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    Does anyone here how to make the TV resolution more fitting to GT4 please?
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    1) First, remember that only the actual races and replays for the most part will run in 1080i mode as GT4 reverts back to the standard settings when in most other venues. Also, when you turn GT4 off you must re-select 1080i mode every time after you restart. Further information on that is below:

    2) Setting up your TV (I have a Samsung Plasma)
    The below assumes your television can handle the 1080i type graphics display, which is very common now.

    I originally set my menu to game mode, but now I run in full Dynamic settings for 1080i.
    I set the cel light to 10 which is max.
    I set the contrast settings to 100%.
    I set the sharpness settings to 95-100%
    I set the brightness settings to 45%.
    I set the color settings to 55%.
    I set the screen temp settings to cool.
    I set the dynamic display to high.
    I set color balance to the default 50/50.
    I set advanced settings anti flicker to high.
    I set the edge enhancement from off to on.
    I set in advanced settings color to native.

    3) Setting up your PS2 (I have a Silver Slim 79001)
    When you start your PS2 with the lid open you'll see the browser. First hit the diamond button on the controller TWICE. You will see that you can adjust the speed and smoothness of your PS2 to fast & smooth versus standard setting. Note, you will have to do this every time that you restart your PS2. Go back to the browser and set your screen settings to 16/9 as well. Then close the lid and start the game.

    Also most important to get yourself a good set of HD "component" cables and discard the RGB ones that came with the PS2. Then in the start up system config when you change to 16/9 also deselect the RGB and select "Y Cb". I made a few changes to the above setup and was very pleased with the results as shown in this video. I had cheaper HD component cables hooked up, but thought maybe even thicker more expensive HD component cables might help a bit more in obtaining great graphics for the PS2 with GT4. After I installed the thicker cables, I further set the game mode to off (As I previously mentioned above) and went with Dynamic mode on the TV instead. All else I kept the same.

    Further, if you use photo travel and lab in GT4 get yourself a small flash drive for showing and photo memory storage. I can confirm that on my particular system the Sony Micro Vault 128mb works perfectly every time and affords the ability to copy them over to your computer for use.

    4) Another tip for setting up your GT4 - I use the Logitech Driving Force Pro Steering Wheel And Pedals, not the regular hand controller. This driving system helps immensely in playing the game the way it was intended and with much more realism.

    Finally, now that you have started GT4 go to your "Home". Then go to "Options". Then go to "Screen" and set it to handle 16/9 and 1080i. As mentioned above you will have to do this every time you restart the game. Then go to "Picture Quality" and set "Brightness and Contrast" to +5 and "Saturation and Color" to 0.

    Exit and that's it ! I hope that I've helped and others that are returning to the game again or even just starting out.
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    I thought the fast and smooth settings were for when playing PS1 games on PS2? Game mode should be the setting to go for, and all enhancements turned off, and sharpness turned down low. On a Panasonic TV cinema or cinema 2 mode should be selected.

    But of course, each to his/her own :)
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    You are correct a'moondo on the "fast smooth settings", but at the time I originally wrote that article around 2005-2006 (of which I just copied and posted here), it wasn't officially known to be just for PS1 back when...