to have so many clicks and loads and saves everytime we buy tuneup parts for a car? Can't we pick them all and then save at the end?

    Can't they be a little more descriptive about race requirements? "Super car special!!!" ... um ... okay ... so what cars fall into that category, then?

    If a car is counted as "special" and you can't actually race with it, perhaps give a little indication of such?
  15. Kolyana



    ALll great ideas. I forgot about the qualifying/practice feature ... I meant to mention that. It annoys the heck out of me that I can't practice for a race 90% of the time ... I have to retreat out, go to the same track under a different section, click half a dozen times to practice, then retreat back out again, go back to the race ..... BLEH!!!!

    Is this sort of non-sensical interface and user requirements typical of Japanese titles? It just seems completely illogical to me.
  16. Kolyana


    And is there any reason why we can't have better controls for the replays/photoshoots?

    How about better forward/backward buttons? EVen a frame by frame option ... the controls in GT4 are AWFULLLLLL.
  17. F1GTR

    F1GTR Premium

    United Kingdom
    A more detailed B spec mode ie. You'll be able to specify exactly when to pit,before the actual stop.
    And a online mode with rankings and message boards with chat during races.
  18. Red Raevyn

    Red Raevyn

    AI improvements, as covered.

    UI improvements... so slow to put parts on a car, to look at car's settings, to even switch cars.

    Night/Day, skidmarks !!! like someone else said, bigger grids, changing weather, paint!, yep, pleease.

    One thing that I've been waiting for a looooong time, (and I'm surprised every time it isn't there), is some damn replay controls. In photo mode you have 60+ cameras, and in the replay what are your options? Crazy ass camera, mediocre to boring camera, or the same thing you saw when you raced. You can pause it or unpause. They finally add a 2x fast forward, how about some $@#$ rewind?! I want full control of my replay including choosing which wacky camera angle I want to use, and bein able to control what I'm doing. Wouldn't hurt to let me jump ahead 10 laps or so either.
  19. cjrciadt


    With the added power of multiple SPE's and multithreading in the PS3 these requests shoulds be possible.
    1.Car fields
    >from 2 for rallies head to head.
    >4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,24,30, even 36 for Endurance like the 24 hrs of LeMans the Ring etc.
    >Variable weather (duh) Sunny and bright, cloudy and dark, pouring rain in buckets, and even fog and haze all in the same race!!! (not in 5 laps of course but in a 24 hr race would be realistic.
    >Functional Lights: lights that actually do something and have the ability to flash your lights toward slower cars ahead that will get out of the way when you do flash them.
    >Temp changes together with weather changes. Example: Suzuka 1000km race starting temp 90degrees F. lap 100 93degrees F lap 150 85degrees F(clouds move in mostly cloudy no rain). And so forth.
    Expect more from me soon.
  20. MaxxTraxx

    MaxxTraxx (Banned)

    NO damage , I would rather not have it. I think with damage, we could lose some cars from our sacred (not really) Gran Tourismo . I would like, did I say like , I meant LOVE to see better AI. I just love bouncing off thier cars errr.. I mean I would love a better racing expierence and also could we be able to cut down the skylines?

    How about more use of STREET CARS? We use so many race cars!

    Also they should make better restricitons for races, will make it harder and probaly long to get 100%

    Get rid of the stupid prize car lists for the EXTRA long races will ya?
  21. Double_R

    Double_R (Banned)

    full lemans grid.
  22. EizO


    More tracks! Every single FIA F1 Race Tracks! Oh, and city race tracks as well, GUIA Circuit from Macau! most of the actual F1 racer already raced in Macau, including Schumacher brothers, Senna, Coultard... :tup:
  23. jrudd


    I would love to be able to adjust tire pressures and to see pyrometer readings after a test lap.
  24. Double_R

    Double_R (Banned)

    body kits and drag races.
    1/2 mile drag races.
    Drag tires.
    Real life rally courses.
    More LMPs
    All formula1/indy cars.
  25. Double_R

    Double_R (Banned)

    Every real life circuit in the world. More open wheelers.
  26. S2kdrifter


    i would like to see zandvoort as a track
    and the normal things:
    skidmarks, more cars on the track, close races, online mode and other cars that don't bump you when you slow down and offcourse engine swaps.
    I also would like to see better menu's etc.
    i don't really care about damage, because if an ai car will hit you because bad ai you can't win any more.
  27. Rustye


    Throwing in my two cents,
    AI - pretty simple, can the guys that do it now and get the dudes from EA that are responsible for Nascar Thunder 2004 - it is the best AI around.

    More cars. Racing five others cars, only one of which is competitive is basically lapping. When you only have five AI cars, they should all be within a tenth of each other, so you're either there....or nowhere.

    Would like damage, and costs to replace in GT mode, leave it alone in Arcade mode - keep everyone happy that way.

    Less tracks with jumps.....been racing 20 years, only left the ground once...on purpose.

    Use your garage in LAN race, and I like the idea of adding AI cars to LAN race, when the field isn't full.
  28. Kolyana


    I'd really like to see more personality with the AI racers ... I mean, if there were a hundred or so actual names with associated skill levels, then it could be kinda interesting over the course of a championship or even across multiple races when you see the same guys (and gals) reappearing.

    Add to this some form of 'grudge' system and you could end up entering a race in which you wiped out one particular driver a few races back and he's not too happy about it, potentially being a little more willing to bump and grindyou right back this time around.
  29. bfifteenv


    Engine swaps. If PD is going to continue to have the old cars in the game they should recognize that noone with a '78 Honda Civic is dumping $60,000 into modding the stock engine when for a fraction of that price they could buy a brand new Civic Type R and transplant the drivetrain and end up with more power than the modded 1500cc stock engine. It would even be fine if it had to be the same manufacturer, you had to buy both cars, and only the same engine layout-I4, I6, V8 etc. Then the mods should have the same effect as they would have in the car that donated the engine.

    More expensive mods. Multi-million dollar mods. Taking your old Suzuki Cappucino and modding it to LMP (or at least JGTC) levels of performance.
  30. larrymags


    I just thought of another one....

    Why can't we have rally races like REAL WRC Rallys. Where you run the course by yourself trying to beat a time.

    In WRC they don't race against each other head to head, they race by bettering the other guys time.

    And you can even have a championship series where you win stages and the lowest cumulative time wins the series.

    Maybe, as an option, you can switch on the ghost of the race leader so you can see how you are doing or you can just wait for time splits to see how you are doing.