Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup Returns for 2021 With a New Name and New Cars

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Well that was a fun way to end the season.

Qualified in 5th place after waiting for the field of 18 to get passed the first timing split before starting my run.

Got jumped at the start, by a very aggressive driver (judging by the number of comments post race) and made a mistake into 1 which compromised my exit and saw me drop back to 9th.

I picked up a few places as people made mistakes to be running around 7th when into left hand part of The Chase the aggressive driver ran wide onto the grass. I lifted from the brakes a fraction earlier than I should have and followed him (although not as deep), passing him on the grass and back onto the track. Got bumped by another on my re-entry (but not their fault).

Ran as high as 4th on the final lap, but dropped back to 5th.

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Bathurst is usually good fun

So I ended up in top split due to a low turnout I guess. Got a clean lap which put me P10.
Survived the start and tried to run my own and my position was yo-yoing throughout. Luckily I managed to keep it out of trouble and in the end brought it home in P7, though a mistake on the penultimate lap meant I missed out on the battle for P5 but still very happy with the result
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Started 3rd. Left TCS off at the start. Didn't realise most were on SS until Skyline. Was trying not to cause drama, but was just about being in the way.
People need to stop chopping the front just because they get a run to a corner.

Forget the Dr Who driver, but chopped my nose at T1 and then chops the nose of the car ahead of me up Mountain Straight. That's causing us to back up as cars behind get tighter.

I pit after going off at the Chase. Throw on SM. The SS cars ran all the way to Lap 8. Goes to show how testing or running the first race, helps strategy.
Well I move up from last to about 12th. Catch a decent player and just wait to pass cleanly. Catch up to Dr Who and run down the Chase side by side with the car I'm passing. Dr who is on my inside.

I mean, when cars are on a weaker tyre. Why fight so hard?
Anyway, Dr who passed us both aggressive my and takes himself out on Pit straight.
Last lap and I pass the car ahead, cleanly into the Chase from the outside. Finished 8th.

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It sounds phonetical that Toyota won the Le Mans race and I won the final round of the Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup on the same day. I had qualified in second place with soft tires, having used that during practice. I then switched to hard tires so I could race without going to pit lane. There was one driver who finished ahead of me only to get penalized for a minute. This meant that I had won the race, having scored 40 points. It also put my final points total at 154 to finish the season.