Unfair market value

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$1 million car is worth only $300,000 when sold 30 minutes after purchase. Is this fair value?

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  1. No

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  1. Ramit5100


    Unfortunate, but I see that some of you came to this thread solely for an opportunity to be sarcastic and rude. Not much constructive input comes from the tappings of your fingers, towards others. Obviously this is your preferred venue for displaying your truly pathetic characters to others without getting the facial adjustments that you deserve!

    A sincere wave of the hand to all of you who provided good tips, politely and in a friendly manner, regarding car values, earning credits, and references to other sites/threads that will improve my understanding of GTsport. Alot of fine folks made contributions/commentaries on here to help this fellow player.
    Thank you!

    PS..thx for the tips about the circuit missions and premium race lounge...using the missions has built up my credits over the 1.5 million mark and player level to 19 from 15...at 20 I will run some of those premium races!
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