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Cars for this weekly challenges.
Gran Turismo® 7_20240412120044.png

Fun all around this week.
The last race was my favorite since I love using my favorite p1 car on those pesky gr3 cars.😊
DW 5* gave me 100K so it total I got 900k from this weekly challenges.
Daytona Road Course_.jpeg
Daytona Road Course__1.jpeg
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It was Weight Transfer Weekly for me. I picked some of my older undriven cars for most of these races and had my hands full trying to keep them on the track.

Catalunya - The DB5 was quite fun to drive. I put CS tires on it to get it a little closer to the 500PP mark. It easily caught up to anything on the straights. Easy win.

Watkins Glen - I just could not get the hang of the Corvette. The weight transfer in this car was just crazy. I was all over the track. It took me two attempts. Finished P3. Good enough.

Laguna Seca - The Superbirds were more fun here than I was expecting. Still a bit of a lumbering beast. Passed all the other cars by the end of lap 2 and got a couple laps to myself. Easy win.

Spa - The Miura was a fine car to drive, so long as I didn't have to turn. Every time through Eau Rouge was a new wild adventure. And Bruxelles. And Blanchimont. Managed P3. Fine.

Daytona - It took me a couple of attempts to get this one done. I didn't realize how much fuel saving I'd need to do in the Suzuki to make it a 1-stop. After failing to get to lap 5 on my first attempt, I got more aggressive with the short shifting from the beginning and easily stretched the tank out to 5 laps. Ran on RMs. Was in P1 by the time I got to the pits. Easy win.

Here's my blatant rip-off of @Chikane_GTR's much better shot from Daytona:

Using kudosprime to randomly select my cars for this one:

European Sunday Cup 500 - Porsche 911 GT3 (996) '01
American FR Challenge 550 - Dodge Super Bee '70
Plymouth Superbird One-Make - obvious
World Touring Car 600 - Dodge Viper SRT10 Coupe '06
World Touring Car 800 - Chevrolet Corvette C7 Gr.3
My cars this week, as above:

The Porsche cleaned up, even with power dropped down to 70%! Won by about 25s.
In the Super Bee I only managed 2nd, with SS tyres the only upgrade. Couldn't quite catch the Viper up front.
With SS tyres on the Superbird, I cleaned up by miles. Got ahead on lap three and held on to a 6s win. Lost CRB when second place overbraked a corner and I clipped him.
The Viper was quick and reliable on SM tyres, but not quite quick enough to get past the green AMG GT in the lead. Lost by less than 2s.
Corvette C7 Gr.3 was a gem. Easily won. No CRB on this one. Never a good track for me...

800k from rewards and 10k from 4* daily workout.
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The last couple races from last week were pretty fun.

MK7 GTI - St. Croix

I don't know why this track is so polarizing. I love this place, especially in this layout. The last sector is one of the best corner complexes out there.

Took the 590PP GTI I made for the Clubman Cup at the 'Ring out to see if it could beat up some supercars here too, and thanks the the AI being pretty bad at St. Croix, it wasn't much of a problem. After a little bit of tuning this GTI is pretty lively and well planted, but I think I'm going to tune a little bit more oversteer into it to allow for it to be chucked into the corners a little more, and to keep me on my toes.

CLK-GTR - Autopolis

I barely had any time left to squeeze this one in, so I only got one shot at it... well, I went into the turn-1 grass on lap three in the first session, so not exactly once, haha. I was only able to get second this time, going with a one-stop on mediums. I don't know if the CLK is super competitive here at just over 800PP, but it can definitely be done if you drive better than I did in this session.

Hopefully this week I won't have to wait until the last moment to get the weeklies done!
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This week's weapons. Keeping it within the suggested PP's:
My underpowered GTi seen here winning it in the last few turns. I've never driven this layout and if I had, it was a LONG time ago. lol
Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya National Layout_ by 2cam16, on Flickr
Vintage v modern at The Glen. Won it on the last lap.
Watkins Glen Short Course_ by 2cam16, on Flickr
Easy win at Laguna. Tried to keep it CRB but freakin' Gallo dove late entering the Corkscrew, whacked me and I spun. I went after him and whacked him at the start of lap 2. lol
WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca_ (12) by 2cam16, on Flickr
It was a day of getting hit. This time at Spa when Mikhail brake-checked me entering Eau Rouge in my EVO Final. There went another CRB. Oh well,won by 11secs.
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps_ (4) by 2cam16, on Flickr
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps__1 (4) by 2cam16, on Flickr
And as always for my WTC 800's, my trusty R5 easy win by almost a minute.
Daytona Road Course_ (6) by 2cam16, on Flickr
Finished the last 2 races of the weeklies.

At Spa, I stumbled upon a drunk Kokubun, I had to restart 3 times as he was causing an accident with the car in front of me when he joined the track after his urgent meeting with Barry-R.

Did the race with the Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition (FK8) '20 on RM.

Went on Daytona after that, with my beloved Audi RS5 with a Praiano tune. On FM6 all along + a bit of saving to finish with 0% fuel left and no pit. Nearly got the CRB by navigating cleanly around the IA, until Le Mans chicane where a group of 3 messed up and I did not avoid crashing into one of them :
My choices in this week is:

Special Event: 1970 Plymouth Superbird
European Sunday Cup 500: 1992 Mercedes-AMG 190 E 2.5 - 16 Evolution II DTM Touring Car (Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.5 - 16 Evolution II '91 in-game)
American FR Challenge 550: 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C7 ZRX (Chevrolet Corvette C7 ZR1 '19 in-game)
World Touring Car 600: BVLGARI Aluminum Vision Gran Turismo (abeit detuned)
World Touring Car 800: 2008 Nissan GT-R GT500

On the WTC600 race, I almost won a race, but it was a close call. I went 2nd place instead.
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Weeklies completed, here goes:

Race 1 - Euro Sunday Cup 500 @ Catalunya National
Had not raced in this layout for ages and was thus a bit out of my element. Maybe a Ferrari V12 was a bit too much for this, even though it was a vintage car? Anyways I wasn't the only one in an old classic. Used my Ferrari 512BB with a livery I made in Sport back in the day, now adapted to the new tuning options. It was a project to make a Le Mans 700 grinding car but it was eventually left as it is.

Race 2 - American FR Challenge 550 @ Watkins Glen Short
Went for a never before used car for this one, a bone stock MK1 Viper. Needless to say it was an easy win and the toughest opponent to overtake was the one in my same car, Solis. I shouldn't sleep on this car though, there is potential to be found in recreating the good old Oreca Viper, I'll keep it in mind.

Race 3 - Superbird special event @ Laguna Seca
I just took the Superbird I had swapped some time ago for this, only added some SH tires. What could go wrong? Well, a couple things, mostly the stock 4-speed automatic not handling all that power very well, and a bit of instability under braking. But it was a very fun race nonetheless. Again, an interesting car that needs some extra love.

Race 4 - WTC 600 @ Spa
I realized I don't have that many cars set up for 600pp races as I only grinded Tokyo occasionally (and with the 13B Cappuccino) so I went with the 600pp Porsche 959 with the Praiano tune. The race was fun! An unexpected yellow flag right at the start, and a lot of overtakes and battles. Won only on the last lap after some fighting with Fraga and his JZA80 Supra, which I only overtook before the final sector. Will do it again, I hadn't completed this race before today.

Race 5 - WTC 800 @ Daytona International
Long long time since I last raced at Daytona so I needed to find my pace again. Decided to even the field and raced with a Gr.3 car, namely the Peugeot RCZ Gr.3 that I had bought only to save from oblivion a BTCC livery I had made in Sport; this means it was my first drive in it. Praiano tune once again, and oh was it a lovely and fun car to drive! The Viper guy was too fast until I realized he's on a two stops strategy while I was on a one stop with RH tires, so after passing Hizal in the WRX on lap 5 it was going to be a breeze. If I wasn't an idiot and didn't decide to run the last four laps after my stop on FM2, running out of fuel right before the finish line. This happened, I ended P2, I'm gonna get my revenge tomorrow.

Daily ticket was a 4* and gave me a Citroen invite that I don't need at all.
Last night I started the Weekly Thing.

European Sunday Cup - Renault Clio Trophy 15.
Since I tried many hot hatches last week I knew what should I be driving here. However the Catalunya track doesn't motivate me to try a bunch of cars here.

Plymouth One Make - I bought a car for this event despite the fact it would cost me half of my profits from the weekly races. The car was a nice surprise to drive, even though it looks like a giant boat.

American FR challenge - I picked a Shelby GT350R. And oh boy, the car is a missile! Nervous when you hit the throttle but still a nice drive. It bugs me that such a nice car costs only 75K....

WTC600 - I brought the Shelby once again to make a P2 here, I didn't catch up with the big Supra. But it was late night, I was tired and didn't feel like trying it again. I had enough.

All tickets received with no issues. If I have the disposition maybe I'll try out a bunch of american cars at the Watskins Gleen event.
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My time for racing is a bit limited this week so I've only run the first two events atm. I've followed the same approach for them both which was start with a full stock car I hadn't used before, see what I can do and then perform upgrades in small steps until it gets possible to win.
For the Euro Sunday Cup 500 event I picked the Porsche Speedster '56 ( roughly 370 PP stock, 430 PP later ).
The Sierra Cosworth '87 ( roughly 470 PP stock, 495 PP later ) was my choice for the US FR 550 challenge.
For both races the results were quite similar :
I could indeed grab a podium with the stock cars, victories got possible after mounting wider rims, SH tires and a race ECU.
I must admit, driving's been on the edge then and I forgot what track limits are at times ... :rolleyes: - perfect races would have needed a bit more power for both vehicles.
One last statement for now : Lap times ( obviously ) get better using sport tires, both cars are way ! more fun though on their stock comfort compound.

Here are the final overtakes :

Gran Turismo™ 7_20240412204308.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240413145359.jpg

Ok ... Laguna Seca is next - needless to say my car will be the legendary Plymouth Firebird. :lol:
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European Sunday Cup 500 - Citroen road car
American FR Challenge 550 - Vette ZR1
Plymouth Superbird One-Make
World Touring Car 600 - AMS Nissan Z (got P3 in this one)
World Touring Car 800 - CLK. Decided to use the CLK vs my usual 800PP go-to, the NSX GT500, as Daytona is a top end type of track so figured the CLK would be better
My cars this week, as above:
View attachment 1346053

The Porsche cleaned up, even with power dropped down to 70%! Won by about 25s.
In the Super Bee I only managed 2nd, with SS tyres the only upgrade. Couldn't quite catch the Viper up front.
With SS tyres on the Superbird, I cleaned up by miles. Got ahead on lap three and held on to a 6s win. Lost CRB when second place overbraked a corner and I clipped him.
The Viper was quick and reliable on SM tyres, but not quite quick enough to get past the green AMG GT in the lead. Lost by less than 2s.
Corvette C7 Gr.3 was a gem. Easily won. No CRB on this one. Never a good track for me...

800k from rewards and 10k from 4* daily workout.
Did you tune the Porsche? I also used it stock with sh tyres and only need to lower the power to 90%
Didn't put much effort into the Laguna Seca Special event this time. The car's been in my garage anyway and I basically knew what to expect, so ...
I needed four attempts with the full stock car to reach the podium, mainly because I misjudged braking points, turning radiuses and the likes. And the stupidity of the AI. I then mounted CS tires, the custom manual transmission and the race ECU for roughly 500 PP ... and had an easy win that way. Got in the lead at the beginning of lap 3 and finished with a comfortable 10 sec gap.
Btw did anyone experience how cool steering "the bird" on throttle and brakes is with CS tires. Really amazing imo.

Corkscrew ahead !

Gran Turismo™ 7_20240413192416.jpg

At Spa, I stumbled upon a drunk Kokubun

Yeah, that happened to me too. He caused havoc on eau rouge, leading to a yellow flag that in the end cost me the victory.

Tried it again, and he once again, ehh… took an interesting route at eau rouge.
Seen this from Kokobun a LOT of times before at Spa.

Not necessarily saying he’s got a drinking problem, but somebody must tell Kokobun to go easy on that belgian Weißbier…

I really like that Superbird race, and it pays really well. CRB is quite easy to obtain (as long as the AI don’t screw you at the screw, so to speak), so 105000 cr for under seven minutes is a good deal!

I have done some minor tuning and some WR done to the car, so the win is a little bit too easy. Might buy another one and try it stock to make it a bit more interesting.
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Did some of the weeklies this morning and had a good time in GT7 today. Got gold in the Mclaren as well, which I was dreading.

E30 M3 - Catalunya

Not much to say here. Stock-ish M3 with CS tires, won it by a huge margin despite being a little down on PP. Only two laps makes for a forgettable race. The M3 is still pretty enough to warrant a video though.

'63 Corvette Stingray - Watkins Glen

Now THIS was a fun race! The C3 'Vette sounds amazing, looks amazing, and actually handles well (ish) too. It's bone stock here, all the way down to its CS tires and open diff, but can still handle itself around a track if you're willing to work with it. It's pretty twitchy on the brakes and will come around if you're too pushy with the inputs, but it can be thrown into a corner pretty well if you use this to your advantage. It's got enough power to be useful, and here at WG it feels right at home sliding through the bus-stop. Good stuff for sure.

Superbird - Laguna Seca

Uh, this one was kinda fun too I guess. Piloting a cabin-cruiser around the desert does have a special charm to it. The AI suck here (broken record), and this mildly modified (made for the previous race at Daytona) Superbird absolutely demolished them. I was tempted to neuter the 'Bird for more competition, but it's really not that much fun to drive anyways. Not a lot of replay-ability in this race, so I only did it once.

Even if it's not worth a second go-round, you can still sit back, relax, and enjoy watching the latest episode of "The Desert Yacht Club".

I also did the WTC 600, a couple times in a stock Focus RS (2nd places), again in the "stock" RE-Amemiya RX7 (more 2nd places) and three more times in a stock Charger Hellcat (2nd places... see a pattern here?) all on SH tires and was never able to catch the lead Supra with them. I was trying to use cars that were either "slow" or heavy to create a disadvantage, but I need to choose something a little more well-rounded to come up with first again.
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E30 is one of my absolute favorite cars in stock trim in this game. Makes an easy win in the 500pp class. Do recommend! The Chrysler race is meh but I always and forever love the corkscrew and that final section in the desert. The other races were forgettable so I just blasted through for the credits.
I genuinely had fun doing this week's WTC 600 round, featuring four laps of Spa-Francorchamps, using my Charger Hellcat. Granted, I had to lower the power so much, it wasn't even at 410HP when I was done tinkering with the settings. I also had to put it on Sport Hards, but even then, it was a lot of fun seeing if I could get P1 - and I did, complete with the CRB.

I do wonder how one could play with the settings to slightly reduce the oversteer upon acceleration, though. Maybe I should crank up the TCS a little? It does seem like it's related to wheelspin, as even when the car has about 400HP - almost 300HP less than stock - it feels like it takes a decent amount of skill to control.
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European Sunday Cup 500 - LaFerrari (I hadn't driven it yet after getting it in a prize ticket a few weeks ago)

American FR Challenge 550 - Dodge Viper SRT

World Touring Car 600 - RE Amemiya RX-7 (tried this with a few other cars, but none of them could make the hairpins without better breaks or wheels - neither of which were a go for 600pp limit)

World Touring Car 800 - SC430 GT500
Sunday night and a little bit of insomnia. So I went to Watskin Glen and ran the weekly challenge a few times testing my cars.

And today it was Dodge day.

- Viper GTS 02 (total time 4:10:114)
Sport brakes kit, custom parts, sport hard tyres.
I like this car very much. It has the spirit of old sport cars. It is old, so its age is felt when driving it and it seems like you make and effort to turn. Decent speed, decent turning even though it feels like you have to calculate how to make the turns, as an extra thought. I like the way it is, I don't want to tune it.

- Viper SRT10 06 (total time 4:11:408)
Sport brakes kit, custom parts, sport hard tyres.
This Viper likes understeer! A lot! It is faster than the GTS 02 but the turning is no good, I was fighting the car to have it in the right position so I could hit the gas and go! This needs tuning big time. Or maybe I should sell it...

- Viper GTS 13 (total time 4:01:750)
Sport brakes kit, sport mufler, custom parts, sport hard tyres.
This is the best one. Fast and agile. I have the impression that weight transfer is a thing with this car, but never got to be a problem. I like this car the way it is. Tuning it would make it better for sure, however I like its driving signature. Never gonna sell it, it's a keeper.

All cars ran the event twice.
I don't mean this experiment to be the ultimate test or anything. After all the only reference here is that all cars are driven by the same (slow) driver. Of course you can get faster lap times and get different opinions.


Edit: after I posted here, I decided to complete the weekly races and did the Daytona WTC800 using the CLK LM 98. FM1, RH, pit stop at lap 6 for gas only. Easy win. Ticket received just fine.
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I finished up the WC last night as I was in a hurry I used a bunch of overpowered cars TS020 @ Daytona, Aston Martin VGT @ Spa, Hellcat swap @ Laguna Seca, stock 2013 Viper @ Watkns Glen and the Valkryie @ Spain. It took me a couple of tries at Spa because most of my 600 pp cars have glitched tunes and they are designed to ride the wall. I think I went through 4 cars before I settled on one. I thought the 190E I had set at 600 pp would work but I never tuned it and it was all over the place so I remembered the Aston Martin VGT i had was on CM. It worked well but was a little skittish so much so I was surprised I was able to win the race. I missed out on the CRB in all of the races. On the Daytona race I went off the track once in lap 7 because I paused the game to help my son finish up a project for school. When I got back I forgot where I was ad went wide and that was the only mistake I made. I was very careful not to hit the AI or go off track except for that one spot and that was enough not to get the CRB. After that I didn't even try 🤣 🤣 🤣
Another batch of american cars test driven at Watskin Glen today. Be aware that my driving skills are limited and also my opinions are....just opinions. One can drive faster and have different takes.

- Shelby GT350R (total time 4:13:637)
Sport brakes kit, customizable suspension, customizable LSD, custom parts, sport hard tyres. This car is now one of my favorites, a missile on straights but it does demand careful throttle when exiting the turns. The custom suspension and LSD settings helped to make the car more docile but I think I liked it stock better.

- Shelby Cobra 427 (total time 4:09:773)
Sport brakes kit, sport hard tyres. Just bought this legend today. For my surprise it is not that difficult of a car to drive. Maybe if it's pushed to the its limits... The gear box is totally in need of tuning, grip and turning are good. Driving it in cockpit view is a must.

- Mustang GT (total time 4:18:543)
Sport brakes kit, sport hard tyres. What a fun road car! Very good engine sound when in cockpit view. This car is just right. Simple, direct, nothing too good, nothing too bad. Still fun. Maybe it has a potential to be unlocked if fully built and set.


All cars ran the event twice, and were able to get CRB as I get more used to the track and event.
The Shelby GT350R suspension and LSD were tuned as Praiano63 suggests in his thread.

Edit: corrected some typos.
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