[VRR][B-SPEC] 2018 Vodafone IndyCar Series season

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    My pit box previously posted on Discord, done by Glover.

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    I had looked for it because I know someone had sent it somewhere. Just couldn't find where it was.
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    Updated list of drivers competing in the 2018 Monster Shootout.
    Drivers competing in the event (30 cars)
    #1: Andrew Draco @Kingofweasles
    #2: Thomas Rogers @tbwhhs
    #3: Sakura Ishibashi @Sakura
    #6: Tyler Parker (R) @Zooparker
    #7: Patrick Marcelli @Formidable
    #8: Victor Santos (R) @Rebellion765
    #9: Michael White @Whitetail
    #10: Gary Slater @AudiMan2011
    #11: Alex Rivera @DcrRaikkonen
    #12: William Manor @Pezzarinho17
    #24: Miguel Espinoza
    #25: Isabel Espinoza (R)
    #26: Jerome Torres @Antares26
    #27: Aaron van der Linden @aarror
    #31: Stefan Montana @Luis Torres
    #33: Behrris Windross @NearCptNitro
    #39: Jordan Fisher (R) @Ph1sh
    #43: Ray Taylor @Eh Team
    #48: Cristine Espinoza
    #50: Matthew Evans @swiftsmith
    #55: Ryan Perlstein @catamount39
    #67: Jamie Ngaire-Jardine @PinkKitty13
    #76: Nico Costa-Monteiro @Niku Driver HC
    #77: Rachel Koivuniemi (R)
    #78: Simona Leroux (R)
    #79: B.K. Glover @BKGlover
    #81: Evangeline Porter @Eva
    #90: Mark Santos @ukfan758
    #96: Alicja Kowalkiewicz (R) @Clayton Hardy
    #97: Ronald Walker @LITTLEBLACKO

    Drivers with at least one paint scheme but no pit box (10 entries)
    #16: Nii Aryeetey @GranTurismo916
    #17: Kaylee Zappa @quietgirl
    #18: Kunimitsu Kino****a @KuniKino****a
    #19: Camyron Jackson @RACECAR
    #22: Jacob Descoteau @GTRacer22
    #23: E.C. Gadget @ECGadget
    #30: Matheus Michelin @Michelin
    #64: Kevin Ritter @RESHIRAM5
    #80: Astrid Krane @nascarfan1400
    #86: Adrian Ragus @YayoiGT2

    Drivers with no paint scheme or pit box (3 drivers)
    #4: Diego Jaramillo @Suzumiya
    #5: Mohammad Ahmed @Smurfybug
    #84: Stephanie Porter-Kelley @amaterasu
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    @Eva I'll get you those last three cars as I get them done, then I'll try to get boxes fired out in short order.
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    3-peat! 3-peat! 3-peat! 3-peat! I want the 3-peat!

    That's the most constructive post you're gonna get out of me lol

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    No need, I've gotten them done. Massive thanks for the assist though :tup: Your help reminds me that I need to stop trying to take on everything myself as all I do is lose (Mostly sleep and my sanity :lol:)

    Now to return the favor and help with the pit boxes.
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    Fezza power shall lead my glorious team to victory...it better because of the ****ing cost of it. :lol:
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    Just hoping my Ford unit has enough grunt to survive the race.
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    The cars I've sent are bases, they only have the decals from what was on the OP, so if you have them with associate sponsors send all those too. I don't want to be the reason half the field goes broke.
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    I'm just hoping that our dialed-back Turbocharged Hondas won't be filling up the back row for the first half of the season and then struggle to qualify for races against the "Atmos" in the second half...

    I'm also thinking about doing a few "Fast 50 Questions" kind of interviews (Similar to Marshall Pruett's "Who the Hell are You?" podcasts) to elaborate on my characters backstories and such until the season officially starts.
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    Can now confirm that all 43 cars registered for 2018 have at least one paint scheme and pit box to race the Monster Shootout. So here's the format, in a similar vein to last year.
    Shootout is comprised of race winners entered in the event from the last two years and all previous IndyCar World Champions. Showdown drivers will compete in a 100 mile race, where the top 10 will transfer to the rear of the Shootout field in the order that they finished. Shootout will be 200 miles long
    Shootout Lock Ins-22 drivers
    #1: Andrew Draco (3 wins, 2017 Champion)
    #2: Thomas Rogers (2 wins)
    #4: Diego Jaramillo (2 wins)
    #9: Michael White (1 win)
    #10: Gary Slater (1 win)
    #11: Alex Rivera (1 win)
    #17: Kaylee Zappa (2 wins)
    #18: Kunimitsu Kino****a (2 wins)
    #22: Jacob Descoteau (2 wins)
    #24: Miguel Espinoza (2001 Champion)
    #27: Aaron van der Linden (1 win)
    #30: Matheus Michelin (1 win)
    #31: Stefan Montana (1 win)
    #33: Behrris Windross (1 win)
    #43: Ray Taylor (2 wins)
    #48: Christine Espinoza (2006, 2008, 2009, 2011 Champion)
    #67: Jamie Ngaire-Jardine (3 wins)
    #76: Nico Costa-Monteiro (2 wins)
    #79: B.K. Glover (2 wins)
    #81: Evangeline Porter (1 win)
    #84: Stephanie Porter-Kelley (2 wins, 2016 Champion)
    #90: Mark Santos (3 wins)

    Showdown Drivers-21 drivers
    #3: Sakura Ishibashi
    #5: Mohammad Ahmed
    #6: Tyler Parker (R)
    #7: Patrick Marcelli
    #8: Victor Santos (R)
    #12: William Manor
    #16: Nii Aryeetey
    #19: Camyron Jackson
    #23: E.C. Gadget (R)
    #25: Isabel Espinoza (R)
    #26: Jerome Torres
    #39: Jordan Fisher (R)
    #50: Matthew Evans
    #55: Ryan Perlstein
    #64: Kevin Ritter
    #77: Rachel Koivuniemi (R)
    #78: Simona Leroux (R)
    #80: Astrid Krane (R)
    #86: Adrian Ragus
    #96: Alicja Kowalkiewicz (R)
    #97: Ronald Walker (R)
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    So, I know I said I was working on my liveries but never really got time to finish them. Who was the ever so nice person to do them for me?
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    Your team owner made your primary.
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    The 23 cars safe from pre-qualifying for the first four races of 2018 are now listed below.
    #1 Phantom Motorsports-Honda
    #3 Vodafone Racing Team Impulse-Alpine
    #4 Striker Motorsports-Chevrolet
    #5 Striker Motorsports-Chevrolet
    #7 Black Rose Racing-Ferrari
    #8 Black Rose Racing-Ferrari
    #9 Black Rose Racing-Ferrari
    #11 Scuderia Rabia Furiosa-Chevrolet
    #16 Cat Devil Racing-Ferrari
    #17 Cat Devil Racing-Ferrari
    #18 Cat Devil Racing-Ferrari
    #19 Cat Devil Racing-Ferrari
    #22 Striker Motorsports-Chevrolet
    #30 Equipa Chama Transatlantica-Chevrolet
    #33 Cherokee GP-Alpine
    #43 Starion Motorsports-Ford
    #55 Perl Speed GP-Ferrari
    #76 Equipa Chama Transatlantica-Chevrolet
    #79 Starion Motorsports-Ford
    #81 Black Rose Racing-Ferrari
    #84 Striker Motorsports-Chevrolet
    #86 Starion Motorsports-Ford
    #90 Big Blue Motorsports-Chevrolet
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    They sound pretty mean. They remind me a little of the old Indycar engine sounds from the 1990's.

    Here's to the defending champion being the only Honda to qualify for the first four races then, because I'm not particularly optimistic about 2018. Also, the "Fast 50" interviews are on the way, with the first one probably going up in this thread sometime on New Year's Day.
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    The 2017 Straight Talk IndyCar Series season was a winless one for 2016 IndyCar World Champion, Stephanie Porter-Kelley. While her team won the Team's Championship, with Jamie Ngaire-Jardine, Jacob Descoteau, and Diego Jaramillo all bringing in a combined five wins and twelve podiums, Porter-Kelley lamented a season of what could have been. "What if? I guess that's what I'm asking myself now..." she said as she sat down with USA Today. "So much happened off the track that, like, any momentum I would get from Toronto for example, it would disappear because of a set back back home." It's a valid excuse. Being a mother of two going through a bitter divorce would take its toll on anyone, let alone someone who had to travel over 10,000 miles in 2017. Now that 2017 is behind her, Porter-Kelley wants to bounce back. "A lot of history is coming back to me. The Aguila team is coming back, and I remember battling Cristine for the IndyCar championship back in 2011. I came up short then, but I was also a lot more brash, a bit more mistakes. It'll be a scene for sure to battle an even better field of drivers this season. And I want to be near the top again."
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    Had a bit of an off-day due to partying too hard on New Year's eve, so here's a couple of In-Character things I had promised for the thread.

    Originally posted on Racing.com

    With an unprecedented number of VRR Vodafone Indycar teams unable to or skipping pre-season testing entirely along with several big-name drivers questionable for the 2018 Monster Shoot-Out, Phantom Motorsports boss Jean-Claude Gabriel has called for VRR to re-examine the rulebook and make the process of building an Indycar cheaper for future entrants.

    "To buy an Indycar... It is an incredibly difficult and complicated process; Far more than it should be. For an example I went to Porsche, bought a GT3 car complete with all of the spares I might need -The wiring looms, the steering racks, the fuel cell- then I got a 3rd-party engine builder, did a deal with them, got some tires and that's it. I'm ready to go racing racing."

    "Now for an Indycar, and I'll preface this that I don't think VRR is at any great fault here, but because of how the current car has evolved I have to go through Fifteen different suppliers to get the parts needed to get a single HV18 chassis ready for testing. Now, the really fun part is that all of the parts are on just to get a car out to run around on a track; To make it as fast and competitive as it can possibly be, it has to have Inerters equipped. And the people that know how those things operate working with us. And the last I checked, engineers and crew members that understand how that works don't exactly grow on trees."

    Gabriel was also unimpressed with Honda in light of their announcement that they will be leaving the VRR series to become the sole supplier of NARC's new competeting championship in 2019.

    "I was able to sign on with Honda due to my connections with Honda of Canada and the dealer network my family has and at this point, I haven't gotten a single Honda-approved technician to fire up any of the engines we have that are ready to go out and test on-track... Yet, I read online that Escuderia Aguilla, Highlight Racing and QTR Racing have two to three technicians per car and are racking up mile after mile..."

    "I just feel bad for Andrew (Draco) and Stefan (Montana) the most. They don't deserve anything like this, not with how their seasons last year have gone... And what does it say about the health of this sport that the defending VRR Indycar champion isn't going to get a chance to even drive his new car until The Monster Shootout at the end of the month?"

    More to follow...
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    With the open test at the Circuit of the Americas coming up this weekend, VRR has reached out and has ensured every full time entry will be participating in the test. Escuderia Aguila, who have been running private tests, have loaned out their spare cars to Phantom Motorsports for them to make attendance to the test, while Dallara have confirmed that all of the chassis have been sent out to teams. "Some companies have lapsed behind in delivery of parts, but to my knowledge, Phantom is the only team that has failed to get parts in time." VRR CEO Evangeline Porter said to media Tuesday afternoon.
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    As promised, here's the first of the "Fast 50 Questions" I had planned to type out.

    Originally posted on Racing.com

    Mike Hewitt: Welcome to the debut episode of "The Fast 50" on The Michael Hewitt Podcast. Concocted to help the fans get know the drivers, team owners, broadcasters, journalists and crew members a little bit better and liven up the cold winter off-season that's barren of racing news. It's the same 50 questions with a few alternates thrown in to keep the guests on their toes and today, we're kicking things off big by interviewing the reigning VRR Indycar champion Andy Draco. On today;s podcast we learned that Andy has high-tier taste in Ice Cream and Music, he could beat the holy crap out of anybody in the VRR Indycar paddock and when asked to give quick answers, he has a knack for dragging things out to the extreme while still being entertaining enough to keep the microphone on.

    MH: You're the first guest on the Fast 50 Andrew, You ready for this?

    Andrew Draco: Yeah, sounds good.

    MH: What is your full name?

    AD: Andrew Commodore Draco.

    MH: Your Birthplace and Date?

    AD: I was born in Fort Bragg, CA on October Seventh, 1985 at 11:11 PM.

    MH: Neat... How Many Languages do you speak and what are they?

    AD: I only speak English,. I wish I could learn other languages, but I never 'dun learnt how t'talk well.

    MH: *Laughs* Oh good lord... This is going to be a long one.

    AD: It's what I signed up for and it's probably what your audience wants, right?

    MH: OK Mr. Class Clown, are you Left or Right-handed?

    AD: Neither; I'm ambidextrous.

    MH: Well, that's a first... If "The Purge" ever gets ratified by the US Government, who are you taking out first?

    AD: Probably Kunimitsu Kino****a.

    MH: *Chuckles* I like how you said that with almost no pause at all.

    AD: I'm not the type to hold real grudges Mike, but there's something about Kino****a that sticks in my craw and I always feel like she makes her car just that little bit wider every time I come up on her out on track. It gets annoying as :censored: .

    MH: Try to watch the language brother, this is a kid's show after all.

    AD: Gotcha.

    MH: Are you Left or Right-Footed?

    AD: I'm definitely a Right foot forward kind of guy, but I left-foot brake while I'm racing so...? I guess it depends on what I'm doing.

    MH: Alright... What's the most useful app you've downloaded on your phone?

    AD: Huh... I might have to think about this one for a second. *Pauses* I'm guilty of having my face glued to my phone sometimes checking weather apps, managing my music, using Twitter and posting the odd Instagram photo... So, I can't really pick out one I guess.

    MH: How old were you when you first started to walk?

    AD: Good question... My mom told me that I was up walking at around my second birthday, but I don't really ever remember having trouble with my brain processing how to walk before my accident, so...?

    MH: Fair enough... What's your favorite musician or band today?

    AD: Huh... Well, see, I try out new music all of the time and feel like I'm slinging mud at a wall trying to look for what sticks so... Hmm... I guess for right now? Lukas Nelson and The Promise of The Real, even though I'm not to big on their genre of music.

    MH: I... Have not heard of them, actually.

    AD: They've got a interesting sound. Not too rock & roll, but not quite country. They were Neil Young's backing band on his latest album.

    MH: Interesting... Shifting gears here, but what is your most hated Fruit or Vegetable?

    AD: Probably going to have to go with Kale.

    MH: That's a correct answer.

    AD: Yeah, I just don't understand all of the hype and why it can make certain kinds of bottled water at Wholefoods so obscenely expensive. I've got a story about that too, if you want to hear about it.

    MH: Some other brother. What's your favorite Musician or Band of All Time?

    AD: Ah man... Just one?

    MH: Just one.

    AD: :censored:... I like music, I'm into a lot of different genres but if I had to chose just one... I guess I'll be boring and say The Rolling Stones.

    MH: Who's your favorite actor?

    AD: Probably Chiwetel Ejiofor. His performances in "Redbelt", "Talk to Me" and watching him on stage in London during his run of a major production of "Othello" is what really hooked me.

    MH: Have you ever lost a Parent or Sibling and if so, how did it affect you?

    AD: Laying down the hard stuff with these Mike...

    MH: Well, like you said it's what you signed up for.

    AD: OK... Well, to answer the first part yes I have: I lost my father in 1996 and my older brother in 2003, both in racing and both at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. As for it affected me... *Pauses* I was living with my mom and dad had divorced her when I was like three years old, so I only really saw him on race weekends and only for so long before he had to get back to work. My brother dying shook me up pretty badly; I was at the speedway when his accident happened and, well, I'll just say that it was gruesome enough that I felt like I didn't even want to go racing anymore at first, and then only on road courses after I came to my senses. Of course, then I have my brush with death over in Europe and it kind of gave me a new perspective of life and, you know, I figured that if the time comes when I'm no longer on this earth then to hell with it, I'm going to do it racing cars I like and being in a series that I always adored regardless of how crazy it might be.

    MH: Wow... Deep stuff there Andrew... Let shift gears here for a second: What's the highest level of education you have completed?

    AD: Highschool. I went to college, but I flunked out in my sophomore year and went racing full-time.

    MH: How many days has it been since your last drink?

    AD: Probably not since I clinched the championship at Gateway back in November. I partied a little too hard that night, made a bit of a mess of myself and kind of regretted it the next weekend in Fontana.

    MH: What's your favorite song by Taylor Swift?

    AD: Heh... Probably "Trouble", but only because all of my friends started sending me edits of the scream I yelled out over the radio when my crew chief told me I won the championship.

    MH: OK, normally saying any Taylor Swift song is wrong answer because you are an adult male, but I'll give you a pass.

    AD: Didn't know there were any wrong answers in this.

    MH: Have you ever got into a fist fight and if so, what's the most recent one?

    AD: Do sparring matches count? Because I used to box for a little bit before getting into Aikido.

    MH: Sure.

    AD: Then... About four years ago I guess. After my accident, I started getting into fighting as a means to get back into shape and Boxing was something I was interested in from a casual standpoint. So, over time I started getting better and better until one day I got asked to be a sparring partner for a guy who wanted to go pro. I hung tough enough through that I got invited to some other guy's training camp, and that was the last time I really boxed hard before deciding to concentrate on getting back into racing.

    MH: Ah, but the big question is did you win, or did you or lose?

    AD: Well, they had to send the guy I was sparring with to the hospital. Take it for what you will.

    MH: Oooh, we got ourselves a bad:censored: here... What's the dumbest thing you've ever purchased?

    AD: Hmm... I'm going to have to think about this one for a second, because I'm usually pretty good about spending money and not making dumb purchases in the first place... I guess I don't have one? I can tell you that most regretful purchase I ever made was for a 1/10th-Scale, hobby-grade R/C car right before the one track I could commute to without any trouble closed down.

    MH: Is there a lyric in a song or a passage in a book that you hold dear?

    AD: Well... Call me a nihilist, but there's this one quote I read somewhere that kind of stuck with me: "The world is cursed, but we find reasons to carry on." At the time I heard it, I was in the hospital, the doctors were telling me that I had a 10% chance of just walking again let alone racing... So at first, I kind of felt like it I was seeing myself being cursed with the rest of my life in a wheelchair, but then I stopped to think "Well, what is a reason to keep on living?" And then I started the physical rehabilitation, and here were are.

    MH: OK... I think I need to lay off of the heavy questions a little bit; What's your shoe size?

    AD: My feet are weird because length-wise I'm like a Size 11, maybe a 12, but width-wise I'm a 13. So I either have to get lucky and go to specialty shops or get a company like Adidas to create custom shoes for me.

    MH: As a Teen, where did you hide the Porn Stash?

    AD: Uh, I had a couple of spots actually. The one that never got touched was in my walk-in closet, in a black bag and under my box of underwear & socks.

    MH: Nice. Favorite Album of all time?

    AD: Bah... Off of the top of my head? "Exile on Main St." by The Rolling Stones.

    MH: Do you have any tatoos?

    AD: No, but I kind of want to get one because I've got these scars on my back and I keep feeling like that if I just filled them in with black ink it might be a decent tribal design. I just haven't got the courage to do it yet.

    MH: How many times have you had your heart broken?

    AD: What, in general or?

    In love, brother.

    AD: Oh... Too many. That's all I'll say.

    MH: When was the last time you Googled yourself and what did you find?

    AD: Well, I googled myself like three days after my win Gateway just to see who covered it outside of Racing.Com and, well... I didn't like what I found.

    MH: Would you care to elaborate on that, or?

    AD: Let's just say that one resolution I had for New Year's was to get a better marketing team.

    MH: I see... Can you Rap?

    AD: Er... I sometimes get stray lines, bars or verses that stay in my head for a little bit, but I never remember them when I try to type them out on my phone or record them.

    MH: What's the worse piece of advice that you have ever received?

    AD: I think it was at Indy in my rookie year, when a certain someone that wasn't on my team stuck his head in front of me and yell "Alright! Just give me four good ones!" I just about was ready to grab the clown and strangle him by his tie like Daniel Bryan.

    MH: Heh... I think I know that guy. Have you ever killed someone or come close?

    AD: Aside from that one boxing pro that was trying to make a comeback and the VRR official who shall not be named? Er... Well... Yeah...

    MH: Are you able to talk about it?

    AD: I don't think my lawyers would like it if I did. So no.

    MH: Feels like I'm peeling onions here, Andy. OK, here's a tough one: "Seinfeld". Funniest TV Show of all time, or the worst pile of garbage ever made?

    AD: Well... I like it and have watched it a bit, but I can safely say it's not the funniest TV show ever made. That would be the first 8 years of "The Simpsons".

    MH: Favorite song of all time?

    AD: "Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones. It was my dad's favorite too.

    MH: What toy did you want more than any other as a little boy?

    AD: Probably a Go-Kart, because I knew from a young age that all I wanted to be was a race car driver.

    MH: Pretty common answer. This next one was a question that was posed to Presidential Candidates during the most recent election cycle: "If you could go back in time and kill baby Adolf Hitler, would you?"

    AD: Questions like that make me question what has happened to politics nowadays... I'm going to say no, because I believe in things happening for the reason and I've read enough science-fiction to know that changing such a major event in our timeline like that might create something even more horrifying.

    MH: Smart answer. Is there a game show or a reality TV show that you would love to be on?

    AD: I wouldn't mind trying the American version of Ninja Warrior, or maybe Jeopardy.

    MH: Have you ever worn a hat that says "I'm With Hillary" or "Make America Great Again"?

    AD: :censored: no.

    MH: Tupac Shakur or The Notorious B.I.G.?

    AD: That's really tough... I always felt Biggie had the better hooks and beats a lot of the time, but Tupac was rawer and could go from predator to prey in one bar... Can I just say Ice Cube and skip this one out of respect to both?

    MH: Yes, you can actually. That's the first substitution that I can agree with there. What is the name of the last book you read?

    AD: "1Q84" by Haruki Murakami, because after Indy I was in a bitter mood and a novel about a dystopic future that makes Orwell's "1984" look pleasant seemed right up my alley. It's going to take a while before i can read it again though.

    MH: Keep the spoiler warnings on Andy. OK, we're not too far from the finish line here... Why are you not married?

    AD: Heh... I really don't know. Guess I haven't found the right woman yet. Or one that won't get all psycho when I thought everything was cool and throw your stuff out of your own house at 3 AM.

    MH: Ye-ouch. If I were to check your browser history, what's the nicest website I would find?

    AD: Well, Instagram is out because of course it is, so...? I guess something to do with the US stock market, maybe a few realty sites looking for houses.

    MH: What's your favorite pint of Ice Cream?

    AD: Haagen-Daaz Mint Choclate Chip.

    MH: That's a correct answer. What's the first big purchase you made since you started earning big money?

    AD: Nothing. I haven't really started earning "Big" money yet in my opinion. I'm looking at houses right now though.

    MH: Cats or Dogs-

    AD: Cats.

    MH: -Which tastes better?

    AD: -Blegh... Out of left field on that one there. I can't really say for sure, I've never tried dog or cat meat; I had Horse Sashimi once on a business trip in Japan though, if that counts.

    MH: I don't know if that's better or worse... Have you ever exhibited behavior that could land you on an episode of "Intervention"?

    AD: Probably... I would talk to Jean (Claude-Gabriel, Phantom Motorsports CEO) to see if I really act that way to other people, because I'm kind of blind to it until I take a step back and go "What the hell was that Andy?"

    MH: Do you subscribe to any magazines that aren't automotive or racing-related?

    AD: A couple, yeah. Rolling Stone, Men's Health & Fitness, GQ... Er... Playboy...

    MH: *Audible chuckling*

    AD: Dude, I don't care what people say, I've had a subscription for years and I've found pearls of wisdom in some of the articles they write.

    MH: Sure you do. What's the meanest thing you've ever done to a close friend or sibling?

    AD: Uh... Something to do with [REDACTED]

    MH: Yeah... That was funny and all, but I'm striking that last answer from the record. TMI man, T. M. I.... But speaking of underwear, have you ever done any important business calls or interviews over the phone, while in the bathroom?

    AD: Uh, no actually. But when I was doing the deal to run the 2015 Indy 500 with Blackrose, I made the call and did everything while lounging around at a laundromat wearing just some boxer shorts and a pair of socks.

    MH: Really?

    AD: Yeah... Actually, now that I think about it, I don't think I ever told Eva (Evangeline Porter, CEO of Blackrose Racing Team) that either.

    MH: If you were trapped on a deserted Island or boat, how long before you go cannibal and what body part of your own do you eat first?

    AD: Geh... That's morbid man... I don't think I would go cannibal. If I did, I'd probably just end it all instead of having to gnaw on one of your own body parts and live with the consequences for the rest of whatever life you've got left.

    MH: On a lighter subject: "In Living Color," "Chappelle's Show" or "Key & Peele"?

    AD: I'm a little too young to remember "In Living Color" when it was fresh & exciting and as much as I like "Key & Peele", I got to give it to "Chappelle's Show" for setting the goal post down for how far you can push that kind of comedy.

    MH: Name one thing you recently learned that seemingly everyone else on earth already knew?

    AD: That the power of words you speak on social media is far, far stronger than you might expect.

    MH: Not the kind of guy that has a filter, huh?

    AD: I'm just glad that none of my personal sponsors haven't gotten mad at me yet.

    MH: Two questions to go... Have your parents ever told you that they were disappointed by your actions or decisions?

    AD: Yeah, from my mother after I turned down a college scholarship to play Baseball for Stanford University to go racing in Europe after my brother died.

    MH: Last Question: If you sentenced to death by over-consumption, which you choose: Death by eating too many Cheeseburgers, or death by... I guess we'll call it "Pleasure".

    AD: "Pleasure", huh? Anything specific on that or?

    MH: I'd say let your mind go wherever you want it to.

    AD: Well, if that's the case I would die by both at the same time because I'm a little crazy and by that point, I'd probably be kind of curious what would kill me faster... Oh yeah, and if given the freedom, the Cheeseburgers would have to be from In-N-Out with

    MH: Wow... Well Andrew Draco, after 50 questions I can safely say that this is probably going to be the slowest Fast 50 of the off-season.

    AD: Well come on Mike, if you had said out front it was a fast show I would've kept things nice and sound bite-ey for you.

    It's all good brother.
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  21. Eva

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    United States
    Austin Test 01.PNG Austin Test 02.PNG
  22. BKGlover


    United States
  23. Eva

    Eva Premium

    United States
    Austin Test 03.PNG Austin Test 04.PNG
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  24. BKGlover


    United States
    Oh what the ever-loving :censored:!
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  25. AudiMan2011

    AudiMan2011 Contributing Writer

    Better than Day 1 at least, but still crap.
  26. Eh Team

    Eh Team

    Approximately middle of the time spread both days. Not bad.

    RACECAR Premium

    United States
    Top 10 two days in a row. Not too shabby.

    Boss lady's car could use some work though
  28. Zooparker



    Though he wasn't the overall fastest Alpine powered car at the Vodafone Indycar Series open test at Austin. This past weekend, rookie Tyler Parker was one of the most consistant. Posting times that placed him 8th fastest on Day 1 (1:51.7) and 9th fastest on Day 2 (1:53.3), finishing the two day test within the top 10 of fastest times on both days.

    "It was a great two days for me all around", said Parker, when asked about his thoughts on the two day test. "Unfortunately the rest of the team seemed to have a little trouble getting up to speed on Day 1, but we took some things from our Day 1 setup, and on Day 2 we were able to climb the charts a bit more." "Honestly, it just felt great to be in the car with the team again and throughing down some competitive laps."

    This was also the official preseason debut of the Alpine power unit. Parker shared his views on the preseason shakedown of the new French effort. "It was really solid this weekend. The engine has a great power band, and seems to be competitive with the other manufacturers. We'll have to see if these test times and the data collected have any cooralation to in season results. We'll get our first look at the Monster Energy Showdown/Shootout in a few weeks, that's for sure."

    Over the two day test 4 of the top 10 on Day 1 and 5 of the top 10 on Day 2 were Alpine powered cars, with the top three positions swept by Alpine on the final day of testing.
  29. Pezzarinho17


    United Kingdom
    William Manor - "Promising first days"

    Pre-season testing for the 2018 VRR Vodafone Indycar Series got underway this weekend at the Austin circuit in Texas. It marked the first opportunity for William Manor to drive for his new team, Vodafone Racing Team Impulse. The team are also one of a number of teams debuting the Alpine engine and the first signs are very positive.

    "For Alpine to arrive here in Austin with so much demand to supply is impressive enough following an extensive design project, but to be so competitive already is absolutely extraordinary and testimony to all the manufacturers hard work. We initially set out to put extensive miles on both the power unit and the chassis here to collect as much data as possible, but even by day 2 the progression was clear for all to see. It's a long season ahead of course, but we have definitely had some promising first days here in Austin."
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  30. Kingofweasles


    United States
    Well, I think everybody knows just how hard it was for Phantom Motorsports to get ready for the new season by now, so to cut to the chase these last two days were really the first time myself or Stefan (Montana) were able to get any solid running in the car.

    It's definitely a very different animal from what I had last year. It's very ride height sensitive, so as soon as you hit the brakes and the rear gets up or get on the gas and the front rises you lose a lot of downforce and the thing starts moving around than I'm used to. It's just going to be something different and that's always an opportunity to rethink and re-invent the wheel. On the plus side I've got a couple of good engineers coming over from Black Rose Racing thinking and working hard at it, so I'm confident we're find solutions; It's just going to take us all a little bit of time.

    Day 1 felt really, really good. Low ambient air pressure, low track temperatures and no rubber on the racing line seemed to really suit how the Honda engine is putting the power down, but like I said it's different compared to the car I was driving last year; It's a lot edgier and not as forgiving to drive, but I think around a track like this or somewhere like Road America it's going to be competitive. I'm curious to see how well it does on an oval, because while the Ferrari had the single-lap pace I always felt that it was a struggle in race-trim unless it was baking hot like at Calder Park or a really short oval like Gateway because of all of the drag that was in it.

    I think the car's overall lack of downforce and low drag hurt my times on Day 2 because even though the track was rubbered in, it was a lot warmer than most of us had expected and the surface felt greasy, which highlighted just how pitch-sensitive the aero is and how we've got to manage the mechanical grip. I was really impressed with Stefan's time in the middle of the day; He really just grabbed the car by the scruff of the neck and rodeo'd it around to get up to Sixth on the timing sheets. Speaking of the times, it still astounds me that even with the discrepancy of our (Honda) engines being turned down a touch and no real aerodynamic development while everybody else is got new bits and pieces to try, the gap from First to Last was... What, 1.2 seconds on both days? It's just crazy-competitive.

    The only downside for me is that for all of the laps we put down, in two weeks we'll be going in blind on oval set-ups with this car at Homestead for the Shoot-Out, then off to The Thunderdome the next week to kick things off... I know that VRR want to go in a more Road & Street Racing-focused direction for 2019, but I think there should be a few ovals on the schedule to change things up. Just my two cents about that. And oh yeah, I have to thank Old Man Miguel (Espinoza, Escuderia Aguila owner) for lending some of his techs to us so we can start the cars we've had sitting our garages gathering dust for months and cram 376 laps into two days, while their fleet probably have tripled that figure...
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