Waste of ******* MONEY!!!

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The point though is that you cannot immediately discredit metacritic or any public rating site as “complete BS”
Yeah, you can. Agenda driven scores are worthless. Some of the reviews themselves may be helpful, but most of the 0 score ones I read just weren't objective at all and in the cases of subjective reviews a simple "I love this game" and "I hate this game" are equally worthless.
My favourite is GT3, for sentlemental reasons.

I am playing through GT3 with an emulator, running 4K resolution and my T300 wheel ... for me it's the probably the way to enjoy GT3 at the highest level that I never thought possible 20+ years ago.

I love the bright & bold graphics, it's detailed enough to project some illusion of speed and excitement on a race track, but not too much detail, i.e it is romanticised and leaves more to the imagination rather than a explicit/clinical showcase. The same reason why I prefer Sega Rally 1 & Daytona USA 1 vs their sequels.

The simple to use "arcade" style UI as it gets you right into the action. GT4 is technically superior, however has that menu UI bloat and softening/haze effect on the visuals that puts me off it most times.

GT7 is a sham.