TTWRS Week 1: Speedin' In Spain

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hi all :) i had t2 times of 1:13.999 and 1:13.754 yesterday, but lost the plot in the next 2
turns. no improvement on the lap time that went with my t2 of 1:14.042.

time submitted, and roll on #2 :D
Nice time, i got to a 1:14.5xx then botched the next couple turns! haha
Just a quick update on times posted so far, listed in order of insanity. :sly:

Div 1. Div 2. Div 3.

T1 XX.XXX T2 1'14.042 750F-RM D1

T1 49.141 T2 1'14.705 Tomf4i03 D2

T1 49.152 T2 1'14.883 icemanshooter23 D1

T1 49.5XX T2 1'15.8XX jump_ace D1

T1 49.8XX T2 1'15.9XX wfooshee D1

T1 50.064 T2 1'16.901 NielsG D2

T1 XX.XXX T2 1'16.XXX Isim001 No Div yet.

T1 50.581 T2 1'17.569 jake73 D2

T1 51.581 T2 1'19.833 SuperT D3

I'll try and keep this updated for this week (and link it to my sig) but I can't be certain I'll be around to do it every week. (Colby's one's look much nicer anyway and I don't have the know how (or Excel) to be able to create one like that. :dunce: )

Where are the rest of the registered racers?


I'm in Div 2 :)
Sorry, didn't see your name on the quilified drivers list. Fixed now. 👍 :bowdown:

:) Not a big deal. I'm just looking forward to watching the replays of the Div 1 guys so I can pick up some tips.
How does it feel adjusting to the DS2 after using only the DFP for GT4?

I have always used the DS2 so it was no change for me. But I would imagine that if you used the DS2 the whole time for this game it wouldn't be much of a change.


Rather ride my FJR
Time submitted. Small improvement, but it's time to go celebrate the change from Colony to Nation.

T1 49.472
T2 1:15.466

My first ever WRS race (never entered any GT events), had a good qualifier on a track I play a lot, but this one I'm not comparable to some others in Div I, and I can't get a handle on this track. Maybe my 3rd section is miraculous! It's my least used track in the game, and the lack of reference points is killing me. I see apexes go off the edge of the screen when I should be turning, or I'll remember to brake and turn in, only to find that I've done so about 20 feet too early. It's been very frustrating, but fun.

Kind of like a license test you can't quite gold.

And you don't know what the gold time is.