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Race 1 - DB5 '64 - old iconic AM tries to beat modern cars and it succeed, to came into second place! CS, 470PP. Got 100k ticket.


Race 2 - Cobra 427 '66 - another classic car, raced with default settings on Watkins that I love.. You have to be extra gentle on throttle. Came first to the finish line.


Race 3 - Superbird '70 - one make at Laguna, made a huge gap already on lap 2, finished with 20+ seconds ahead of second.


And that's it for the first three races, used only oldtimers.
The final two ...

Not sure what I was thinking but I decided to pick two unused cars that were "just there" in my garage : an AMG A 45 for Spa and a Vulcan that I had won from a marathon 5 star ticket for Daytona. Both stock cars could keep up with the opponents somehow but weren't really competitive with the front runners. While the AMG equipped with SS tires, a racing ECU and a racing exhaust got quick enough to finally score me a win, the Vulcan didn't get me anywhere - the car simply is too thirsty. FM6 takes away any speed advantage the car has vs. Gr.3 but you still have to pit twice. After all that racing with underpowered and less competitive vehicles over the past week I then decided to go the easy way and took the Audi RS5 to Daytona. No need to explain what happened, I guess - the Audi is an incredible racing machine.

Gran Turismo™ 7_20240414181200.jpgGran Turismo™ 7_20240415200630.jpg

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My bet is that not this Friday, but the one after on the 26th, it'll be just after a new update, which I anticipate will be previewed this Sunday the 21st and released on the morning of Thursday the 25th. Since we always get new races with each update, I bet the Weekly Challenges that we get on the 26th will feature one of the new races we'll be getting. As to what that new race is, I imagine it will be highly dependent on what cars we can make out in the teaser that's likely coming this weekend. For example, if we were to get a new Gr.1 car, then I'd imagine we'd get a new round of the Gr.1 Prototype Series. Or if it's an old enough Gr.1 car such as the Toyota TS010, then we'd be as likely to get a new round of the Neo-Classic Competition.

Generally, I expect most - but not all - sets of Weekly Challenges to follow a trend of having a Special Event, a recently-added race, a "lower-end" event like the European Sunday Cup 500, and then a "higher-end" event like the WTC 800, WTC 900, Gr.1 Prototype Series, or the X2019 Nations Cup.

EDIT: And with the Superbird being a Special Pick in the LCD again, I think it's very likely we'll get another one-make event featuring it on the next set. I also would imagine it'd be at an American venue, too, as we've already have the Daytona Road Course and Laguna Seca. That said, it would seem that in between these two Superbird one-make races, we had a one-make featuring the Lamborghini Urus, so maybe that could have a better implication of what's coming this Friday. We did seem to already have a one-make event featuring the Renault R4 at Colorado Springs Lake, too, so I suppose the only non-tarmac course that we could see another Urus one-make would be either Lake Louise or Sardegna Windmills, but if you ask me, I think the former is much likelier. Of course, we could simply just get a one-make Urus race at one of the many tarmac courses, too - maybe Sardegna B, with its notable inclines.
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One more round at Watskin Glen test driving american cars. This time it was Chevrolet themed.


- Camaro SS '16 (total time 4:25:190)
Sport brakes kit, sport hard tyres. This is somehow similar to the Mustang GT 15. Simple and direct to drive, great engine sound too. But pound for pound I'm more a Mustang guy. I'd pick the Ford every other day to drive. Even though the Camaro were 3 seconds faster in the final time.

- Corvette C7 '14 (total time 4:12:982)
Sport brakes kit, sport hard tyres. I didn't know for sure what Corvette to choose here, it seemed to me that the C7 (570pp) were the more appropriate one against the older C6 (608pp). Everything in the Vette is so right. It feels almost like a race car. The car is great the way it is, no tunning required for me. I should be driving it more.

And that's me pretty much done with the America side of Brand Central. There's the Camaro ZL1, the Vette C8, the ZR1 C6 and the C7 '19 left but they are in a tier up, maybe the 600-700 pp range?

My favorites are the Viper GTS 13 and the Shelby GT350 R. Followed by the Vette C7 14 and the Mustang GT 15.
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My weekly experience

Euro Sunday Cup 500/Catalunya: A stock Dino on SHs(492PP), solid victory
Special Race/Laguna Seca: A tuned Superbird with SSs(585PP), very easy win
WTC 800/Daytona: The Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 car in a Spitfire tribute livery, tuned up with the big supercharger (764PP with RMs)
Did a one stop race(5/5laps) with some FM changes(used between FM3 and FM6 on varying stages of the race)...was much easier than I expected, once everybody pitted, I was more than 10 seconds ahead of the second car...

weely 3some.jpg

American FR 550/ Watkins Glen: Used a very lightly tuned 68 Charger R/T with SMs(521PP), did win, but had to fight, because in the set up I used the car wouldn't go any faster than exactly 200km/h, so I was not the fatstes car on the road...finished only a few car lenghts before the second car...

weekly charger.jpg

And this was my favorite combination this week...
WTC 600/Spa: I used the Textmarker Golf GTI Mk1 for this race(very tuned but no turbo, 562PP on SWs)
Didn't win but had lots of fun in the race...most cars were quicker on the straights, but that Golf was a beast around the corners(and even more so exiting out of them)...in the final two laps there was a constant battle between me, a NSX and a Lancer(or was it a Subaru, can't remember) for position 3, 4 and 5...surprisingly strong AI, not giving up once you pass them and also no stupid moves, just honest wheel to wheel combat...that felt like a real race...manged to get on 3rd place just right before the final bus stop chicane and held on to it...no chance of winning though, the two top to cars were 20 seconds ahead

textmarker gti.jpg
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Those were some some fun challenges. Did them mostly on stock cars.

European Sunday Cup at Catalunya: Countach LP400 stock with Sports Medium
FR 550 at Watkins: Cobra 427 stock with Sports Hard. Bit slippery but super fun, did a couple of times
Special Event: Slightly tuned Superbird, but no turbo. Kept it naturally aspirated
WTC800 at Daytona: CLK LM stock with Sport Hard. Bit overpowered, easy win. But I love that car and it was fun around Daytona.
WTC600 at Spa: I think this is one I had most fun with. Stock GTO with Sport Soft, just under 600 PP
Race 4 - GT40 Mark I '66 - continued with oldtimers, with one of the greatest... Put SM tires and raced modern beasts. No matter how much I adore Spa, I only managed to finish 3rd - few mistake costed me second place, first car was 10s ahead.


Race 5 - 787B '91 - not yet oldtimer, but is not new... This lady doesn't even need fuel, and it's gentle to RH too, so no pit needed. Finished 30s ahead of second. Got 500k ticket.

A million and change in total credits to be given this week, sadly no worth repeatable events to test drive cars.

Ticket for parts.... Not the best option.

Fuji is just..... Awful. But it's just my opinion.

The Kei cars event I'll bring the Copen '02 I used for the Human Comedy race.

Maybe I'll take the opportunity to find a proper tune for an Audi TT. Maybe the '03 or the '09 car. Maybe both.
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Sticking with Kudosprime to choose my cars for me again...

😍 Sunday Cup Classic : Toyota 2000GT '67
🤔 Special Event : Audi TTS Coupe (if we have a choice??)
😆 Lightweight K-Cup : Honda Beat '91
😍 Porsche Cup : Porsche 911 Carrera RS (993) '95
🤢 Gr.1 Prototype Series : Peugeot L750R HYbrid VGT '17

Anyone know if we can use the K20-swapped Beat in this event? Or does the PP limit us to the standard engine??

Very much NOT looking forward to taking that Peugeot around Fuji...
Another week of repeat tracks. Laguna Seca, Catalunya and Fuji have all been done recently in either the weeklies or TTs.

I just don't understand why they choose the same venues over and over while ignoring races at lesser used layouts.

So frustrating.
Sticking with Kudosprime to choose my cars for me again...

😍 Sunday Cup Classic : Toyota 2000GT '67
🤔 Special Event : Audi TTS Coupe (if we have a choice??)
😆 Lightweight K-Cup : Honda Beat '91
😍 Porsche Cup : Porsche 911 Carrera RS (993) '95
🤢 Gr.1 Prototype Series : Peugeot L750R HYbrid VGT '17

Anyone know if we can use the K20-swapped Beat in this event? Or does the PP limit us to the standard engine??

Very much NOT looking forward to taking that Peugeot around Fuji...
Just out of curiosity, how does this kudosprime randomizer work?
Didn't we just have the Porsche race at Catalunya a couple weeks ago? Oh well. I'm sure I can find another Porsche in my garage that I haven't driven yet.
Yeah, I could’ve sworn I saw that same race before, too - and that time, I recall having fun winning in the Taycan.
It was the Schwarzwald League one (any German car) if I remember correctly. 🤷‍♂️
We had the Catalunya Porsche Cup in the 3/8-3/14 Weekly Challenge, and the Catalunya Schwarzwald League in the 11/16-11/22 Weekly Challenge.

At least it wasn't 2 weeks ago, when we had two races that were featured in earlier Weekly Challenges.
Here's my last race from the previous weeks selection.

Peugeot RCZ - Daytona - WTC 800

This race is kinda dumb. There needs to be a BoP applied in these WTC events, or something that makes car selection more straight forward and the competition closer. I guess it doesn't matter much because it's another "chase the rabbit" race. I chose the GR3 Corvette (732PP on RM) for this one at first, but saving enough fuel to last 5 laps means the AI runs away from you on the long stretches here, and you end up passing in the infield and bus stop, only to be passed by again and have them slow you through the corners. Irritating.

I then chose the RCZ (774PP on RM with mid-rpm turbo upgrade) and even at fuel trim 4 it comfortably passes everything on the grid, which makes for the opposite effect of the Vette in that the challenge is gone now.

We shouldn't have to put work into making a race competitive, and it's often not worth the effort to find a car and setup the "accurately" comes close to a fair BoP.

On the plus side, I do like Daytona a lot more than I used to, so this one wasn't so bad. I just always hope for battles that rarely come.
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Some good some bad with the races this week, annoying that the parts ticket is back so basically you only get two prizes this week instead of three. Tokyo one make was a lot of fun, I really like some of the Tokyo layouts and running them at night is even better, easy win with a stock '14 TTS. Maybe they could give us some longer events or some with weather for the one make races. K-Car cup was as annoying as the previous one just because of the CS tyre restriction, if I could run CM there's more cars I could run but otherwise I'm stuck if I want to use something different. Fuji Gr.1 can be tricky depending on what you use and if it stays dry, my first attempt with no rain in the 908 I was still >10 seconds off winning because two cars didn't pit, would've had to run more than a second faster each lap to have caught them. Second try I started on the same strategy but it rained extremely hard on lap 10 which I saw coming and pitted for IM, all of the AI then proceeded to crash repeatedly which gave me an easy win. I think it's possible on RS/RS if you can run like 1:26 with a stock 908, didn't want to spend a while trying to get that kind of lap time though.

Cars for the week:
This weeks cars.
Gran Turismo® 7_20240419061454.png

Good races this week and a good chance to bring out some classics.👍

The Kei Race was a toughly one didn't pass the leader till lap 5.:)

Fuji was a cake walk for a 983hp gr10 and plus on lap 7 heavy rain came and we all know how much the AI loves to drive in the rain with slicks.:lol:

And my reward for the 6* parts ticket stuff was.
Not bad.
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