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    I had tons of fun trying to set the fastest speed I could in GT1 on the test track.

    The fastest I ever got was 261 MPH with a racing modified 1995 Mitsubishi GTO MR. I tuned it up to its full horsepower potential, making 930 HP and made the settings so I can focus on getting the highest speed possible.

    I also got a 1989 Nissan Skyline GT-R, which was also race modified and putting out its max of over 900 HP, pushing 259 MPH.
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    This place looks a little dead. Here lets light it up, 423km/h in '95 Supra RZ in Max Speed test! Everything is set to max perfomance parts, only things I changed are as they come: Front/Rear Medium stabilisers and Normal flywheel. The idea behind stock flywheel is a glitch/bug in the game, that makes the turbo lag a bit with (atleast) Racing flywheel. I don't know if this affects the other flywheels, but I suppose it does. Setup: Spring Rate (front)11.4kg/mm,(rear) 5.4kg/mm Ride Height (f/r) 108mm Damper (f/r) 4 Camber (f) 1.1, (r) 1.8 Stabiliser (f) 3, (r) 2 Gear Ratio: 1st(2.512), 2nd(1.733), 3rd(1.300), 4th(1.000), 5th(0.800), 6th(0.647), Final(2.881). Also I realised how to keep the speed up in the banked corners. If just driving through, the speed decreases a lot (from 420 down to 330/340ish(alot)), but if the car jumps on it's side, if kept under control, you can exit the corner in 350km/h, 360 maybe just barely. An unintentional find, but it got me here. I hope this helps atleast someone :)
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    OKAYOKAYOKAY, immediate update! Same setup, enter corner in 420 something, car starts bouncing, mfw when it keeps over 360km/h all the way through, literally fly out of the corner and clock in 424km/h at the end of the straight. Feels good, though I believe I could have gotten 425 if I turned in a bit earlier. I <3 this game.
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    I've been tuning a few cars for the Time Trial mode. No draft obviously. Here's what I've got:

    Total Time:
    1:39.947 - '95 Supra RZ
    1:40.293 - Supra RZ
    1:41.627 - '95 GTO MR
    1:42.254 - Mitsubishi GTO
    1:42.644 - Skyline GTR
    1:50.153 - Viper GTS-R (Prize Car)

    Best Lap:
    45.615 - '95 Supra RZ
    45.732 - Supra RZ
    46.744 - '95 GTO MR
    47.126 - Mitsubishi GTO
    47.187 - Skyline GTR
    50.555 - Viper GTS-R (Prize Car)

    Top Speed:
    270 - '95 Supra RZ
    267 - Supra RZ
    265 - '95 GTO MR
    264 - Mitsubishi GTO
    261 - Skyline GTR
    244 - Viper GTS-R (Prize Car)

    There are videos on my YouTube channel of each run. Here is the quickest in both lap time and top speed, the '95 Supra RZ:

    My times are good enough to top the Cyberscore leaderboards by a good margin. Whether they are world records or not, I don't know. But I've yet to see anything quicker from my searching. If anyone knows of quicker times or higher top speeds, please share them. Thanks.

    Cyberscore Best Lap Leaderboard:

    Cyberscore Total Time Leaderboard:
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    You might get an even quicker speed if you don't Race Mod the car as that removes the downforce completely. Can't remember if the extra weight reduction affects top speed significantly though.
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    Weight has a very noticeable effect in GT1 so it might just be enough. Also, non-race mod cars still have aero, and in the case of the '95 Supra RZ, it's 0.12 front and 0.21 rear (new Supra RZ has 0.17/0.28, random fact). so it wouldn't have that big an advantage. Also since this is the old Supra RZ, when RMed, the least df it can have is 0.17f and 0.31r so that really doesn't compensate the difference in weight.
    The only car in GT1 that has 0.0 downforce (through a mistake) is the RX-7 A-spec non-race modded, but with 500hp it definitely can't reach the speeds of the top cars.
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    I decided to try it, using the '95 Supra RZ and new GTO. It didn't take long to realize the RM versions were much quicker. With the Supra, I ran against my RM ghost. Before even reaching the 1000m mark, the RM version had easily pulled 100m ahead.

    Weight (lbs.):
    2363 - Supra RM
    2791 - Supra

    2713 - GTO RM
    3203 - GTO

    Min. Downforce:

    .17/.31 - Supra RM
    .12/.21 - Supra

    .23/.31 - GTO RM
    .17/.21 - GTO

    Min. Corner Speed (mph):

    242 - Supra RM
    231 - Supra

    231 - GTO RM
    223 - GTO

    Top Speed:
    270 - Supra RM
    264 - Supra

    264 - GTO RM
    257 - GTO

    Best Lap:
    45.615 - Supra RM
    47.333 - Supra

    47.128 - GTO RM
    48.8xx - GTO

    Total Time:
    1:39.947 - Supra RM
    1:44.310 - Supra

    1:42.254 - GTO RM
    1:48.147 - GTO
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    Right, I forgot stock cars also have aero numbers in GT1. Just shows you how feeble human memory is, I swear they all have 0 0 when stock. In this respect I believe GT1 is more realistic than later GTs where most stock road cars have 0 0 downforce :lol:

    Another setting I sorely miss from GT1 is the turbo boost adjuster. Such a cool feature back then, dunno why they dropped it in later games along with the ridiculous stage 4 turbo lag.