Usual tire pressure for good rally/cross country handling?

I noticed my cars are very bouncy and slippery on dirt/grass tracks despite having soft settings on pretty much every car I drive on these surfaces, I've read I might have the wrong tire pressure (2.4 bar front/2.9 bar rear) but I'm not sure what would be the right range for rally driving.

Can anyone please tell me what they usually set for dirt/grass tracks please?

This and A+ for a pressure range I should set.

I'm totally clueless. Thanks guys.
Pressure's pretty imbalanced unless you're driving a rear-engined car. You normally want it a bit stiffer at the end with the engine to absorb the bumps. Remember that tyre pressure = spring rate for the tyre, so the more pressure, the harder it is to compress, but also the harder it will spring back.

I find that cars bouncing is usually because they're too stiff. I have had some success with setting my damper bound to be softer than the rebound (the idea being that the soft bound absorbs the compression and the stiff rebound prevents the bounce). Check that you're on the rally springs. For dirt, set the ride height at 50-75% of maximum. For offroad, set it at 60-80% of maximum. I very rarely use the max ride height because then cars can topple over (e.g. the Jeep DD)
Glad I could help. There are some issues with the tuning in FH4, and some of it is flat-out wrongly implemented, so you can't just assume that a setup which works in another game will have similar impact in FH4. But then, on the flipside, you don't need to spend much time in tuning menus unless you're chasing records.