Unpopular opinion: Bin the VGT category

  • Thread starter nickf1gr
I think it’s kind of cool how PD collaborates with manufacturers to design these cars, so I’m not necessarily against having them. I rarely ever used them though, but tbf I can say that about a lot of cars in the game.
The tommy x was already killed to oblivion, just try and take my tommy S away from me.
Don't remove content, just utilise it better. Every VGT is a perfect one-make race or time trial series candidate.
They ruin all of the Gr.1 events. If there was a simple switch to filter out VGTs from any single game content, I'd be more than satisfied.
We could definitely use more division options for custom races (and division-specified events for the campaign).
Maybe checkboxes could work Gr1: □All/□VGT/□LMP1/□GroupC
Gr2:□GT500-'08/□GT500-'16/□90s GT1
Gr3:□Real GT3/□Gr3 Originals/□VGT/□90s GT500/□20s GT300/□The Others (DBR9, F1GTR, R30SS)