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My setup is 6800xt/5800x OC to 4.7. 32 GB 3600 Ram. Before I put any mods on I could with some tinkering get 90fps and once even had it running at a steady 120fps in VR. Now I can barely get past 60 even if I set the weather as the ingame weather it barely gets into the mid 70s. I'm so frustrated with it. Any ideas? Or setups that work with VR.
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Same here, getting your HMD's native fps is really difficult, you have to make compromises especially when using SOL and CSP.

My way of running AC is to force it to run at halve my HMD's fps, then enable Steam's supersampling and increase the resolution untill i don't notice a difference. And then increase and enable only graphical settings that make a big difference.
It's not as smooth as 90fps but it makes you able to run it with way better graphics, and no stutters whatsoever.

You also have to keep in mind that VR runs with not only very high resolutions, but also has to render everything twice from slightly different perspectives, making it very GPU demanding. Even more so then playing AC in 4k or even 8k(?)
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Running the game at 1440p flat screen, I get around 250-300fps in the base game with PP off even though my monitor can only display 165hz max. With PP on, Sol, Pure, etc, this drops to around 100-120fps, but the game is still smooth.

In VR using Quest 2, with PP off, the game is locked at the max 120fps in VR, and with PP andSOL/Pure on, VR drops to around 60-80fps but everything still runs smooth.

I only play the game in VR with PP on using Pure weather and it runs great, never drops below 60fps.

My PC: 10700K, 1080ti, 32GB DDR4, M.2 SSD
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Hi, i got a i3 10100F GTX 1650 8gb SSD
Can run at 45fps with SOL and Immersive PP on at 1080p when i first install clean i can peak at 90fps but it smooth at 45 too with a Rift CV1.

On start session it's waving to 19-25 with 5s wait at go back stable at 45fps could still continue all the race online and offline with some little time have a low for some second in some custom tracks, lot of mod but not enough to get me sick.

Late past year i was with R5 2600X GTX 1660 super Evga 16bg i had to selll, i was at 90-120fps most of time thats was best day.