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Hey, look, it's time to let it out and tell the truth. I have been getting mostly bronze on these TT's. Some I didn't even earn anything. I got 3 silver's and 1 gold. I am pretty ill about it, sometimes I just want to go jump off a bridge and smash the controller,TV and console. I'm tired of spending hours and hours and still getting nowhere, I even look at 10-20 replays of different top drivers and still very little progress, i'll show you what I got for the 24th challenge.

Maybe it's a good thing I'm moving in the next 2 weeks cause I can take a break, I'm just gonna have to start joining lobbies and meeting races where we can practice for several hours. I put some effort in. It is just too long of a track, and very difficult to not get by with errors included. I don't see how the top driver did it in eight minutes using a controller. Well I'm gonna leave in shame, I'll never do another Nurb. TT ever!
You shouldn't beat yourself up. Nürburgring is a monster that gives us a million ways to make mistakes. Being just over 10% off the the top guys there is no mean feat.
  • You were better than 37,734 other drivers
  • You were better than 33% of the field
  • You've shown you can get silver and gold before
Onwards and upwards. And good luck with moving. :cheers:
Now for those who had not gold the Nurburgring circuit experience....how many of you will try to get that 5mil credit? :D

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Just silver for me at Nurb 24, couldn't improve my Supra lap of 8.20.5, despite only needing 30 min in that car. Tried half a dozen of cars. Possibly I could have gotten into 8.19s in the Supra concept but that is it, just not a track I am good enough at to get gold. 🤷 19-8-0 record now in TTs.
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Well done everyone who took on the green hell and survived to tell the tale!

The new TT is interesting.
I imagine the people who fancied the Wicked Fab TT will like this one also.

For the next 7 days, a 1:16.648 will have to suffice on Willow Springs.

Good luck everybody!
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Now for those who had not gold the Nurburgring circuit experience....how many of you will try to get that 5mil credit? :D
Yes it's been a cracking week to finally get round to that particular challenge. We had the Time Trial & Daily Race C so no practice session was time wasted!

Personally I've done all the sectors, just holding back on the full circuit but at least now I feel like I'm be able to conquer it.
I would actually love if the Nurburgring TT was on for another week. Constantly made improvements, posting a 8.21.657 and getting a top 10,000 placing. Last night I posted improvements on some of my weaker sectors, and there were a few more seconds for me to gain in those sectors. Used the Porsche as I found familiarity with the car and track were the key.
Optimum last night was a 8.20 - overall I loved the challenge of this. The first lap I did 2 weeks ago was over 9 minutes - the progression into Bronze and to being able to do consistent 8:24's and 8:25's, as well as finally almost learning the track was enjoyable.
Congrats to everyone here who was able to find their way to gold! In a way, I'm glad I was so far away from a gold time but safe enough in silver range. Otherwise I wouldn't have tried so many cars I hadn't ever driven! That and I'm not one to build off progress like many of you, especially 'ol @Dan_Tes who gives the impression of being mortal at first and then just keeps shaving 1-2 seconds off PB each session lol. Had I been closer to gold I think I would have killed myself trying to find the seconds and would have ended up hating it and being grumpy lol.

Autopolis TT is insane! I shaved 0.2 seconds off my time, but still a few tenths off silver time. If I can get consistent on the second hairpin and figure out the last right hander, I think I can get solid silver range but gold is time I'm viewing like last TT as a distant dream. I need to start golding some damn sales so I can piss off my wife and buy wheel/pedal setup lol. Been working a very large deal since February and finally coming to a conclusion... or so I thought. After a week of radio silence from my contact I reached out to the first person I was dealing with and learned the VP left for another company! What a gut punch! Would have represented 65% of my annual plan. But 'tis is the life of sales so on to the next one (and like the 15-others needed to equal the sum of the one lol)
Dang you, guys! @NAXEHT decided to go mental and jump to the top of my friend's board with a sub 2:10. And @half_sourly felt the need to leap over me for good measure. :lol: I probably would have gone crazy trying to regain one spot at most, so I simply moved on to Autopolis instead. Well done to everyone here at the Nurb! It was not an easy task getting around the Green Hell in one piece.

After the disaster that was Sunday in the SF23, it started even worse today. I had no feel for the car whatsoever and had a whopping 1 clean lap of my first 15 or so attempts. Eventually I gained some semblance of control over the damn thing and stopped flying off the track. That said, as was the case in the Alphard, I STILL haven't figured out the last turn. I did manage to find gold at 1:23.829, but I can't see that 4 tenth buffer lasting.

Those videos were sure helpful, though. So much more speed taken through those corners than I thought would be possible.
Yeah, well at least I reached my primary goal which was a sub 10 but it was a tad bittersweet with the 8’09.313 I ended up setting as it wasn’t as clean as it should’ve been. I mean it’s really difficult to nail a perfect one of course but that lap had a couple of stupid mistakes I really shouldn’t have done and those annoy you a lot, yeah. Should’ve been an 08’08 but alas, I didn’t manage it. That’s how it goes sometimes. Still, 166th position and my 9th best result across the 27 TTs. Quite happy all things considered. Definitely a high ranking and very fun TT, one of the best ones for sure.

It was also a Supra lap and honestly, I didn’t even like the Supra here, a bit too unstable in certain exits and also understeer bonanza after the carousel. Was hoping I could beat it with a different car. Went back and forth with a few cars and put in quite some time in others that were brutally more enjoyable and nicer to drive than the Supra, for example the Alfa Romeo 4C, Honda NSX, R.S.01, Audi R8 LMS Evo. Great cars and easy gold laps in all of them but just a bit too slow over one lap against the Supra, at least in my experience. That straightline speed is just too difficult to compete with.

Too much pain in the hands in the end, had to give up. Really would’ve liked some more days on this one given that the lap is very long and honestly the BoP delivered really quite well here, a lot of different cars producing good times with wildly different strengths around the whole lap. The double TT crossover thing not appreciated here, IMO.
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Drivers with gold in all TTs
The number of drivers with gold in all TTs to date dropped from 135 to 134. We're probably at a point where those remaining in this group would be able to gold any TT combination (unless PD do silly things with gold thresholds as they did for the Olympic event), so those dropping off will now likely only be due to illness or holiday.
Ahem, cough cough...Or completely block certain users from taking part at all. :banghead:🤣
Concerning the lately finished N24 TT - nothing new to report really, other than growing feeling of disgust with my inconsistent driving.
Last few days I drove something around a thousand kms and quite frankly finished only a handful of laps and exactly zero of them being any close to my PB ghost at the end of the lap.

Some sections I was able to gain time, but not on the regular basis. One lap I would fly in specific corner or consecutive corners and bin it on the other. Many retries (penalty/spin/off policy) as always around here. My steering configuration (d-pad) demands inch perfect inputs which I'm obviously not capable of on such long lap and many corners. Trying to stay off the kerbs and not to upset the surface contact to maintain grip often resulted in going wide or mowing the inside grass - just trying too hard...

So had to settle with 8:22 and a safe silver (I went with bronze last time around with the NSX - so progress).
Despite the bitter feeling towards the end I still love going around this track since the times of GT4 and will continue to try to better it to the end next time for sure.
Nürburgring Nordschleife was a piece of very hard work. It is my absolute favourite track and a challenge we have seen for the last two weeks always helps to get faster because of the motivation I had for this. In the end it was a 8:15,197 with opt. 8:12,7XX.

Next topic, today I'll start with Autopolis with a very different car on a track I never drove very much.
I was at 3.4X% earlier in the week at N24 and tried a few more times to get gold. Then it dawned on me that the .4% was really 2 seconds to make gold. I didn't have it in me to try for a few hours of driving to find and achieve those two seconds even when up by a second at the end of Flugplatz. So another silver for this TT, I really like the 'Ring having driven it more than any other track going back to GT3.