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Honda NSR250 R SE RacingModify '93

Riding B
Geared at "7" w/ drive @ 2.633
Springs were slightly stiffer than stock
I did not go off the track.
i just did a 1:18.8.. with the nsr250r se rm completely stock on my second lap,only then my mom came in the room and started nagging so I didn't save it..but with some fiddling with the suspension and gearing a low 18 should be possible I think
Maybe you should try to advertise it on different sections of the forum...

Otherwise you'll find that I'll win it without much effort :)
Well,I've played TT recently(to overcome boredom from long holidays),went to Nurburgring on the 7 Honda CBR1000RRM Suzuka 8h race bike and,MY GOD it was scarily,demonic and terrifyingly FAST.If I didn't slip at the last corner before the finish line,I would've done 7:32:45 minutes.

Really,I'm not kidding about going like a bullet train at some parts of the track.