Volvo's Polestar to Become Standalone Electric Performance Brand


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United Kingdom
Disappointing IMO. Its no longer really a performance brand then, it's an eco brand. As for the logo, Citroen called and want it back!


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Polestar's first model is rumored to be a standalone 600hp coupe

Volvo’s relaunched Polestar division is considering at least one, and possibly two, bespoke performance models with their own bodystyles.

One of these vehicles is understood to be a coupé featuring a high carbonfibre content and a powertrain with around 600bhp. The nature of the second model is unknown.

Volvo relaunched Polestar as a standalone brand last week and confirmed none of its models will wear the Volvo badge. The coupé is tipped to be revealed at the Frankfurt motor show in September.


Its bespoke models would be powered by hybrid drivetrains. Volvo and Polestar insiders have already confirmed that the brand intends to specialise in high-performance petrol-electric drivetrains.

Hybrid drivetrains will also be used for the high-performance versions of Volvo’s mainstream range, partly to underline the marque’s commitment to plug-in hybrid technology and partly to further distinguish its offerings from those of Mercedes-AMG, BMW’s M division and Audi’s RS brand.

To achieve the 600bhp target, Polestar will need to extract a lot more from the plug-in hybrid drivetrain currently fitted to the XC90 T8, whose supercharged and turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol produces 324bhp and 295lb ft alongside the 81bhp and 177lb ft of an electric motor.

There’s scope for producing a more powerful electric motor, if at the potential expense of range. Polestar insiders have already suggested that some range might be traded for performance.

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A guy on Reddit posted this today:

It's a camoed P1800 that's sporting some fat tires and a Polestar badge. It was taken near Volvo's test center in Gothenburg.

When looking at the picture of the rear of the car, it looks like there could be an electric motor hanging down slightly. The thought it among the Volvo nerds is that Polestar will either start offering electric conversion kits for older Volvos or they're putting together a low volume, special edition run of restro-mod P1800s.