Vertex GT Sprint Series | Season Finished | Bambi, CWM, Mercedes-Benz crowned champions!



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After the inaugural season of the Apex Endurance League that started in April 2019, Clockwork Motorsport is proud to bring you its next series and our first for the year 2020, the Vertex GT Sprint Series. We're bringing GT3-class cars racing in 50-minute sprint races around some of the best circuits for close-quarters racing.

In stark contrast to the expansive calendar of Apex that ran across seven months, we wanted to bring something where the action doesn't find much time to die down this time around. Because of this, the Vertex GT Sprint Series features a much more compact six race calendar over 8 weeks from January 10th to February 28th.

Starring five of the world's premier GT3-class manufacturers in Aston Martin, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, and Nissan; with up to 16 cars engaged in close, action-packed, on-track warfare. Join us for what we believe to be an exciting racing series from start to finish!





- - - - Updated as of January 8, 2020



  1. Use of the default livery is strictly prohibited.
  2. Livery designs must be kept strictly safe for work. Interpretation of this rule is up to the series organizers.
  3. The mandatory number plate must be clearly visible on both the left and right sides of the car.
  4. The mandatory number fonts must be used: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 0
  5. Each team must have visually / thematically similar liveries between their cars.
  6. Each team must use the same tire decals on their cars.
  7. Use of the black windshield banner is required.
  8. Use of Nameplate decals are optional and teams are allowed to use their custom nameplate decals if desired.
  9. Headlight colors are optional and may vary between each team's cars.
  10. Teams are not allowed to make any major livery change to their cars, however each car is allowed an alternate livery to be used at only one event of their choosing.
  11. Alternate liveries must observe the above rules, with the exception of #5, as the alternate livery is tied to each individual car rather than each car's team.
  1. The event lobby opens at 20:00 Eastern, which also marks the start of Free Practice.
  2. Qualifying starts at 20:30 Eastern and will run for 20 minutes.
  3. The race starts at 21:00 Eastern and will run for approximately 50 minutes.
  4. The race begins as soon the countdown of the Rolling Start sequence ends.
  5. Drivers who join the lobby once qualifying has started are allowed to set a qualifying time within the remaining session time.
  6. Drivers who join the lobby once the race has started are not allowed participate in the race and subsequent restarts in case of a Red Flag period.
  1. All drivers are expected to race each other cleanly and fairly, avoiding unnecessary contact by all means.
  2. When defending track position, the lead driver is only allowed one move in defense against an overtaking car.
  3. Drivers defending track position are expected to leave adequate racing space to their opponents at all times.
  4. Drivers attempting to overtake are expected to actively avoid making contact with the car ahead.
  5. All drivers are expected to race within track limits at all times and to avoid gaining an unfair advantage by going off-track. Track limits are defined as keeping all 4 tires within the track surface at all times, with kerbs counting as part of track surface.
  6. Drivers who overtake by going off-track are expected to return the position(s) gained at the soonest opportunity.
  7. Drivers who overtake by hitting another car off-track are expected to return the position gained at the soonest opportunity.
  8. Drivers are strictly prohibited from crossing the white pit lane entry / exit lines at any point during the race.
  9. Lapped cars are expected to be aware of any of the lead cars coming around and to not impede their progress.
  10. Lead cars coming around to the lapped cars are expected to not be aggressive in overtaking, performing them as safely as possible without compromising the lapped car.
  11. Drivers are strictly prohibited from parking anywhere on track at any time during qualifying / race. Drivers that wish to park their cars are expected to do so on pit lane.
  1. Only Racing: Medium (RM) and Racing: Soft (RS) tires are to be used.
  2. During Free Practice, there is no limit set on the amount of sets per compound that are allowed to be used.
  3. From the start of Qualifying, only a single set of RS tires is allowed to be used.
  4. A set of tires is considered used once a timed lap has been completed.
  5. If a driver opts to use their set of RS tires in qualifying, they will be restricted to using RM tires for the race.
  1. In order to trigger a yellow flag period, at least three cars must have sustained heavy mechanical damage within the same lap.
  2. Cars that suffer heavy mechanical damage due to an incident with another car (i.e., Engine damage, multiple component damage) must indicate their status by simply sending "D", or any other message indicative of damage (i.e., ED, MD, etc.) in the chat.
  3. Once at least three cars have declared themselves damaged, a race official can signal the start of the yellow flag period by sending "FCY" in the chat.
  4. Once the yellow flag period starts, overtaking is immediately prohibited, and the field must gradually slow down to a relatively safe, sensible running pace until they cross the start/finish line.
  5. The overall leader must slow down to a pace speed of 80mph / 130kph only after going past the pit exit area, allowing the field to queue up single file behind them (or the Safety Car, if present) while leaving adequate space with other cars so as to avoid any further incidents.
  6. Cars without heavy mechanical damage that run at a dangerously slow pace prior to the field queuing up during the yellow flag period will be penalized.
  7. Cars with heavy mechanical damage that are running at a much slower pace for yellow flag conditions are allowed to be overtaken, with the overtakes performed as safely as possible.
  8. Cars with heavy mechanical damage that are unable to get up to the same safe running pace as the cars around them during the yellow flag period must switch their hazard lights on to indicate their distressed status, as well as stay out of the racing line as much as possible to avoid causing incidents with the other cars.
  9. The pit lane will remain open to all cars during the yellow flag period.
  10. Once the race official signals the end of the yellow flag period, the field must remain single file while closing the gaps to each other in preparation for the restart.
  11. Any driver who creates / maintains an excessive gap between the car in front once the preparations for the restart begins will be penalized.
  12. The leader can begin accelerating to racing speed to commence the restart at any point in the restart zone.
  13. During the restart, drivers are prohibited from overtaking until they have crossed the start/finish line.
  1. A red flag period occurs when either three or more drivers disconnect from the lobby within the same lap (mass disconnection), or the entire race lobby goes down (lobby failure).
  2. In the case of mass disconnection, the race official will send "RED" to the chat to signal the start of the red flag period. Drivers will then leave the track immediately and a new lobby will be made.
  3. In the case of lobby failure, a new lobby will be made as soon as possible, with all drivers rejoining the newly made lobby once it's created.
  4. In either case, the race will resume with the remaining number of laps and the grid order set to what it was prior to the mass disconnection/lobby failure.
  5. All drivers are expected to reset their internet, consoles, once a red flag period occurs.
  6. In the case of persistent network issues, the race may be cancelled, with the points awarded depending on the distance completed.
  7. No points will be awarded if a race is cancelled with only 25% or less of the total race distance completed.
  8. Half points will be awarded if a race is cancelled with 26% - 74% of the total race distance completed.
  9. Full points will be awarded if a race is cancelled with at least 75% of the total race distance completed.
  1. All race-related penalties will be served as post-race penalties.
  2. If a race-related offense is judged to be a light offense, a warning will be handed out, with the next offense automatically resulting in a penalty.
  3. If a race-related offense is judged worthy of a penalty, the penalties range from 10-second, 30-second, 1 lap and outright disqualification.
  4. Crossing the pit entry/exit line when entering/exiting the pit lane is an automatic 30-second penalty for every violation.
  5. Violation of the tire compound rule will result in exclusion from the race results.
  6. Any unsportsmanlike behavior by any driver against other drivers and/or race officials can be punished with a race ban or outright ban from the series.
  1. Causing an avoidable collision
  2. Forcing another car off-track
  3. Illegal blocking
  4. Abuse of track limits
  5. Exhibiting a lack of car control
  6. Crossing the pit entry/exit boundaries
  7. Overtaking during a yellow flag period
  8. Running at a dangerous pace during a yellow flag period
  9. Creating / Maintaining an excessive gap during the green flag restart
  10. Jumping the green flag restart
  11. Parking on track
  1. The driver who scores pole position in qualifying is awarded 5 points.
  2. Only the top 10 finishing drivers in the race are awarded points.
  3. Race points: 20 - 17 - 14 - 12 - 10 - 8 - 6 - 4 - 2 - 1
  4. The combined score of all drivers per team will contribute to their points in the Teams Standings
  5. The combined score of the top 2 finishing drivers per manufacturer will contribute to the Manufacturers Standings
  1. The Drivers Championship is awarded to the driver with the most points at the end of the season.
  2. The Teams Championship is awarded to the team with the most points at the end of the season.
  3. The Manufacturers Championship is awarded to the manufacturer with the most points at the end of the season.
  4. The tiebreakers for all championship standings are as follows: Wins - Poles - 2nd place finishes - 3rd place finishes - Best finishing position
  1. Each manufacturer is limited to a maximum of 4 entries.
  2. Each team is limited to a maximum of 2 drivers.
  3. All drivers are required to enter under a team.
  4. Drivers are only allowed to switch teams once throughout the entire season, and the switch must be agreed upon by all teams/drivers involved.
  5. Teams are not allowed to switch cars at any point during the season.
  1. Reserve drivers can enter as either as a single car entry (Independent Reserve) or as part of a full-time team entry (Team Reserve)
  2. Independent Reserve drivers are allowed to register under their manufacturer of choice, regardless of current entry count of said manufacturer.
  3. Team Reserve drivers are required to use the same cars as their team, but their entries do not count towards their manufacturer entry count.
  4. If both full-time drivers of their teams are racing and grid spaces are available, Team Reserve drivers will be allowed to participate, but will only eligible for Drivers and Manufacturers championship points.

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After receiving an invitation, I’ll let you know if I can run this championship. Schedule looks good for me on a Sunday night.


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Long Island, New York
Awesome. Just signed up, but then looked at the driver list and realized the AMG is fully taken. I will switch to the Aston Martin as used in Blancpain Season 1.


@DesertPenguin pick a different number, Bambi has #9 and I don't accept leading zeroes

also, AMG is full

Edit: just saw the update to Aston, you'd still need to pick a different number
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Update on entry and car slots:

Entries: 14/16

Car slots:
Aston Martin - 1 slot remaining
BMW - Full
Lexus - 1 slot remaining
Mercedes-Benz - Full
Nissan - 4 slots remaining
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